APM adapter for Neva walkways. Review and reviews of the owners

Rating of the best adapters for walk behavior tractors for 2022

Rating of the best adapters for walk behavior tractors for 2022

When working in rural areas in 2022, it is practically impossible to do without small mechanization, such as: In addition to the walking los s-tractor, for the convenience of moving the operator, an adapter is use d-a two-wheel trailer attached from the outside.

In this review we will consider the best adapters for the tractor for walking behavior for 2022 and tell how to make such a device yourself, what they are in principle and what to look for when buying them.

    • 1.1APM350
    • 1.2 APM 350 with a body
    • 1.3 Virgin Ground PM-05
    • 1.4 o’clock 2 in the back with the steering wheel
    • 1.5 AMPK-1 for ore motoblocks
    • 1.6 “Tandem” PM-06 “Virginarips”
    • 1.7 Horses IS-2

    The rating of the best models for 2022

    If you are not sure if you understand how to build an adapter yourself, you are better off contacting us with read y-made options. Today the market presents the widest range of goods from the best manufacturers. It is useless to ask that the adapter is the company better, since each manufacturer offers a product designed for specific models (although universal devices can also be offered).

    There are a huge number of varieties of such devices: different carrying capacity, different capacities, with a body, without a body, long, short, etc. Different models have different functionality and the direction of work, as well as a different diameter of the joint mechanism (unless this is a universal clamping mechanism). The most popular, as a rule, are suitable for both farming and transportation. They have a body and are more expensive, while non-kubs are cultivation-only and not that expensive.

    This review features only the best and best quality models (by buyers and popularity) available in 2022 along with our recommendations for choosing a worthy unit at a suitable price.

    Another high-quality Russian product made at the G. Gagarin machine-building plant (Smolensk region). By purpose, the device does not differ from the two previous models. It is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the length and height when installing the hitch, which makes it equally free from MB of any type – from the lightest to the heaviest.

    Thanks to its versatility, APM 350 is considered a class higher than the devices already listed, although they are in no way inferior to it in terms of functionality. However, this does not affect the costs.

    Another important nuance: since the company that produces this series is also engaged in the manufacture of engine blocks Koloil K, the prefix was specially released from the factory, which greatly simplifies work with the rotary mower. Most of them have a classic inversion, so you don’t have to remove the mitch. Very convenient and practical.

    brakes Ribbon
    length 160 cm
    Broad 70 cm
    The weight 45kg
    Price 17 500 rub/pcs
    • has a mechanism for adjusting the length and height of the hitch;
    • Universal;
    • The kit includes a prefix for working with a mobile mower K.
    • Not noticed.

    Another idea of ​​the Gagarin mechanical engineering is the sled adapter APM-350 with body. Many owners of garden equipment consider the presence of a installation trailer to be absolutely necessary, since you can always buy it additionally. The average costs of a trailer vary depending on the total weight of the transported goods and the width of the trailer itself (usually between 260 and 500 kg). The problem is that every owner quickly gets tired, run through the MB and then want to buy a trailer. And that is one of the most common mistakes in choosing adapters.

    Since we not only describe the existing types in this article, but also recommend, which is better to buy, here is our advice for those who need a singl e-axle tractor with a trailer: Buy immediately options! Although the costs are somewhat higher compared to an ordinary trailer, it is much more profitable than buying a trailer and an adapter separately.

    APM-350 is an excellent representative of this “combined” type. Its load capacity is 350 kilograms. The body dimensions are 800 x 1000 mm. The design includes the following components: a frame, floating fastening, a driver’s seat, band brakes and a body.

    The manufacturer guarantees compatibility with the MB of the following series: Agate, Oka, Neva, Avant-Garde and Tselina. Both passive and active devices can be installed. It can be easily aggregated with motoblöcken that are equipped with a UGRA and MTZ type. However, such devices can only be used with a passive attachment device (ie without drive units and only with the direct movement of the han d-led tractor work over the field: plow, more frequently, ripper, potato rolls, etc.).

    length 160 cm
    Broad 700cm
    brakes Ribbon
    weight 92 kg
    Body type Tipper, undisclosed
    Price 23 120 rubles/piece
    • the presence of a body;
    • Installation of active devices.
    • not found

    The first in the top is Tselina P M-05 – a classic and inexpensive option for those who need an inexpensive “work animal” with good driving properties. It has a pretty simple design: frame, brakes, seat and stroke. The driver’s seat is adjustable. “Celina” is 4.00 x 10 or 19 x 7.00 * 8 equipped, wheel weights are included.

    Product reviews spoke of a rather weak brake mechanism and a not very hig h-quality floating clutch system. Active attachments (ie all tools that are driven by a rotary mechanism: a sickle mower, a sweeper, a snow blower, etc.) are only installed here on the drawbar from the front of the han d-led tractor. Models with this design include units of the series: MB, NEVA, Agat, Tselina, Avangard, Mobile K.

    length 165cm
    Broad 62cm
    brakes tape
    The weight 50 kg
    Price 12 450 rubles/piece
    Working speed 10 km/h
    Dimensions 165 x 75 x 110 cm
    • low price;
    • Seat adjustment;
    • Good driving characteristics.
    • weak brake mechanism;
    • Active equipment is installed on the drawbar.

    AM-2 has almost the same general properties as the “Tselina” already mentioned, although it has higher costs. It is completed with wheels 4.00 x 8, 4.00 x 10, 5.00 x 10, 5.00 x 12. It is used with all han d-led tractors over 4 kW (for MTZ, engine itself, grasshopper and others). It has a steering, 3 pedals for setting the clutch and inserting the reverse gear. The gas throttle is installed, it is possible to install active attachments.

    The work with it is easy and there are no additional costs for devices. It is equipped with a lifting lever, which makes working on the field considerably easier and enables free movement in the entire agricultural area.

    length 120cm
    Broad 83cm
    brakes disc
    The weight 70 kilograms
    Price 21490 ruble/pc.
    • Equipped with a lifting/lowering lever for attachments.
    • Drill holes in the steering gear are not axle accurate.

    The all-wheel drive AMPK-1 with steering is a development of the Kaluga engineering office Kadvi (Kaluga engine), which was developed exclusively for UGRA a-nachstractors. An important point must be observed for the latter: MB UGRA are equipped with two pathoms at the same time – upper and lower, while in most cases only one front tap shaft is present. The upper wave serves to attach a trailer coupling, while the lower one is only designed for the aggregation with AMP K-1 – it transmits the torque.

    The device is sold at a fairly high price, but at the same time has all the properties of top-end devices: good off-road capability on almost every floor; the possibility of not only cultivating the country, but also off-road transport; General comfort and high quality of material and processing; The seat is cheap – the operator does not feel uncomfortable in a seated position.

    The design of AMPK-1: frame, driver seat, drive cardan, gearbox, floating clutch mechanism, brakes, wheel set. When we talk about bikes, the mechanical engineering company Kaluga offers two options for this model: 4.00 x 10 and 19 x 7.00 * 8.

    In summary, it can be said that the combination of UGRA and AMPK-1, with the off-road function, enables the owner to easily climb almost all of them difficult to access, which is why it is often compared to a mini tractor for its intended use (which makes sense, Since the UGRA has about the same functionality, but has cheaper essays). Thanks to good traction and al l-wheel drive, the machine moves freely on uneven terrain. The device cuts off a little worse in the country: active devices cannot be connected. So if you want to connect a mower, a snow blower or a potato rotor, you must first separate the adapter for comfortable work and work in the ol d-fashioned way – on foot with a han d-led tractor. But all passive instruments can also be connected without any problems. So whether you take it or not depends on your personal selection criteria.

    length 148cm
    Broad 116cm
    weight 80 kg
    brakes Ribbon
    Price 34 390 rubles/piece
    • Good driving characteristics.
    • high price;
    • Inability to connect active devices.

    With “Tandem” PM-06 “Tselina” there is the construction at the front, while the clutch device is at the back. It is designed for field and terrain use. Machine control – steering.

    The module is connected to devices of the MB series: Oka, Avangard, Neva, Tselina, Agat. His main advantage is that it is in front, i.e. with a drive to the rear axle, the axis of the han d-led tractor. Thanks to this property, driving in the field, especially after rain or on land mud, feels much better.

    He also has his weaknesses. The most striking thing is that the connection between the MB and the adapter is only through the drawbar, that is, the place where all active tools such as mowers, snow blowers, brushes, etc. are hung. This means that the PM-06 and the specified equipment cannot be used at the same time, will be released (although there was such an opportunity with the Tselina PM-05 model).

    So what we actually have is a mini tractor that has passive tools attached to it for hilling, weeding, loosening the soil and so on. If you use it for such purposes, then there is not the slightest claim to quality. If we look at it exclusively as an off-road vehicle, then it can also be rated very highly – high maneuverability, excellent off-road mobility. However, the price of this device is quite high, which is determined by its high carrying capacity (300 kilograms).

    length 175cm
    Broad 75cm
    weight 58kg
    brakes disc on the rear axle
    Price 26 290 rubles/piece
    • front wheel drive;
    • great off-road driving.
    • Inability to use active gear.

    HorseAM IS-2 is manufactured by the Guryev Metallurgical Plant. It’s a mini trailer with a driver’s seat and steering. Used for farming. Working on construction sites in almost any climate. It docks with MTZ and turns it into a real mini tractor. The steering wheel has a comfortable motorcycle shape and is flush with the seat.

    The controls are comfortable and intuitive. In addition to passive tillage implements, it can be used with active attachments. A full list of available devices is available on the website.

    The IS-2 is distinguished by its small size, very comfortable steering and relatively small mass. In general, it is universal and can be used by both experienced gardeners and beginners.

    length 195cm
    Broad 90cm
    weight 70kg (+)
    brakes Ribbon
    Price 36 990 rubles/pc
    • compactness and convenience;
    • works with active trailer hitch.
    • high price.

    How to assemble an adapter for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands

    Assembling the adapter yourself at home is not that difficult. In fact, it is an ordinary trailer truck. The trailer is constructed in such a way that the center of gravity of the entire structure is on the carrier frame. The most complex mechanism here is the coupling mechanism with the MB, since its strength depends on how long the device works.

    The structure of a standard device consists of the following components:

    • framework;
    • Steering wheel;
    • pair of wheels;
    • operator seat;
    • Trailer hitch;
    • lifting mechanism of the coupling device;
    • braking mechanism.

    In the figures below you can see the drawings, according to which, with skillful hands, you can build a simple device with your own hands.

    Figure 1. Drawing of the platform for the feet and part of the frame of the towed wagon

    In its manufacture, a metal profile tube of a round or rectangular shape or a metal rod is usually used.

    Fig. 2. Adapter device

    With the coupling mechanism, you can attach attachments + trailers to the two-wheel tractor, provided that the connection angles of the two-wheel tractor and the adapter match in diameter.

    Fig. 3. Drawing of the clutch mechanism

    A step-by-step guide to creating an adapter can be seen in the corresponding video:


    It is important to understand that the tips for choosing equipment presented in this article are not universal and are not suitable for every owner of a walk-behind tractor. It is necessary to choose a unit based on specific needs – this may be necessary when plowing, digging and planting potatoes, knotting beds. And it can be used for clearing snow, clearing the field of debris and removing weeds. And when the first set is available in almost every model, to use active tools you need to choose the unit for your needs.

    Adapter for the Neva walk-behind tractor: characteristics and application features

    Maintaining farmland requires incredible physical effort, and as such, auxiliary equipment is essential. Absolutely all work in the agricultural sector can be greatly simplified by means of motoblocks, because the versatility of motor vehicles is really impressive. In addition to ploughing, mounding, lawn care, cargo transport and winter work, the above unit can play the role of a vehicle. This is only possible with a special adapter for motorcycles.


    The two-wheel tractor can be practiced individually, and various additional devices such as harrows, cultivators, mowers can be attached. Such devices make it possible to significantly expand the possible range of tasks of a walk-behind tractor. In addition, however, it is also possible to use motor vehicles as vehicles if a special adapter is created for this in advance.

    With this device you can sit comfortably enough in the seat that the adapter is equipped with and do exactly the same job, only with a much greater comfort.

    In essence, the adapter structure is relatively primitive. It looks like a carriage on which various elements are fixed:

    • a hitch for attaching a walk-behind tractor and an adapter for attachments;
    • driver’s seat;
    • Wheels;
    • Frame for mounting the primary components;
    • Steering wheel.

    If you convert a walk-behind tractor into a mini-tractor, you can further expand its functionality. Of course, identification with a mini tractor is to some extent symbolic, as the performance of the implement remains the same, as does the resources of the implement used, or its engine. You can build an awning from the scorching sun. With such equipment, you will not be afraid of laborious agricultural work under the hot sun. You can improve the maneuverability of equipment in rain or snow by installing a caterpillar attachment.

    The lion’s share of adapters have a system that involves attaching a trailer in which you can move loads. In addition, it can be equipped with a carrying handle. There are 2 couplings: the Neva unit itself is attached to one and all attachments to the second. In addition, the design features a steering wheel that optimizes its agility.

    The center mount of the device is made of durable materials as it has to withstand significant overloads as you will also be driving the device and in addition to carrying quite large loads. The device can be used in almost any conditions, even the most difficult.

    In specialized stores you can buy an auxiliary node with a steering wheel for the Neva Motornote or make it with your own hands. In addition, there are numerous drawings in the vastness of the World Wide Web, which greatly facilitate the assembly procedure.


    It must be indicated that there are 3 types of adapters in total: typical, with steering control and front. Let’s look at the design features of each type.


    These modifications include the basic frame structure on which the obligatory components are based, a driver’s seat, the wheelbase, the axle, the adhesion unit (coupling) with the adapter. Roughly speaking, the designated design cannot be bordered on as a regular body with a comfortable score bordering on the tractor of Walk behavior.

    In addition, the possibility of additional aggregation of all types of attachments of type equipment is not excluded, which increases the practicality of the mechanism. Nowadays, you can buy an adapter or create it yourself using special departments under the placement of compact additional items.

    Units with the steering wheel

    Today, thanks to the convenience and relatively acceptable price, they are in great demand. The engine is mounted on the tractor through the hitch and settled in the frontal area of ​​​​the adapter. From the rear of this steering control add-on there is a separate jack to attach a very different approach that will not come as a surprise.

    Front adapter for motorcycles

    This device is very similar to the above option, but its clutch device is behind it. The structure is so simple that it can be disassembled and then transported without much effort. Special wheels are often mounted on the front adapter to increase productivity.


    Various types of adapters are particularly in demand.

    • Sample “AM-2” to perform all kinds of agricultural work in summer cottages. The presence of a special frame and tools for hanging tools makes it possible to implement convenient and easy use. With a convenient rotation mechanism, you can carry free motor vehicles around the site. The dimensions of the adapter are 160x75x127 centimeters with a weight of 55 kilograms and working speeds of no more than 3 km/h.

    • An APM-350-1 sample can be used as a seat for a trip to small distances or for the attached auxiliary equipment: a plow, 2 envelope courses, potato residents and potato trailers. The connection is made through a frame with the 2nd SU-4 locks. The series is equipped with a pedal for a hinge tool and a position change lever. The adapter parameters are 160×70 centimeters with an operating speed within 2-5 km/h.
    • The front adapter “KTZ-03” is released from the rear hitch. The rear version of the fixation is quite convenient. This device is fully collapsible, which makes it possible to seriously facilitate subsequent transportation.

    How do I make an adapter for the Neva Motornote?

    Step by step guide

    The usual equipment is presented as a steel frame. Before proceeding to its creation, a device drawing for a walk tractor is prepared. The device consists of a profile tube with a size of 1.7 meters. A tube (50 centimeters) is boiled at right angles into part of the material. The last component is a fixer of the racks for the wheel of a hinged device. The height of the racks is 30 centimeters. Wheels from a construction and landing vehicle are used for a craft adapter to motor vehicles. They are installed on bushings with a bearing node.

    Sunnel are cooked on the base pipe and bushings, the length of which directly depends on the degree of their slope relative to the design. The dimensions of the adapter frame are 0.4 x 0.4 meters. To fit the device to the frame, the channel is boiled (0.4 meter size). Side pipes are affected by bolts. A handle with 3 knees (dimensions-20, 30 and 50 centimeters) is boiled on the frame. To multiply efforts, the product is equipped with the same pin (75 centimeters with a length).

    The coupling device is in the shop. If this mechanism is carried out independently, then in this case the strength will precisely pay attention. The seat is mounted on a metal base welded to the main tube. The manufactured devices are ready for use.

    Universal device

    To create a universal adapter you will need:

    • corners;
    • Tube;
    • sheet iron;
    • 2 wheels;
    • Seat;
    • Welding support.

    The mechanism described is practiced for the implementation of the most important agricultural work and cargo transportation. The manufactured device can be equipped with a nurse, a harrow, a plow. The universal adapter includes a frame, a coupling mechanism, wheels and a seat.

    In order to achieve the stability of the design and prevent overloading, the graphical display of the working nodes and blocks of the adjustment mechanism is first developed. When creating the design, a fork and sleeve requires special attention. This device performs unimpeded turning of the cart. The frame is welded from the corners and the iron pipe. The body can be built from sheet iron. The sides should be higher than 30 centimeters in height.

    The hitch device is presented in the form of a rod (size 15 centimeters) installed in the hole of the trailer adjustment. The absence of such a system is a brief collapse. In order to reduce wear, it is advisable to increase the clutch. The next step is installing the seat. An 80 cm indent from the front end is made on the frame. After the seat is fixed by means of screws. Another step is testing the functionality of the manufactured device.


    Before proceeding to the manufacture of an automotive adapter, preferably:

    • Find out the principle of action;
    • Decide on the type of device.

    Adapters differ from each other in management:

    • Club equipment and hanging equipment are controlled using handles.
    • steering gear.

    In the second case, the device is configured with a pen. To perform each task, the steering wheel is used.

    For long-term work, an industrial adapter can be upgraded.

    The seats are desirable to do soft (to reduce the load on the spinal column).

    When creating a device independently, pay attention to:

    • iron thickness;
    • welds;
    • The dimensions of the wheels and the possibility of their speed of change.

    Professionals recommend completing a craft adapter with a large radius with tires and cameras. The choice of adapter is made depending on the model of the tractor of the walk behavior. A multidisciplinary appendix is ​​suitable for any mini technology. Other mechanisms are performed taking into account the function of regulating the distance to the steering wheel and the distance between the wheels of each axle.

    Watch an adapter for the Neva Walkover with your own hands in the next video.

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