Advice from a Stiga expert: How to choose a lawn mower for a large garden?

Self-propelled gasoline and electric lawn mower Stiga Combi (Stiga) – reviews

Lawn mowers are very popular these days. They are actively used for the processing of personal and industrial properties. Depending on the type of device, technical features and manufacturers distinguish devices from different price ranges.

Not every mower is ready to work at full efficiency 7 days a week. And sometimes these devices require exactly this level of load. Who needs a so-called “one-dayer” for quality work!

In this case, you should give preference to a company that can offer quality products at a reasonable price. Does something like that exist? Absolutely! A stiga lawnmower will help you mow any lawn.

The company Stiga is ready to offer its customers quite a large selection of models of rotary lawnmowers. Among the product names are both electric stiga lawn mowers with gasoline engine, which are so popular with modern customers, and functional electric models. And their main competitor is the Sterwins electric lawn mowers, detailed information about which you can find here.

Details about all the interesting models can be found on the company’s official website

About the manufacturer

A few words should be said about the company itself, which has been serving the consumer since 1934. The company’s 80 years of experience in the market makes it possible to assess its competitiveness.

Stiga is a Swedish representative that leaves its marks on the products. Due to the harsh climatic conditions of the country, the company’s products are designed to withstand an aggressive environment.

World manufacturer

A focus on each consumer and widespread innovation in lawn care products has allowed the company to become a leader in this area.

Stiga has made it a strategic goal to offer high-quality garden tools and attachments that meet all consumer requirements and satisfy year-round garden needs. The tools and attachments are very safe, ergonomic and environmentally friendly. However, there are other models with similar features, which we will describe in our evaluation of electric lawn mowers for reliability.

Stiga is nothing but a brand of the company GGP (Global Garden Products) – a leading manufacturer of lawn mowers and other mechanized garden tools.

Electric lawn mowers

Today, the company offers a wide range of its own products, including: cordless mowers, robotic lawnmowers, e-on mowers, garden tractors, snow blowers, garden maintenance equipment and waste disposers. Despite this, lawn mowers are the most “mainstream” product on the market.

As you know, mowing the lawn should be a pleasure and Stiga is the first and indispensable helper in this endeavor. Improved ergonomics, sound absorption parameters, anti-vibration handle – all these are the advantages of these devices.

The company is ready to offer the buyer several models of lawnmowers made with the latest multiclip technology, thanks to which the grown grass grows to the minimum particles, with subsequent emptying back onto the lawn.

Scandinavian garden

Stiga lawn mower

Product variants

All the variety of stig lawn mowers can be safely divided into groups, with collector, combi, multiclip, turbo and excel being the main ones. Let us now look at each type in more detail.


The Collector series is designed for use on plots up to 1500 m2. This type of mower is ideal for low grass, which creates a lawn cleared of leaves and other debris. The Stiga Collector 34E can be taken as an example. However, this unit is not designed for large areas, and if you are the lucky owner of a large suburban plot, it is better to take a closer look at the KNO mower.

Collector 34e

This model has the following differences:

  • A 1 (1.36) kW motor;
  • Cover the width of 0,34 m;
  • The grass height from 25 to 65 mm;
  • Small amount of grass to be collected – 25;
  • It is also possible to switch to multi mower mode.

The model does the job of mowing and mulching the floor. Forget about rakes, hoes and even more so a crowbar for cleaning. If you’ve been wondering, “Lawn mower mulch – what is it?”. feel free to click here.

Multiclip technology is also available on some Collector Series models to help prevent moss from spreading on the lawn. You only need to trim your lawn once and the trimmer turns into a mulch.

Check out the video review of this lawnmower.

Minimum effort and excellent lawn density – these are the advantages of using this device. The price of the model is 6000 rubles. However, there are inexpensive electric lawnmowers, which are described in detail in this article.


Series Combi – a number of universal models of lawnmowers, which can collect the mowed grass in the grass collector. The mowers use the possibility of rear discharge in the course of work, in particular the thickness and length of the grass.

Today’s variety of devices combine four basic technologies:

  • Grass from the grass box;
  • Mulch
  • Side discharge;
  • Retrieving.

Popular models

This option is ideal for those who like to “vacuum their lawn,” which cleans it of leaves and grass clippings.

Combi 44e

Most models are self-cleaning.

Available in electric (Stiga Combi 44e is a prime example) and gasoline version (Stiga Combi 53 SB).

Stiga Combi 44e is different:

  • The engine has a power of 1800 watts;
  • Mowing height from 25 to 75 mm;
  • A small number of grass bags – 50;
  • It is possible to switch to a mode.

Combi 53

The price of the device is about 13 000 rubles. As you can see, this device is ideal if you regularly monitor your plot and do not allow the formation of dense overgrowth, otherwise you should choose a special lawn edger for uneven areas and wild vegetation.

Stiga Combi 53 SB has these physical and technical features:

  • 4 kW motor;
  • High grass catcher box – from 27 to 90 mm;
  • Small amount of the grass collected – 60;
  • Weight 34 kg.
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The price of the device is about 27 000 rubles. If you do not like this unit, we advise you to get acquainted with other options for self-made gasoline mowers.


Multi Clip series is one of the best models Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 Svan. This is Stiga’s experimental direction in mulching mode.

The multiclip system spreads the grass and sets it on the ground.

It’s a truly sustainable and time-saving solution, with no need to empty the grass catcher box, put the debris in the bin, and so on. In a few minutes, you can get a perfect result without much effort.

Multiclip i-Clip

These lawnmower models. Stiga stands out for reliability and performance.

Multiclip Pro 50 Svan

The self-propelled petrol lawnmowers from Stiga with their aluminium housing and steel chassis are protected against corrosion and damage.

The blades are specially designed to keep noise levels to a minimum.

  • Mower;
  • 2,760 watts motor;
  • grass sharpening height from 31 to 75 mm;
  • Price – about 43 000 rubles.

Turbo and Excel

This series is a harmonious combination in one device. If comfort, efficiency and versatility mean something, you will not be able to pass by such a model. It’s time to get to know it better.

The Excel and Turbo use different mowing methods, including the Multiclip (the Stiga Excel 50 sq B model is a prime example).

There are also Stiga autoclip robotic lawnmowers in the company’s arsenal. This compact and win-win device cuts and shreds grass hard, so you don’t even have to clean it. On a mowing area of up to 750 m2, this robotic lawnmower chooses its own path. It is safe for people and animals because the blade stops immediately when it turns over.” width=”326″ height=”290″ />

The Stiga Excel 50 sq B has the following features:

  • 4400 watt motor;
  • Large grass height – from 22 to 95 mm;
  • Small number of grass bags – 75;
  • The price is 36,000 rubles.

This device has particularly sharp blades, which means that the lawn is always mowed luxuriously and perfectly.

In any case, it is worth noting that this technique from Stiga is what the resident of every summer needs.

Technical features of lawn mowing on the video.


Every year the company expands its range, and not so long ago there were even robotic lawnmowers. More and more often, mechanized machinery is invading the dacha, invading everyday life, gradually taking over and absorbing the value of time devoted to mowing your own plot.

The official website of Manita Telehandlers will provide you with complete information about the products available, as well as answer any consumer questions.

This article will tell you about the most common reasons why chainsaws get up when the gas is applied.

There are many great auto cranes, but we’ll tell you about the most impressive ones here //

Lawnmowers have become as indispensable a part as a vacuum cleaner or a car, etc. For this reason, it is worth noting that anyone who wants to improve and facilitate their gardening activities, just have to pay attention to Stig products.

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All lawn mowers are distinguished by their technical device, high performance and power. But what you really need to pay attention to when working with a Stiga lawnmower is precision, a strict measurement of a certain height of the mowed grass.

Stiga lawnmowers – comfort, safety and new technology

Throughout the summer gardening equipment, especially lawn mowers, is understandably in high demand. Today, well-proven technique European company Stiga, which we use in Russia and the CIS countries.

Stiga is the oldest Swedish brand, which is also preferred in Europe due to the excellent quality of the products, its safety, ease of use and the introduction of constructive innovations.

Stiga is headquartered in Italy, as in 2011 it was joined by several well-known companies: Mountfield, Alpina, ATSO, Castelgard. The problem has many subsidiaries and representative offices in the world, but the four main factories produce equipment in China, Slovenia and Italy.

Stiga lawnmower

Schrvestia engineers have developed many models of lawn mowers for difficult climatic conditions, perfectly suitable for our country. Such technical characteristics, as well as a reasonable price, allow customers with different budgets to buy the necessary equipment. Manufacturers supply on the market gasoline and electric models. Both types have their own advantages and features of use.

Environmentally friendly electric lawn mowers and-Stiga

Easy to prepare for work, easy to use, compact and lightweight are characteristic of Stiga lawnmowers. They’re ideal for personal lawn mowing, because their electric motor works in an environmentally friendly and relatively quiet way. Mobility on an area of 5 to 8 hectares is always possible by applying an extension cord and mounting it on the body of the machine.

The Combi Electric Lawnmower

The main functions of the electric lawnmower are provided by the system of lawn impact: rear discharge of the grass, the direction of the grass into the grass catcher box, mulching. Depending on the power of lawnmowers, they use blades with different mowing width. For example, the model Stiga Collector 35 E 1,1 kW has a cutting width of 33 cm, and more powerful (1.6 kW) machines a-Stig a-Combi 48 E – 46 cm.

The model of the first variant cuts the grass and collects it in a container. The second, thanks to the mulching insert, returns mulch to the lawn, adding moisture and nutrients, making it beautiful and healthy.

DT-75 tractor - description and characteristics

Stiga lawnmower with front comb for combing out grass from stones

There’s nothing superfluous about Stiga electric lawnmowers, they almost never break, including the invention of the Swedish developers. In front of the cutting blade they installed a special detail – comb, which comb the grass in one mowing and does not let the stones get into the area of the blade. On Stiga lawnmower, thanks to the displacement of the cutting unit, it is possible to mow grass near fences.

Grass catcher box redesigned

In the past, we had to work with older lawnmowers and in the process of operation we often had to stop to clean even an incomplete tank, because the working holes were clogged. With Stiga’s newly designed electric lawnmower, the grass catcher box is as full as possible, making it impossible to make extra stops during operation.

The new design of the electric lawnmower from Stiga

The transparent window of the grass container lets you know it’s full. The container is easy to remove and then shake out. The Stiga grass catcher box range has a small 25 liter container and the Combi range has containers up to 40-50 liters.

On the more advanced Combi models, you simply turn the lever on the handle to adjust the cutting height. There are a total of six adjustment steps – from 25 to 75 mm. In low-cost mowers, you have to move the wheel axle to one of three heights: 25, 45 or 65 mm.

ergonomics and design

When designing Stigas lawnmowers, all ergonomic rules have been respected. The high handle and big wheels, the body configuration and the grass catcher box ensure comfortable operation. The company has taken care of convenient and comfortable carrying and transportation of the tool.

New design and front handle of the Stiga Collector Electric Lawnmower

The handle height can be quickly reduced/increased with a quick-release fastener. This is also aided by the presence of another handle above the motor. The housing is made of sturdy plastic in a modern design – propylene in a bright yellow cheerful color.

Stiga petrol lawnmower

Stiga’s impressive range of gas-powered lawnmowers consists of several lines of machines, each designed for specific conditions. For example, you need a lawn mower for uneven terrain. In that case, it should have large rear wheels with ball bearings, preferably self-propelled, with rear or all-wheel drive and automatic cutting height adjustment. Gasoline mower Stiga Combi 48 SQ B meets these parameters, in addition, it is equipped with a high-performance American engine.

combi_48 petrol lawnmower

Lawn mowers, included in a particular line, have common basic characteristics and various additional functions. Despite the division by mode of operation, Stiga gasoline tools can be considered universal, as the “4 in 1” system allows in each of them:

  • throw the grass clippings to the side;
  • Shred for mulching;
  • To collect in the grass catcher box;
  • mow the lawn at multiple speeds.
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As an additional function on some models – connecting a hose to clean the blades and deck with water.

Stiga gasoline lawnmowers are much more powerful than electric ones: their power is 4-5.5 kW, while the electric ones have about 2 kW. Other parameters also differ upwards: the size of the mowing area, mowing width, weight and dimensions. In addition, among gasoline models, there are self-propelled models, which require only easy operation.

Self-propelled lawnmower Stiga Combi 53

Despite the noise and cumbersomeness, owners of large plots choose gasoline lawnmowers Stiga Combi. For small plots, the non-self-propelled Stiga Collector 43 lawnmower with a compact but powerful enough engine is suitable. It runs smoothly and gently thanks to its new Dryflex technology tread. The 60 litre grass catcher box capacity complements the excellent performance of this model.

The table below shows the key features that will help you to choose the right model from the most popular and affordable ones:

model Combi 48 collector 43 universal 53 multiclip
weight (kg 28-30 25-27 34 24
cutting width, cm 46 41 51 45
Grass processing functions “4 в 1” Grass discharge, rear discharge “4 в 1” mulching only
engine Stiga ST 140 OHV 3l. С. Stiga ST 120 OHV 2.6L. С. Stiga ST 170 OHV 3.5L. С. Stiga ST 120 OHV 2.6L. С.
drive (self-propelled) no no Rear, one speed no

New from STIGA

Stiga Corporation tries to pleasantly surprise its customers. Stiga recently introduced the Stiga TwinClip range of lawnmowers. Their design incorporates the new ExtraCollecting system – twin blades with an updated airflow control system and extra protection.

Stiga TwinClip double blade mower

The unique shape of the TwinClip blades makes cutting and pulling the grass into the mower easier, and the performance of the device is twice as good. And the TwinClip cutting system also reduces vibration and stress on the engine.

Stiga Autoclip robotic lawnmower

There are also Stiga autoclip robotic lawnmower products in the company’s arsenal. This compact and win-win device strongly mows and shreds the grass so that you don’t even have to clean it up. On a mowing area of up to 750 m2, such a robotic lawnmower chooses its own path. It is safe for people and animals because the blade stops instantly if it turns over.

Stiga lawnmowers, presented in our online store of building material Kuzmich24, we recommend as owners of country houses, and professionals who will be satisfied with the simple operation of the units. And then – the aesthetic appearance of action with lawns, urban parking areas.

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