Aurora Space-Yard 1050 Easy Motor Blocks. Review, characteristics

Aurora Space-Yard 1050 Easy Motor Blocks. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

The Aurora Space-Yard 1050 Easy Motoblock drops under all units due to the presence of a diesel engine. Thanks to this, processing a large section will be a problem. Motoblock is not only reliable, but also very functional.

Motoblock Diesel Aurora Space-Yard 1050 Easy Easy

Especially if you use additional devices that are connected without any problems thanks to the power shaft. You can easily maneuver with the 3-stage transmission because it is the other way around. The engine power is 6 hp

The volume of the fuel tank is 3.5 liters, but this is sufficient for a long time because the engine has a low fuel consumption. The wheels in size 4.00-8 have a deep profile and good cross-country skills.

Technical characteristics
Engine volume 296 мл
Engine power 6 L.S.
Engine type diesel
Engine model AED-6
coupling disc
Speed 2-back, 1-tozad
Vice versa (back) There is
The volume of the oil crankcase 1,1 л
The volume of the oil transmission 2 л
Fuel tank capacity 3,5 л
The width of processing 800-1200 мм
Rotation radius 190 мм
The diameter of the cutter 380 мм
Starting system Manual starter (light start system)
The diameter of the axis 32 мм
Pure weight 138 кг
Gross weight 147 кг
Dimensions 1700x1050x1030 мм
The dimensions of the packaging 1010x750x776 мм
Manufacturer Aurora

Aurora Country 1050 Advance Petrol Walk behavior Tractor

The Aurora Country 1050 Advance Cultivator differs from its former brother with a petrol engine, which was made by analogy with the Honda GX390. Power 9 hp enough to process a large area. The starting system is made with a manual starter. In stock the same 3 speeds, including the rear.

It should be noted that the pneumatic bikes are slightly increased compared to standard equipment and have a size of 4.00-10. The width of the extension with the help of the meal varies between 80 and 120 cm. The mass of the unit is 90 kg so that you do not have to use weight weights.

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Technical characteristics
Engine volume, cm3 270
Engine power, L.S. 9
Type of fuel petrol
coupling disc
Number of speeds 2 days. 1-tozad
Vice versa (back) There is
Processing width, cm 120
Processing depth, cm 25
Cutter diameter, cm 38
Fuel tank capacity, L 6
The volume of the oil crankcase, L 1.1
Starter system, starter Manual
Weight (KG 90
Dimensions, mm 1700x1050x1030

Functions of the application

By carrying out regular maintenance, a long lifespan of a tractor for a walk is guaranteed. Therefore, before use and afterwards, the subsequent actions should be carried out:

  1. Check the tractor for the walk behavior for foreign noises.
  2. Check the brackets and the tension of the belts.
  3. Check if there is oil leaks.
  4. Measure the oil level.
  5. Remove dirt, earth ball and grass glue.

It is recommended to use SAE10W-40 oil for the engine. It should be seasoned in a horizontal position with a walk. The correct amount must be determined using a probe that is delivered with the unit.

We submit an instruction that describes all nuances associated with the work of the Aurora Country 1350d Aurora Motoboblock.

Video review

You can consider Aurora Country 1050 in detail in the video overview presented


The owners notice the quality of the assembly and the reliability of the engines. If you are the owner of one of the models presented, we suggest leaving your evaluation in our internet magazine.


Motoblock delighted both quality and price. It is neat, gathered externally, although the beauty is no longer seen as well after intensive work. But it became tangible to collect potatoes and dig the website.

Motoblock Aurora Space Yard 1050. Review, characteristics, reviews

Aurora Space-Yard 1050 is a representative of the class of heavy motifblers. The manufacturer recommends this model for home use in small areas as well as for professional use in areas with an area of ​​more than 1 ha.

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Aurora Space Yard 1050d engine block

The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with a diesel engine, can withstand maximum loads, has a high traction with a load capacity of over 500 kg.

The purpose of the Aurora Space-Yard 1050 Motoblock:
  • Agricultural works on the virgin countries, Chernozems, soft soils;
  • Cultivation, Hilling;
  • Irrigation of the position;
  • Mulching floor;
  • Transport of goods;
  • Tractor function;
  • Transport of the owner/operator of the tractor of the walk behavior when connecting the adapter;
  • Work with a rotary mower with a dump truck;
  • Approaching a complex relief (inclined, uneven, with soil comments, etc.).
Basic configuration of Aurora Space Yard 1050

The bikes support the cutter protective disc on the cutter

The guarantee period for this model is 24 months. As an analogue of the model, you can view motoblock from the Aurora Country series, the detailed review that you can find in other articles on the website.


Aurora Space-Yard 1050 motor diesel AED-6, single cylinder, four-time factor, power of 6 hp. The volume of the engine is 296 cm. The tank capacity for diesel fuel is 3.5 liters, the capacity of the oil crankcase 1.1 liters. Due to the almost complete combustion of fuel in the motor chamber, Aurora Space-Yard can work for a long time without refueling. The duration of the unit without refueling is approximately 5-6 hours.

Aurora Country 1050 Advance engine block

The petrol analogue of the Aurora diesel model is Aurora Aurora Advance 1050, its performance is larger and is 9 hp in the rest of the model, they are both externally and in functional properties.

Advantages of the Aurora Space Yard 1050 motor block:
  • Start a system of quick and simple engine;
  • the presence of a decompressor;
  • Fastened gear;
  • Work with every equipment for the garden, garden, also with a Rotary mower, a snowman, the car and more;
  • the presence of a fortified trailer coupling;
  • Hexagonal axes for reliable fixation of tailors/wheels/primrose;
  • the possibility of lon g-term work without switching off;
  • Motor endurance;
  • High performance;
  • High quality of all metal and plastic parts;
  • low percentage of collapse;
  • Durability;
  • the presence of an emergency;
  • the presence of a support footboard;
  • Cutter with sharpening the best quality.
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Technical features Aurora Space Yard 1050:

  • Disc coupling, three work speeds, one of which back; Cast iron gears with increased wear resistance.
  • Available cultivation width – from 80 cm to 120 cm.
  • The mass of a walk without hinges is 138 kg. This model is one of the most difficult in the Space Yard series.
  • The pen of this unit can be adapted to the growth of the operator. In addition, the rotation of the steering handle is also carried out on the sides to maneuver on inclined soils.

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  • Additional features: equipment, tow bar of increasing strength, thanks to a working plow, dump truck, snow maniac and other heavy equipment for community and garden work can be connected to the tractor of the walk.

User Guide

Basic rules of operation and frequency of the Aurora motor 1050 motoblock:

  • Use high quality oil, depending on the time of year and the needs of the tractor walking – mineral, SAE30, synthetic oil is recommended in winter, in summer.
  • Defend diesel fuel before filling the tank for 48 hours;
  • Do not smoke near the motblock;
  • In winter, store devices in a room with dry air, away from sources of moisture;
  • Through every three months (every season) conduct a scheduled inspection of the walk tractor and, if there are any, eliminate small malfunctions;
  • The new device must run in the up to 20 hours of operation in different gears, first at 1/3 and then 2/3 of the power supply from the maximum. After driving in, they are allowed to plow dense land and transport goods with maximum weight (according to the load capacity of the device).

Video review

Aurora Space Yard 1050

Reviews of the owners

There are many reviews on the Internet from the owners of this Aurora Motor Block model. They note its functionality and efficiency, and from minuses – the large weight of the unit.

Autumn grape processing


“I liked the tractor of the walk at the same time, I chose 1050 land and gasoline before Aurora, compared to reviews. As a result, I stopped this model of the country and did not regret it. Something seems to be done with this engine block on the website! Heavy – that is, he can work as a tractor, unpretentious, with a powerful engine. I advise you not to be afraid to buy Aurora, a good technique for all tasks !! I read different things about it, I met such a review they say I didn’t pull, the power isn’t enough. Folks, if the power is low, then you may not be operating the equipment, and it is not the equipment itself that is to blame. Carefully read the Guide to Traktor for Walk Behavior, a very useful document. “

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