Aurora Country 800 HD Motoblocks. Review, Features

Motoblock Aurora-800: reviews reviews of the owners

Motoblock Aurora-800: reviews reviews of the owners

A series of Chinese motblocks Aurora Country has become very popular due to an affordable price, modern technical performance and reasonable for Chinese goods and reliability.

In particular, the Aurora-800 model, a medium-sized engine well suited for work on personal plots and on small farms, was widely distributed in the market of Russia and the republics of the former union.

Many people are torn between the attractive price of this technology and doubts about its quality. It will not be superfluous to find out the opinions of the direct owners of the Aurora 800 motblocks, who experienced them in the case. This is that release.

About the technique of the brand “Aurora”

The Aurora trademark is registered in Russia, but these goods are one hundred percent of Chinese production.

In addition to the walks, many other small and medium-sized techniques are sold on the domestic market under this brand. In particular: compressors, high-pressure washers, petrol generators, hot power, pumping equipment, beams, engines, motorcycles, as well as the entire range of welding equipment.

Company officials claim that quality is their top priority; That they constantly monitor their Chinese partners and conduct searches in China for new manufacturers ready to ensure impeccable quality of products. Since the Aurora technique is only intended for the European market, all types of these products have been tested to European quality standards EC, GS and are also subject to mandatory Rostandart certification.

In addition to Aurora’s wide range, it is worth noting that all of these devices are designated with appropriate service support for the warranty and post-guarantee period in more than twenty regional service centers.

Features of the design of the motoblock “Aurora-800”

Aurora Country 800 is a medium sized engine note intended to process soil for personal and utility sections as well as small farms. Moreover, in its power and the possibilities of aggregation, this technique can cope not only with cultivating the soil, but also with more complex tasks in the economy.

The main design features of the Aurora 800 engine note are light weight and compact dimensions. Langter engine starting system; Reliable chain, not belt transmission; A strong gear that protects it from rocks. The coupling of the tractor for the walk is strengthened and allows you to easily equip it with a plow, cart, potato trailer and others that require significant energy efforts and options for additional equipment.

The distinctive feature of the walk tractor is the wings of the wings over the wheels.

Due to the triple pulley of the crankshaft belt, engine blocks with a belt can be aggregated with such additional ones. Equipment, such as a rotary hayfield, a snowman’s bucket, etc.

Another feature of this technique is hexagonal axles, which reliably and guaranteed repair wheels, mills and ceremonies.

The Aurora 800 motblock is combined in a standard format two leading wheels, a gear and an engine with a top fuel tank. A very convenient feature of the design of this Walk behavior is the presence of a large wing over wheels, which protects the face from sand and dust. However, if necessary, it is possible to remove it.

The kit includes another support wheel, which is placed in front and facilitates the movement of the cultivator and is much more convenient than the usual rack. This wheel can also be removed (e.g. when the trailer is attached).

Control handles in modern ergonomic; Comfortable to hold. And if necessary, transportation or when saving a wal k-tractor – its “steering wheel” is easy to fold or remove. On the left handle are the clutch handle and the mechanism of an emergency stop, and on the right – the throttle handle and the rear control handle. An important feature: the Aurora 800 device is equipped with a manual starter with a light start function.

To strengthen user safety when working with various attachments connected to a motor unit via a power shaft, engineers provided an original technical solution: a steel “petal”. It is located in the lower part of the “steering wheel” of the device – in this case it blocks two front gears and does not allow the operator to make a mistake with the choice of the direction of movement.

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The wheels are noticeably wider than in most motoblocks now on the market. They offer good indicators of continuity on the loose earth, in combination with a fairly powerful and distributed engine.

Technical characteristics of the Aurora-800 Motornote


It should be noted that when equipping this model with the engine, the manufacturers did not “invent” the bike, but, following the good and established Chinese traditions, took up exact copying. Therefore, for many years, the Aurora-800 has an analogue (or rather, an exact copy), which is used for engine blocks and well-established Japanese engine “Honda GX-21”.


This is in all respects a reliable and economical four-stroke OHV petrol engine with the upper location of the valves.

The volume of this engine (in Aurora-800 it is called “AE-7”)-0.207 l; Power – 7 hp. A fairly long work without refueling is provided by modest fuel consumption and a fairly capacious gas tank (there is an option with a volume of 3.2 liters, there are 6 liters).

Technical parameters of the Aurora 800 engine note in numbers

  • Dimensions 1550x900x910mm.
  • Weight 65kg.
  • The processing width is 800-1200 mm.
  • The diameter of the axle is 23 mm.
  • The diameter of the cutter is 360 mm.
  • The radius of rotation is 180 mm.
  • Processing depth 300 mm.
  • The starting system is a manual starter.
  • The volume of the oil crankcase is 0.6 liters.
  • The volume of the oil transmission is 1.5 liters.


The clutch in the Aurora 800 trail is used. The cululis of speed speed is located on the steering wheel of the wandering losser, which greatly simplifies the operation of the operator.

The box is three-speed: 2 speeds forward and one back. The device is equipped with a powerful cas t-Eire gearbox, which protects a pinion gear from damage with stones when working with complex soil, dust or moisture.

The Aurora Country 800 Motoblock is approximately twenty kilograms of similar models from Motoblocks due to the installation of an improved gear with an aluminum alloy body.


Soil processing by grinding motoboben “Aurora-800”.

Setting control handles is both horizontally 360 degrees and vertical. The clutch fixation handling is located on the steering wheel of the machine, which noticeably facilitates the work of the farmer. (If this handle is switched on, the clutch pen does not have to be kept, but you can let go.) The same gas – the double clutch system is installed on it (gas fixation mechanism).

Coupling; Task in the kit and for a fee

The improved coupling of the cultivator, as Aurora insured, is specially adapted to the Russian conditions. It is manufactured with a considerable strength space and enables you to equip the device not only with a snoker, but also with a trailer. At the same time, the car can be freely domestically or simply homemade.

The width of the soil can be set by increasing or reducing the length of the milling cutter. Each floor in the Aurora 800 motor block consists of four sections, one of which is removed. The processing width is in the range of 800 to 1200 mm and the cultivation depth is 300 mm.

In addition, the device can be equipped with a plow to cultivate virgin countries, and it will be finished. The hexagonal axes of the cultivator make the user’s task easier to replace the floor flickering on the wheels, and the pin connection hardly blocks the devices on the axles. A sprin g-loaded front support increases the machine more stability during operation or when saving the device.

Coupling; Task in kit and for a fee

Wheel groups on the Aurora Walk-Hind-Tractor.

The set of the standard configuration during the supply of the Aurora-800 Motor note includes: 24 reinforced soil, which are designed for heavy soils (cutter are collected in 4 groups (3+1), with the possibility to remove a section to remove the width and reduce and reduce the width and increase and increase the depth of land cultivation), side windows, pneumatic bikes “4.00-8” for transport; The front transport bike.

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The rest of the additional equipment is offered for a fee. The device can connect the widest spectrum of additional devices, especially with a power shaft installed on the engine. The Aurora 800 tractor can be equipped with a shooting range, a motorcycle and other special devices.

Reviews of direct owners of the Aurora 800 motor blocks

According to most owners, the Motoblock of the Aurora-800 Motoblock is characterized by a good choice, which is based on the notorious price-quality ratio. Many do not hide the fact that when buying a decisive factor, there was still low costs for this walkable wing and not something else.

Most owners find that the Aurora 800 Motblock is extremely easy to manage and is convenient to use. It is only necessary to understand all nuances first, but then no more problems with this technology. In exchange for relatively low costs, you can get a lot of free time, a good harvest and only a nice view of the window.

Those who have recently acquired it and only used the first season are not particularly absorbed in their Aurora 800 hiking tractor (by the way, the majority of such people can be found). They rate it as an extremely useful thing for both specialists and only for lovers who dig into the garden. If there is a private house with an extensive area or there is a considerable house, it is very problematic and problematic to process the entire earth manually.

“I didn’t even think about buying a tractor until I saw this miracle of technology from a neighbor. I asked for a few days to borrow, and at the end of the second day I was sure that it was a real wildness And the last century was to dig in a garden with a shovel. I chose Aurora-800 and do not regret buying the purchase: a comfortable device and without any problems any devices. “

After the cultivation of the Aurora-800 Motblock, the country becomes very great due to the prints of the owners and seems to rise. The walk tractor “increased stones from the depths”, and this happened several times until the stones all crawled on the surface.

Reviews from direct owners of the Aurora 800 engine blocks

Homemade trailer for the Aurora Motor note.

Another positive moment. Everyone (or at least many) people know how difficult it is to derive such a weed like Wheatfield. Standard tailors were strong and long crust roots. After a passage, you have to stop these “coils” with grinding plants. But then, next year – puree how it never happened! At the place where he fought him unsuccessfully against him for many years.

As a rule, the Aurora-800 motor blocks not only praise beginners, but also those users who already have experience with such a technology of other brands. “I had no special problems with Aurora-800 in two seasons. It is no worse and no better than the units that are better known or more. So if you doubt whether it is worth buying a walk from which I am a small brand Aurora Rat e-take it for the price, take it, don’t let you down. I can only write down excessive noise from the defects. “

A number of sources find that it is not the same in relation to the cross-country engines of the Aurora-800 Motorn note. He also pulls all adhesive devices without any problems, including working in the virgin countries. on dense and loamy soils; It easily interrupts all of them with stiffers and grind them “in fluff”. The engine starts well, there is no complaints about fuel consumption, it corresponds to the passport, but the oil takes a little more than the value set by the manufacturer.

“In general, only an excellent apparatus, although it is still noticeable that Chinese. The oil sealing currents, everything is squelch, in general, like all their goods, is not flawless. It differs from other motoblocks in the fact that the gear made of cast iron and a pulley with two belts. Good engine! I liked that he never overheated, not suffocated, everything in second gear perfectly plowed. “

Reviews of the direct owners of the Aurora 800 engine blocks 01

For many Aurora Motoblocks, he has become a familiar and valuable assistant in the household.

As a rule, there are no serious information during the operation of the Aurora 800 motor blocks, especially in the first 2-3 years of their service. Of course there is something that can change something for little things, but not a single repair is expensive according to owners: “Nothing extraordinary, replacing a cable or hose, etc., iron is iron, and even the products of the important companies are without these procedures not completely. “

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The quality of the color is also determined by the minus. There is a lot to be desired: the color lies unstoppable and fast enough. It is noted that in the plow of the Aurora-800 motor block, it is not so good in the cultivation and loosening of the soil: the weight is not enough. “We tried to plow on it with a plow – it jumps on the floor – like these Saigas.”

One of the owners of the Aurora Motoblock talks in detail about the problems with the gearbox, which he had met after a few working hours.

“It all started with a small crunch in the gear during the upper business (the gears changed). Then the crunch strengthened until the box was clogged. When dismantling, it was found that the bearing on the pulley simply collapsed and the oil seal, all rusted from no n-tempered metal, broke. It was not so easy to pull out the outer clutch of the camp. It sits deep and the side of the side cannot get out, they need a shooter. The original details had to be particularly sought. I have to say, not very successful. Fortunately, old, still Soviet camps came from the Moscow.

There is no hole in the box to empty the oil. Shplints – made of very soft metal like plasticin. The bearings in the box are rusted a little dry. Although the manufacturers do not regret the sealant, I hardly tore off the engine (moisture could not get out of the outside). Some camps are generally without clips, simply mass, although they are in an upright position and are not completely cast, 8 balls each. “

Of the other serious defects, there is an extreme thin, thin Chinese metal, which often in the most literal sense of the word “the lower shaft of the gear, as if it were not metal at all”. The strength of the welding connections is even worse, “probably sticking and that would take longer”. The change in the Aurora-800 motor blocks often creates much better than Chinese manufacturers after serious breakdowns of our local Kulibins.

The cost of the “Aurora-800” engine unit

The price of the new motor block “Aurora Country 800 HD” is currently about 28,000 rubles (+/- 1000 rubles, for various dealers).

As far as the market for used agricultural machines are concerned, used motor blocks of this brand are requested from 12,000 to 18,000 rubles.

Conclusions for the Aurora-800 motor

The main advantage of the Aurora-800 is of course a low price. With regard to their quality, we can say that even on the wide range of the Internet you cannot find absolutely positive reviews (with the exception of the Aurora website and in online stores that sell this Chinese motorcycle equipment).

Aurora-800 Motornote conclusions

The bar on the grip of the Aurora 800 Motor note.

But not everything is so clear here, and the Aurora 800 tractor can be attributed to the number of agricultural quality. There is no doubt that this technology is intended for people with good locksmiths and a worthy arsenal of tools and devices.

To improve, repair and improve the purchased motlock. But in our country with people’s craftsmen, everything was and is always fine. And that’s why there is always and there will be a good demand for inexpensive Chinese devices. Including for the Aurora 800 motor block.

Motoblock Aurora-800

Aurora-800 is a representative of the Chinese motif of Aurora Country, which is high functionality and reliability due to a low price. The technology is seen as a decent option in its price category. Motoblock belongs to the middle class. Its properties are very impressive, especially against the background of more expensive competitors. The technology has established itself well when working on personal actions and farms.

The main types and the timing of trim trim and bushes

Planned appointment

Aurora-800, like other models of the company, are delivered to many markets, including Europe. Thus, the products correspond to the European standards of the EU and GS and have also passed the certification in rust standard. The buyer receives service support with a guarantee that makes it possible to freely undergo in twenty regional service centers in Russia. As far as the Aurora 800 model is concerned, this technology can not only be used under standard conditions – in the farm or for soil processing. In addition, Aurora-800 is able to carry out much more complex economic tasks such as the cultivation of the soil.

The motoblock has many advantages. Among them you can distinguish a small mass and a small dimensions, a modern system for starting a combustion engine. There is also a chain wheel – it is considered more reliable than a belt drive. The tractor of the walking behavior is equipped with a gear with a durable cast iron housing, which is very safe when stones are hit. In addition, there is a plow in the list of the equipment of the tractor of the walking behavior, a car, a potato trailer and other devices without which considerable energy efforts would be required.

Design functions and attachments

The design of the tractor for walk injuries ensures a lot of additional devices. For example, it is possible to improve the effectiveness of the technology due to the bucket of a snowman, Rotary-Heu-Fields, etc.

The layout of the hiking tractor is standard. It includes a leading two scales, gear and actually a power unit. Pay attention to an interesting feature, namely a large wing over the wheels, which serves as protection against sand and dust. The wing is removable and can be broken down as desired. It is noteworthy that an additional support wheel with an front location is already available in the basic configuration of Aurora-800. Thanks to him, it is much more convenient to move the cultivator – such a decision is probably estimated by the owners of cultivating people with a traditional ordinary persistent. This wheel can also be dismantled if, for example, the trailer has to be connected.

We pay attention to the special ergonomics of the control handles – these elements are kept comfortably in hand and do not slip out. The steering wheel can also be removed, which is very comfortable during transport or storage.

The functionality of the left handle lies in the fact that the liability and function of the emergency brake are. The right handle is in turn the functions of the accelerator pedal and vice versa. An important feature is that the motoblock is equipped with a manual starter, which is equipped with the “Light Start” technology specified in this way.

Another useful element of the attachments for the Aurora-800 is the so-called “steel blossom sheet”, which significantly simplifies the management of additional options connected via the tap wave. “Petal” can be seen under the “steering wheel” of the device. appreciated the training.

The Aurora-800 stands out strongly from the design-it differs from other modifications of the hand-led tractor by striking massive wheels that are significantly larger, even than that of the competition. These tires offer excellent grip on the floor and on a loose surface. In addition, it is very important to observe the efficient operation of the power plant.

Properties and engine

The design of the han d-led tractor is easy and has a high maintenance. As it should be for the Chinese, the engineers from the Aurora company did not do anything original and decided to copy again. It is therefore not surprising that the Aurora-800 is equipped with a Honda GX-210 engine that is produced in the license of a Japanese group.

This engine has proven to be reliable and economical. The device is a 4-stroke petrol type with the valve arrangement above. The work volume of the engine is 7 HP, which is completely sufficient to work with the floor at low speed.

Fuel consumption

Aurora-800 is equipped with two options for fuel tanks. A 3.2-liter tank is planned for the basic version, while the top end version is equipped with a 6-liter tank. However, the performance is the same for all versions, the only difference is the gang reserve. In addition, both versions in terms of efficiency do not differ. According to most owners, the Aurora-800 consumes an average of 2-3 liters per 100 km. Everything depends on the burden and intensity of use.

Properties of Grenache grape variety


Let’s pay attention to the dimensions of the device in numbers. The parameters of the body of this model are 1550 x 900 x 910 mm, and the mass of the handled tractor reaches 65 kg. The diameter of the axes and the milling cutter is 23 or 360 mm and the rotary radius is about 180 mm. Also note the oil pan and the oil gear with a total volume of 2 liters (gearbox content 1.5 liters). The starting system is a manual starter.


The Aurora-800 transmission uses a disc coupling. There is a gear control on the steering wheel of the singl e-axle tractor. For this reason, the operator works faster.

We again find that the “Aurora-800” has a productive cast iron gear that serves as protection for the gear before the possible penetration of stones. This is very important when working on a difficult surface and when entering moisture and dust. Note that the mass of the device is around 20 kg less compared to other predecessors. The fact is that the device is equipped with a modernized box with aluminum housing.

Interestingly, the handles are controlled both horizontally and vertically at an angle of 360 %. Reliability The clutch handle is fixed, which makes it considerably easier to operate the han d-led tractor in the most difficult muddy areas. In addition, the truck is very economical and does not require large expenses. “Auror a-1800” is equipped with a gas locking mechanism or in English translation – Double Clutch.

The creators of the Walk behavior tractor assure that the technique is perfectly adapted to Russian conditions. An even more cross rank ability is added by a cultivator with an improved problem that has high strength and endurance. Although the design of the clutch is quite impressive and you do not doubt the correctness of the choice made. You can also choose between a trailer or a voucher. We note that Aurora has an original car, produced only in China and Russia.

It is noteworthy that there is an opportunity to set up the floor processing width, and for this it is enough to set the processing width in the range of 800-1200 mm. And the cultivation process is designed for a maximum depth of 300mm.

As an option, also use a tractor for a walk behavior as a plow to cultivate virgin lands. Aurora-800 will perfectly cope with such a task. The front suspension is installed on spring loaded levers. A scripted connection is used to block the devices on all wheels. The cultivator has hexagonal axes, and thanks to this you can easily replace soil, photography and wheels.

The basic configuration of Aurora-800 includes 24 soil films for heavy soil, side wheels, pneumatic wheels 4.00-8, as well as the front transport wheel. The rest of the equipment is additional and available for order only. For example, today the Aurora-800 is presented in the form of a rotary-Hayfield, a motorcycle and other hinged elements.

Prices in Russia

In addition to being relatively inexpensive to maintain, the Aurora 800 motblock is also relatively inexpensive in terms of cost. The price of a new copy is within 30,000 rubles, which is very little against the background of significant analogues. In general, we have to admit that this is the best deal on the market. And despite the cheapness, Aurora-800 deserves special attention. High demand and effectiveness of the model is confirmed by high sales in Russia and a number of CIS countries.

Since the model is not new, it can be found on the supported market. For example, Aurora-800 in good condition costs in the range from 12 to 18 thousand rubles.

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