Bauber – loader Komatsu WB93R 5EO – description and features

Backhoe-loader Komatsu WB93R 5EO

Excavator-loader Komatsu WB93R 5EO – is a modern development of the manufacturer. Not only the model itself is for sale, but also its modifications with improved features and increased productivity. Excavator WB93R is equipped with S-shaped boom mechanism, improved design and comfortable cab. When designing the model, designers took into account the wishes of operators to make construction work more perfect, comfortable and give good performance parameters.

Backhoe-loader Komatsu WB93R 5EO

Backhoe-loader Komatsu WB93R 5EO

Due to the large capacity of the bucket and significant lifting capacity, a high level of work efficiency is achieved. The model is most often used in excavation, processing, loading and unloading of materials. It can be rock, floor, sand, stone, metal chips, coal, etc. Excavator easily builds embankments and waves, transports large volumes of bodily material with a standard working body, makes excavations and land leveling.

Characteristic features and advantages

The ability to move at high speed provides fast transportation of devices to the place of work. At the same time it is advisable to transport the Komatsu WB93R 5EO on the platform if the workplace is located more than 30 km from the truck parking lot. The machine is characterized by excellent maneuverability and high lifting capacity. It optimally combines the features of an excavator and loading and unloading special devices. Optional attachments include units for loading pallets, coarse and fibrous materials, or hydraulic devices.

Excavator Komatsu WB93R 5EO. Photo

Excavator Komatsu WB93R 5EO. Photo

The features of the model include the installation of a telescopic arm, which increases the depth of excavation up to 6 m. With its help, the material becomes a floor program in the production of excavations.

In addition, the distinguishing features of special devices are:

  • Modern innovative design. The developers have carefully revised the design of the excavator, positioned the hydraulic gears in such a way as to eliminate their damage by mechanical impacts and ensured the installation of S-shaped boom mechanism. Thanks to such solutions, we achieve more force, more unloading and more efficient operation of the machine.
  • Excellent performance and high technical indicators. They are provided by installation of an axial piston pump with individual capacity, closed-centre hydraulic system and joystick control system with proportional pressure. It is also positively influenced by the possibility of selecting equipment.
  • University and versatility. The machine has several modifications, equipped with pallet forks and a system of quick changing of the working equipment installed in front of and behind the machine. Optionally, the hydraulic switchover of the arrow mechanism can be realized.

Technical characteristics and dimensions

The main technical characteristics of Komatsu WB93R 5EO are:

Weight of the equipment 7.46t
Maximum travel speed 40 km/h
Payload 5.3t
Trench depth 6,055m
Breaking capacity of the bucket 6.1t
Breaking capacity of bucket 4 т
Loading capacity of front body 1.03 cu. m

Komatsu WB93R-5E0 Dimensions: Standard assembly:

length 5.9m
width 2.32m
Height 2.75m
Wheelbase length 2.18m
span 0.43m
Minimum turning radius 5.45m

fuel consumption

On average, the truck consumes about 193 liters of fuel per kW per hour of operation. The fuel tank capacity is 150 liters.


The Komatsu WB93R 5EO backhoe loader is equipped with a power unit with an output of 74 kW or 99 hp. The four-stroke four-cylinder (10.4 cm diameter) SAA4D104E-1 model with a capacity of 3.98 liters is made in the same factory as the unit. It has a liquid cooling system and turbocharger. The cylinders in it are arranged vertically. The rated speed of rotation is 2200 rpm operation. The power plant meets the European standards for the quality of the exhaust, which makes it environmentally friendly. The engine also has an advanced combustion chamber with a direct combustion mixture delivery system. The maximum torque produced by the unit is 420 nm.

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Turbuslav has a specific design. The air entering the cooling system goes through an additional system to reduce the temperature before it enters the engine. An electric starter is provided to start the unit. The power plant is equipped with an air heating system, which guarantees a quick start-up of the engine in cold seasons or in difficult climatic conditions. There is also a filter with a protection device.

For marking komatsu
model SAA4D104E-1
cylinder 4
output 74 kW / 99 hp
displacement 3.98L
cooling liquid
fuel diesel
Fuel capacity 150L

The transmission has a mechanical control system that is fully synchronized and equipped with a Power Shuttle. The transmission allows the truck to move at four forward and four reverse speeds. It provides the ability to shift under load.


The Komatsu WB93R-5EO’s support structure is made of a box section, the cross-section is strong and reliable and can withstand torque. Loading, unloading and transporting materials is fast and precise, because a bucket leveling system is fitted as standard. This ensures that the bucket is level during operations. The bucket handle is designed in such a way that it provides a large viewing angle from the cab and the work position. When working with the backhoe bucket, high efficiency is also noted.

The designers of the machine have provided many systems that improve work safety:

  • Installation of an electro-hydraulic safety stop for arrow equipment on both work tools. Optional safety valves for additional devices can be installed.
  • Optional battery disconnect element;
  • Sensors under the driver’s seat.


Komatsu WB93R 5EO backhoe loader is equipped with planetary drive axles. The front axle can swivel up to 20 degrees. The rear axle has a differential lock, a function activated by a button on the joystick lever. The disc brakes are in an oil bath and are controlled by separate pedals. For all-wheel braking, both pedals must be activated. The front wheels are hydrostatically controlled with feedback.

Hydraulic system

The Komatsu WB93R 5EO is equipped with a state-of-the-art hydraulic system with synchro system that guarantees precise control during three-dimensional movement. Depending on the type of work, the driver sets the desired mode. There are two such modes: economy mode and maximum performance mode. In addition, the hydraulic system is equipped with a speed booster function that enables fast travel on public roads and distances between construction sites in a very short time.

Driver’s cab

Benefits of the Komatsu WB93R-5EO cab include:

  • Installation of FOPS and ROPS protection systems, which provide safety in case of falling objects from great heights and, in case of lifting excessive loads and, consequently, the risk of tipping of the machinery;
  • Less noise and vibration in the cab;
  • Great visibility of the site;
  • Possibility to set the necessary microclimate in the cabin;
  • Ergonomic work tools with which you can accurately and quickly perform work processes;
  • Comfort.

Two doors are provided for entering the cab. The ability to work in case of precipitation is guaranteed by windshield wipers, and ventilation by the installation of an openable rear window. The driver’s seat is adjustable, the interior is cleanable, and the dashboard displays all the necessary information about the condition of the equipment.

Standard equipment in the cab also includes storage compartments, including lockable compartments, a 12-volt outlet, etc. All this makes the driver comfortable and relieves him during the work layer. The control is characterized by a direct correlation between the effort to push the loading shaft control lever and its movement. The same functional principle of excavator equipment. This guarantees not only precise operation, but also high productivity and reduced cycle times.

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Ease of use and maintenance

Before you buy a Komatsu WB93R 5EO, you need to assess all its advantages. These include the machine’s simplicity and ease of maintenance. The hood with cover provides access to the engine compartment and allows quick and easy maintenance and inspection. Hydraulic piping connections are sealed with a percussion zone, which increases reliability and durability of the hydraulic system and ensures high speed of service work. The battery is installed on the side of the loader, and the toolbox is also mounted there.

Assembled units

Komatsu WB93R 5EO backhoe-loader price depends on the attachment supplied with the machine. A deep spoon with a telescopic arm and a loader spoon with a cheek are installed as standard. The hydraulic tube for connecting additional implements has good performance and durability.

Cost of new and used

Used Komatsu WB93R 5EO 04/07 edition costs about 1.6-1.8 million rubles. The technique is worth more than 2.8-3 million rubles. Provided it was issued in 10/11. The new year edition costs about 5.5-6 million rubles.


Similar models of backhoe loader from other manufacturers include JCB 4CX.

Komatsu WB93R-5EO: technical specifications

“Komatsu WB93R-5EO” is a versatile backhoe loader from which the S-shaped boom mechanism is a characteristic feature. It is compact and maneuverable equipment for use on any construction site to work on different types of floors. The state-of-the-art hydraulic cylinder system can operate in two modes: economy mode and at full capacity (with a corresponding change in fuel consumption). In terms of capacity and technical skills, Komatsu WB93R-5EO is similar to JCB backhoe loaders.

About the history of Komatsu

Japanese engineering company Komatsu traces its history back to Maitaro Takuchi’s construction workshop in 1921, which gradually grew into a major manufacturer of equipment for the construction, coal and mining industries.

KomattSu now produces a wide range of equipment in road construction, bulldozers, excavators, forklifts, pipelines, city devices, presses and other industrial devices. Stationary plants are available all over the world.

The twenty-fifth and the largest plant in the company’s history is ComattSu Manufacturing Rus-Verk in June 2010 in the city of Yaroslavl. It is the first foreign company in Russia, carrying out the complete cycle of construction equipment assembly. Besides, the company has a joint venture “Krange/Komatsu”, which operates on the base of Ivanovo pit.

Komatsu WB93R-5eo” user fields.

Most often this model is used on an excavator. Processing, loading and unloading of loose materials. This includes rock, floor, sand, crushed stone, metal chips, coal, etc. In a short time, the excavator arranges embankments and waves, moves significant volumes of Bodenarray with a standard working body, creates excavations and plans areas for construction sites.

The advantage of these backhoe loaders is their compact size and correspondingly great maneuverability in tight spaces. Therefore, “Komatsu WB93R-5EO” is mainly used for small and small-sized construction devices. As a tool for removing and planning the construction site; For the development of technological channels, small pits for the construction of buildings and structures. This backhoe loader is also used on sites and warehouses as loaders and transporters (indoors) of all kinds of bulk materials.

Some features of the model

An important feature of the “Komatsu WB93R-5EO” is a small engine volume with sufficient power. Economical fuel consumption and ease of maintenance make them profitable for many large and small construction companies.

A positive role in the practical application of the backhoe-loader is also played by the ability to move from one workplace to another at high speed (40 km/h). On Komatsu WB93R-5EO platform it is expedient to carry out transportation only for distances over 30 kilometers. Smaller distances it can easily overcome on its own.

The model’s features also include the installation of a telescopic arm, which increases the digging depth to 6 meters. They can be used to load materials into machines with high sides and increase the distance from the ground during excavation work.

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This model optimally combines the best functional characteristics of an excavator and the loading and unloading of special equipment. As additional equipment, this excavator can be equipped with special grippers for loading pallets, coarse-grained and fibrous materials or hydraulic equipment.

Komatsu WB93R-5eo Excavator Design

The Komatsu WB93R-5EO” excavator load-bearing structure consists of a box section, the cross section has high strength and reliability, and resists well. Loading, unloading and transporting of materials is fast and accurate, because the excavator is equipped with a bucket leveling unit as standard. This keeps it level during the various operations. The bucket handle is positioned to provide the widest view angle from the cab and high productivity.

The backhoe bucket is also consistently highly efficient. An electro-hydraulic boom safety lock is installed in both working structures to ensure work safety. For increased safety, safety valves can certainly be installed for additional devices. battery disconnect element; Sensors under the driver’s seat.

The design of the front loading equipment provides optimal parallel lift of the bucket. The original shape of the stick

ing shape of the excavator arm greatly improves checking and ensures that the bucket is fully loaded. The design of the excavation equipment features a convenient and functional layout, routing of hydraulic lines and hoses along the boom.

Komatsu WB93R-5EO has high productivity. Thanks to the impressive bucket force and high lifting capacity, this equipment can provide extremely high productivity. The shape of the engine hood and front window are made so that you can operate it easily, comfortably and safely as a front-loading loader. When using the backhoe, the machine operator can freely open the full frame window and view the entire surroundings in detail.

Thanks to its exceptional versatility of a wide range of Add. The equipment allows you to release a quick hydraulic coupler that is hydraulically shifted relative to the longitudinal axis with excavators, LSS, radial tires, and backhoe.

Komatsu WB93R-5EO hydraulic system

The main structural feature of the hydraulics of the Komatsu Backhoe Loader WB93R-5EO is a consolidated “Closed Load Sensing System” (“CLSS”). This system effectively gives the machine the power it needs at any given moment by adjusting the pump capacity based on the load. The two operating modes “Power” and “Economy” allow the machine to choose the balance between maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption.

The hydraulic system of the backhoe loaders is called “Syncro-System” with an axial piston pump, variable capacity depending on load (“load sensing”) and working pressure of 250 bar. It provides precise control with three-dimensional movement. In addition to “Economy” and “Full Power” modes, the hydraulic system is equipped with a speed boost function. It is designed for fast travel on public roads and to cover distances between work sites in the shortest possible time.

The hydraulic system also has an acceleration function (“acceleration”) for front-loading loaders. The “LIFD” main hydraulic distributor is a “Load-independent flow divider” modular type. The maximum capacity is 165 liters per minute. Steering of the front steering wheels is carried out by a hydraulic system with load sensing with priority valve control. Switching between all-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive is carried out by the electrohydraulic system.


The backhoe is equipped with a 4-stroke Komatsu WB93R-5EO engine with vertical cylinder arrangement and liquid radiator cooling system. Its parameters:

  • Cylinder displacement – 4,485 cm3;
  • Nominal power (according to EES guideline 80/169) – 74 kW (99 hp)
  • Cylinder diameter – 104 mm; stroke – 13 mm;
  • Compression Ratio – 17.5; Maximum torque – 398Nm at 1400rpm
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Dry type air cleaner with safety element. Starting system – electric starter; air heating available for colder climates. The power unit complies with the European emission standards according to Stage IIIa. The engine is equipped with an advanced combustion chamber with a direct combustion mixture feeding system. Turbocharger has a special design. The air entering the cooling system is forced through an extra system to reduce the temperature before entering the engine.

drivetrain and axles

The transmission of the backhoe hauler is a manual transmission with 4 gears + reverse. It is fully synchronized and also has a Power Shuttle. The gearbox works through a torque converter. Allows gear shifting under load.

Electro-hydraulic differential lock increases efficiency of backhoe loader in combination with reinforced “Heavy Duty” drive axles; its operational reliability in all working conditions. Reinforced axles with planetary reduction gears in wheel hubs. The front axle can turn by an angle of up to 20 degrees. The rear axle has a locking differential, which can be engaged with a button on the joystick lever. The maximum dynamic force of the front axle is 8500 daN. Maximum dynamic force of the rear axle is 7600 daN.

Komatsu WB93R-5EO Brake Control

The hydraulic multidisc brakes are self-adjusting in an oil bath for safety. They can be activated by two separate pedals. Emergency braking of all wheels is achieved by depressing two brake pedals simultaneously. The brake discs are 300 millimeters in diameter. The parking or emergency brake is actuated with the hand lever


The special rounded boom shape optimizes the excavator’s lifting capacity, its ability to overcome obstacles, and the bucket’s high breakout force. The telescopic arm and offset boom combined with a wide range of interchangeable attachments greatly enhance the versatility of this backhoe loader.

Bucket (“backhoe”) with telescopic boom and jaw loader bucket are standard equipment of Komatsu WB93R-5EO. The hydraulic line for connection of additional implements is characterized by good performance and impressive durability. Standard bucket capacity is 1.03 cubic meters; backhoe bucket capacity is 0.19 m3;

The front loader design ensures a parallel bucket position when lifting and lowering. In addition, thanks to the clever geometry of the connecting arms and connecting rods, the number of lubrication points is minimized. The standard shovel weighs 430 kg. Its lifting capacity at maximum lift height is 3900 kg (3800 daN). Load capacity on the ground (IS0-8313) is 5300 kg (5195 daN). Bucket breakout force (ISO-8313) is 6500 kg (6383 daN). The S-boom pivots 180 degrees while maintaining high torque. Cast pivot bearings and bucket tips provide high wear resistance. The vertical supports are equipped with adjustable wear protection. Bucket breakout force is 6100 kg (5980 daN) according to ISO-6015. ISO-6015 breakout force on the stick is 4,000 kg (3,900 daN).

Komatsu’s extensive list of possible replacement equipment for the WB93R-5EO backhoe loader also includes: Screw-on cutting edge spoon; Backhoe tine cutting edges; Wendegabeln on 4×1 shovel; Forks for quick installation; Hydraulic and mechanical device for quick inter-row cultivation; 4×1 shovel with optional tipping device and blade opening angle indication; Universal bucket (for quick attachment); 4×1 bucket (for quick attachment); Shovel marker; Snowplow; Hand-Held Pneumatic Hammer; Mechanical attachment (for standard buckets); Ditch cleaner (1400 mm); Ditch digger (1000 mm); Bucket kit from 300 to 900 mm; Hydraulic hammer.

Information in numbers

  • Dimensions “Komatsu WB93 R-5EO” Standard assembly: length – 5.895 m, width – 2.32 m, height – 2.75 m;
  • Wheelbase – 2.18 m;
  • Ground clearance – 430 mm;
  • Maximum Venderdius – 5.45 m;
  • Maximum depth of the grave – 6,055 m;
  • Total weight of the backhoe-loader – 7.46 tons;
  • Radium size: standard – 1.5 / 80 R18-10 PR; Standard rear – 16.9 x 8-1PR;
  • Tank capacity – 150 liters;
  • Hydraulic system oil tank capacity – 41 liters;
  • Average diesel fuel consumption – 193 g/kWh.
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Komatsu excavator cabin

The cabin of Komatsu excavator WB93R-5EO meets all modern standards of safety: its design provides protection of the driver from rollover (ROPS) and protection against falling objects (FOPS). In terms of comfort, the cab interior is virtually equal to the interior of a modern passenger car. Wide panoramic glazing around the entire perimeter of the cab provides perfect visibility in all directions.

The interior is equipped with ten convenient air nozzles with a well-thought-out arrangement. They increase the efficiency of the ventilation system. Proportional control servo amplifiers (PPC) are standard on the front loader and optional on the backhoe.

The loader’s loader arm (joystick) allows you to control the 4×1 shovel, differential lock, clutch release and acceleration. Proportional controls for the machine’s rear vertical supports are also standard.

The steering column has an adjustable tilt angle. The driver’s seat in each variant is also adjustable and equipped with a seat belt. There are special compartments in the cab for storage of necessary things (one of them is closed), drink holder, sun protection.

Taximeters and announcements on the Komatsu WB93R-5EO cab show the transmission oil temperature, all-wheel drive on/off, brake fluid level, differential lock, fuel level in the tank, operating and warm-up engine counter, engine rpm, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure and air filter contamination level.

The cab of the Komatsu WB93R-5eo backhoe loader has two doors. It has excellent vibration and noise protection of the operator’s workplace.

Reviews of Komatsu WB93R-5eo owners and operators

Many people who have gained experience with the excavator of this model note the following advantages. This is simplicity and ease of repair and maintenance. The hinged hood opens up access to the engine compartment, providing quick inspection and quality service. It is the reliability and durability of the hydraulic system: the elements of hydraulic joints have a sealed joint surface. the hydraulics is durable; a rear axle differential lock helps in operation. The back scoop control levers are very handy. Joystick, too, although it takes some getting used to and mastering. Very good, sensible, glass on the doors – simple and reliable.

About the minuses noted by machine operators. The charger on Komatsu WB93R-5EO is slower than the JCB “classmates”. The bucket design is such that the space behind the cylinders gets clogged quickly when working with soil. It lacks a normal capacious glove box. Even the dinner and drinks do not fit very well, not to mention other things more bulky. The seat is generally comfortable, but the backrest does not recline – respectively, to stretch out and relax in your spare time will not work. As there is a pump, the liquid is poured on both glasses at the same time – on the front and on the back. Therefore, it is spent much faster. There are complaints about checking from the cab on the exhaust pipe, which is located on the side, on the rack – it bothers when turning right, most of all at intersections.

Komatsu WB93R-5EO cost in 2018

The new excavator Komatsu WB93R-5EO costs in Russia from 7 million rubles. On the secondary market, the model is also presented in a fairly wide range. Prices depend on the year of manufacture and technical condition. They range from 1.5 million rubles for an excavator of 2000 production year to 5.5 million rubles, which are asked for the Komatsu WB93R-5EO of 2016 production year.

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