Aurora 1350 Motobobes. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Aurora 1350 Motobobes. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

The Aurora Country 1350 Advance engine block is considered a professional model, since it is equipped with a petrol engine, made by analogy with the Honda GX390. In addition, its power is 14 hp, which allows not only to deal with large areas, but also to plow a fairly dense soil.

The significant weight of the unit, equal to 142 kg, allows you not to use weight means. In a fuel tank with a volume of 6.5 liters. You can fill in a sufficient amount of gasoline so that she does not refuel for a long time.

Manufacturers took care of protecting the gearbox, providing it with a cast corps that successfully protects against stones and mud sticking. In order for wheels and cutters to be reliably attached to the axis, it is performed in the form of a hexagon.

The size of the wheels is 4.00-8. With the power selection shaft installed on the Walk behavior’s tractor, you can use a variety of attachments.

Such a model can cost from 50,000 rubles.

Technical characteristics
Engine Volume, CM3 389
engine power, L.S. 14.0
type of fuel petrol
coupling disc
number of speeds 3.0
Reverse (back) There is
Processing width, CM 80.0 – 135.0
Processing depth, CM 30.0
Cutter diameter, cm 38.0
Fuel tank capacity, l 6.5
The volume of the oil crankcase, l 1.1
Starter system, starter Manual
weight (kg 100.0
Dimensions, mm 1720x1360x1200

Aurora Space Yard 1350D Plus diesel engine

The Aurora Space Yard 1350D Plus MotorBlock differs from its counterpart Aurora Country 1350 with a diesel engine and its power, which is much smaller and corresponds to 9 hp. However, everyone knows the pain and power of diesel engines, for which even such a power indicator is considered a significant advantage. The presence of an electric starter with a powerful 36AH battery emphasizes this model among the entire Aurora line. Pneumatic wheels 5.00-12 make it easier to overcome off-road.

Such a model can cost from 69,000 rubles.

Technical characteristics
Engine Volume, CM3 406
engine power, L.S. 9
type of fuel diesel
coupling disc
number of speeds 2 days. 1-tozad
Reverse (back) There is
Processing width, CM 135
Processing depth, CM 25
Cutter diameter, cm 38
Fuel tank capacity, l 5
The volume of the oil crankcase, l 1.65
launch system electric starter
weight (kg 117
Dimensions, mm 1730x1350x1050
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Features of the application

To extend the life of the engine on the wal k-behaviou r-tractor after purchase and after long-term storage, run the ru n-i n-in -. Such measures are necessary and do not neglect them, since during the term all the details are lubricated and rubbed among themselves. Perform the following actions:

  1. Run the engine at low speeds and let it work for 20 minutes.
  2. After 20 minutes doing a patch, it means that it is necessary to increase the speed to the maximum and hold it for 20 seconds.
  3. Repeat the previous manipulations within paragraphs 1 and 2 within 4 hours.
  4. In the next 4 hours use a tractor with a walk in half power, i.e. do not connect fastening equipment.
  5. After completing the run, drain the oil from the engine and replace it with a new one.

Here is an instruction where you can study in detail all the nuances.

video ratings

You can visually get acquainted with the Aurora Country 1350 Advance Motoblock in this video review:

The video reviews given below from the official channel clearly show all the advantages of the Aurora Space Yard 1350D Plus Motoblock:

Having familiarized yourself with the presented models and their characteristics, you can decide which device to buy.


We invite you to leave your feedback on the work of the motblock of the presented models, if you are the owner. This allows other readers to get acquainted in detail with the unit, its advantages and disadvantages.


I bought a diesel unit and satisfied. The engine works clearly and does not cause any complaints. Huge wheels go well through our rural primers, especially in the rainy season.

Engine block Aurora Country 1350 Advance. Review, features, reviews

Aurora Country 1350 Advance is the most powerful motblock in a line of gasoline units from the manufacturer. The power of the Aurora Space Yard 1350D Plus can compete with it by power.

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Engine block Aurora Country 1350 Advance

This model is rightly considered professional and refers to heavy equipment to perform the most complex agricultural work on different soils.

The purpose of the Aurora Walkover 1350 Country Advent:
  • community work, cleaning of territories in different seasons;
  • For example, work with any heavy binding equipment, for example an Egrow, Rake, Cigns, Blast, etc.;
  • potato planting;
  • collection of root plants;
  • Aggregation with a mowing of any kind;
  • watering the beds in the garden and in greenhouses;
  • mulching the soil;
  • Processing of plants from rodents and parasites;
  • transportation of an engine block operator;
  • ploughing;
  • frond, loosen.
Aurora 1350

Wheels protective wings and tailor pin pin


Aurora Country 1350 Advance is equipped with AE-14 petrol engine. The power of the engine is 14 hp. The fuel tank of the motblock – one of the most capacious in the series, is 6.5 liters.

Aurora AE-14 engine

Such a container allows the machine to work within 6-7 hours without turning off. Air motor cooling, starting with a manual starter. Compared to the nine-axis diesel engine unit Aurora Space Yard 1350D Plus, the gasoline grant produces approximately the same power with similar parameters.

Design features and technical advantages:
  • classic layout of the main notes;
  • a comfortable rotating handle, adjustable in height;
  • electric steel with a battery of 18 AH;
  • The heavy weight of the Walk behavior is ideal for working with Tselina.
  • Undeserved and easy maintenance;
  • simple control system;
  • Most of the reviews about this unit are positive, and on the network you can find a lot of reviews from the owners of this technique.


fuel tank capacity 5.5L
The capacity of the oil crankcase 1.5L
type of liability disc
The volume of the engine 418ml
Speed ​​(Forward/Reverse) 2/1
wheel size Diameter 50cm
Equipment not assembled to from
Dimensions 173*100*83cm
begin Electric starter
The weight 142kg

User Guide

Maintenance and operation – basic requirements:

  • Conduct a run for a new walk for 20 moms after purchase.
  • After running, use the device for its intended purpose, 100% loaded;
  • Make sure that the engine does not accidentally start if the tractor is not ready to walk at the time of transporting equipment.
  • The more dusty the air is, the more frequently you need to clean the air filter (every 10 hours, replace after 50 hours).
  • When the walk (or recently turned off), do not touch the engine body or muffler.
  • Hold the engine block firmly by the handles and guide in the required working direction.
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Video review

Overview of the Aurora Country Motoboblock Advance 1350

Reviews of the owners

There are many reviews on the Internet from the owners of this Aurora Motor Block model. They note its functionality and efficiency, and from minuses – the large weight of the unit.


“It concluded that a series of land from Aurora is generally good! As for the price, a good tractor cannot be cheap. Now the new Progress 1350 costs almost 60 thousand rubles, the amount is not small. But you can pay for the features and power that the manufacturer gives. Only one thing is alarmingly personal – Aurora is very similar to the Stenli design or a copy or a coincidence? “

Engine block Aurora Country 1350 Advance. Review, features, reviews

When the question arose to buy or not to buy a walk, I honestly admitted that I do not want to continue working in the country. Despite the fact that such a technique was always worth it and expensive, I made a purchase. I bring to you a very brief review of what exactly I was excited about by the land of the land of Aurora. First: This is of course power. The manufacturer’s review clearly emphasizes that if we talk about gasoline, the device is the most powerful in the line. The power is up to 14 horses! Such a technique makes everything on the site! Pros: Of course the most important and its power! There is an opposite, which also pleases. So far there has never been a pension in two years, let it be. Cons: Very heavy with habit after light garden tools. I really want my review to help someone make my choice.

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