Air heater – which model to choose?

Which autonomy is better: Planar or Webasto

Standalone air heaters are designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin of a car in severe frost. They are installed on cars and trucks, buses and small ships. The most popular brands of autonomous heaters are the Samara system “Planar” and the German Webasto. Each of them has its own advantages and peculiarities of operation.

Standalone heaters Planar from the company Adverse

Standalone heaters produced by “Adverse” (Russia) are of high quality and durability. On all the products a warranty of 18 months. In addition, if you install the equipment in the official service center (accredited by “Adverse”) warranty period is extended to 36 months.

The design of this autonomous unit also has a number of advantages over other popular analogues. Thus, the system uses a brushless motor drives the fan. This provides a minimum noise level and increases the reliability of the device.

An important advantage of Planar is the availability of spare parts and accessories. The cost of purchasing the systems themselves is also lower than that of devices manufactured in Germany.

Planar air heaters are the best choice when you need reliable and long-lasting heating.

Advantages of Planar air heaters

The main advantages of Planar are:

  • low cost of equipment;
  • Availability of spare parts and components;
  • long service life;
  • reliability of design;
  • The manufacturer’s warranty is 18 months (36 months).

The manufacturer offers a wide range of models with different thermal power: from 2 kW to 8 kW and supply voltage options of 12 V and 24 V. They are suitable for installation in cars and trucks, as well as for heating rooms and small boats.

Disadvantages of planar heaters

The main disadvantage of planar heaters, according to owners, is the risk of defects. As a result, there may be equipment breakdowns, as well as problems with starting at low temperatures.

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Autonomous parking heaters Air Top from Webasto

Heating systems Air Top from Webasto (Germany) are also very popular. They have built-in pressure and height sensors that allow you to optimize the combustion process. Sensors also provide a constant temperature maintenance and continuous control of the heating.

Webasto offers special kits with which the system can be upgraded for specific applications. The kit includes a complete installation kit for quick installation and retrofitting. In addition, Air Top units are equipped with technology that adjusts the operation of the unit based on its life and heating time.

Benefits of Air Top heaters

  • The compactness of the system;
  • Easy and quick installation of the equipment (in the cabin or under the floor);
  • Possibility of automatic determination of altitude;
  • High fuel efficiency;
  • Quiet operation.

Disadvantages of air overhead heaters

The main disadvantage of autonomous heater Webasto is its relatively high cost. At the same time, according to its characteristics, the device is only slightly superior to the Planar.

Comparison of autonomous heaters Planar and Webasto

The comparison shows that Webasto hair dryers are more compact and lighter. So, the weight of Webasto Air Top 2000 STC D is 1.5 times less than that of the model PLANAR-2D-24-S – 6 kg vs. 10 kg (at the same time the power of both heaters is 2 kW, and operating voltage – 24 V). Dimensions are also slightly different – 311 x 120 x 121 mm and 323 x 120 x 119 mm, respectively. The other parameters are almost identical – both systems run on diesel fuel and consume 0.1-0.24 l/h.

For all heaters “Planar” manufacturer provides a warranty of 18 months (36 months if installed at an authorized center). At Webasto this period is somewhat shorter – 12 months (24 months if the device is registered with the manufacturer). However, since the heaters are not used in summer, this difference is insignificant.

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The main difference between Russian and German heaters is their price. The cost of Webasto is almost twice as high as similar models Planar. Both devices come with controls, and Planar systems come with an electronic remote control.

Both manufacturers offer both gasoline and diesel models of hair dryers. Webasto offers systems from 2 kW to 5 kW. Planar has more powerful versions of the equipment – for the model Planar-9D-24 is 8 kW.

What is better to choose: Planar or Avtoteplo

Autonomous heater is a special equipment, which is used for heating the air in the cabins and salons of cars, passenger buses or special equipment. The main feature of such a heater is the ability to work autonomously, regardless of the work of the main engine. Since the modern market offers several variants of autonomous air heaters, vehicle owners find it difficult to choose, so we will help you to determine which autonomous heater is better: Planar or Autoteplo.

Autonomous heater

What is better to choose: Planar or Avtopeplo

Standalone heaters under the brand AVTOTEPLO are produced in Naberezhnye Chelny by the company “TeploAvto”. Models of various capacities allow you to choose the best option for heating, which allows you to save on fuel and efficiently heat the interior of the car. Stand-alone models “Avtoteplo” are made to work with a voltage of 12 V or 24 V on-board network.


The installation kit includes all necessary elements, so there is no need to buy additional parts.

All components are made on high-precision installations and have high durability.

Simple and intuitive operation.

The manufacturer’s warranty period is 12 months.

The use of diesel fuel as fuel.

The control unit allows not only to make the necessary settings, but also to use the dryer as a climate control.

Compact size and easy installation.


Sometimes there are problems with the fuel pump.

Planar autonomous heaters

What is better to choose: Planar or Avtopeplo

Standalone heaters Planar are very popular among Russian car owners. It is produced by the company Adverse at its own factory in Samara. Surface heating creates a pleasant environment and provides effective heating of the cabin in freezing temperatures up to-45°C.

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Modern materials with increased strength characteristics are used for production, which ensures a long service life without defects and breakdowns. Depending on the model, gasoline or diesel fuel is used for operation.

All Planar heater models have an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty. In cases where the unit is installed by an accredited service center, the warranty increases to 36 months.


Low fuel and battery consumption.

Stable and safe ignition is ensured by Japanese plugs.

Simple and clear installation scheme.

The heater can be connected to the main fuel tank or use a separate fuel tank.

High maintainability, available accessories.


For efficient operation it is necessary to use quality fuel.

Comparison of Autonomous Systems Planar and Autoteplo

When comparing autonomous systems Planar and Autoteplo is quite difficult to identify a clear leader, but considering the opinions of owners who have already installed heaters, Planar has more positive reviews.

Panel heaters run on diesel fuel or gasoline, depending on the model, while Autoteplo hair dryers are represented only by diesel models.

Planar uses a brushless fan motor, so the autonomy is less noisy and the resource is increased. But in “Autoteplo” the fan motor is a brush motor.

Both brands of heaters are equipped with mechanical remote controls, but for Planar you can use a digital remote control, which is sold separately.

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