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Al-Ko 119770 Highline 527 vs.

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Reviews for the Al-Ko 119770 Highline 527 vs

Pros: Powerful – 3.54 hp. You can handle it. ReadyStart® system (starts the engine without a primer (rubber-peeper “or damper – they just can’t handle it). Press mount to handle and pull starter. Mowing width 51 cm (on the other hand minus, because the mower is not miniature.) Great frame grass catcher box.

Cons: price. Weight – 38 kg. The rust appeared after two seasons.

Commentary: I bought this mower in the hope that my wife will also mow sometimes, but when she saw this monster and tried it, she gave it to her brothers. )) Before that, I had a small electric mower at 1kW, so there is nothing to compare it to. At the moment Al-Qo has been working for two seasons. Self-sufficiency is a great feature, variator is not particularly necessary (I do not change them at all, stands on the max). Part of this function is done by the force of the brackets on the handle. Maximal speed is 4,5 km/h. To cut wet grass is unreal, in spite of the power, it quickly sticks to everything, and the airflow is no longer able to cope. The finished weed picker is quite weighty. Throwing it sideways, I never used it once. You can not maneuver the mower, if you have a lot of beds, beds, etc., look at more compact models. Height adjustment is done with a lever. Put the mower up against the wall and save space like they show in the ads, but just drain all the liquid. In the commercials, they cleverly say there will be no sub-classes. And the engine manual says to keep the engine horizontal (running). Changing the oil according to the manual is not necessary, but possible (it can be drained by turning the mower)). The oil volume is 0,44 l. The body of the knife began to rust, partly my fault – not completely washed the grass, but I think for such a price it would be possible to use a metal more resistant to corrosion. Contrary to the instructions, I fasten the bracket with improvised means, so as not to jerk the mower to remove stone or debris in the path. For transportation in the sedan it is partially disassembled, I had to take it out of the box. Overall, quite happy with the mower.

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Advantages: Powerful, mows 51 cm, first jerk start system (for the weekly easy start on the first try) no oil. Oil separately, gasoline separately (not mixed), speed capability. Starting is not China.

Cons: in wet and damp grass the blade gets clogged very quickly, and the whole cabin has to be stopped and cleaned, I think this will be someone’s problem

self-propelled mower. It is already clear about the container to fill quickly with grass, the bigger and higher the grass, the faster it fills up. The price could have been lower. Н

No disadvantages detected.

Comment: First self-propelled lawnmower, before that I mowed with a stick on gasoline. Thought about a bike mower for a very long time because 18 acres, mixed with a cherry orchard, make up more than 50% of the trees. I mowed with the gasoline handle all Saturday and something was left for Sunday, now all mowed by Saturday night. You just keep an eye on it and that’s it. I will say that the area isn’t even “wild”, she mows just fine where it’s scary because of the bumps and rocks, they just lift it higher. I’ve run into stumps and rocks a few times, nothing happened to the blade, the blade is very heavy and thick. I still recommend going by yourself because the mower is complicated and it will be hard to push it into the tall grass yourself, but I just put it between the trees and just push it into motion and it goes through the trees quietly. Well and the lawnmower with the choice of speed is in general a song)))), I chose the speed faster, and you just keep the step)))). I can say with confidence that I will not go back to the stick. RECOMMENDED.

Advantages: Made in Austria. Roller wheels – very easy to roll if you don’t include motor drive. The presence of a variator. The design is very interesting. The quality of all materials can be felt and optically peeled. The warranty is 4 years if you register on the site within 30 days of purchase.

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Disadvantages: a little complicated, but if you don’t need it on the floor, etc., it doesn’t matter. Used star tapping screws when installing the grass catcher, although the courier who did it said the hex was included and didn’t need anything else, but it turned out I didn’t even need it. That is, they did not make the ministry in two places on the body of the grass catcher, so you can normally get under with a screwdriver and turn it. I had to “avoid” it. The nuance is not critical, but was worth 10 minutes of nerves. Those who have assembled it or have already assembled it themselves will remember this estimate))). I would like it to be less noisy, although the noise level is the same for all. Definitely a little quieter than a gasoline mower))).

Comment: Yesterday, May 07, 2019 bought for 39990r + oil 590r. Literally tested it the same day on a “wild” lawn 10-15m with catch baskets, then without the catch baskets about 200 sq ft, with mulch. The job was done quickly, and what I liked about no grass – no emptying))) – For the lazy, the stuff. )))), you just go for it, but you can’t see the grass clippings. For about 1000 square feet of rag that I bought this unit under, it still hasn’t grown, it takes 12-15 days. Writing back on time. My wife “approved”, i.e. I tried it myself – no difficulty in driving, and there were no problems with starting the engine for the girl. By the way, starts very easily (even too easy;)) without a jerk, just pulled the “manual” starter after pouring oil into the engine and gasoline in the tank, there is no button to pump gasoline. For those who choose a lawn mower, clarify the warranty conditions and all the nuances that really affect the warranty period of the chosen brand. This is a very important point. I will add a rating in a while.

Detailed specifications

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General properties

Type Self-propelled lawn mower, rear-wheel drive Mowing width 51 cm Recommended mowing area 1800 sq.m. Knife speed up to 2800 rpm


Mulching possible cutting height 30-80 mm adjustable cutting height yes, central, the number of steps – 7 number of speed infinitely variable setting ejection of grass into the basket for fishing, side, rear possibility to install a mulching nozzle


Gasoline engine, four-stroke power 3.50 hp displacement 163 cc engine brake yes manufacturer Briggs and Stratton

Al-Ko 527 Lawn Mower. Review, features, owner reviews

Lawn mower Al-Ko 527. Review, characteristics, owners reviews

Lawn mower Al-Ko 527. Review, specs, owners reviews

The Al-Ko Highline 527 VS lawn mower is a modern, self-propelled lawn mower that was designed for mowing grass in the garden or parking lot. This new member of the Al-Ko range is easy to use and easy to maintain. The powerful gasoline engine of 3.54 hp and the cutting width of 51 cm deserve special attention. The cutting height is adjustable in 7 positions from 320 to 80 mm and allows to create different lawn designs.
  • The al-Ko Highline 527 VS petrol lawnmower has a 70-litre grass catcher box to collect the cuttings. With the mulching function, you can shred the contents of the container and use it as a fertilizer. In addition, the lawnmower is equipped with a rear discharge. To switch to this mode, all you have to do is turn the button. The front wheels are 80 mm. They are smaller in diameter than the rear wheels. This is done to give the lawnmower stability and increase maneuverability. The weight of the model is 38 kg.
  • Advantages of Al-Ko lawn mower:
  • You can mow, mulch, grass or turn on the side discharge;
  • The machine is self-propelled;
  • The speed is adjustable;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Reliability of mechanisms;
  • Possibility to set the height of mowing;
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The width of the passage is 51 cm;

Features Mulching possible cutting height 30-80 mm adjustable cutting height yes, central, the number of steps – 7 number of speed infinitely variable setting ejection of grass into the basket for fishing, side, rear possibility to install a mulching nozzle
engine B&S 675 Exi Readystart (163 cc)
Engine type Gasoline 4 t
Power, kW / PS 51
2.6 / 3.54 Cutting width, cm
Cutting height, mm 30-80
Height adjustment Central, 7-step
Operation modes Harvesting, mulching, side/rear discharge
Speed, km/h 70
2,5-4,5 (self-propelled) Hopper for collecting, l
Cycle diameter (front/rear), mm 36


Weight (kg

Owner’s Manual

Lift all fasteners and check for leaks first. It is necessary to pour the required amount of lubricant into the motor. This is done to prevent future breakdowns.

The best oil is a well-known brand of oil designed for SAE30 4-stroke engines. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the engine oil should be changed after the first 5 hours of operation. The fuel used is pure gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92.

First start

  • The lawnmower engine does not necessarily need to be inerted.
  • Before each operation, perform the following steps:
  • Turn the engine on and listen for any extraneous noises.
  • Check for oil or gasoline leaks.

Tighten all connections and check for play.

Add oil as needed.

  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance recommendations for the Al-Ko 527 lawn mower:
  • Have maintenance performed every 50 hours.

The work includes changing the oil in the gearbox and checking the operation of all mechanisms. After 300 hours the knife is additionally sharpened and at the same time its integrity is checked.

It is not recommended to dismantle the engine components on your own, in case of a breakdown you will have to contact the service center.

The instruction manual shown opposite shows you how to use the lawnmower: Your browser does not support frames Download the Al-Ko instruction manual

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Performance review Al-Ko Highline 527 vs lawnmower

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Reviews online confirm that the Al-KO Highline 527 is the top model of the brand Al-Ko compared to gasoline mowers.

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