Agromash 85TK tractor – description and characteristics

Universal “Agromash 85TK”: description, characteristics, reviews


Another development of the Vladimir tractor builders – cyclic “Agromash 85TK”. The tractor was positioned as the main competitor of MTZ in the traction class of 1.4 tons. In addition to basic functions, it is possible to install earthmoving and charging equipment on the chassis.

All-wheel drive device is used in agricultural and municipal services, construction and industry.

intended purpose

Tractor Agromash 85TK refers to the universal salt-wheeled machines with front and rear driving wheels. Most often it can be found in the fields of medium-sized farms.

  • You will use the special equipment for tillage, sowing, planting crops, planting and processing vegetables before vacuuming.
  • In addition to tillage, the device is used for harvesting forage animals involved in transport and harvesting operations.
  • The station machine is in demand in the municipal sector. It is used for cleaning the area from debris, snow or dirt.

It is possible to equip the machine with devices that expand its capabilities. For example, earthmoving or loading mechanisms are installed on the chassis. In addition, a bulldozer blade can be installed on the front hitch for leveling, moving soil or mass.

Agromash 85tk

advantages and disadvantages

Potential buyers are attracted by the affordable price of the device: owners of small, medium-sized farms can buy new special equipment. In addition, tractor users note:

  • comfortable cabin with good heat and noise insulation;
  • The use of components with extended overhaul period and reliability;
  • repairs.

The tractor has free access to all nodes, which facilitates its maintenance and revision.

Of the disadvantages: mechanics complain about the location of the hydraulic valve and too compact location of its levers. In addition, the heater in the 85TK model, as well as in the whole family of tractors “Agromash” is not able to warm up the cabin in cold weather. The air temperature does not rise above 10-12 ° C.

Description of construction, characteristics

The layout of the tractor can be called a classic. This is a chassis on different wheels with the ability to adjust the track width. The latter allows you to adjust the distance between the wheels so that the machine can move in the aisles, preventing damage to the crop. The chassis is a non-frame, based on a skeleton formed from the power transmission housings.

Front and rear axles of the model have a drive. Together with lockable differentials they provide an increased cross-country ability and stability on viscous terrain.

Table No. 1. Technical specifications

Name value
engine type D145T
Power, hp (kW) 85 (62.5)
Service weight (with ballast), kg 4080
Tractive effort, ton-force 1,4
Transit (operating) speed, km/h 35.0 (2.04)
Road freedom, ММ 355
Radius of turn (with side braking), m 4,8
Limit angles of ascending and descending, g. 20
wheelbase, mm 2450
Dimensions, mm (L×W×H×C) 4040×2050×2710

Agromash 85tk


The tractor is equipped with three types of power units. These are four-cylinder diesel engines with air or liquid cooling or an engine running on methane fuel. The last model turned out to be cheaper than the others due to the absence of complicated high-precision fuel equipment. In addition, methane is cheaper than diesel fuel, and the exhaust gases after combustion of gaseous fuel are much cleaner.

To create more torque, the engines are equipped with an intake air supercharger. All engines have similar parameters. Here are the characteristics of the air-cooled D145T model:

  • Nominal rpm is 2,100 rpm;
  • Cylinder volume – 4.15 liters;
  • The method of mixing – direct injection;
  • Maximum torque – 284 Nm;
  • Average fuel consumption – 235 g/kWh (176 g/hp);
  • Cylinder diameter / stroke, mm – 105/120.

transmission, chassis

Engine rotation is transmitted through a dry single disc clutch. Torque is transmitted to the PTO shaft through it.

  • The gearbox is synchronized, it is set with two shafts. Cylindrical gears form 4 output stages.
  • To increase the number of gears a three-shaft gearbox is also installed. Its cylindrical gears also produce 4 gears.
  • The main gear is represented by a pair of cones with circular teeth.
  • Bevel gears are combined. They have spur and bevel gears.
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PTO operates in two modes: independent or synchronous. Two speeds are available: 540 and 1000 rpm. In synchronous mode, the number of shaft revolutions is 2.7 and 5.2 per meter of travel.

The tractor is equipped with pneumatic wheels 12,4 R24 or 11,2 R20 (for chassis equipped with MTZ-80 FDA) on front axle and 15,5 R38 on rear axle.

Brakes, steering, hydraulics

The braking system is represented by disc drives with separate drive on the right / left side. Such a design facilitates maneuvering in tight spaces and increases maneuverability of the vehicle.

Steering is based on the hydrostatic principle. The rotation of the front wheels is carried out by a double-rod power cylinder. The working medium is metered by the steering mechanism.

The pressure in the hydraulic line is created by the НШ10 or НШ32 gear pump. The first pump produces 21 liters of oil per minute, the second – 68,6. The NSH32 is optional if the tractor will be used with productive hydraulic tools. Nominal pressure in the pressure line is 20 MPa.


The operator’s workplace is clearly laid out. All controls are grouped and located at an optimum distance from the machine operator.

  • The cab is equipped with a fan, heater and cab filter to prevent dust from entering.
  • The doors are equipped with key locks. In open position they are supported by pneumatic cylinders.
  • The cabin itself is a frame structure welded from steel profile pipes.

A metal frame protects the operator in case the machine tips over.

Agromash 85tk

operational characteristics

No ordinary modifications to the tractor are available. Only a more efficient hydraulic system pump with three types of power units is possible. These options are offered as options and are negotiated at the stage of preparation of the commercial offer.

In 2010, the tractor chassis was upgraded. The steering angle was adjusted from 37° to 55°, steerability was improved, and the turning radius was reduced. In addition, changes were made to half-frames, fenders and hood. The new design could withstand a high dynamic loads, and the visibility of the working area was much better.

Agromash 85TK was supposed to be produced with an extended cab and back seat. The truck was to be used for earthquake relief.

Similar models, price

You can buy the tractor only from the conveyor of JSC “Sarex” for 30 000 cubic meters Vladimir plant “Agromashholding” does not make them anymore, and the stock is long sold out.

A kilometer of apparatus costs half of the specified amount. The use price can fluctuate up or down depending on the technical condition.

The main competitor of “Agromash 85TK” is the Belarusian MTZ-82. Of foreign analogues we can specify the sixth series of John Deere.

Agromash 85tk

users’ estimations

Sergey, 45 years old: “The machine fully complies with the declared characteristics. The minimum of electronics and “gadgets” makes the tractor easy to operate and repair. The design has shortcomings inherent in household appliances, but they can be eliminated on their own. “

Ivan, 51: “At the time of writing, our Agromash 85TK222d has worked about 250 cows. Although there are no complaints about the assemblies, we only plan to move the hydraulic distributor a bit and finance the heating system, since we will use the machine in winter. “


A wheeled pair of wheels Agromash 85TK is organized in a farm or utility fleet.

It will perfectly cope with tillage, cultivation of crops and movement of goods. At the same time with traction the tractor is economical in consumption of fuel, easy and unpretentious in service. See also: Agromash 90TG, Agromash 30TK, Agromash 50TK.

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Tractor Agromash 85TK: reviews of owners

Tractor Agromash 85TK: reviews of owners

Wheeled tractors of traction classes 0.6 and 1.4 have always been in greatest demand in Russia and GIS. In these two segments in the first decade of the 2000s, Vladimir motor tractors offered new models of universal profile tractors: Agromash 30TK and Agromash 85TK. The first will replace the obsolete T-25 “Vladimir”; the second – as a direct competitor to Minsk MTZ-82 “Belarus”. With such an attempt to make a tractor “like MTZ, only better,” let’s think about it.

Despite the real prospects, 8 5-T K-Agromash did not get buyers, and VMTZ went bankrupt and was officially liquidated in 2018. That same year, for the first time in Russian history, the 35th European Plowing Championship was held in the Vladimir region, and the competing machine operators performed exactly on 85-TK Kverneland break plows.

tractor usage

Tractors Agromash 85 TK were originally designed for agricultural producers of all levels: this model can operate one hundred and forty types of various trailed and hitched implements. The range of possible applications is the widest. This includes tillage, sowing of crops and planting of vegetables, harvesting of hay and other fodder, inter-root cultivation of field crops and orchards, work on livestock and poultry farms, transportation of cargo.

These tractors were also intended for use in the municipal sector and in the area of forest fires. Agromash 85TK could also be used in configuration with a front loader (regular or double shovel as well as fork or roller grapple) with irrigation and sweeping systems (rear brooms with pedestrian and hydraulic drive, with and without irrigation) , with excavator equipment, landfills (municipal with mechanical and hydraulic rotation; bulldozer).

JSC “Sareks” has developed a pum (loading and harvesting machine) on the basis of Agromash 85TK. It consists of a front loader with a two-blade shovel with a capacity of 0.8 m3, 2.02 m gripping width and a brush; it has a loading capacity of 1 ton, a maximum loading height of 4.2 m and a loading height of 2.76 m.

Fields of application of the tractor

Agromash 85TK tractor at the plowing championship.

In general, this tractor has proven to be reliable, economical, productive, with decent traction and lifting abilities, good cross-country ability and long-term operation without the need to refill diesel fuel.

Equipment capabilities

Tractor Agromash 85TK should be available in at least four different configurations. Including – with extended cab + swivel seat for excavators and other rear attachments; with diesel engines: D145T air, D145TB liquid-cooled; with a gas engine on its base; with imported Finnish diesel engine Sisu 33DTA liquid-cooled, with a beam or portal front axle.

equipment options

The standard equipment of this tractor model includes high-comfort cab, synchronized gearbox, frame monoblock hydraulic system, hydraulic system capacity and position regulator, three-section hydraulic control valve of power take-off mechanism for aggregation of machines and attachments.

The hydraulic pump has an increased capacity, can be easily combined with all the devices of supply and agriculture, provides reliable and uninterrupted operation of hydraulic systems. It is suitable for connecting industrial hydraulic devices.

Features of the tractor Agromash 85TK

The tractor Agromash 85TK has a lower operating weight as compared with MT Z-82 – at least by 30 kg, which provides a greater carrying capacity of the tractor with the same load capacity of tires and gearbox. In addition, the tractor has a lower diesel fuel consumption and better dynamic characteristics. Production practice has clearly demonstrated that these are not just words, but real possibilities of this equipment.

In the early 2010s the tractor “Agromash 85TK” was upgraded. The main difference of the new modification, which should go into production and compete with “Belarus” for a place under the sun, was the ability to turn the front wheels 55 degrees instead of 37. Even more maneuverability the developers achieved by changing the profile of side winners half-frame and their connection to the tractor gearbox (at that the rigidity increased). In addition, the updated Agromash 85TK had a much narrower hood, and the machine operator had a better view of the front wheels.

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Features of the Agromash 85TK

The front axle of the tractor was upgraded. It was equipped with a protection of cardan drive of final drive gearbox, which increased the reliability of the tractor’s crosshead. Introduced changes to the design gave the tractor Agromash 85TK ability to make turns with a radius of 4.3 meters without braking of the rear wheel and 3.7 meters with brakes (the tractor of the 2000s described a radius of 5 meters).

A new air conditioner radiator has been incorporated into the tractor design to improve the cooling of the refrigerant in the system. Changes have been made to the electrical scheme. The possibility of installing a double-line pneumatic system for the use of different rear suspensions has been added to the tractor design.

Engines of Agromash 85TK

Tractors Agromash 85TK were equipped with four-cylinder diesel engines with turbocharger of own production of VMTZ. These are two models of engines: D-145T, D-145TB, and a gas modification of the engine. The D-145T engine is an air-cooled diesel engine, and the D-145TV is a liquid-cooled one. Engine D-145T, simpler in design, is designed for use in northern and temperate climates, and D-145TV liquid-cooled engine – for southern and tropical regions.

Engine D-145T has a very simple design and can be serviced by specialists with a very average skill level, which makes it suitable for regions with a low level of supply. The timing system is set by means of a gear drive. The camshaft is mounted from the bottom. Force is transmitted to the cam mechanism in the form of a piston rod by means of pushrods. The timing system has thermal clearances that need periodic adjustment.

Engines of Agromash 85TK

The engine also comes standard with an exhaust-driven turbocharger. As additional equipment, an air compressor and hydraulic system are available, the basis of which is a hydraulic pump NSH-10 or a hydraulic pump drive NSH-32. The fuel system of the tractor has two stages of diesel fuel filtration. For this purpose the filters of coarse and fine purification are used. It ensures high degree of diesel fuel purity before feeding it to the injection system.

Fuel injection is direct. The injectors are closed; with multi-jet atomizers. Fuel pump is separate, with in-line arrangement of piston pairs equipped with one camshaft. The D-145T engine was equipped with a system to facilitate starting – glow plugs.

The cooling system of this engine is an axial cooling system with air coercion and a fan. The system is driven by a belt from the crankshaft pulley. The engine thermal balance is seasonally adjusted by turning the oil cooler on or off. Engine lubrication is accomplished by an oil pump driven by the crankshaft. A replaceable block filter with a louvered lens filter element is used for oil cleaning. There is an oil cooling system – oil radiator.

The diesel engine is equipped with connected electrical equipment – starter and alternator. The generator is equipped with a built-in rectifier and voltage regulator. The engine is started by a starter powered by 12 or 24 volt batteries.

Engines Agromash 85TK (2)

The D-145TV engine, equipped with a liquid cooling system, is suitable for regions with a southern climate. It has a lower noise level than the D-145T and slightly lower diesel consumption. However, the liquid-cooled layout is a more complex design. In its basic design, though, it is the same as the D-145T. This engine is also equipped with a turbocharger.

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Engine operating power – 62,5 kW (85 hp) Specific fuel consumption – 235 g/kWh (174 g/hp) The Vladimir engines are based on many years of experience of the VMTZ, are unpretentious and easy to maintain and repair.

gearboxes and axles

Agromash 85TK is equipped with a more modern gearbox of the new generation – synchronized, which allows more comfortable operation of machinery, reduces the shock load on the gear gears when shifting, thereby increasing its reliability and durability. The gears are shifted through synchronous clutches.

Transmission Agromash 85TK has a large number of gears – 18 forward and 8 reverse. Transportation speed of up to forty kilometers per hour increases the efficiency and productivity of the tractor.

gearboxes and axles

After the modernization, the “face” of tractor has changed slightly.

The wheel formula of “Agromash 85TK” tractor is 4×4, and the front axle is leading. Installation of beam front axle allows reducing of losses in final drive by 15% and increasing of tractor stability at work with mounted and towed auxiliary units.

If again to draw parallels and comparisons with main competitor MTZ-82, the beam axle of “Agromash” is more durable than a portal one and together with large diameter of front wheels (11,2-20 and 11,2R24 accordingly) provides the best traction characteristics of the tractor and its cross-country ability. As well as higher weight.

The cab of the tractor Agromash 85 TK

Tractors Agromash 85 TK were equipped with single-frame cabins, equipped with ventilation, heating and lighting, windshield wipers and rear view mirrors. The frame of the cab and its upper structure are made of steel profiled pipes. The rest of the cab, including the doors, is made of spherical glass that provides excellent visibility in all directions. The tractor hood and fenders are made of durable plastic.

The interior design of the cabin was developed “with an eye” on the advanced European models of equipment and with the participation of foreign specialists. It can safely be called corresponding to modern world standards: an increased level of ergonomics, reasonable comfort and safety.

Cab of the Agromash 85TK tractor

Multifunctional instrument panel on microcontrollers provides the necessary level of control and monitoring of technical parameters of the equipment. An independent cab heater ensures driver comfort in all weather conditions and even when the engine is off.

The cab is suitable for the installation of an air conditioner if the owner wishes. An additional row of headlights on the hood is designed to provide better visibility when working with attachments.

Tractor Agromash 85 TK in action

Those who have direct experience with the Agromash 85 TK tractor note that it has an excellent pulling force. According to this parameter it is not inferior to its Belarusian classmate, and according to some it even exceeds it. “I worked with a plough PLN Z-Z5 and a potato harvester, during the work I covered 280 motor-hours, and there was only one failure: the fuel line on the 3rd cylinder burst. As for working comfort, everything is all right, the only thing I can criticize is the unfortunate position of the handbrake”.

Another rating of “the experienced” in general appreciates the capabilities of Agromash 85 TK, but notes that it is poorly adapted to work in winter. The heater heats the cabin in cold weather poorly (which, in fact, differed the most mass tractor of the Vladimir plant – T-25 “Vladimirets”). “The cabin is comfortable and convenient, the tractor is well controlled: hydraulically reinforced brakes, clutches, very panoramic cabin. But I didn’t like the location of the hydraulic control levers. They are on the right side and too close to each other. Therefore, before pulling the lever, it is necessary to see, what lever it is and where to pull it. Otherwise, you might pull two or three levers at the same time. It’s not comfortable.

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Tractor Agromash 85 ТК in action

Agromash 85 and Agromash 180 for seeding.

Everyone notes the beautiful and modern appearance of the tractor, but criticizes its developers for the abundance of plastic parts.

“Agromash 85 TK showed itself well on plowing. But all the shock absorbers on the windows and doors started falling off from the first months of operation. And when the question of maintenance came up: there is no literature, no spare parts. The factory does not deliver anything to the dealers and nothing can be done under warranty. The service is “mumbling” and does not know any more than ours.

This is the main reason of the failure of “Agromash 85 TK” at the market. Farmers, basically suspicious and cautious buyers, were afraid that this tractor has undeveloped service and difficulties with spare parts (with which Belarus has never had problems). This means that if the tractor stops in the midst of field work, the MTZ-82 can be quickly restored to working order, but there are no spare parts for the Agromash. Either go to Vladimir, or wait a month until the delivery, and field work is such a thing – every hour counts! Strengthens the skepticism of potential buyers and the fact that the model is new, untested time and severe conditions of actual operation with a newly developed diesel engine. And that is why it is rather “raw”.

Therefore, the reviews of potential buyers of the tractor “Agromash 85 TK” can be summarized by the words of a farmer: “I saw it and sat in the cabin. Beautiful, of course, but dangerous for such money…”. Today MTZ-82 is the most serviceable tractor. And the Agromash 85 TK – leave it”.

information in numbers

  • Dimensions: length (with folding system) – 3,9 m, width – 2,05 m, height – 2,6 m.
  • Net operating weight – 3.92 t.
  • Wheelbase – 2.45 m.
  • Wheel size: front – 12,4 R24, rear – 15,5 R38. Automatic power distribution is made by switching on and off front drive axle.
  • Traction class – 1.4.
  • Wheel formula – 4×4.
  • Speed range is from 1.47 to 37.72 km/h.
  • Load capacity of the rear hitch system (on the suspension axle) – not more than 3000 kg.
  • Agrotechnical ground clearance – 470 mm.
  • Ground clearance – 380 mm.
  • Ford depth – 0,5 m.
  • PTO rotational frequency – 540/1000 rpm.

Cost of the tractor Agromash 85 TK

The Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant was liquidated at the end of July 2018. In spite of this, there are occasional reports about the resumption of production at this plant: from the Cheboksary OJSC Promtractor, and from the Rostec Corporation. There was talk about possible placement of diesel engine production at VMTZ; assembly of Czech Zetor tractors, etc. But in fact, the enterprise does not work; and its existence in the 2010s before it was officially shut down can hardly be called a job, either. This is despite the fact that the media regularly published news about the imminent launch of another project at the VMTZ production site.

Cost of tractor Agromash 85 ТК

Therefore, to find out when the last tractor Agromash 85TK was produced at the plant is already difficult, and probably impossible. New tractors of this brand for a long time stood at the sites of agricultural machinery dealers, and no one wanted to take them (for the reasons described above in this article). Price of the latest new tractors Agromash 85TK on average was 1,360,000 rubles (+/- at different sellers). Used tractors of this brand are presented on the secondary market in very small quantities. These rare specimens are sold for about 500-550 thousand rubles.

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