Aurora Country 900 Multishift. Review, Features

Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift. Review, features, reviews

Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift is one of the novelties of the Multi Shift series, released in 2016. The manufacturer positions the model as a professional class engine. With proper use, the device can perform the functions of many agricultural tools.

Motoblock Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift

The functionality of the machine is also increased by the presence of a reduced gear, which allows the Aurora Country 900 engine to work productively with the fastening device.

The purpose of the Aurora Country Motoboblock:
  • any type of soil processing (shaking, plowing, cultivating, hilling, weeding, etc.);
  • community function (cleaning of the territory using snow, round brushes, water beds);
  • fertilizer, mixture of soil and fertilizer;
  • Spraying plants from pests;
  • transport of goods;
  • When the motblock is connected through the adapter, it can transport not only the cargo, but also a person to the seat. It is very convenient for trips to small distances, for example, in the village or in a summer cottage (pay attention, the product is not intended for movement on city streets!);
  • With proper operation of the tractor from Walk injuries, you can plow the target. For this it is recommended to use attachments such as soil.
Aurora Aurora complete multilayer

Protective wings and mills of wheel transport bike


Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift is equipped with Aurora AE-7 petrol engine. Engine parameters: fou r-stroke, on e-cylinder, air cooling. The volume of the engine is 212 cubic meters, the power is 7 hp. The capacity of the oil crankcase is 1.5 liters, the fuel tank is 6 liters.

Aurora AE-7 engine

For long-term operation and maintenance of the engine resource, it is recommended to use SAE 10W30 oil. Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift is started with a hand starter. To fill the tank, the manufacturer recommends using AI-92 gasoline. This technique was developed to perform a lot of work in a summer cottage, in the field, in the garden, in the country, and also in personal territory.

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The main features of this unit are the following:
  • reduced equipment;
  • sufficient capacity to work with assembly equipment;
  • a manual light start system with a press lever;
  • the presence of chain equipment;
  • Gear protected by a cast iron body;
  • A reinforced type coupling that allows you to connect an adapter, a self-loving carriage, a motorcycle to the technique;
  • hexagonal axles for reliable attachment of mills, ground-holding wheels;
  • Simple control that even a novice can figure out how a tractor works for a walk behavior;
  • good build quality;
  • recognizable pleasant design;
  • The high quality of all parts, both metal and plastic.


Technical features of the Aurora Country 900 Multi-Shift:

  • The overall dimensions are as follows: 860 x 400 x 860 (mm) in packaged form, in collected forms is 1390 x 800 x 1070 mm. The manufacturer offers a 24-month warranty.
  • A three-speed engine block is a three-story deployment, including a drop.
  • The possible maximum soil processing width is 120 cm, the minimum width is 80 cm.
  • Belt drive, chain transmission.
  • The weight of the unit is 99 kg.

User Guide

Basic maintenance and operating rules:

  • Take technological breaks every 4-5 hours after operation and switch off the walk-in tractor for 20 minutes.
  • Do not use cheap lubricant or poor gasoline, this accelerates the wear and the halter of the fuel filter and also contributes to the quick wear of the transmission, engine.
  • The new engine block of the Aurora Country should go through 10 to 20 mothers, whereupon the virgin floor, heavy traction work, etc.
  • In winter, store the device in the room with plus temperature and do not leave the freezing of technology and oil hardening.
  • Use the Aurora Country Motoblock for your intended purpose and do not exceed the recommendations for the weight of the transported freight (for a capacity of 7 hp. The maximum weight of the load in the car can be 500 kg).

Video review

Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift.

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Reviews of the owners

The forums have many reviews from the owners of this model of the Aurora Country 900 Motoblock model. They notice its functionality and strength and minus – a high price.


“An impressive device, such a standard for summer houses and gardens, capacities of 7 horses are sufficient for everything with their heads. The technology is well assembled. However, the Auror assembly is pretty good. In general, the impression of the Motoblock tests is good. I think so far over the purchase. “

Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift is designed in such a way that it cultivates the country of every density. As a feature of the model presented, a lower gear can be differentiated, which makes movement easier with additional devices.

Motoblock Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift

When using a reduced gear, the motorcycle block creates the suitable area efficient. The petrol engine is gratifying, in which the work capacity is 7 hp and offers the opportunity to use the device as a tractor for a trailer. Its reliability and performance should not be doubted because it is an analogue from Honda GX210.

To the advantage, the presence of a manual start can be differentiated, for which no efforts do not have to be made. The transmission is reliably protected from dirt, moisture and mechanical damage to a strong cast iron body. The use of the belt drive connects additional devices. The axes for reliable bikes and grinding cutters are made in the form of a hexagon.

Below you will find a video review of the Aurora Country 900 Multi Shift Motor Block from the official representative of Aurora:

The volume of the fuel tank is 6 liters, which means that it uses a tractor for a walk behavior for a long time without additional refueling. The weight of the walking tractor is 94 kg so that you can do without dense soil without weighting. The width of the cultivated series varies in the range of 80 to 120 cm.

The cultivator is not cheap, but the presence of great possibilities pays its costs in full. The starting price is 32,000 rubles.

Technical characteristics

Engine type petrol
The width of processing 120 cm
The depth of processing 30 cm
Upper mill 8 PCs
draft Shaft / belt dis c-bel t-pan e-transpor bikes reverse the handle setting in the amount of the handle
Summary of the programs 3 forward / before 1 before
Type of the ice 4-X Stact
Engine model WM170F
Engine volume 212 cm3
Engine power 7 PS
Engine power 5150 watts
Type of start Manual
The volume of the fuel tank 6 л
Oil volume in the crankcase 0.6 l
Engine cooling Air
Wheel diameter 42 cm
Dimensions 139x80x107 cm
The weight 99 kg
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Functions of the application

So that Aurora Country 900 work for a long time to work for a long time and without having to slaughter in good time.

Important! It is necessary to carry out when the engine is switched off to avoid an injury. If it is still necessary to carry out, the room should be well ventilated when the engine is switched on.

Keep the following work plan:
  • The engine oil is replaced until the engine is still cooled. The proven oil must be disposed of in a special way, because this must be placed in a sealed container and for disposal in a special service.
  • The air filter should be clean because the air does not penetrate the carburetor due to the contaminated filter. By regularly cleaning and replacing the filter element, you prevent carburetor building.
  • The fuel filter must also be cleaned. It is necessary to observe safety precautions if you work with slightly su n-stray objects.
  • The spark plugs are recommended to use BPR5es (NGK) W16EPR-V (Nippondo). Hig h-quality work is ensured when there is a gap and there is no soot on the candle.

In order to familiarize yourself with the operating rules in more detail, you can read the instructions by clicking on the link.


If you are the owner of the Mult i-Shif t-Motoblock from Aurora Country 900, we offer to leave our own review of our internet magazine to help other readers select a suitable model.

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