B10M Bulldozer – description and characteristics

B10M Bulldozer

The bulldozer is manufactured in Russia at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. The T-170 tractor was the basis for the equipment. It took a long time to improve all indicators of the equipment. But now the B10M bulldozer can perform many different functions and is used in various types of work. For example, when working with soils of the first, second and third categories without preliminary loosening, and the fourth – with it.


The bulldozer copes with rocky soils prone to cracking and freezing. Since the technique is Russian, weather and temperature influences play an important role in the operation of the machine. The operating temperature range is from t-50 to +40 degrees. Also, there are no special requirements to the mode of humidity, dust level in the air and atmospheric pressure (bulldozer B10M can work at an altitude of 3000 m).


features and benefits

A feature of the ChTZ B10M bulldozer is the ability to install a winch. Thus, the scope of the equipment significantly extends and includes work on the transport of wood, in construction, in the elimination of natural disasters or accidents. The bulldozer itself belongs to the tenth drawbar class.

BUDAZER B10m Bulldozer

B10M Bulldozer

As a result of technical developments of the designers, the bulldozer has the following features:

  • The attachment points of the hydraulic cylinders are moved to the front. This has a positive effect on reducing the effort required to lift or lower the working body, as well as increasing the speed of work operations and their accuracy;
  • the time of operation of the devices has increased significantly, since the stroke of hydraulic cylinders has increased. At the same time, pressure in hydraulic system has been almost halved;
  • Blade having the shape of a hemisphere has changed its design; it has positively influenced the technique development when working with the ground without preliminary loosening;
  • The engine compartment has also changed somewhat. Now it is easier to get to the machine itself, which reduced the time for maintenance and repair.
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The undeniable advantages of the B10 bulldozer include: high reliability, performance, maneuverability, cross-country capability and a wide range of applications.


Functionally and in terms of identification, modifications hardly deviate from the standard, but can be used in other areas:

  • 0111-1E – used in construction in land leveling, can also dig holes and backfill;
  • 0101-EN – used in construction to remove topsoil, can also be used in stockpiling and quarries;
  • 0001-EN – the scope of application is the same as in the previous amendment, but with the ability to clear roads of snow;
  • 0111-EN – widely used in agriculture, utilities, oil and gas sector;
  • 0111-EP – snow removal device (can also remove trash);
  • B.0121-2B4 – used when the ground is soft, loose or frozen soil, as well as swamp.

The B-series differs from the standard bulldozer in increased reliability of functional units and working conditions of the operator. These machines have removed rotary axles and planetary gears.


Depending on the type of work, modifications have marking in – straight blade, D – rotary (for road and leveling works), K – in the form of a ball (for bulk materials handling), E – hemisphere (universal).

Technical characteristics and dimensions

The main characteristics of the B10m bulldozer are:

parameter value
mass 15.5 t
specific pressure on the ground 55 kpa
Travel speed 10,4 km/h
Bulldozer weight incl. dozer blade and loose material 19.5 t
Fuel consumption of the bulldozer B10m 28,5 l/h

parameter value
length 4.29 m
wide 2.48 m
height 3.18 m
track width 1.88 m
wheelbase 2.88 m
Ground 0.44 m


Depends on which tractor model the bulldozer is based on:

  • T10M.0000 Four-block four-cylinder D-180 engine with a displacement of 14.2 liters. The engine is marked in the order of the cylinders with a diameter of 130 mm. Starting is done with the help of a starter motor or an electric starter. The power of such a unit is 133 kW, and the number of revolutions per minute is 1250;
  • T10m.6000-SIX cylinder engine YAMZ-236n-3 with a capacity of 11.2 liters. The engine is started by an electric starter. Its power is 140 kW (191 hp). Cylinders are V-shaped and have a diameter of 13 cm. RPM is 1,800.
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The air cleaning system includes a centrifugal system and a paper filter. The B10m bulldozer engine can run on condensate, kerosene or diesel fuel.

parameter value
model D-180, YAMZ-236n-3
Number of cylinders 4
Working volume 14.5 l
productivity 170 kW / 230 hp.
RPM 1250 rpm
cooling type liquid


Included is the transmission, which includes elements of mechanics and hydraulics, which is responsible for adjusting the speed. This is automatic and the main parameter is the external load. The advantage of the transmission is also the reverse speed and the change in speed without loss of power. This reduces the load, which has a positive effect on the entire vehicle and performance. The control point is designed for six speeds with the same number in both directions. Hydraulics are provided for shifting.

The new B10m bulldozer can be equipped with two types of transmission. The first type is a mechanical reversible transmission with eight speeds. The hydraulics are responsible for the correct behavior of the rotation device. The second is a hydro-mechanical gearbox of planetary type for three gears.


The B10M bulldozer differs from the previous version by the installed engine with more power with a modified fuel system.

To make the undercarriage serve more, seals are provided. They prevent oil from seeping out of the rollers. The track rollers in the front are equipped with specific camps. Some models have an oil bath to suppress and rotate the units. This innovation is called the “wet axle,” which has also extended the operating time of the B10 bulldozer without the need for maintenance and repair. In addition, maneuverability and reliability of the machine are noticeably higher.

Operator’s Cabin

The cab has a heating and ventilation system to maintain a comfortable environment. The cab uses coolant heat to keep the operator cab warm. In addition, the B10M bulldozer is equipped with a sunshade and a driver’s seat, which can be adjusted according to his needs. Double-glazed cab, visibility is quite large. The front and rear windows are covered with grilles for safety. The instrument panel is clearly visible even in sunlight, allowing the operator to react to signals in good time. The FOPS and ROPS systems ensure comfort in any situation.

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hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the B10M bulldozer includes a carriage mounted in three units. It also has a balancer with shock absorbers. The caterpillar system has an articulated caterpillar mounting and spacers between the caterpillars. This design allows the machine to increase productivity when grading.


A large selection of attachments is available to increase the functionality of the devices. Blades are used:

  • Type B – in land transportation and land leveling;
  • Type D – for roadwork;
  • Type K – to work with loose materials;
  • Type E – for earthmoving work.

Thus, the technique is considered universal.

Cost of new and used

3 million rubles – the price of the B10M bulldozer in the basic configuration. If the equipment not included in the standard configuration is installed, then the price can increase up to 5 million rubles. Therefore, the rental of the machine will be much cheaper.

B10M Bulldozer – specifications and modifications


Photo Bulldozer B10M

No large construction company in order to save money has not traded specialized equipment for scrap, shovel and cheap labor. Work such as digging holes and clearing land is best done with tractors or bulldozers. This is a classic of the genre, remember the popular and well-known B10M.

To find out what the technical characteristics of the bulldozer B10M, let’s look at it in more detail.


This model was produced by the Chelyabinsk tractor plant. The ChTZ B10M bulldozer is designed to work on soils of categories I-III without preliminary loosening, category IV – with loosening, to work with stones and with frozen soil up to 5 degrees below zero. The equipment is irreplaceable helper because it can work in the high temperature range – from +45 to o-50 degrees, at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level and in tropical conditions.


Tractor B10m

Bulldozer B10m profile



The B10M bulldozer has become better than its predecessor thanks to a modified fuel system and a more powerful engine.

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D-160 D-180 engines

The engine of the bulldozer B10M became more powerful than that of the B170. At the same time, the fuel consumption has decreased. The engine can be started in two ways: an electric start system or a special starter.

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The devices run on different types of fuel: diesel, kerosene or condensate. Approximate fuel consumption of the B10M bulldozer is 28.5 liters per hour.


There are two types of transmissions in the CHTZ tractor. In one case, the gearbox is mechanical, reversible and designed for eight gears. The swivel device is controlled by a hydro-server. And in the other – a hydro-mechanical gearbox, planetary type, three-stage.


For quick and smooth cornering, the design consists of on-board clutches that are permanently closed. Transverse daily discs. Tape brakes, wear-resistant.


Vehicle with three-point suspension with rigid balance beam. Caterpillar tracks are planned, sealed.

hydraulic system

Separation system with six-stage hydraulic pump, 180 l/min. Equipped with a three-position hydraulic dealer of four P160.

Operator’s Cabin

The B10M bulldozer’s cab has good features. It protects well against inclement weather, is comfortable and warm to work in. The cab keeps the operator comfortable and warm. The double windows at the front and rear are equipped with a guard grille.


Bulldozer B10m dimensions

Explanation of the figure about dimensions of the tractor model B10M is shown in Table 1.

Table 1 – Overall dimensions of bulldozer B10M
Track Base (length), m. 2.88
Track base (width), w 1.88
length, m 4.29
width, m 2.48
bucket width, m 3.31
length with attachments (max), m 6.76
height, m 3.18

Weight of B10M bulldozer: 15,475 kg for single tractor, 19,570 kg for mechanical dozer blade and ripper.

Technical characteristics

The table below shows the main characteristics of the equipment.

Table 2 – Technical data of dozers B10M
engine D-180
Power, hp, kW 180, 132
rpm, r.p.m. 1250
Torque coefficient, % 25
tank, l 300
Fluid pressure in hydraulic system МПА 20
Speed, KM/hr 10.38
ground clearance, m 0.435
track, m 1.88

Information about the new special equipment of this model can be found in the brochure.


Due to the different blade types, there are several configurations: straight blade (type B), rotary blade (type D), spherical blade (type K) and hemispherical blade (type E, E1). Road and grading works are performed with the rotary blade. The spherical blade is suitable for working with loose materials. The hemisphere is more convenient than a straight blade because of its shape.

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All dozer modifications have the same functions as the basic model, but some have their own features:

  1. BUDAZER B10M.0111-1E. This type can be used when planning construction sites, digging pits, backfilling and trenching.
  2. BUDAZER B10M.0101. It can easily and accurately cope with the removal of the topsoil with the development of quarries to create embankments.
  3. The B10M.0001 bulldozer. Performs the same functions as the previous one, clearing roads from snow and drifts.
  4. BUDAZER B10M.0111 Used in agriculture, oil and gas industry, municipal services.
  5. BUDAZER B10M.0111-ER. More often used by public utilities for snow and debris removal.
  6. Buldozer B10MB.0121-2v4. It is also called “swamp bug”. Variant when working with soft and loose earth, in swamps, on the glacial soil.

Specifications in modifications are similar.

Table 3 – Technical characteristics of B10m modifications
engine D-180
engine starting system P-23U
power, kW 132
fuel consumption, g/kW 218
tank volume, l 310
checkpoint Mechanical
Track shoe width, m 5
ground clearance, m 4.35
Base weight, kg 15475
Weight with equipment, kg 19905

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The technique became more powerful, as the pressure in the cylinders decreased, and the reserve increased. Speed and accuracy have increased. Productivity increased by 20% due to the new blade structure.

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