Agile electric lawn mower Viking Me 443. Model review, video and test results

Viking Me 443.

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Viking Me 443 reviews

Advantages: It is convenient to shake out the basket to collect the grass. No problems with the control.

Disadvantages: I have not found yet. Have to prepare neglected areas – remove wires, large branches, pieces of pipes, etc. Despite the fact that the beautiful sex can easily cope with the mower, the grass canister, if it is completely full, should not be trusted to fragile women’s hands (its weight is about 20 kg).

Comment: It is much more comfortable than a trimmer – my back and arms are not tired. Usually climbs over bumps and between bushes/trees.

Advantages: practical basket for collecting the grass, easy to use.

Disadvantages: bulky power button and impractical plastic buttons and near the blade, weak motor,

Comment: I bought it in June 2010. After a year, the trigger broke, as no spare parts are supplied – I had to repair it myself. In 2013, the electricity burned out. returned to the motor. A year later started working again.

Pros: lawn mowers first. Bought the model in 2013, hums quietly (compared to the neighbor’s trimmer). No complaints on the work.

Cons: poor service. (But it just does not exist) Came across stones, nicks on the blade, ordered a new one on August 13, still no (March 14). Business in Novosibirsk can’t convince me to sell new knife.

Growing Kinelsky grapes

Comment: I like the lawnmower, but the problem with spare parts.

Advantages: reliable, sturdy. Very practical grass catcher – you just shake out the grass and wash it from the inside. It simply divides in half. Relatively light. I sharpen the blade on the sharpening machine in 5 minutes (with out and set up).

Disadvantages: After more than 7 years of use (since August 2008), the folding handle is a little loose (needs to be tightened in time). The screws need to be replaced. When installing a mulching kit (purchased separately) there is more vibration and a significant lack of performance. When mulching, only slightly overgrown grass is lifted.

Comment: very satisfied. Gave it to my parents for their birthday. After using it the lawn has grown a lot (now I mow about 15 acres). It is the limit for such a mower. I thought about buying it after the gasoline engine failed, but it still works and looks like it will work for a long time to come.

Advantages: wheel bearing, practical grass basket – easy to remove and empty. The handle works well. Mows well on the curb. Installed a mulching kit, buy it right away.

Disadvantages: a little weak motor 1400W (200W is still missing somewhere), not very comfortable, thin handle and side trigger.

Comment: Quite a good mower for mowing 10 acres in a few hours, not too strenuous. Totally worth the money.


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Viking Me443 lawn mower. Features of work, service

Electric lawn mower Viking M443 is a self-contained model for mowing lawns of small size up to 6 acres. The power of the electric motor is 1.5 kW, which is equipped with an overheat protection. The electric mower is very compact, lightweight enough – 20 kg, provides a cutting area width of 41 cm.

Viking M443 lawn mower

There is a modification of the Wiking 443 C lawnmower, in which the design of the handle is made on a pole.

Technical characteristics

motor type electric
rated power 1 500 W
working width 41 cm
Mowing height 25-75 mm
frame Impact-resistant polymer
Recommended lawn area Up to 600 m²
drive unit no
Basket volume 55L
Additional Features Quick bag lock, integrated cable strain relief, folding handle, center height, dual bearing wheel
mulching no possibility of destroying
Weight 20 kg
warranty 12 months.
country of origin Austria
gear Plastic weed collector with fill indicator

Model description

The small Viking M443 lawnmower is a high performance mower.

  • The ergonomic handle folds up conveniently when you need to transport or store it.
  • The electric mower can be equipped with a grass mulching kit.
  • The housing is made of impact-resistant, high-quality plastic.
  • The central cutting height adjustment with indication on a scale enables a cutting height between 25 and 75 mm.
  • The grass catcher box has a solid capacity of 55 liters. You can judge the degree of filling by the indicator.
  • Thanks to the built-in device, the cable, discharged from the voltage, will ensure reliable fixation of the connectors.
  • Wheels on double bearings ensure optimal maneuverability and stability of the device.

Electric lawn mower has a number of significant advantages over cordless and gasoline models:” width=”279″ height=”300″ />

performance characteristics

Despite its modest size and average power, the Viking M443 Electric lawnmower shows excellent performance: easy start, bouncy, accurate mowing, easy maintenance.

Small tractor Rusich T 15 - description and properties

Due to the aerodynamic effect created by the flap blade, even the clumped grass is lifted by the air flow before mowing and after cutting the Viking mower is blown into the grass box. In addition, the air flow created cools the engine, which gives it sufficient power and a long service life.

For more manufacturer recommendations on Viking M443 lawn mower device features, operation and maintenance, see the instruction manual at the link:

Advantages and disadvantages of the Viking M443 lawnmower

The electric lawnmower has a number of significant advantages over battery-operated and gasoline-powered models:

  • Independence from fuel, engine oil
  • low weight
  • low noise level
  • eco-friendly
  • economical operation
  • affordable price.

Of the defects owners determine the dependence on the power supply, as well as the need to use a larger cross-section cable, increasing the length and distance from the power source.

Video evaluation of the work

Review of the Vikinger Me443 electric lawnmower

Owners reviews


“Viking 443 I have the first mower, no experience with it yet. But so far so good – it worked a season. Stumbled on the stones in the blade formed a notch. Ordered a duty knife. Can be maneuverable, not gasoline-powered – it is not very difficult. Previously worked with a gasoline power tiller, lawn mower is still better than a regular trimmer, back and arms are not as tired. “

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