Backhoe-loader Hyundai H940S – description and characteristics

Hyundai H940S Backhoe Loader

Backhoe-loader Hyundai H940S is made in South Korea. The main specialization of the company is the vehicles for individual use, which are supplied to many countries around the world. This provides recognition of the brand. However, the potential of the company allows producing of construction equipment. Its development is done by experienced R&D specialists who are not afraid to use new technologies in their machines.

Backhoe-loader Hyundai H940S

Hyundai H940S Backhoe Loader

The Hyundai H940S was released a few years ago and is currently the latest modification of the company. The equipment can be used in construction, municipal and road works. Due to the quality and reliability of the excavator, as well as its technical characteristics, it has become an indispensable machine in many areas of activity. The backhoe loader works with small loads and loose materials and is capable of laying foundations for foundations with a small construction volume. In addition, backhoe loader Hyundai H940S is able to work with large volumes of soil and move loads over small distances (on a construction site). That is, it is a multipurpose equipment.

Excavator Hyundai H940s. Photo

Excavator Hyundai H940S. Photo

In developing the technique oriented to the Russian customers. Therefore, Hyundai H940S can work with any soil on the territory of Russia, as well as in difficult conditions. The quality of the blower meets all international standards; testing, manufacturing and assembly of all components are performed according to ISO 2001. The most important advantage of Hyundai H940S is its ability to easily tolerate low temperatures without deviations from the operating schedule.

features and benefits

The main advantages of the Hyundai H940S excavator are:

  • Versatility, as it can be used as a loader and as a backhoe, capable of loading, unloading and transporting wood chips, coal, rocks, bulk materials, agricultural materials, and gravel. It can also dig holes or ditches. Thus, it performs a wide range of different works without the need to buy additional equipment.

Excavator Hyundai 940

Hyundai 940 Excavator

  • Reliability, because the quality of the materials used is very high, all metal elements are protected against corrosion. Waterproof coating and installation of sealing elements in the main functional units increase their reliability. In addition, rupture or leakage become impossible;
  • A wide range of attachments, which allows you to expand the range of equipment;
  • Convenient operation is provided by electronic control panel, which helps the operator to control working bodies. This will greatly improve the accuracy of the work, and timely correction of the direction of the blades motion will be possible;
  • Performance of Hyundai 940 blower became higher due to the installation of a powerful power unit. The modern engine can run for quite a long time without shutting down, which reduces the cycle time compared to similar machines.

technical specifications and dimensions

The dimensions of the machine are:

parameter value
length 5.85m
Wide 2.25m
height 3.72m
wheelbase width 2.2m
ground clearance 0.35m

The main technical characteristics of Hyundai H940S:

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parameter value
weight 8.5 tons
front bucket volume 1 cubic meter
excavator bucket volume 0.2 cubic meter
maximum travel speed 37 km/h
maximum digging depth 4.22-5.35m
dumping height 2.71 m
Bucket capacity 1 cubic meter

The Hyundai H940S has a fuel consumption of 180 g/kWh, which makes it very economical. The fuel tank has a capacity of 127 liters of diesel fuel, allowing the machine to run for quite a long time without refueling.


A four-stroke four-cylinder turbocharged 4.4-liter engine is installed. It is produced by Perkins, marked as 1104C-44T and characterized by the rotation speed of 2200 rpm. It is water-cooled as standard equipment. Its power is 75 kW or 100 hp. This is enough to ensure high productivity for any type of work. This has a favorable effect on the off-road capability of the Hyundai 940 as well. The warranty period for the engine maintenance is 3,000 working hours or 2 years. The torque produced by the engine is 413 Nm. All exhausts meet European standards and the unit itself is very reliable.

parameter value
engine manufacturer Perkins
model 1104S-44T
number of cylinders 4
output 75 kW / 100 hp
displacement 4.4L
cooling type liquid
torque 413 Nm
fuel diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity Case 580 127L

In addition, the engine is economical, burning fuel almost without residue, which reduces fuel consumption. Exhaust gases are burned completely and do not require additional cleaning. The engine is also characterized by a large volume.


Tractor Hyundai H940S

Hyundai H940S Tractor

The machine has an automatic transmission, which includes two reverse and two forward gears. Economy mode and power mode are used for machine versatility. Automatic implement return is available to reduce cycle times. Electronic sensors show the driver how full the bucket is. You can also change the parameters of the hydraulic system. Make the machine more economical.

Hyundai H940s excavator.

Hyundai H940S Excavator.

During construction work, dust gets into the air. To protect the hydraulic cylinders of the working mechanism, they are covered with covers. As a result, the dust does not get on the sliding parts, which greatly increases their service life. This is a new technology introduced specifically in the Hyundai 940 backhoe loader.

Hyundai H940S snow removal tractor

Hyundai H940S tractor. snow removal

The levers located in the cab are used to control the working tools – jaws and bucket.

driver’s cab

Hyundai H940S operator's workplace

Operator’s workplace of Hyundai H940S.

Customers are responding positively about the new cabin. It differs from previous models with better heat and sound insulation, which contributes to higher concentration of the operator on the work process and reduces his fatigue. Spotlights are available for working at night or when visibility is limited due to weather conditions. They are located on the frame and help improve working conditions. Doors are located on the sides of the cab, so you can enter from either side. Similar machines are not equipped with such elements. The safety of the operator is guaranteed by protection systems:

  • Locking in case of improper operation;
  • by overturning the machine;
  • Sensors for monitoring.
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For driver comfort, the Hyundai H940S Backhoe Loader is equipped with a fan and air conditioning, as well as storage compartments for small tools. They are located on the sides and in front of the man.

The boom has a curved contour for safety and comfort. In this way, the gap between the wheels falls within the operator’s field of vision. The basic assembly also includes a radio that supports USB. The driver’s seat is unmistakable: not only does it adjust to the needs of the person, but it can also rotate 180 degrees. Thus, the driver can freely reach every point of the cabin and fully control the work of the organs. The control levers are in the form of joysticks.

Hyundai H940S hydraulic unit

Hyundai H940S hydraulic units


Hyundai H940s front end bucket

Hyundai H940S front shovel

The standard Hyundai 940 loader assembly includes a hydraulic body to which the equipment is attached. The kit also includes an excavator with a telescopic boom and a front excavation bucket.

Bucket of excavator Hyundai H940s

Hyundai H940S excavator bucket

Cost of new and used

The price of Hyundai H940S, if it has not accumulated running hours, is from 3.5 to 6.5 million rubles. It depends on the modification and attachments. Used Hyundai H940S costs about 2-3 million rubles.

It is possible to rent a Hyundai H940S for about 9,000 rubles per shift.


The main competitors and analogues of Hyundai H940S are Volvo BL71 and JCB 3CX. However, some of their properties deviate from the declared model. Therefore, when buying, it is worth carefully considering all the qualities that are needed to perform certain tasks.

Hyundai H940S: Technical Specifications

Hyundai H940S: technical specifications

Hyundai H940S is a multifunctional excavator-loader with high productivity, the latest technical equipment, a wide range of options and a comfortable cabin. In addition to the basic model, backhoe loaders H940S-4WS are available with an increased diameter of the front wheels and higher operating weight. Hyundai H930S version (with a less productive diesel engine and a slightly smaller radius and digging depth) can be referred to the same family.

With its serious skills and excellent workmanship this backhoe-loader model belongs to the medium price category of the similar professional special equipment, that is why it has a rather high level of competitiveness. This model is certified for operation in the Russian Federation; it is CE and ISO 9001 certified. These backhoe-loaders are manufactured at Korean and Chinese factories by Hyundai Heavy Industries, a subsidiary of South Korean multinational corporation Hyundai.

scope of application

The designers of Hyundai Heavy Industries have made Hyundai H940S backhoe loader the most flexible and specialized machine. That is why it is in demand in many areas. This is the construction industry, repair work in utilities and road systems. This backhoe-loader successfully and in the shortest time copes with such works as digging trenches, ditches and pits; excavation, transportation of soil and arrangement of earthen embankments; loading and unloading of bulk cargo and bulk materials; demolition of buildings and structures.

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Area of usage

All-wheel drive modification with the same wheels: H940S-4WS.

device features

The heart of the H940S excavator is the twin-axle chassis frame. The H940S and its close relatives, the H940S-4WS and H930S, are designed in modern form factors, taking into account the experience and achievements of competitors, as well as ergonomic technologies, in which every detail increases performance or improves serviceability.

The engine cover is enclosed by a hinged cover with a practical locking mechanism and does not interfere with access to the working equipment. All lubrication points of components and units are accessible directly from the ground, which greatly facilitates maintenance and reduces downtime of the equipment. The loading arm frame consists of seamless tubes and has an aligned shape, with a perfect view of the working area from the tractor cab. Built-in underride guard and locking system provide safety for the machine operator.

Device Features

Front and rear axle designs provide consistent and longer working under load, and the four-wheel drive system (optional) is supplemented by automatic engagement. The backhoe loader brakes are regulated by closed-type self-disc mechanisms. They work in oil and are checked by means of two pedals.

Outside, planetary gears increase serviceability, and multiple wet disc brakes eliminate possible external contaminants. The parking brake is activated quickly and easily from the cab by simply pressing an electric switch.

The hydraulic system of the H940S consists of two pumps. The hydraulic system is load-sensitive, allowing the hydraulic output to be optimally distributed between its components depending on the load. Adjustable River Control System (AFSC) optimizes machine mileage when traveling on the street. The automatic ditch return function reduces charge cycle times.

Device Features-01

Several years of operation in demanding conditions confirm that the components of the special machine are made of high-quality steel and are subjected to a good anti-corrosion treatment. The backhoe-loader has moisture-resistant coatings and seals on components and hydraulic and electrical systems, reducing the risk of leaks and leaks.

Special hydraulic cylinder guards extend the life of hydraulic cylinders. They reliably protect these important devices from dust and dirt that are inevitable in earthmoving and loading/unloading operations.

engine and gears

The Perkins 1104C-44T diesel engine was used as the power unit for the Hyundai H940S excavator. It is a well known model that has proven itself in many other tractors, excavators, pavers, elevators, loaders, and electric generators. The 1104 Series Pechins are characterized by consistently high quality workmanship, reliability, and longevity of use. Much of this is the beneficial application of the Sigma 6 quality control system.

engine and gears

This is a four-cylinder horizontally cooled four-cylinder diesel engine with a pressurized lubrication system, equipped with a turbocharger.

  • Engine displacement of 1104C-44T is 4400 cm3.
  • Working power (according to SAE standard) is 100 hp (74.5 kW) at 2200 rpm.
  • Maximum torque is 42.4 cfm at 1,350 rpm.
  • Cylinder diameter is 105 mm; piston range is 127 mm.
  • Compression ratio is 18.2.
  • Weight of the engine 1104C-44T is 372 kg.
  • Overall dimensions: length – 663 mm, width – 597 mm, height – 810 mm.
  • Compliance with environmental requirements – EPA, Tier II, Stage IIE.
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The Hyundai H940S Backhoe Loader is equipped with a powershift semi-automatic transmission with two forward and two reverse gears. The transmission mode can be changed between “economy” and “power” modes if required.

Technical parameters in numbers

Technical parameters in numbers

  • Dimensions: overall length – 5850 mm. Width of the wheels is 2250 mm. Cab height – 3720 mm.
  • Wheelbase (longitudinal) – 2200 mm.
  • Ground clearance – 350 mm.
  • Payload – 8,5 t.
  • Diesel tank capacity – 127 liters.
  • Volume of hydraulic tank – 60 liters.
  • Hydraulic system capacity – 145/68 l/min.
  • Hydraulic system working pressure – 250/280 kgf/cm2.
  • The maximum speed of movement – 36.5 km/h.
  • The working capacity of the excavator – 72 m³/h.
  • Work cycle – 9 sec.
  • Maximum digging depth – 5.35 m.
  • Battery – 12 volts, 100 Ah.
  • Starter – 24 V, 4,5 kW.
  • Standard bucket volume – 1 m3.
  • Volume of a standard bucket of the excavator – 0.2 m3.

Operating elements: Standard equipment and options

The standard equipment of backhoe loader Hyundai H940S includes a hydraulic attachment, bucket capacity of 0.2 m3 and front bucket of 1 m3.

Washing attachments: standard equipment and optional extras

As additional options for a fee are offered excavators with 0.1; 0.17; 0.26; 0.3 m3 bucket; front dumps 0.77; 0.8; 0.95 m3 – with helical blade or with helical teeth and crowns, as well as with forks.

In addition to earthmoving and multi-purpose front buckets, Hyundai H940S backhoe loader can work with other additional attachments. In particular, with an attached ram for ramming and pulling piles; vibratory rammers and demolition hammers; hydraulic drilling equipment.

Hyundai H940S Cab

The cabin of backhoe-loader is based on six legs. It has full ROPS / FOPS safety certification: the frame protects the driver in case of tractor rollover and from heavy objects falling from the top. The cab provides good working conditions for comfortable operation.

The steering column is tiltable and adjustable to an angle of 16.5 degrees. The driver’s seat is cushioned and has a lot of adjustments that allows to choose an optimal position.

Panoramic cab windows provide an excellent view from the driver’s seat. The front glass is one-piece, rounded and streamlined. The cab has two hinged doors, and you can enter the cab from either side. Tilt-up side windows ensure good ventilation. Openings are wide; there are steps with anti-slip coating. The cab interior is equipped with sound-absorbing panels, so the workplace is well protected against noise and vibration. The integrated filtration system protects the operator from dust.

Hyundai H940s cab.

Measuring instruments, displays, switches and levers are conveniently arranged according to sound ergonomics for easy and fast operation. In general, control is distributed between key fields and a number of convenient joysticks. In the cabin on the side walls there are special storage boxes for tools and other things needed for daily work.

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The heating and supervision system blows air through 15 vents that are distributed throughout the cab. Heating and air conditioning vents are located in the front, rear and side of the driver’s seat.

What’s standard and what’s optional. Options

Standard Hyundai H940S cabs have no air conditioning: this is an optional extra. The “base” also does not have a radio, which is also an additional equipment. By the way, for an additional fee the truck can be equipped not only with air conditioning, but also with an automatic climate control system.

The list of basic equipment for Hyundai H940S includes: halogen headlights, horn back signal, easy to clean floor covering, diesel engine preheating, cabin heating, fuel filter with water separator, 12V socket, dashboard lighting, power steering, seat belt inertia.

Additional options for H940S, in addition to the already mentioned all-wheel drive, air conditioning and radio, include: all-round vision sign; roof light; driving control system; work light (four in front and four in rear); extendable handle (telescope); device for quick change of working equipment; ballast weights for 150, 350, 550 kg; emergency steering; diesel fuel heating; pilot control; setting the running rest of the loader.

Hyundai H940S Excavator. Photo” width=”600″ height=”399″ />

The load-sensing hydraulic system (also optional) adjusts the diesel engine output for the appropriate hydraulic flow, depending entirely on the load just required. Whether the machine is working while digging or with control samples of excess soil or the other side, these features make the work process much easier. When speed is important, requiring high performance, this system offers enough flow to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Such an optional extra is notable as the adjustable flow control system (AFSC). Using the turtle switch (“turtle” means slow motion control) on the front dashboard, the operator transfers non-consumable hydraulic fluid from the 2nd pump to the hydraulic tank. When the loader is on, the control system (AFCS) optimizes the operation of the special equipment and increases productivity. Variable Flow Control System is also useful when driving on the street.

Cost of the H940S backhoe loader in 2018

A new Hyundai H940S backhoe loader is available for a price starting at 5.8 million rubles. There are only a few used machines of this model on the market. For them they ask 3 million rubles.

In general, Hyundai H940S, the mass production of which began recently, in the 2010s, is a modern, productive special equipment with a wide range of operations. It looks very solid against the comparable in technical properties and prices competitors – “peers”. As JCB 3CX, Cat 428f, case 580t.

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