Autumn cuts or a few words about chainsaws

A few words about chainsaws: fast, effective, with exhaust

Do you remember the song of Pyla fishing from the cartoon over the blue puppy? “I love this business, I love this business, I saw everything in the world”? If your calling can always be seen everywhere, it is worth taking a closer look at the standing tool with which the work is argued.

Well, but seriously, such an instrument as a chainsaw is indispensable in the household, especially in the country. It is not enough to examine the technical parameters of the product. You have to answer the question: “Why do you want to buy it?” From what the answer will be and you have to choose a tool.

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The sanity event varies significantly in performance, maximum load, resource and use r-friendliness, finally and for the price of the chainsaws. They can traditionally be divided into three categories:

  • Household,
  • Sem i-Professional,
  • Specialist.

The most common and most mas s-like version of the first type. They are ideal for summer houses because they are designed for a minimum load. No n-performance, modest sizes and small weights are conveniently at work that does not require great dedication: remove dry branches and trees, prepare firewood and carry out current repairs. You don’t work long, not more than 40 minutes a day. The range area of ​​the household chainsaws of the basic level was filled with a model that combined functionality, comfort and unprjaceration: Oleo-Mac GS35C is equipped with a motor with a capacity of 2 horsepower. (1.5 kW), with a volume of 38.9 cm cm, forged crankshaft, a connecting rod, a Nikosilov coating of the cylinder walls, a laser vetual of the piston and the cylinder. In winter, a chainsaw with the ice device system can harvest wood without loss of electricity. The GS35C has a fundamentally new lubricant system: a new oil pump in the Silumin housing. Oil to the chain is only transmitted during its movement, which significantly saves the consumption of the lubricant and as a result the costs of the owner. By the way, with all advantages, a further weight (only 4.2 kg). The administration is simple: you only have to press a button that the owner cannot please.

The golden center – Sem i-Professional (often called the chainsaws mentioned as a farm) – withstand a large load: with them you can arrange a large harvest made of firewood, carry out small constructions and bring in a small bumper diameter.

After all, the third category is better for lumberjacks who spend 12 to 14 hours in the forest. The main advantage is the possibility of long continuous work. A sawing tour for professionals is created from 1,300 to 2000 mothers.

In addition to the volume of the planned activities, pay attention to the length of the tire: the larger it is, the deeper it is cut. Although manipulations such as installing a large tire on a saw with a low performance do not exist: each tool has its own accessories that is permitted by the manufacturer. In addition, the no n-matching parameters of the installed tire can lead to the quick wear of the engine, which means that it is served less than the due date.

By the way, about power. It depends on its parameters how fast and deep it cuts, including heavy types of wood. Do not chase the highest rates – you are useless in the country. The stronger the saw, the heavier and the faster they get tired. To make work easier and maintain the equipment in the long term, use hig h-quality fuel.

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Household saws are delivered by default with chains with a division of 0.325 inch. This is sufficient to manufacture easier work. With an output of 2-3 hp. These “children” are not loud, they have low vibrations, although they do not differ from high performance. To increase it, a step of 0.404 inches is used, the vibration will of course increase. But with such an assistant you can cut thick and frozen wood without having to fear that the teeth become dull (it is desirable that the chain is equipped with hard alloys).

Please note that Oleo-Mac, Europe’s leading brand in the field of machines and devices for the maintenance of forests, parks and gardens, offers the innovative PowerSharp chain sharpening system for some of its sawmill models (e.g. the Oleo-Mac GS 35) C ). This allows you to sharpen the cutting element easily and precisely in just 3 seconds without removing it from the guide rail.

Special mechanisms protect against setbacks that stop the cut in an emergency: If the end of the saw hits an obstacle, the tool switches off and protects the person from possible dangers.

When you arrive in the chainsaw business, ask for a difficult tool that you can hold in your hands: turn it on and hold it in your hands. It is important not only to determine how pleasant and easy it will be for her to continue to communicate with her, but also to assess the vibration level. Modern manufacturers use rubber dampers to reduce vibrations. There are tools in which the designers remove the engine from the handle and fuel tank.

For example, the Oleo-Mac GS 35c chainsaw is equipped with an antivibration system with 3 spring and 3 rubber dampers. This significantly reduces the level of vibration that is transferred from the engine to the operator’s hands and increases comfort during use.

Buying a chainsaw is not an easy task. In addition to the parameters mentioned above, take into account the completeness of other elements that make work more pleasant and learn how high the fuel consumption will be.

Do not ignore reading the instructions. Believe me, there are extremely important and useful information, the knowledge of which you are healthy and the chainsaw keeps in use for many years.

A lot of information is often presented in specialized chainsaw catalogs. They are usually produced by almost all leading manufacturers: in an understandable spelling, they experience the most important and most striking advantages of the purchased model (unlike the application guide, which explains the actual materials in dry form, without additional artistic turns).

After we have studied the properties of the tools in detail, we are sure that you will find exactly the chainsaw that will provide you with many years of loyalty services, with your high performance and your simple and safe work.

How to use a chainsaw – from preparation to cutting

How to use a chainsaw - from preparation to sawing

Few of the few are used in the household and this is justified. This instrument, while universal, is quite dangerous in inexperienced hands. It is necessary not only to understand in advance how to use a chainsaw, but also to choose appropriate clothes and shoes in order to understand how to start and store a saw. It will also not be superfluous to study how to correctly cut the trees, cut the branches and see the run. This will help avoid possible problems during work.

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What are the chainsaws?

Before starting work, it is worth finding out the principle of the chainsaw, as well as types and types.

Basil is a universal tool for working with wood. With their help, trees and nodes are cut off, branches are cut out, building materials are cut, they are also used in creativity. However, working with a chainsaw requires certain knowledge and skills, otherwise there is a risk to health or even life.

Before buying a saw, you need to carefully study the offers available on the market. It is worth starting with the selection of the type of tool. There are 3 types that differ in power, work and cost:

  • household chainsaws. These include tools with a capacity of up to 1.5 thousand W and up to 2.04 liters. With. The length of the tire is 30-45 cm. The time of continuous operation for such models is about 30-40 minutes, the weight is 2-6 kg. The tool is suitable for small jobs, for example, cutting bushes or harvesting a small number of firewood.
  • Sem i-Professional they are also referred to as Universal. This is a saw with a capacity of 1.5-2.5 thousand W and 2.04-3.4 liters. With. They can work up to 5 hours a day, although overcharging them is not recommended. The length of the hoop is the same as budget models – from 38 to 45 cm. Such a saw will be needed during the Bauhaus, a barn, bath or other structure with large gaps in the forest.
  • professional. The device of such a chainsaw is similar to previous models, but differs in characteristics. Their power is 2.5-5 thousand W and 3.4-6.8 liters. With. You can work up to 16 hours a day, continuous work is up to 8 hours. The tire width can reach up to 100 cm. They are suitable for volumetric work that requires significant time. Professional models are not suitable for everyday use: they are large and heavy.

In addition, chainsaws are divided by weight and dimensions, speed, chain step, fuel tank volume and other characteristics. Some models have additional parameters, for example, anti-vibration system or automatic chain lubrication. This affects the cost of the tool.

preparation for work

After choosing a suitable saw and purchasing it, you need to carefully study the instructions for work. The chainsaw is a dangerous tool that works extremely carefully with the chainsaw.

Preparing a saw for work consists of several stages:

  • It is necessary to check the tool externally: the parts should be well fixed, the case is not damaged, the tire is fixed in the regular place, the chain is inserted into the grooves and inserted into the confrontation with an asterisk.
  • Then, while preparing a chainsaw for work, it is necessary to check the tension of the chain. It should be optimal: if the tension is too strong, the load on the motor will grow with a weak chain, it can jump off during operation. To check, you need to try to pull the chain in the middle: it should leave the groove for several millimeters. Then the chain needs to be scrolled a little – it should move freely, without being stuck. If the chain does not move and does not rise, it is necessary to loosen the tension when the circuit is hanging and pull it up.
  • After you have to season the chainsaw with fuel: petrol and oil for two stroke engines. The ratio of petrol and oil is displayed by the manufacturers themselves. Usually 20 ml of oil is taken per liter of gasoline. Both substances are mixed and poured into the tank.
  • At the end, pour oil to lubricate the chain. Only special oils have to be used – motor oils spoil the engine lightly.
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It is important to remember that fuel and lubricant are output approximately the same. It is necessary to check your level regularly and add as required.

The start of the chainsaw

Before you saw a chainsaw, you have to take care of the protection. The equipment should be completed: a helmet that covers the face, headphones, special thick gloves, closed shoes with steel plates. The clothing should come from strong fabric, but rather comfortable and irrelevant so that the free edge does not accidentally fall into the tool.

The descent of the saw is as follows:

  • The tool is installed on a uniform platform outside the dressing point, so that there is no fire at the start. It is worth checking in advance that the chain does not give objects under the chain.
  • Turn on the handbrake so that the saw does not work too early.
  • The front handle is held with the left hand and put on the recourse.
  • Then switch on the ignition button, set a gas and twitch several times on the handle of the starter. The latter must be released immediately with sharp movements after the voltage.
  • When the first “outbreak” appears in the engine, the damper is pressed and has pulled the starter handle again until the engine has started completely. As soon as the engine begins, it will not be possible to keep the rope extended. Usually the engine starts 3 to 4 times.

Video description

How the lubrication of the chain is checked is shown in this video:

  • After the start and before you start using a Ruptric “rest”, the engine should work for at least one minute to warm up completely. To do this, press the gas to the end.
  • In the end, switch off the brake and check the prerequisite of the lubrication. For this purpose, the tool is brought to a light object (sheet of paper or wood). If traces of oil have appeared on it, there is enough lubrication.

The above method is brought to the market by a chainsaw with a cold engine. If the tool worked for some time and was not cooled afterwards, it is not necessary to move the gas.

How to work properly a chainsaw

It is easy to start the tool, but it can lead to certain difficulties. A few tips make the process easier and safer:

  1. The saw must be held with two hands, the handle is pressed closely with all its fingers. The thumb of the left hand should be under the front handle.
  2. You have to keep the tool closer to your body: it is easier to maintain control over the saw and balance. In addition, the hands become less tired in this position.
  3. The legs should be widespread and bent on the knees – this remains stable. It is better to keep your back evenly.

Understand how to cut a chainsaw correctly, do not forget how important the right movements are. If it is necessary to change the position, the chainsaw is switched off and placed on the brake. In some cases, the tire should be covered with a housing if a long break is required.

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Experts recommend learning to use a chainsaw for horizontal protocols with medium thickness. It’s easy to work with you. It is easy to find out how to handle a saw properly.

The only difficulty in sawing tree trunks is the choice of the saw blade. The thinner the tree trunk, the smaller the canvas should be. However, this is not a mandatory rule, it can be neglected.

Fell the trees correctly

First of all, you have to pay attention to the town in the area. The tree must not fall on a building or a street, wire lines or a car, fall on a track or passe r-by. To do this, pay attention to the inclination of the floor, the direction and strength of the wind and how the tree itself grows – straight or weird. The floor around is freed from bushes, branches and any objects so that the master can quickly assume. People should be at a distance from the 2-fold length of the trunk.

When falling trees with a chainsaw, you have to pay particular attention to rotten or dry trunks. When falling, you can fall in a completely wrong direction as planned.

Trees up to a diameter of 15 cm are felled in one train. Higher and thicker trees are felled in several rounds. Make 3 cuts on the trunk:

  1. The first cut is on the side where the tree should fall. It runs at an angle of 45 degrees and is deepened by 1/4 of the diameter.
  2. The second cut is horizontal. It runs under the first cut and expands until both cuts meet.
  3. The third cut is referred to as a felling cut. It is carried out on the opposite side of the fuselage. The cut takes place horizontally, parallel to the second, but approx. 5 cm higher until between the second and third average remain about 5 cm, then the tree begins to fall. You have to quickly pull out the saw, turn off the engine and go away.

During operation, the run can begin to fall in the other direction. You have to follow him to have time to react.

Video description

You can see how exactly the cuts should go in the video

Don’t forget the frequent situation when learning the right saw. If the tire is stuck in the run, it must not be pulled vigorously. First you have to park the engine and put on the brake, then carefully tilt the run manually until the chainsaw appears. To avoid jamming, it is recommended to place small piles during the work process.

Particularly thick trees are only felled with the help of special devices and with the involvement of experts. Beginners should not do this themselves, as there are many ways to fall and depend on the choice of various factors.

Cut branches

The cropping of branches is only carried out by a fallen trunk. Special care and caution should be exercised at work, since the likelihood of a back bumper of the branch is very high.

When working, you should note a few rules:

  • First of all, it is important to secure the run so that it does not roll away. It happens that the trunk only rests on one branch, after the fall the tree leans or begins to roll.
  • First cut off the lower branches and gradually move to the upper. The work begins, standing on the left of the tree.
  • When working, the chainsaw can be pressed against the thigh or a tree. Festures from above are cut off by turning the tool onto the side.
  • If you think about how to cut branches correctly, you should remember an important point. It is not recommended to use the tip of the blade, it is better to cut with the medium and lower part, otherwise the branches bounce off.
  • Big branches can be cut into pieces from above. You may also have to make cuts on both sides.
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When the canvas is pinched, it will be solved as if it got stuck in the trunk: first switch off the tool, then pull the branch to the side.

Saw trunk

It will not be difficult to split the already lying tree into pieces (column). They begin to cut into the top, gradually approaching the bottom. If the suitcase is on the slope, you can only approach it from above. If the tree suddenly rolls, you can’t stand in its way.

If the diameter of the trunk can be cut to the end. If the tree is thick, then it is better to make cuts from above and below. If you’re not heading from below, you can make multiple cuts from above side by side until the Unterkock falls.

The wood bills sprinkled in half

It is worth figuring out separately how to work properly on a chainsaw when cutting the barrel in half. The main thing is to do the right thing and even mark it. It is also important not to rush and not get out of line, otherwise the halves will be uneven.

The process is carried out a few steps:

  1. The level determines the center of the log. It is sawn along the diameter, marking the center on the beam.
  2. After the level is set horizontally on the marked line, a vertical line is drawn along the entire barrel. The same is done on the second page.
  3. On one side of the tree is a padded cord along the trunk of the tree, stretched and drawn a flat line down the middle.
  4. Then the log is sawed into two parts following at the mark.

If necessary, boards can be made from logs. But a difficult task it is better to entrust professionals in the workshop. You can also use the special Big Mill device that helps with longitudinal sawing.

Briefly about the main thing

Chainsaws are not easy to work with, they are a useful tool. You can fell trees, cut branches, make lightning for logs, harvest logs for a ray or other building materials. And many professionals even use a chainsaw in creativity.

I’m not that professional, I have enough household model for work. It is easy for them to blame trees of different thicknesses (except for the thickest) and wood. I also use it to cut boards and logs. The tool is quite light and compact, hands do not tire of holding a canopy.

At work, the most important thing is to protect yourself (helmet, mask, gloves, boots) and, most importantly, to act carefully for the first time. When doubts arise or appear with fatigue, it is better to accidentally stop and move on.

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