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Accessories for power tillers Ugra NMB-1H7 with engine Lifan 6,5 hp


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Review of attachments for power tillers UGRA

At the beginning of the review of attachments for power tillers UGRA I would like to note that it is possible to combine both native CADVI tools and scales of other producers with this one-axis power tiller. A number of “Ugra” power tillers and their accessories are produced by “Kaluga Engine” (“Kadvi”) domestic engine-building plant in assortment.)

Motooblok Ugra NMB-1H7

Thanks to the efforts of the manufacturer, the functionality of the hand tractor has increased manifold, and now the farmer (homeowner, etc.) can fully mechanize all agricultural work on his plot with this unit and related equipment.


We offer an overview of attachments compatible with re-tractors UGRA of various modifications:

  1. Mower.
  2. Trailer cart.
  3. Potato planters;
  4. Stomach bins.
  5. Rake cutter.
  6. Floor hooks.
  7. Loads.
  8. Plow.
  9. Hoes (open).
  10. Harrow.
  11. Snow mill.
  12. Adapter for power tiller.
  13. Earth auger.
  14. Zweighäcksler.
  15. Outrigger for power tiller.
  16. Hitch hitch.
  17. Water pump.

Let’s analyze more precisely any attachment for a power tiller.

Mower for motor-block “Ugra”

There are three types of mowers, which are installed on the Ugra motoblocs:

  1. Rotary (for example, mowers “Zarya” and “Zarya 1”).
  2. Segmental.
  3. Frontal.

Mower “Zarya” sickle mower “Zarya-1”.

The most popular are rotary and segmental units.

Rotary mower “Zarya” for power tiller “Yugra” is designed for:

  • Mow grass in pastures;
  • To cut hay;
  • Detachment of a single thin shrubbery;
  • Lawn mowing.

The given technique also can be applied on slopes steeper and 8 degrees to the side on slopes up to 20 degrees.

Mower “Zarya-1” – is an improved version of the popular “Zarya”. It perfectly aggregates with power tillers Kadvi (UGRA, OKA), as well as with heavy equipment of other producers. Special design and direction of movement of the cutting blade makes the cut grass in a continuous row.

Properties of the mower “Zarya”:
parameter value
General dimensions, mm 810*930*780
Weight, kg, not more 33
Working width, M, not less 0,8
Working speed of mower, km/h 2.0… 4.0
Height of mowed grass, M up to 1
Mowing capacity, HA/H, not less 0.15… 0.2
Speed of cutting, min 1800… 2400
Height of vegetation cutting, cm, not more 7
3 Treatments that return soil to perfect condition after winter

Properties of a rotary mower “Zarya-1”:
parameter value
General dimensions, mm 492*842*432… 497
Weight, kg, not more 35
Working width, M, not less 0,8
Working speed of mower, km/h 2.87
Height of mowed grass, M up to 1
Mowing capacity, HA/H, not less 0,2
Speed of cutting, min 2370… 2635
Adjustable cutting height, stubble height, cm 3… 10

Trailer for power tiller “Ugra”

The all-wheel-drive trailer for the Ugra single-axle tractor is designed to transport unit and loose bulk loads over short and medium distances. Carrying capacity of attached equipment is 350 kg. “Kadvi” produces a universal vehicle PMG300-1, which is aggregated by coupling with manual tractors “Yugra” and “Oka”.

Cargo wagon single-axle

Dimensions and properties of the trailer for the motor-block “Yugra” PMG300-1 are given in the table:

Manufacturer Cadvi
Production country Russia
Stability 350.0 (kg)
Operating speed 5.0 (km/h)
additional properties
Maximum weight 450 kilograms
lifespan 60 months
Tilt angle 30 degrees
Tire pressure 0.2 MPa
Empty weight of trailer 100 kg
Wheel size 4.00-10
Travel lane -mm
Number of seats 1
Muldikipper method Yes
Brake Mechanical foot-operated band brake
Tailgate rear
Body 1200 x 920 x 290 mm

Potato planter

Potato planters are equipment for machine planting potatoes. Potato tubers are poured into a hopper with a capacity of 33 liters. Potato tubers are grabbed with special spoons (adjustable) and placed one by one in a ditch, previously dug with a furrow.

On potatoes the earthen shaft is formed at once, at the expense of the weathered tubercles. To make it convenient for the owner of the machinery, it is possible to set the route and frequency of laying the tubers.

Read also: Checking the motorblock “Yugra” NMB 1H7. Description of the model, technical properties. Maintenance and operation

We offer you to watch a video of how potatoes are planted by a hand tractor Ugra:

Yugra” potato harvester

The manufacturer produces different varieties of potato diggers for power tillers “Ugra”:

  1. Düse – potato digger rotor. It is attached to the tiller with the help of bolts and a special bracket.
  2. Potato diggers for a hand tractor Ugra Sib (they are also called vibratory). The productivity of this equipment is 97%. Earth is grabbed together with the crushed fruits with the help of a nozzle and a vibrating table (grabbing depth 20 cm, grab width 38 cm). Lumps of soil are sifted with a sieve, and tubers are placed in a special container or placed on the ground.
Biofertilizer for the garden - which one to choose?

Motoblock Bagger VM-1 type Motoblock Bagger potato harvester “Ugra”.

Other manufacturers offer eccentric potato diggers, which are similar in design to sifting machines, with an additional eccentric mechanism.

Such a functional attachment can be bought or made in the relevant business. In our video you will learn how to assemble a potato digger for the hand tractor UGRA:

We suggest you see how the potatoes are harvested with a sieve potato trowel:

Potato harvester for power tiller “Ugra”

Base tillers are designed to till the soil, evenly distribute fertilizer in it and fill it with oxygen. This equipment is included for the tractor with manual control. Two types of cutters can be used for milling the soil:

  • Crow’s foot;
  • Active redotiller (saber blade).

This attachment is sold disassembled, so the purchaser will have to assemble the Grubber himself. We suggest studying the diagram, which shows how to properly install the cutters on the UGRA tractor and axle:

Motoobloc assembled mower

Walking behavior plow – Ugra tractor

This implement has been designed for plowing all types of soil and for mixing soil with various fertilizers. Floor plowing with the UGRA power tiller can be done either with a single glory engine or with a double loosening engine.

Power tiller Pm-1.

The recording width of the single relaxation cannon is 21.5 cm. Connection to the Walk behavior tract is made with a clutch mechanism, a special holder and screws.

We recommend watching a video on how you can plow with a plow on the autorobot “Yugra”:

Graduation floor for walking behavior e-Automobilist “Yugra”

Equipment wheels are installed instead of pneumatic wheels (or cutters) and are used with ploughs, plows, aukes, excavators and other attachments used in the fields. The special design of the floor wheels allows you to control the motorized machine, the soil and its additional loosening.

“Kadwi creates two types of skidders:

  1. With cylindrical sockets. This is the standard offering.
  2. With hexagonal sleeves. This is a more advanced hitch that not only improves traction to the floor, but also improves the tractor’s walking behavior.

Gz. 46-13 with cylindrical sleeve.

The floor diameter can be: 35 cm and 50 cm. The weight of the wheels is not more than 18.8 kg.

Weights for power tiller

The purpose of the weights for the tractor for the migration is as follows:

  • Increase the weight of the migration tractor;
  • Increase the traction of the motoblock with the floor;
  • Increase the stability of the motoblock during operation;
  • Make it easier to handle heavy soils.
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Factory cargo rangers weigh 10 to 17 pounds. And are mounted on wheels. If desired, the weighing for the motoblock “UGRA” can be made with your own hands.

Moto-Block Ranger

KUHN for the motor-block “Ugra” can be used for the following field works:

  • Cutting furrows for planting plants;
  • For dredging plants;
  • For weed control.

Discount motoblok disc swing RM-1 (cabinet) dvuhkonsolny

Motobloc swing

The motobloc swing comes in two types:

  • Monotone Slide;
  • Slide for walking and tractor-tape two-stage.

The width of the floor board of the Factory Swing-Tractor-Perchit-RM-1 is 40.2 cm, and the weight does not exceed 4.5 kg.

Yugra walker harrow

The power harrow is used in the following cases:

  • To level the floor after plowing (milling);
  • To get rid of the crust on the ground;
  • To protect the soil from drying out;
  • To clean the area after harvesting.

The weight of such a device is only 12 kg, the width of capture – from 80 to 90 cm, depending on the selected model.

Devices for reducing snow on the walk e-nab sound “Yugra”

There are three types of snow reduction devices for the walking unit “Ugra”:

  • Scho-Ring snow thrower;
  • A snow thrower from a power tiller;
  • A snow brush-removal nozzle for the Ugra.

The Scho-Ring Screw 1 connects the UGRA power harvester to the wedge-rephid transmission. The height of snow masses is up to 25 cm, the working width is 60 cm. Number of snow shells of the snow blower is up to 8 m (depending on its design).

Scharotor articulated units easily handle fresh and lying snow. The sharp teeth of the auger cut the hard edge of the ice and feed the snow mass to the impeller. The impeller, in turn, conveys the snow mass to a molded mechanism so that the direction and angle of throw can be set.

The weight of the snow crimper sun 1. is 47 kg.

One type of snow removal attachment for the Walkbehind tractor is the snow blade (shovel). This tool weighs only 13 kg. (factory version) and allows you to work all year round:

  • in winter – for clearing areas of snow;
  • In spring and fall – for leveling the floor or cleaning areas from dirt.
Shantui SD16 Bulldozer - Description and Specifications

The working width of such a snowplow is 1 m. The design is very simple and reliable, if you want, you can make a moldboard for the Yugra trailer with your own hands.Mouldboards are:

  • adjustable;
  • unregulated.

Adjustable allows you to set the desired angle of attack for the operator:

  • left-handed;
  • right-handed;
  • central.

ShchEM-0,9 brush (MKM-3)

The power tiller brush is another type of attachable snow shovel for Ugra walk behind tractors. Like the shovel, this attachment can be used year-round:

  • for cleaning territories from debris;
  • for clearing areas of snow.

The brush shaft can be rotated 18 degrees to either side to throw snow masses or dirt to the right or left. There are also two wheels on the brush to reduce pressure on the support frame and increase maneuverability.

Adapter for “Yugra” power tiller

With the help of the adapter, the running tractor turns into a mini-tractor.

Adapter AMPK-500 4WD

All-wheel drive adapter for “Ugra” motor-block AMPK-500 is equipped with:

  • removable trailer;
  • body;
  • comfortable seat;
  • belt brake system;
  • A special mechanism allowing to attach various attachments to the adapter.

Carrying capacity of the steering adapter for the two-wheeled tractor “Yugra” is not more than 500 kg.

The company “KaDvi” produces another type of adapter – the drive module of EMK brand. This is a more compact device that is easy to assemble and operate. A variety of attachments designed for all types of field work can be attached to the module.

EMC module

Auger for power tiller “Ugra”

The main purpose of the earth auger is as follows:

  • Drill holes (to a depth of 2 m) for masts:
  • Planting plants;
  • Conducting other construction work.

Earth drill

It is attached to a two-wheeled tractor with a three-point hitch at the rear and a PTO shaft.

Mothobloc wood chipper

This device is designed for clearing areas of branches and bushes after pruning trees and bushes. The resulting waste can be used as compost, mulch, etc. Branches up to 5 cm in diameter are placed in a special hopper, where they are crushed. The shredded chips are poured into the lower part of the device.

Log splitter for the tractor behind

One variant of the chipper is the log splitter, which allows you to chop wood for the bath or fireplace very quickly and without effort on the part of the operator. The chipper’s working organ is a cone with a screw notch, which screws into the log, tearing it into pieces.

KAMAZ 65201: Modifications Dres Model, application, functions. Technical features of the vehicle

Motorized chopper forage cutter

Designed for preparation of fodder for animals, shredding:

  • Root crops;
  • Grain;
  • Hay;
  • Grasses;
  • Straw.

Coupling device for the “Ugra” power tiller

Coupling is a universal device that allows you to connect to a two-wheeled tractor a variety of attachments and trailed devices. KaDVI” plant produces a universal (adjustable) coupler SUM-1 weighing 5.2 kg. This equipment allows you to adjust the position of the attached equipment relative to the two-wheeled tractor “Ugra” (angle of attack).

Coupling of the power tiller SUM-1 The water pump of the power tiller

Moto-block water pump

The pump is used in cases where it is necessary:

  • Irrigation of plants with water intake from an open source;
  • Pumping water from the basement, drainage ditch, etc.

Reviews of owners

Mikhail, 40 years old:

I want to give credit to both kinds of cultivators. Both the scattered saber and the goosefoot do an excellent job on dense soils as well. When working with the Celina, I use the paws, the saber blade I prefer to feel. The bottom is very soft and fluffy. The soil depth for light soils is 320 cm, I take loam and virgin soil in three passes, 10 cm per pass. True, the tiller sometimes rattles, but here I do not sleep on a warning. I use the plow almost exclusively, except in the fall, when I want to put out bugs and weeds for prevention (what the birds stole, what froze over the winter).

Evgeny, 35 years old:

Been working in Yugra for 4 years and still in working order. The engine of life has never let me down. There are all the necessary accessories for the Walk tractor, including a vibrating potato masher and a shifter. At first I bought an ordinary excavator, simple and without bellows. Everything worked, but . 30% of the crop was left in the ground! Then I consulted and decided not to save money – I bought a vibrating nozzle. To be honest, I failed to remove all 100%, but 92% of the potato crop was left in my basement. But I made the “Shoal” machine myself – I watched videos on the Internet and found the drawings. Great machine turned out for a day or two to prepare a supply of firewood for the winter (stove heating), and that’s not a little. And what’s nice – I’m not overloaded, walking tractor does everything himself.

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