Autumn planting of the lawn

Is it possible to sow the lawn in the fall and how to do it right

Most owners of personal plots are sincerely convinced that only spring is the optimal time for sowing lawn grass. But that is far from the case. You can plant grass in the fall, which has its advantages and positive features. The main thing is to know how to sow correctly.

Is it possible to sow lawn grass in the fall in winter?

Not only is it possible to sow grass for the lawn, but sometimes it is recommended to do so in the fall. It is characterized by no less dense and colored saturation than spring, as well as more endurance.

Pros and cons of fall sowing

As with any process, planting lawn grass in the fall period has its own set of positives and negatives.

  • The advantages of autumn sowing include the fact that:
  • The temperature regime at this time is characterized by moderation;
  • weed plants lose their intensity;
  • Air and soil have a sufficient amount of moisture;
  • Helps if in the spring they did not have time to prepare the site for sowing.
  • Special care (watering, removal of weeds) is not required for sowing seeds, unlike spring or summer planting.
  • Autumn wet cons:
  • Sown seeds will please only after a while – in the spring, if you plant them in spring or summer time, the result will not come for long.
  • When sowing at the end of autumn in the area with a tendency, the feather melt can be washed off along with the upper earthen layer and seed unrooted grass.
  • The onset of frosts is sometimes unpredictable and can damage grass that hasn’t done enough.

The choice of grass

To get the expected result, you need to sow the correctly selected grass seeds.

When choosing, you should consider:

  • future purpose of the lawn;
  • time for sowing;
  • frost resistance of the cultivar;
  • plant growth rates;
  • Soil composition for sowing.

They are popular:

  • Lugovoi’s rebel;
  • ordinary sleeper;
  • ordinary ramp;
  • fescue;
  • Set up;
  • creeping clover;
  • Festulolium;
  • Hedgehog.

How to plant it correctly

Before you start planting the selected species of lawn grass, you need to decide on the optimal timing of the procedure and prepare the soil for sowing.

The conditions of the autumn landing

If autumn is chosen for landing, then it is best done in early September. The grass will have time to rise, take root, grow up to 10 cm and even be mowed. In this case, premature frosts will not harm the lawn in this case. You can sow plants later, but this is risky, because only with a delay in the first winter manifestations will the culture have time for successful rooting.

Small tractor MotoBlock Salyut. Instructions, schemes, drawings.

In its own way, with the advent of November, the planting of lawn grass crops in winter is considered auspicious. Seed material is sown in almost frozen soil, and he is given every chance to strengthen, undergoing the stratification procedure in natural conditions, and already actively and amazingly rising in the spring.

preparation of the place

To create a place to plant a lawn you will need:

  1. Clean the location of cluttrating items (construction debris, rocks, rocks, twigs, boards, stumps, dried plants, etc.).
  2. Process the soil with herbicides to destroy weed plants.
  3. Dig the entire area that is to be planted for a better survival and is supposed to remove plant roots and debris.
  4. Bring the soil into the necessary correspondence: to apply sand or flat gravel to improve ventilation, to sand – compost or humus, in sour lime or dolomite flour in very moist – you have to produce a drainage layer (remove land land, one Broken brick made of flow, crushed stone up to 20 cm thick, then – the sand with a layer of up to 10 cm, compact, fertile soil back on top).
  5. Give the floor to shrink for 2 weeks and then put the surface again.

One of the last stages is the floor to align its surface to avoid problems while operating the lawn mower (lose weight if it hits unequal areas and tears plants together with roots in no n-compatible areas). In addition, this procedure has an aesthetic function.

Tramibovka is carried out in different ways, special or improvised agents:

  • Rink;
  • Vibration plate;
  • a protocol or a large heavy board in which ropes are attached to the work of several people on the sides;
  • A running and rolled with water capable;
  • Small boards on the feet with shoes that can gradually move;
  • A concrete ring that rolls with people on the future lawn.

You have to cut until traces of human legs appear. The procedure should be completed with an abundant irrigation for the final stabilization of the soil.

It is better to dress the floor before sowing seeds, which contributes to accelerating plant growth and development. Amphosphates, potassium substances, whose mixture should be scattered and proportional on the surface of the earth, are suitable for fertilizers.

How can you plant trees and shrubs with bare roots?

When the magnesium and boron are added, an aqueous solution is produced and the location is watered. A mixture of dry chicken, wood ash and peat, which must be added to the floor and poured, is suitable for charging from the organic stages.

Stief border guards for the seeds sowing

When planting seeds, you have to follow several basic rules and do everything in levels:

  1. With uniform sowing, the process should be carried out in dry, calm weather.
  2. The location must be watered down a few days before work so that the soil remains moisturizing at the time of planting.
  3. When landing in autumn, the seed consumption is slightly larger than in spring, since part of the sowing material cannot rise after winter. 1 m² will leave 60 to 70 g.
  4. Sama can be mixed thoroughly with the identical sand volume, but this level is not mandatory.
  5. The harvest material is evenly and gradually distributed on the surface of the future lawn in one direction and then vertically, this will help not miss the sections and to maintain “bal d-headed” spots as a result. It is excellent when this stage can be carried out with a special sote.
  6. The surface of the earth must be loosened up to a depth of 2 cm with rakes and the seeds are slightly sprinkled.
  7. Then the solved country should be fed (scooter or another device).
  8. If sowing occurs at the beginning of autumn, it is possible if desired to sprinkle the surface with a peat layer with a thickness of up to one and a half centimeters. But when planting grass at the end of the season, this process is mandatory and helps the seed to be positively overgrown.
  9. The surface of the floor should be carefully watered, the spray unit can be used.

How to take care of a lawn

From the first day of sowing to the appearance of the first shoots, the lawn should be watered. The first mowing process takes place when the plants have reached a height of up to 15 cm.Bis the stems are strong, it is not recommended to enter the lawn. In the future, care should take place in line with the situation, depending on the season.

A beautiful green lawn not only delights the eye of the owners, but also all guests of the house. But only the correct and consistent preparation of the square for the autumn seed, compliance with all rules and the course of the process can be enjoyed this attractive image to the fullest.

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Lawn planting in autumn

Planting a lawn in autumn is a very expensive undertaking that requires a lot of time and physical exertion. The appearance of the finished lawn planted in autumn depends on many factors. Considering deadlines is one of them. For example, in the Urals and in Siberia, they differ greatly.


Source: moydom.moskau

Advantages and disadvantages of the autumn turf sowing

Many gardeners are interested in whether it is possible to sow a lawn before winter. The answer to this question is, you can. However, it should be noted that the autumn seed has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • You don’t have to wait for the floor to heat up.
  • Grass that has survived winter is more resistant to sudden temperature changes, parasites, contagious and no n-contagious diseases.
  • Thanks to the melting of snow in spring and the absence of warmth, the lawn has time to saturate with moisture, which has a positive effect on its appearance.
  • Such grass cannot do anything much of them, since its root system has already been formed and adequately strengthened at the time of its “awakening”.
  • Soil preparation does not take much time. At the same time, summer residents in autumn after the harvest “Hands are solved.” They no longer have to be torn back and forth between the plants of other crops and the lawn, so they can secure the location safely and sow the seeds.
  • In most cases, the weather in autumn is cheap for lawn sowing. Even without frequent watering, seeds germinate much faster in autumn than in spring. Young sprouts don’t burn because the sun no longer burns.

Don’t forget the disadvantages:

  • If the railing is uneven, the risk of washing out the planting material is quite high.
  • Sprouts can die from recurring frosts. The resulting bare spots can be removed by partially sowing.

Characteristics and conditions of the lawn planting in autumn

The lawn can be planted in early autumn (until October 15) and before winter. In the first case, 45 days remain for the development of the root system. During this time, young growth has time to turn into a lawn. If the ground proportion is more than 10 cm, the young lawn must be cut. It should be noted that harvests can be lost through night frosts.

Basic instruments for maintaining a garden

If you sow a lawn before winter, you will receive the first shoots in April. If you chose the period from late October to early November for planting a green carpet, you must stock up with the double amount of seeds (there should be at least 1.5 kg planting material per 30 m²).

As a result of the natural layering, weak seeds die and strong grow quickly. It is sufficient to increase the air temperature to +5 ° C.

If the climate in the region is strict, the plantings should be covered with spruce branches or peat.

Location preparation

First you have to choose the main indicators of the soil.

A loamy soil is desirable, the acidity of which varies between 6.5 and 7. If the specified limit values ​​are clearly exceeded, the soil is fertilized with ground sulfur. If the pH value is below 6, the floor is neutralized with lime and wood ash.

Before inserting the cold weather, the top dressing is inserted into the ground, including potassium and phosphorus. Both ingredients are required for the root system during growth. It is recommended to reject nitroge n-containing fertilizers because this component accelerates the development of grass itself.

Preparation of the website

The location is prepared for planting the lawn:

  1. Free of garbage, unnecessary vegetation, weed plants.
  2. Graben, don’t forget to remove the discovered roots and stones.
  3. Clay soil loosens and add sand to enrich sandy people, humus or compost is used. If the groundwater is too close to the surface, a drainage system is required.
  4. The earth is cultivated by herbicides. If the site has not been used for too long, the processing should be repeated twice.
  5. After 2 weeks they start aligned. Errors are removed and the pits fall asleep. The smoother the conspiracy for the lawn will be, the lower the probability that the seeds will be drained in spring.
  6. They roll, compact and spill the floor (use a spray).

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Before you choose a grass mixture, you have to choose the type of lawn. He can be:

  • Sports. Such a coating is resistant to mechanical exposure. The composition of the mixture most often includes meadows and oatmeal;
  • Barn. It is considered the most exquisite variety. The ceremonial carpet is made of red oatmeal, velvet, a shoot and a thin pole, a meadow rebels. Experts recommend using herbs of the same type.
  • Sadovo-Parkov. It is characterized by increased stress resistance. The seeds of such plants are selected for sowing: red and meadow oy city dwellers, a shooting field, a rebel and a Timofeevka meadow, clover;
  • Moorish. The lawn of this kind is similar to a flourishing clearing.

The main thing when landing in autumn is to prefer the frosty and resistant temperature extractor towards cereals. This includes meadow Meadow, red oatmeal, a thin pole.

Sow the seeds of the lawn in autumn

The lawn must be planted cool, quiet weather. Before sowing, the soil is necessarily sprayed when there were no rains.

Autumn in the garden. What can you forget

There are a total of three landing methods:

  • manually. No special equipment is required when landing with your own hands. So that the lawn can justify all expectations, it is necessary to distribute the sowing material evenly along the website.
  • With the help of a seer. The process does not take much time. You have to mulch the seeds yourself;
  • by means of a hydraulic region. The option that should be selected for processing the site with irregularities. The seed is poured into the nutritional composition, which is then distributed in the area. The only disadvantage of this method is the high equipment costs.

Laying of the lawn in autumn

The lawn is most frequently placed in shaded and shaped areas. Planting material is manufactured in special kindergartens. After cutting, the upper part of the lawn is carefully rolled into rollers and sent for sale.



The floor for the lawn is processed according to the standard algorithm. You shouldn’t pull with the placement of layers. The more time it goes after taking the lawn from the place where it is located, the worse the grass is rooted. The relaxed lawn must be irrigated regularly.

When buying a lawn connection, you have to carefully inspect the stripes. A good quality of the material is documented by the lack of crumbling grass and prophal, an intact root system. The thickness of the formation can be no less than 10 cm. The grass mixture is selected, with the properties of the soil and the climatic conditions concentrated.

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