Bekenbusch – why should every gardener have one?

Features of the gasoline sledgehammer

Every year with the approach of the domestic season and at the end of it, the sites are carefully put in order. A variety of modern tools help in this matter, including a gasoline hedge trimmer. However, you need to choose it as best as possible and carefully consider all the main characteristics.

Special features

Trimmer bureau, working on the internal combustion engine, in terms of performance is superior to manual and even electric models. It is a much more self-contained device. Even in the temporary or permanent absence of power supply, you can calmly bring order to the plot. It should be said that the negative qualities of gasoline machines are considered high price and heaviness. However, in real life, the difference is not so significant to fear trouble.

Even the most serious hand sharpness cannot exceed 25 cm, in gasoline models such a limitation initially disappears. Therefore, even tall trees can be successfully cut down. With manual pruning shears, this is all the more impossible to imagine.

All modern devices are equipped with a special wave blade. It will definitely not jump off the branch and will not provoke injury.

Chop choice

The power of the gasoline forge is enough to cut even a shoot with a thickness of 4 cm. In home conditions, you can get by with two-burner models. Four-burner devices are used mainly for large gardens and parks.

It is desirable to choose variants, complemented by a primer – this is the name of the pump that pumps the added fuel.

Experts advise not to save on the size of the fuel tank, because if it is reduced, working sessions will be unjustifiably short.

Models from “Interskol”

This Russian company supplies black portables, which are consistently included in all the main ratings. The KB-25/33V model deserves attention. Engineers managed to create a device that successfully works with a knife to make hay. When forming the cylinder-piston group, a special coating is used, which increases the strength in production. This immediately allows you to classify the device in the professional category.

Of course, there is a pump pumping of fuel. The electronic circuit is responsible for the ignition. With the help of an indescribable bar, the designers were able to make their product reliable and as resistant to mechanical damage as possible. The steel shaft is made in the form of a bar. The blade itself is rotated by the haystack with the expectation of maximum performance.

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Since a bevel gear was used, the torque immediately increased when using the equipment. Another important innovation was the installation of the line on snaps. It is installed thanks to the latest semi-automatic head.

The delivery of the product includes:

  • the castorer itself;
  • Bicycle-style handle;
  • knife with three blades;
  • fasteners for this knife;
  • insulating cover;
  • a chunky off-loading belt;
  • cutting head and compatible fishing line;
  • Tools required to perform the service.

If the office mows with a fishing line, the swath to be covered is 43 cm. When using a knife, it is reduced to 25.5 cm; At this rate, the total output is 1.7 l. C. This is a decent level. The manufacturer recommends only AI 92 gasoline. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.7 liters.

An alternative is the mountain 25/52b from the same manufacturer. It is also equipped with a primer and an electronic ignition complex. The other features (in devices and design features) are very different.

However, the engine chamber volume increases to 52 cc, which increased the power of the unit to 3.1 hp. С.

Product Champion

In the line of this manufacturer there are domestic and professional models. The developers have managed to create excellent devices that rarely need spare parts. For example, the HT726R unit can cut wood in two directions. Since the ice cylinder is covered with chrome, the wear and tear of the power unit is minimized. The designers have provided a sign that prevents injury in case of accidental slipping. There is also a device that prevents unintentional starting.

General characteristics of the Kustorez:

  • Power – 1.02 hp;
  • Blade length – 72 cm;
  • The biggest thickness of the cut branch is 1,2 cm;
  • Rotary handle is not provided;
  • Dry weight – 5,6 kg.

Set of delivery:

  • Working gloves;
  • Repair accessories;
  • Special goggles;
  • Instructions;
  • Double-sided knife;
  • A tank in which the fuel mixture must be prepared.
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For mowing shrubs and disturbing green hedges, the HT625R model can be used.

It is also equipped with an incomplete engine with a total volume of 1 liter. С. Like the previous model, they took care of the chrome protection of the inner surface of the cylinder. The cutting device has a length of 60 cm. If necessary, the handle turns to the desired angle to the left and right side.

What else you need to know about the Basolin baler

Some consumers opt for the SLK26B. Like all of the previously listed options, it has only 1 hp. C. But compared to them, there are a number of advantages. For example, the handle can rotate 180 degrees. A special coating eliminates the sticking of cut plant parts and individual leaves on the body.

Other parameters:

  • The length of the blade is 55 cm;
  • The set of interchangeable parts fits;
  • The drywasher is 5.3 kg;
  • Branded warranty – 1 year.

In order to choose the right benzocosa, you should pay attention not only to the details of a particular model, which are mentioned in general descriptions and catalogs. You should pay attention to the cutting part.

The office of the hard drive looks like a bar, on which a large grinding wheel is fixed. This solution is optimal for branching and pruning unnecessary or diseased plants. However, if you need to neatly trim bushes, give them the desired shape, it is better to use other tools.

We are talking about petrol shears for the garden. Depending on the design of the developers, they can be equipped with two or one blade. If the blades are two, it is much better. Such a solution, judging by the reviews, helps to solve the task more quickly. And not only speed up the work, but also make more even sections.

The length of the blade is determined by how big the bush to be processed.

Products with rods are recommended for knot cleaning at great heights.

The Husqvarna 545FX Multifunction Free Cutter can be very useful. This device is a huge help not only when mowing grass, but also when working with discs and shrubs. The device is designed in such a way that continuous operation is guaranteed in daylight.

Scandinavian garden

5 types of equipment a gardener should have

A well-groomed garden pleases the eye of every person. But not everyone knows that behind the beautiful appearance hides the painstaking work of a gardener, who regularly mows bushes and lawns, takes care of flowerbeds, waters greenery and mulches the soil. Fortunately, today’s appliance market can make this work a worthy example of garden tools, including trimmers, lawn mowers, cutters, etc. Let’s take a closer look at this category of devices.


When a garden plot is full of trees, decorative stones, boulders and flower beds, a trimmer is great for dealing with grass and excess greenery. It is designed to cut greenery in a narrow area, in places inaccessible to other devices.

The trimmer works like a hand-held net and can be of several types:

Electric trimmer

Gasoline trimmer

Battery trimmer

This device is a compact device for cutting grass in a small area. The quietest are cordless trimmers. Such a device will perfectly cope with “jewelry” work in the cottage and in the garden. It consists of an oblong body, to the end of which the motor is attached. On the opposite side is a round head with a fishing line or a special knife. Due to its small size and the lack of a fishing line, such a trimmer costs an order of magnitude more expensive than gasoline and electric trimmers.

Gasoline trimmer has more power and increased productivity (it can mow 1.5 meters of grass), and the electric version is more mobile and ergonomic (suitable for such tasks as mowing the grass).

If the device is equipped with blades, you can treat any area. The cord cutter system is safer and more budget-friendly, but less powerful. This option is suitable for small areas with dense vegetation.

Trimmers are also divided by the type of drive: a shaft with a gearbox or a cable. The more reliable option is the trimmer with a shaft. The cable usually fails quickly.

Echo SRM-2305SI trimmer


The purpose of a lawn mower is to cut the grass and take care of the lawn. There are different types of lawn mowers:

Gasoline mower

electric lawn mower

  • Air-cushion mowers;

Hover lawn mower

Accu lawn mower

When choosing a lawn mower, you should be guided by the performance. The more powerful the engine, the more efficient and faster the machine works. Some models are equipped with a grass collector, which captures excess dirt. Gardeners will also like lawn mower models with the function of mulching grass, if the latter is evenly distributed over the lawn and shredded into crumbs. On a large plot, it is convenient to use a tractor-like machine.

Electric machines are considered the most environmentally friendly, but are limited in range because they regularly need electricity.

Lawn mowers are also divided into:

  • Self-propelled – there are both foot-powered and bicycle-powered. When the engine is running, the legs and bicycles are automatically set in motion.
Freshforex types of work

Computer controlled lawn mower

  • Non-self-propelled – only the legs are set in motion. Therefore, the mower must be carried or pushed in front of you.

A large selection of lawn mowers allows you to choose any model that suits your taste, garden and wallet.

Bosch Arm37 lawnmower


An indispensable garden tool for creating/improving your landscaping. With these devices you can quickly trim ornamental shrubs and give them the desired shape.

The free cutter helps in shaping hedges and is used to level their height and shape.

The hedge trimmers are divided according to their technical features:

Electric Freestyle

Gasoline hedge trimmer

Hand held freeblade trimmer

Cordless hedge trimmer

Gasoline hedge trimmers are usually used by professionals for large-scale work. Machines of this type are quite large and have a high capacity. Electric devices are much quieter than gasoline ones, not as maneuverable and have less weight. A significant disadvantage is the area of application.

A battery-powered hedge trimmer can only work for a few hours, so it is recommended to use it in small areas. The performance of such machines is much lower than that of gasoline machines. As for the manual hedge trimmer, it is similar to the usual garden shears, it is inexpensive and does not require maintenance.

Freibneider Brigadier 82076

Garden shears

Garden shears are used to tend flowerbeds and mow small lawns. They are available in several varieties:

  • Mechanical shears. The cutting part can be adjusted to the desired inclination. The handle can be made of metal, plastic or reinforced fiberglass. Steel garden shears are used for floristry. They are lighter and more fragile. The highest quality models are made of stainless steel. They are durable and sturdy and can withstand heavy loads.

Mechanical shears

  • Electric shears. They are used for mowing small lawns. Some manufacturers make them mobile, inserting batteries in them. By weight, they are quite light, they are convenient to work in the garden and give the necessary shape to the bushes. The disadvantage of such models is the impossibility of processing a large area, as it requires regular charging of batteries. Ease of use and environmental friendliness.
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Electric shears

With the correct handling of garden shears, you can achieve good results in the decorative trimming of shrubs, greenery and hedges. You don’t even need a trimmer!


A garden fan helps to free the area from excess dirt, fallen leaves and small branches. With such a device, you can clean your personal property both in spring and fall. The tool can also be used for other purposes, for example, to blow out the computer unit, clean the couch from fine dust and crumbs.

Depending on the motor device of the blower, they are divided into two types:

  • Electric. This model needs a power source so it can work in a confined space. The weight of electric models is small, and the performance is much lower than that of gasoline devices.

Electric blower

  • Gasoline-powered. They are used on an industrial scale and in large areas. They have a high noise level, which is contraindicated when buying such a device for home use.


Blowers are available in several variants:

  • A device equipped with wheels. The kit includes a variety of nozzles, with which you can collect dirt from a large area.

Blower on wheels

  • Backpack devices. The design is carried like a backpack and allows you to treat large areas. They usually have a low weight, but they are quite powerful.

Shovel Blower

  • Handheld models. They come with a small, comfortable handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. Compact size allows you to use the device on any site.

When choosing gardening tools, focus on the area of your plot. Evaluate the complexity of the work to be done, as well as the performance and mobility of the purchased equipment.

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