AMKODOR 702 and EP – description and characteristics

Amkodor 702: functions and technical characteristics

Amkord 702ea is a model of backhoe loader, which is produced by a Russian company. Due to the versatility and demand for machinery, serial production of this series was established in 2007.

Features and advantages of “Amord

Excavator-loader “Amord” 702ea is universal in application. It can be used in various spheres of activity. The main purpose is grounding and loading and unloading work. It is suitable for cargo transportation, loading and unloading of bulk materials. With their help, you can remove garbage from a personal plot or construction site, dig a trench or excavation.

Amcord 702ea Excavator

Amcord 702 excavator is equipped with a dual-core bucket, with the help of which many construction operations are performed. The technique is capable of working with soil of any density, including frozen soil and rock formations. In conditions of increased complexity, the bottom has to be solved first.

With the help of the amcord you can not only dig holes, but also pay off the surface. Excavator is suitable for harvesting when demolishing buildings, cleaning and snow removal, landscaping, laying utilities.

Note: This backhoe-loader model is used in construction, municipal, highway, railroad and agriculture.

Advantages of Amkord 702ea:

  • a wide range of applications;
  • Compactness, the ability to work in a small area, even in a warehouse;
  • maneuverability;
  • high productivity;
  • Business;
  • improved appearance (in comparison with the alternative base tractor for MTZ);
  • simplicity and ease of operation;
  • high operating capability (“Amkord” works at temperatures from t-40 to +40 ° C).

Special equipment Kep – with serrated edges, through which deeply penetrates the ground and reliably holds the load.

Technical characteristics

Good technical characteristics of the Ampodor 702ea determine the high performance of the blower. The excavator weighs 6.35 tons, but it is quite compact. Length is 7.75 m, width – 2.4 m, height – 3.8 m. Excavator is foldable, so it can be used not only for loading and unloading.

Amkodor 702ea – technical specifications

Technical characteristics of the Amkodor 702ea in the table.

Characteristics value
engine power 81L. s.
speed up to 18 km/h.
fuel consumption 8.2 l/h.
Tank Capacity 215L
bucket capacity 0.28m. cube.
bucket width 675 mm
Ditch depth 420 cm
loading height 350 cm
turning angle 170 oniq
front device
capacity 0.44m. cube.
Carrying capacity 1 т
Cutting edge width 210 cm
dumping height 290 cm

The Ampodor 702ea is equipped with a powerful D-243 diesel engine with direct fuel injection. It is productive, economical and environmentally friendly. Emissions into the atmosphere are minimal, so the backhoe loader is safe for the environment.

Equipped with special equipment, reverse gear increases engine power.

Note: Special devices can be started at temperatures belo w-20°C by means of a heating system to be installed on the engine.

Area of application

Today, the Amkodor 732 backhoe loader is used in almost all areas of economic activity. The combination of power, mobility and efficiency makes it in demand both for small developers, and for representatives of large companies.

The excavator is used for such jobs:

  1. Removing, loading and moving loose materials and small objects. The design of the front bucket allows you to work with sand, gravel, coal, boulders, tree debris and earth.
  2. Planning page. With both types of devices you can use construction sites, backfill pits and trenches. In a short time, technology can furnish a road or narrow street.
  3. Excavations, pits and trenches are dug. The selected floor can be unloaded by transport or by a spoil bank. Excavator equipment is adapted to work with soil of category 1 and 2. The denser soil can be accounted for by its preliminary loosening.
  4. Lifting or lowering loads. A blade, a boom with or without a bucket is used. With the help of leverage devices, building materials, pipes, mortars and steps for scaffolding, concrete blocks are delivered to the second floor of the building.
  5. Tracked trailer weighing up to 3000 kg. The trailer can be used to transport construction materials, real estate, spare parts and auxiliary devices.
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Backhoe loader can be operated at temperatures of ± 40 ° C. For work with limited perspective at night and in conditions, there are headlights and adjustable headlight.


The main components of backhoe-loader are:

  • MTZ-82.2, MTZ-82P or MTZ-92.2, which was taken as a basis for the creation of the department. Such a choice was made by chance. This option has a good engine, compact size and good transport speed.
  • Loading equipment;
  • Excavator equipment.

Production of the AMKODOR 702 was established at the Minsk tractor plant. The model is one of the new modifications. The main feature of the backhoe-loader is its versatility. The technique is a kind of mixture of an excavator and a front-end vee, which is also equipped with a variety of attachments (chisels, hydraulic shaft and others). Many processes can be performed with the 2-melter model, and the design provides maximum realization for embedding in the soil.

Another distinctive feature of the AMPODOR 702 is its compactness. This quality makes the technique indispensable for excavation work, unloading and loading soil in a dense built-up areas, in structures and buildings, as well as on roads with limited traffic. Backhoe loader is in demand due to its high performance and efficiency on the Russian market.

The model is available in several versions:

  • The Ampodor 702ea-01 is equipped with front loading devices with a quick-acting mechanical device that allows the change of working tools in a short time. It is also mounted on equipment with 2 milk or main bucket.
  • Ampodor 702ea-02 is equipped with an agricultural digging or digging bucket of excavator equipment used to work with loose materials.
  • The Ampodor 702ea-03 has front loading equipment augmented with an adapter, excavation equipment and a 2 percent or main bucket.
  • Ampodor 702ea-04 is under development. The modification is equipped with a high-speed hydraulic unit, which is used for demolition of foundations and for facing piles.


The AMKODOR 702 is equipped with a powerful and economical D-243 engine with direct injection, which allows to achieve good performance while maintaining low fuel consumption. In addition, at the same time, emissions are reduced. The backhoe-loader power plant fully provides the equipment with the necessary power.

To start the device when the temperature drops significantly (below minus 20 degrees), an electric heater is used. In addition, a PZHB-200G heater can be installed.

Power of the D-243 engine is 81 hp.

Additional equipment

The standard equipment of the backhoe-loader AMPODOR 702EM-03 includes a front blade and bucket mounted on the boom. The range of equipment can be significantly expanded by installing interchangeable equipment and working tools. Thus, you can use the product in almost all areas of construction, land, trade and transport.

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So, the following devices are attached to the front hitch:

  • elevated moldboard;
  • snow removal;
  • pallet forks;
  • multi-row potato spout;
  • Improved plow for loosening dense soil;
  • agricultural forks;
  • universal grip;
  • Gripper for long objects (pipes, logs, supports);
  • Straw loaders;
  • mounting hook.

The following devices are attached to excavators:

  • hydrohammer;
  • earth drill;
  • clamshell bucket;
  • narrow trench bucket (20-30 cm);
  • shovels;
  • packers;
  • hydraulic shears.

If necessary, it is possible to attach a backhoe, seeder, attachments, wheels and coupes to the agricultural equipment.

Release of the backhoe-loader Amkodor 702

Production of the new series 702 or 49 Amkodor on the basis of Belarus 82.2p, 82.P and 920.2p tractors started in 2007 at Minsk Tractor Works. It is a carrier excavator equipped with a quick-release bucket and a non-rotating dozer blade. The later model 702B is produced with a non-removable dozer blade instead of loading it.

The 702 line of special equipment for conveyorized assembly, with several indices, is certified in accordance with international quality, environmental and safety standards. The company’s management system ensures that machines last 8,000 until the first overhaul and have a MTBF of 250 or less.

Properties of 702 EA.

The first modification of the TO-49 is the Amkodor 702 EA model, which is popular due to the trench axis offset of 600 mm and the use of design solutions:

  • The front loading equipment is equipped with a two-bucket bucket.
  • The design uses a beam-type axle, which allowed to increase the static load up to 3.7, and payload up to 1 ton;
  • Joystick control system for excavators over 6 hydraulic divisions per section.

Machines with indexes 01 and 02 have a front quick-release device, an adapter for quick change of working mechanisms, including a two-bucket bucket and a graphical excavator shovel or grapple for working with loose soils and materials. Combines both backhoe and front end configurations Option 703ea-03. No less productive is the excavator wheel loader YUMZ 2621.

Features of the 702 technique

The new production model Amkodor 702 is made with transverse movement of excavators. A hydraulic drive, controlled from the cabin, is used for transverse movement of excavator tools, which gives the unit additional operational features when working with 1-4 category soils. The machine is available in two versions:

  • 702EM-01 with front loading adapter and main bucket;
  • 702EM-03 with loaded double-core bucket and hydraulic excavator bucket traverse.

Improvement of units resulted in increase of design weight from 6.3 to 6.8 and from 6.65 to 7.1 tons. This figure has increased the stability and capacity of the machine. Excavator-loader DEM-114 has also undergone significant changes.

Quality proven by time – Ampodor machinery

Exquisite excavator Ampodor 702, produced by 17 subsidiaries, is indispensable in the construction of buildings, structures and road networks, used in utilities and agriculture, in railway areas, performs loading and cleaning operations in seaports. Operational data allows you to work in a confined space inside the large storage slopes in areas with sharply continental climate.

Many years of experience in designing and manufacturing special-purpose machinery has made it possible to achieve versatility and quality of machines in this category that allow the operator to work comfortably.

The developed service network of the “Amkodor” and the provision of products guarantee its competitiveness. The excavator loader EP-491 was equipped on the basis of the “Belarus” tractor.

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Freshforex types of work

Excavator-loader Amkodor 702ea

The Amkodor 702ea is used to increase productivity in earthmoving, transportation, loading and unloading operations. It is capable of working with floors of any category, working in conditions of limited space and at the same time demonstrating high efficiency of the work performed. The main area of application is construction and road construction, utilities, railroad and agriculture, ports. When working with frozen and rocky soils the preliminary loosening is done.

Excavator-loader Amkodor 702EA

Excavator-loader Amkodor 702ea

features and advantages

Series production of the Amkodor 702 EA began in 2007 along with other models of the 702 line. The main purpose of the construction special equipment is automation and mechanization of work.

The prototype of the excavator was the MTZ tractor, the design features of which were slightly modified. The new model features a dual-core bucket as an excavator body and a front working body for loading and unloading. By installing a beam axle, it was possible to increase the maximum static load on the front axle. The kinematics work in the same way as with the prototype.

High productivity while maintaining excellent technical properties of the machine is defined in the temperature range from t-40 to +40 degrees Celsius. The excavator loader AMKODOR 702EA is produced in two climatic variations U1 and T1.

The Amkodor 702EA front-end loader

The main part of the special equipment is a two-bucket bucket, with which you can grab bulk materials and polymer floors. Optionally, the loader can work with attachments, including a tooth, breaker, bucket of different configuration and purpose, etc. very popular.

Excavator is one of the modern developments of the manufacturer. The main feature of the machine is its versatility, which allows it to perform various works in many areas. Consumers also note the compactness of the loader, which is important when working in small areas. For example, it is easy to perform excavation and loading and unloading work in dense urban areas, loading and unloading of materials in warehouses and cleaning of nearby roads. The main advantages of the model are efficiency and productivity due to high technical qualities. Therefore, the technique is in demand among Russian consumers.

Technical characteristics and dimensions

Technical characteristics of the Amkodor 702ea depend on the type of components:

  • Working body of the excavator;
  • Working body load;
  • MTZ tractors Model 82p, 82.2 or 920.2.

Working body of the excavator is conveniently folded, does not interfere with transportation and ensures safety of street users. Belarus MTZ-82P tractor is used for Amkodor 702 with a carrier excavator, which is equipped with a D-243 power unit. This engine is economical and environmentally friendly, as the quality of the exhaust meets international standards.

Length in transport position, mm 7750
Width, mm 2400
Height by the roof of the cabin, mm 2850
Height in transport position, mm 3800


The Amkodor 702ea is equipped with an 81 hp engine with direct fuel mix system. This guarantees high power, fuel efficiency, high performance of the Amkodor 702 and environmentally friendly exhaust emission.

The engine is started with electric heating at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. An optional heated engine PZHB-200G is installed.

One of the properties of the Ampodor 702 is the amount of fuel consumed. The vehicle consumes about 8.2 liters per hour, while the diesel tank holds 215 liters.


The maneuverability of the AMKODOR 702 EA is due to the installation of a reliable braking system, front cycle drive, self-locking differential on the front axle, steering column with booster. The latter provides easy operation and quick change of direction of the machine.

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Amkodor 702. Photo

Due to these features, the loader is often used in places where other vehicles cannot pass. It easily copes with work processes on floors of different categories, including rocky and frozen.

The maximum speed of the Amkodor 702ea excavator is 18 km/h.

Hydraulic system

The machine and the working body are controlled by the hydraulic system, which includes a hydraulic tank, hydraulic pump NSH32A type and auxiliary elements. The hydraulic system pressure is 20 MPa. To ensure accuracy and reliability, Amkodor 702ea is equipped with filters and sleeves made by world famous companies. In addition, the hydraulic system has a six-section hydraulic distributor and NCh-100 pump.

Hydraulic control of the chassis and working equipment is provided to facilitate the operator’s work. Hydraulic distribution levers are used to control the loading body.

Driver’s cabin

The cabin of the excavator AMKODOR 702EA-01 is comfortable and ergonomic. The controls and monitoring of the equipment operation are conveniently located in it.

The designers have thought through the cabin design down to the smallest detail to ensure comfort and safety of the operator. The cab has a sunroof and side windows can be opened to provide ventilation in the cab. The windshield has electric windshield wipers, heating, forced ventilation, and a windshield washer system to make it possible to work in all weathers.

The most important gauges and controls as well as tax mechanisms are located on the dashboard. The AMKODOR 702 tractor direction is selected using the first control panel. The second is responsible for the work of the loading body, its tilt is also selected using the remote, that is without leaving the cabin. To ensure safety, the ROPS system is installed, which prevents tipping of the vehicle when picking up excessive weight.

The control system

The AMKODOR 702 EA-01 is distinguished by high durability, productivity, maneuverability and controllability. The latter is achieved due to the installation of a power chisel column, modern high quality braking system, innovative front axle with the possibility of shifting in three operating modes and a self-locking differential.

Ease of operation and maintenance

One of the advantages of the AMKODOR 702EA-01 is easy maintenance, which explains the high popularity of construction equipment. Demand is also due to the reliability, simplicity, efficiency and environmental friendliness of the unit. In order to increase the service life of the machine, it is necessary to choose the right working equipment according to the operating conditions. In addition, the loader works long if not overloaded – to work with loads not exceeding the capacity of the machine.


The price of the AMKODOR 702EA-01 tractor-loader depends on a complete set, additional options and the attached equipment delivered with the machine. The special design of the tool allows to work in combination with different types of additional bodies.

With the help of the working body of the excavator the following works are performed:

  • Loading loose goods (most effective work when the double-barrel gripper is installed);
  • Digging from ditches, pits and other rivets, loading, scavenging (high productivity is achieved when working with a narrow bucket).

Amkodor 702EА backhoe shovel bucket

Amkodor 702 backhoe bucket

The Amkodor 702 excavator is also equipped with cargo equipment, thanks to which it is made:

  • loading of store materials with forks and buckets;
  • loading of pallet and piece materials with jaw picker;
  • clearing of roads from snow cover;
  • clearing areas of debris, including construction debris;
  • Backfilling of ditches.
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Earthmoving equipment components include hydraulic system mechanisms, control handle, “backhoe”, boom equipment, arm, column and frame. Loading equipment items include such items as additional headlights, fenders, hydraulic system mechanisms, boom equipment, stops, 2-melting bucket, 2 pull rods, 2 control handles, and gantries.

702ea 702ea-01
dredging equipment
bucket designation 702ea.02.16.000
Rated capacity of the bucket, М3 0.18
Bucket cutting edge width, mm 610
Cutting depth, mm 4100
Loading height, mm 3500
Digging radius at parking level, mm 5450
Angle of equipment turn in plan, deg. 170
front loading equipment
Quick-digging device mechanically
lifting capacity, kg 1000
bucket type double-sided main
bucket designation 702ea 01.08.000 702e.01.12.000-01
Rated capacity of the bucket, М3 0.54
Bucket cutting edge width, mm 2000
Discharge height at 45° dumping angle, mm 2500
Discharge height at 45° angle jaw closed/jaw open, mm 2600/3200
Reach of bucket at 45° dump angle, mm 700
Reach of bucket at 45° dump angle, jaw closed, mm 700

Toothed bucket is used for robust and reliable digging of material and easier penetration into the ground. The standard two-toothed bucket is capable of material pickup, loading and unloading, transporting and leveling the ground. A high level of efficiency is also seen in demolition and other construction work, site planning, and laying utilities.

Bucket shovel loader AMKODOR 702

The Amkodor 702EA attachment is most often installed at the entry point of the loading area:

  • Curb, pine, pallet loads, rolls hatch;
  • Mounting hooks with and without the possibility of rotation;
  • Forks with grip, for agricultural work, cargo;
  • Bucket for snow removal, root crops, 2-white;
  • Balldozer copied with and without the possibility of rotation.

One in place of an excavator mounted on an attachment:

  • narrow and graphite buckets;
  • hydrohammer;
  • Grapple for agricultural work.

Amkodor 702 attachments


Modifications include the backhoe loader Amkodor 702ea-01, which is equipped with a system of quick replacement of the front working body. The system is mechanical, which facilitates quick replacement of the working body and reduces the equipment downtime. The machine can be equipped with a dual-core or main bucket.

Modification 02 is characterized by a standard excavator working body. It is equipped with an agricultural excavator or a bucket that is used when working with loose materials.

Modification 03 is characterized by the installation of an adapter on the loading tool and the use of a double-core or main bucket as a standard excavator tool.

Change 04 is currently being tested. It is equipped with a hydraulic hammer, quick tool change system. Ideal for demolition of blockages, demolition of foundations of construction sites, pile driving.

Price of new and used

The price of the Ampodor 702 is not less than 2.2 million rubles. Such a cost is typical for standard hired models. The price of the backhoe loader AMKODOR 702EA ranges from 1.1 to 1.5 million rubles. Provided that it was released 1-2 years ago. If the machine has been in use for 6-8 years, the cost will be about 700,000 rubles.

It is possible to rent a loader for an hour for 950-1000 rubles.


Excavator has many analogues, the most popular are domestic models EO-2621, PE-82, DEM-114, to 49.

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