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Reviews on Al-Ko 112858 Silver 40 E Comfort.

Advantages: it is a good and reliable mower.

Disadvantages: Not detected (yet)

Advantages: It is absolutely worth its money, everything is easy and simple, you can mow high grass for half a year.

Disadvantages: I see difficulties when the grass is planted very densely, high grass should also be clogged, when you fill the collector, turn the mower and remove what is clogged.

The commentary: I work 15 minutes – 15 minutes of a break. No complaints about the quality of work. I read somewhere that the blades will fail quickly, but everything is fine.

Advantages: The mower is very handy, compact, powerful and maneuverable. We chose it for a long time, but stopped because it has a very convenient mulching feature. Yesterday we bought it and immediately tested it. After the trimmer it feels “space”, they are not tired, great handle system, but the mulch is not visible at all. Have not used the grass catcher, if the grass is not overgrown, it is not needed at all. Mows small and small branches.

Disadvantages: Did not find that the instructions do not say how to wash it. Since we have an uneven area and the lawn is quality, the blades touched the ground and of course dust under the blades. I would like to note that the mulch does not stick! But this is an advantage, no mistakes. In short, we recommend it.

Advantages: all, very convenient and reliable! I use it for the fourth season!

Disadvantages: I did not find.

Advantages: – Appearance; – Thoughtfulness of construction; – Jackt not on the start; – A convenient rigid grass catcher. It’s cool to take off and put on; – The fork is quality and the cable clamp. Doesn’t even get in the way of interference. – A mulching attachment is included. – Convenient to carry. Weight is adequate for carrying. – Easy to adjust the height with the handle in 6 positions.

Disadvantages: Clamping lid material is a little cheap, so the lid doesn’t come apart without effort. On the bike, it broke off after 2 years. The plastic did not hold up.

Comment: This is my first tax home. Before that, I used a trimmer for a year and a half. Now the lawn area is too big to mow with my hands. I enjoyed using the Cosba yesterday and wasted three times less time. I also tried mulching. It’s more convenient than a grass box because you don’t have to stop and toss the grass.

Advantages: easy height adjustment. Good permeability. Panability (a woman tried it and found that she could easily swing it on bumps). Not too noisy. Roomy box for collecting grass (although I use mulch). Looks classy. Can’t say that there were soft blades, as a colleague wrote above. No rocks to cut, but tree roots and wild rose mows.

Disadvantages: not detected.

Comments: Happy with my purchase!

Advantages: The price is justified, although after buying it dropped a bit, I used it for 1.5 years (I work in landscape construction). Sold only because I bought a mower of another class for 45,000 rubles, and in this price range is a great machine, a blade that can not be killed, you can not dump unless , They do not spread the rot on the machine with bricks and stones with iron chunks. Wide grass blades. Simply adjustable cutting height. Large grass memory. Practical control handle. Lightweight, which is very important! Nice design and high quality plastic. Good and comfortable clip. Wires. In general, if I had not bought an expensive gasoline lawnmower, I would have sold it for lack of use, but I did not need two.

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Disadvantages: there are few disadvantages, but I noticed a few. If the blade gets clogged with very thick and high (neglected) grass, you have to unfold and clean, it is almost impossible to lift the front to “cover” the tall grass, as the grass collector itself comes out of the mower itself. As soon as the plastic rim comes out, I use it again, this has not happened again. All in all we are satisfied with the purchase. I evaluated the mower in a practical comparison with other mowers of the same class due to professional practice. Made the judgment that this is the best.

Advantages: mows grass and weeds and small growth. After removal of the grass catcher box (not obligatory!) the cuttings remain on the ground as a natural fertilizer.

Disadvantages: the bikes fall apart. The lever for setting the cutting height is loose. Chokes on dense, tall grass.

Comment: The grass turns into a fine pulp, after removing the grass the fishing crackle is forgotten: it spreads over the plot. It blots out small wild trees and bushes. Disadvantages: High grass often winds up on the knife, the motor stops. We take the wire out of the net, remove the grass “meat” with the glove from the knife and mow. Standing grass is overcome by a wall, we lift the mower “on hind legs”, push forward and immediately backward, so that the knife rolls, and the coiled grass rolls, so quietly and mow it. The bikes are falling apart, the bracket is loosening, and you can’t do without a visit to the shop. The height-adjusting lever detached quickly: we tie it with a cord to the fixed part of the mower at the right height and forget about the problem. Mower goes practically right up to the fences as well.

Advantages: is handy, mows any grass, any height, I have to lift up a little on the rear wheels, I like it a lot

Weaknesses: The tube that the cable is attached to, so the plug does not pop out, is a bit short or I do not understand how to put it in

Positive: everything is great

Comments: works like clockwork

The advantages: It cuts an uneven lawn and turns it into a well-groomed clearing. Cuts 10 cm young wild blackberry bushes. Adjustable cutting height allows to handle neglected lawn. The mulch eliminates the need for constant running with baskets. Mowing 10 acres used to take all day. Now I can do it in two hours.

Advantages: 40 cm sloping width, large grass catcher box, mulching, large rear wheel (practical for corners), acceptable performance, easy height adjustment, soft grip and mowing mechanism all around the handle, you can safely change hands. Simple height adjustment, assembles and disassembles simply and easily.

Disadvantages: The polished material with which the handle is covered is not very durable, from frequent use will soon turn into rags. To change or sharpen the knife, you need to unscrew the plastic screw. The head itself is a 19. The ends are serrated. I licked it down to size 16. I left it the way it is for now. I will have to use a steel screw.

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Comment: I have not regretted buying this particular 40 mower. Alco 34 saw life after purchase and realized how small it is (for me the width was of great importance 12 acres of the plot). Of course, it is ideal for lawns “English” type, in which there are no anthills, moles, rocks, sticks, twigs, forgotten or lost iron in the grass) mows pretty fast, the indicator of refilling the grass catcher is basically, but only if it is not half working. I find it easy. If it starts to spit grass, it means it is time to destroy it) its money is definitely worth it. Analogues such as Bosch and Makita are not even taken into account because of the low ratings. In general, I advise!

Disadvantages: The back wheel broke and the grass container cracked.

Advantages: The type of the engine – no additional programs, reducing the probability of breakage, 3 years warranty, mulching nozzle, grass catcher box for hard grass.

Disadvantages: Plastic screw for fixing the blade, after 1.5 years the magnetic brake broke.

The comment: From positive experience for 1,5 years of exploitation – as a whole productivity is enough for mowing, including the high grass, convenient regulation of height of mowing, convenient grasp of a covering (much more convenient, than in the younger model), possibility to install the mulching wedge with the subsequent Very convenient with a span without the grass-collector. Of the disadvantages – I will confirm the previous reviews, the screw fixing the blade looks like plastic – the edges immediately break when the key is open. Because of the location of the bikes during use, there remains an area of about 3 cm wide along the walls/fence. After 1.5 years started rattling when starting – turned out to be a failure of the magnetic motor brake. As a result, the reply came that the mower had to be replaced. With this conclusion, I contacted the company where I bought it and they returned the money without any problems. I think about buying the same model, because in general the mower left a good impression, and not everyone has a warranty of 3 years and it really works (4 is only because there are no problems with the warranty).

Advantages: mowing width, the ability to set the cutting level, large plastic box for the cut grass, the ability to mulch.

Disadvantages: On the 3rd day the winding of the gripper tears very quickly.

Comment: After purchase you need to do all the screws right away. I packed them along with the treuh island. The island also had to be wrapped in the grip as the native material tore on the sides on the 3rd day of use. I really liked the safe handle, similar to the benzing net. The weed box is conveniently removable. Often have to clean, I can’t even imagine how more than that with a smaller box capacity. Sometimes I have to turn the blade over with the turnover when it gets heavily clogged with grass and soil. When I spend behind the fence, I put only the nozzle for mulch, the grass is not even noticeable, because it is finely chopped.

Advantages: powerful, wide

Disadvantages: thin parts, unreliable motor

Comment: Bought this natural wonder at the end of summer 2019 when our old Bosch lawn mower, which lasted 10 years, died! The motor had failed and the replacement corresponds to a new lawn mower. We chose for a long time, we wanted something reliable and easy to repair. We decided on the Al-Ko Comfort 40e. After the first use the handle fell apart, broke and lost its look. The screw that fixes the blade is pretty soft. As a result, I used it about 10 times, at most. I bumped into a metal pipe a few times, it broke the blade. After the second time the smoke came out of the engine, and the mower lived a long time. We’re a little shocked because the old Bosch didn’t go under the knife. The engine can’t be repaired, said the foreman, only a complete replacement.

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Advantages: You say your advantages are the rotary motor, which is directly connected to the cutter. To me, as a user, it turned out to be crap!

Disadvantages: very difficult. In the age of affordable things, quality stuff is getting harder, but the mower is bad for my wife’s health, she can’t use it. Thick grass stops the blade a bit.

Comment: Seems complicated, seems powerful, but puts on thick grass. The knife gets clogged with grass, you have to get the grass out. The mulcher is very cool and you can mow without the grass box. With the mulcher, it keeps such a bunch of clutter that you don’t know where to grow it. My mother-in-law gave us an old Bosch lawnmower, which is almost flukes and doesn’t clog up like al-coso grass. No mulch, though. In short, I don’t recommend buying one. Look for something else, but with mulch. Cool feature.

Advantages: large grass hopper, powerful.

Disadvantages: wheels, thin plastic falls off.

Comments: powerful mower, large grass hopper. Lots of plastic parts that break. The first thing that broke was the lever for adjusting the height. There is such a little plastic pin, on which the whole mower rests, of course, that it broke off and the lever itself began to move. The solution is simple – I screwed in the self-tapping screw that it rests on. Then I turned the handles, the tubes just started bending almost to the floor. I hammered thin fittings into these tubes, which I am considering for the second season. The bolts (the same self-tapping screws) that hold the handles keep falling out. I drilled and screwed the bolts in with a mat. The bike fell off last year and sat down beyond repair as everything just fell off there. To repair it in a civilized way, welding with a welder did not work. It is better to use a new one, it lasts longer. Satisfied with the scythe itself, the stones come with force, the sticks run out. Stones and small sticks fly apart, the knife cuts large sticks, then you have to remove them. Funnel big, 2 funnels = garden wheelbarrow. For first time mower buyers, it is advisable to buy with a hopper, pour into the wheelbarrow, take it out and throw it away, the grass doesn’t roll all over the place. Without a hopper mows everything, regardless of height, only the grass flies to you. It’s pretty tricky. As for breakdowns, I think the big name brands suffer from plastic parts too. The main thing is that the engine doesn’t break, the rest can be repaired. This bike annoyed me with all the breakdowns. Couldn’t get it repaired on the spot.

Positive: liked it from the reviews

Disadvantages: it lasted 30 seconds for me. Hitting a rock that my old mower had never even touched before caused the wave to collapse and the inability to repair this mower. Maybe it’s my own fault, of course, but to make such powerful mowers from such materials that they fall apart – I think the manufacturer should think twice.

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Advantages: The comparison below for the petrol mower: quiet easy No vibration, the hands do not get tired (5,5 hectares of lawn) after mowing a lawn It is super convenient to trap the filler container display pleasant handle which I have at the height of 182 sm handle adapted to me

Disadvantages: have not found yet

Advantages: Adjustable cutting height with the lever, adjustable handle position, mulching function, powerful enough, no gearbox (strap), i.e. the blade is attached directly to the motor shaft.

Disadvantages: the fragility of the handle, fixing to self-tapping screws, which constantly fall out (replaced by bolts). Instructive attachment on bikes with ordinary nuts, screwed and lost, put on self-tapping screws and the problem disappeared.

Comment: Used two full seasons of 2015 and 2016 and yesterday the motor burned out. To be fair, I have to say that I used the mower to its fullest extent. The plot size is 15 acres and I have to mow about 10. There are flat surfaces, some not so flat, grass sown in places, somewhere there is burdock. I mowed high weeds and wet grass, sometimes worked for 2 hours without interruption. Electrical plugs melted, replaced. Often bumped into rocks and bumps, knife never bent, sharpened several times. All in all, the cart is good, one of the best in its class, you have to handle it more carefully. That’s why I ordered the same one today (the old one has spares, knife, wheels), I hope it will last longer and to cut tall and wet grass better with my stomach.

Advantages: mulching function, but if the grass is not absolutely dry, it works badly. Large grass catcher box

Disadvantages: clumsy, for medium to large areas. All the time looks like a lilly)))

The commentary: The usual machine with an asynchronous motor.

Advantages: After working with Bosch there are no advantages.

Disadvantages: Weak motor hums and does not start on the grass, you have to lift on the heel. The revolutions … The high grass of 15 cm is mowed at all every time. All the time the grass gets under the knife you have to pull it out. Nozzles constantly fly off the power blades. With the Kosba the grass catcher box is not damaged on uneven surfaces.

Advantages: easy to use.

Weaknesses: it weighs a lot.

Comment: I like Al-Ko. I hope the new mower will hold up just as well as the old one, which is over 17 years old. And it’s only starting to go away now.

Comment: When choosing, many lawn mowers were guided by the fact that the motor is asynchronous, hoping that it will not burn out. We did not try it in work.

The advantages: At first it was not bad.

Disadvantages: Very low quality. Aries is fast

Comment: At the same time as my neighbors bought this lawn mower. At first everything was fine, except that the grass over 10 cm loads the mower. Then things started to break down. First they set the wheels, then the mowing height. Despite being used correctly, the lawn is even with no stumps or rocks with a good grassy lawn, about 6 acres. Result. And our neighbors had this device worked for half a season and fell apart. With a neighbor, it was estimated that they shared them twenty times. The quality of materials is terrible, the knife is disgusting. Service is a separate story, they have no warranty cases, everything breaks wrong. Spare parts prices are very high. I will never buy this supposedly European manufacturer and will not advise others.

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Al-Ko 240 comfort. Review, features, owner reviews

Al-Ko Silver 40-Comfort mower – a compact model of the budget class to provide grass mowing on large country plots, gardens and lawns. The 1400 watt motor is powered by the mains. Before using it, please make sure that there are power sockets and extension cords nearby. With a cutting width of 40 cm, the lawn can be mowed in a few hours.

Al-Ko Silver 40 E Comfort

The stylish body of the Alco Mowel is made of durable plastic that can withstand small collisions with various obstacles. However, to avoid chips and scratches, it is best to try to maneuver between obstacles. To improve maneuvering, small front wheels are provided, while the rear wheels are slightly larger. Comfortable operation is achieved through an adjustable handle.

Grass box

The kit includes a mulching kit and a grass catcher box, which is designed for 43 liters. The unit itself weighs 19 kg, so it is easy to transport. The indicator on the body warns about the presence of the grass box.

Advantages of the model Al-Ko 40S:
  • You can mow, collect and mulch grass;
  • The drive speed is adjustable;
  • Economical power consumption;
  • Robust assembly;
  • Can manually adjust the cutting height with 6 modes;
  • Pass width of 40 cm;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Low weight;
  • Plastic container.
Disadvantages of the model Al-Ko 40S:
  • You have to work near a power outlet;
  • Can’t mow wet grass;
  • Watch the cord so you don’t cut it with the knife.


Motor type electric
Power, W 1400
Mowing width, cm 40
Mowing height, mm 28-68
Height adjustment Synchronous, 6 …
Working modes Gathering, mulching, page/ass. End
Collection container, L 43
Cycle diameter (front/rear), mm 165-200
Weight (kg 19

Owner’s Manual

The great advantage of the al-KO-silver 40-comfort electric lawnmowers is the need for minimal maintenance, with cleaning of the cutting tool to glue the grass. It is advisable not to neglect the manufacturer’s recommendations, which correspond to the rules of operation of the electric device.

Regularly changing the work with breaks in the ratio of 20:10 minutes, the engine does not overheat and the operator does not get tired.

Note the following recommendations when operating the AL-KO 240S lawnmower:

  • Make sure the cord is intact before use.
  • Observe time intervals and rest during operation to prevent the engine from overheating.
  • Clean grass from the cutting parts after use.
  • Store in a dry, ventilated area.
  • Do not leave the mower unattended.
  • Move the mower forward while mowing the lawn, as this will give you a good result.
  • Observe safety precautions when working with the cutting elements of the device.

Video review

Overview of the al-KO-40s comfort lawnmower.

Overview of the al-KO al-Ko lawnmower

Owners reviews

Reviews on the Internet about the work of the 40th lawmaker Alko LKO comfort can be found only positive.


“I chose a lawn mower for mowing the grass on the plot. The machine suits me completely, as I’m not going to do it anymore. The power is enough if the grass is not neglected. The handle gathers together, which is very convenient for storage. I spend a minimum of time on it and I’m happy with that. “


“The model is perfect for those who do not need the problems with the technique. In my opinion, it is a little bit expensive, but fully recoups its cost with good build quality and functionality. The woman is easy to work on her own. The only thing is that you have to wait until the grass dries after the rain. “

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