Basic councilor for garden design

Basic councilor for garden design

Regardless of whether you have to do with a new website or just plan the layout of your garden, everything depends on the goal you want to achieve. Create your dream garden with the help of our simple guidance!

Consider your priorities

At the very beginning, clearly define how you want to spend time in your garden. Do you need a simple service room for relaxation and entertainment? Let’s start then! Here are some tips for designing the original garden that is easy to maintain.

  • Add the color, texture and depth with sieves, floating baskets and fountains.
  • Choose plants that are easy to worry and create a relaxing atmosphere. For example, decorative tobacco, which also grows well in pots and is a good choice, because it exudes a wonderful aroma in the evening. Likewise, the oonium eonium and oat flakes are unpretentious plants that are resistant to dryness.
  • Choose paving stones, tiles or gravel if you have no room (or no time) for planting the lawn.

On the other hand, if you like to work in the garden and know that you will find time for regular care, you don’t prevent you from designing a somewhat more complex and more beautiful composition. The first step is to find out how much space you can highlight:

  • Quest
  • Petting beds
  • Lawn
  • ways
  • Infrastructure
  • tunnel
  • Glasshouse
  • Pond

Divide the room

When planning a room, think of the correct balance between the “soft” and “hard” elements.

Solid elements include tracks, fences, tracks, steps, grids, screens and walls.

Soft are high flowers, plants and hedges such as argentine series, pampas grass and blue oatmeal.

Get to know your garden

Before planning the layout, answer questions about the unique features of the garden:

  • How big and the shape of your garden?
  • Does your garden go north, east, south or west?
  • How many hours of sunlight falls every section of your garden?
  • Which areas are always darkened?
  • What kind of soil?
  • Is your garden protected or more open?
Spring planting of vegetables - when and how to sow

After analyzing these questions, select the right plants that feel good in your garden and find out how you can maximize the floor potential. It is also known to know which plants can grow nearby. If you have this knowledge, you can combine vegetables, flowers and fruit so that you grow beautifully, give an abundant harvest and even protect yourself against illnesses and pests. In our article you can read more about it.

Turn on a holiday destination

Find a place where you can admire the results of your work and where you can relax. It can be a simple bank, soft seats or a hammock that is hung next to a well or in a remote corner. Don’t forget to plan atmospheric lighting. In this role, solar lamps that do not require electrical installation will prove well. If you want to learn more about the creative lighting of the garden without electricity, read our inspiration.

Useful aids

When arranging the garden, you need strong, durable tools to prepare the floor and the lawn for further measures. In this category you will find among other things:

  • cultivators, i.e. H. Devices such as SRC 36V, SRC 550 RG, SRC 685R RG I CRC 775 RG. With their help, you cook beds, remove weeds and plow the soil before sowing.
  • Electric and petrol scarves: SV 213 E, SV 415 E I SVP 40g, which will help you take care of lawns in the fall, so that in the spring it became beautiful and lush.
  • Multifunctional device: Siglex 95 N., which, with a number of devices, turns into a mower, a mixed machine, a motor cultivator, as well as a hip for the formation of even rows for sowing or seedlings. But in winter he will perfectly remove snow from the driveway.

September is also a good time to start the lawn. How to prepare for it, step by step and how to sow seeds? You will learn everything from this article.

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You will get a faster result by installing a turf. This work is worthwhile in the fall. Why? Low temperature and frequent rains favor the root of cereals. Just remember that such a lawn is more prone to over-pressurization as it has a weaker root system.

This type of lawn prefers slightly acidic or humus-bound soil. If the soil in your yard is acidic, sprinkle with lime or chalk. Remember that herbs grow well on heavy, clay and sandy soils, so it is worth loosening the structure of the substrate, adding sand or improving it with compost. Also, for confidence, consider the ability to pour about 10 cm of fertile soil under the buns. Finally, level the bottom and roll them. You can learn more about the pros and cons of both solutions (rolled turf and seeded turf) here. here.

Remember that thorough knowledge of the terrain and precise plan is essential when arranging the garden. Now you know what to follow, how to plan your work, and what tools you might need. Create your perfect garden with Stiga!

7 Best Tips for Designing a Garden (Like a Landscape Designer)

To get rid of irregularities, sowing the lawn, abandoning clear flower beds. If you focus on these recommendations, you will manage to make a beautiful garden.

Told the most important things in a short video

1 Eliminate irregularities and carry out communication

Before choosing flowers and shrubs for your site, examine the relief, dark and light zones with problematic soil. This allows you to carry out drainage in advance of places that often turn out to be flooded, bringing the water to where the soil dries up. You also need to get rid of such irregularities as pits and elevations that interfere with landings and the layout of recreation areas.

It is important to finish all the work on bringing communications into the house, so as not to transplant the bushes, because they do not have a lawn.

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2 Draw a garden plan

Do not try not to approach the arrangement of the garden in parts. If you first design the space around the house, then break up the garden and think about how to fill the remaining area, the garden looks fragmented. Think about what areas you want to see on your site, and then make and reflect on them. So you will see everything from the side, it will be easier to think about landings and logistics.

Where can you start the design of the website: 7 important steps to the dream garden

3 Do not leave bare areas

There should be no unfinished fragments in the garden. For example, if next year you took a place to plant trees there, then do not leave the bare land this season. Say it with a lawn or a fast-growing wildflowers and herbs so that the garden now delights in its appearance.

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4 Put the lawn

A thick, wel l-kept lawn is the basis for landscape design. You can even leave the website empty by adding a few trees around the circumference and a comfortable recreation area, and this looks minimalist and beautiful. At the same time, ordinary grass that grows unevenly and leaves empty areas will make the design of every garden amateur.

If you are not ready to invest many means and efforts in the lawn, try to sow meadows. A mixture of seeds for such a lawn contains wildflowers and grain plants. They only have to be mowed in early summer and early autumn and pour in droughts in the hottest days.

Green Lyuzhayak at your home: Choose lawn grass

5 Give up clear flower beds

In recent years, natural gardens with a large number of field herbs and flowers that gently get into each other have come into fashion. It is also worth paying attention to the Alpine slides, they look more voluminous and more interesting than the usual flat flower beds.

6 wonderful ideas that make your garden better and more interesting

6 Consider the style of the house

A specialist always looks at the garden so that it harmonizes with the house. If you have a minimalist modern house, a garden with an open room, a water reservoir, even plantings look good. Around the house around the house in a Scandinavian style, I would like to see plants typical for the north: conifers, field herbs, a oldest, a sno w-loving man. It can also be decorated with a natural reservoir and large stones.

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7 Give up bright artificial decor

If you want a designer garden, add the decor last. Purchased jewelry is only necessary to emphasize the beauty of plants and to set the atmosphere in the recreation area. At the same time, you should not become the most striking color accent in the garden and attract attention.

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