Add engine Neva. Review of modifications, comparisons, reviews

Add engine Neva. Review of modifications, comparisons, reviews

The manufacturer “Red Octobe r-Neva” produces motor and motor cultivists with which the processing of high complexity and prepared soils are carried out. In today’s installation of motor types, models of cultivators such as MKM-45, MKM-75, MK-70, MK-80, MK-100, MK-200, each series are presented in different modifications.

Motor Grubber NEVA MK 200-N5.0

Motor Grubber NEVA MK 80P-S5.0

Thanks to a large number of modifications, you can select a motor cultivator with special features for carrying out a certain type of agricultural work for part of a specific area, etc.

In the overview, you can familiarize yourself with the main features of the cultivating people who are inherent in all models of this type of motorcycle.

Distinction features
  • All mounts are equipped with a gearbox with a different number of gears. Thanks to this device, the device can work at different speeds.
  • Each model in the configuration has a support wheel in front. It improves the mobility of the machine on the floor with worn cuts and enables the operator to easily transport the devices to the desired point.
  • adjustable steering wheel;
  • Aggregation with a different sentence of adhesive devices;
  • Some modifications to the MK-100 cultivator are delivered with a number of attachments. It must be bought separately for other models;
  • wide network of service centers and the availability of spare parts;
  • Neva trade representatives not only work in Russia, this brand can also be bought in neighboring countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan;
  • Reviews of the owners of the NEVA motorcycle equipment confirm the high quality and reliability of the brand without exception.

For example, the manufacturer is completed by the NEVA cultivating motors of foreign manufacturers (Japan, USA):

  • Honda (Honda),
  • Subaru (Subaru),
  • Robin-Subaru (Robin Subaru),
  • Briggs & Stratton.

Motors to various modifications of cultivating differences differ in power (horsepower). The higher it is, the more powerful the motor cultivator and a large area can process.

Unmounted equipment

The Nev a-Hing equipment for motor varieties is developed by the manufacturer Red October.

Based on the ratings in farm forums, some owners of this machine adapt the attachments from other manufacturers to the models used.

According to the manufacturer’s characteristics, an additional assembled and follo w-up equipment is manufactured for the NEVA motorcycle.

Poloiler-doll bumberry slices, one-Rod plug-pelzing mol-trigger set of traction wheels of cutter-disc panel protection cabinet with two row floor rooms for hilling-floor application for one plow.

Utanovka milling cutters

Miss for motor pitcher NEVA MK-100

Depending on the model and the modification of the cultivator, the device can be between 2 and 6 mills. Six mills are today the maximum number for available positions for sale and production.

An additional kit contains two parts units, an additional on each side of the cultivator.

Miss installation diagram on MK100

The attachment of the blades on all Neva motorized cultivators is done manually using bolts, nuts and an adjustable wrench. The front wheel offers the convenience of installing an extra pair or replacing knives with cleats – the cultivator can be mounted on the wheel and quickly changed or a hitch can be added.

Important! You need to remove the blades after cleaning them from debris of grass and soil.

Do not store the cutting knives dirty, monitor the integrity of the cutting knives and regularly sharpen the knives on them or replace them with new ones.

Motoblocks motor. Overview, properties, attachments

Different ridgers are used for motor cultivators of different series and modifications.

For the MK70 and MK80 series, for example, the manufacturer recommends purchasing an OH-2 Hiller. To install it, you need a tow hitch sold separately. This hitch is universal and is also suitable for attaching the mole plow to these devices.

For the MK100 and MK200 series, the manufacturer recommends purchasing hillers of the following models: STV-NPD, single-row OND, double-row STV, single-row disc. All ridgers, with the exception of the two-row OND, are attached to the cultivator with a universal hitch H (; double row OND is fixed with coupling 005.09.1600.

Potato harvester KV-2

The KV-2 potato harvester is intended for the MK-70 and MK-80 series of cultivators. No trailer hitch is required for aggregation with the device. Farmers’ reviews confirm that some masters make such additional parts themselves, based on the individual characteristics of the cultivator.

coupling mechanism

Towing hitches for motor cultivators are simply necessary. This indispensable part allows you to connect the “body” of the cultivator to mounted or trailed equipment. Couplings are universal, suitable for fastening several types of additional parts, as well as special – for fastening one type of equipment. These fasteners differ in the inner diameter of the sleeve, height and weight.


Motor cultivators of any model line and modification require timely oil changes and high-quality fuel.

  • The fuel for Neva motor cultivators is high quality AI92 or AI95 petrol.
  • Gear Oil: Gear oil, general purpose, SAE85W-90 API GL-5.
  • Engine Oil: SAE 10W-30 or equivalent. Manufacturers – it doesn’t matter, the main thing – the degree of purification and compliance with the classification standard.

The maintenance conditions for motor cultivators are standard: after the break-in period, ie the first 5-20 hours of operation, the equipment should be inspected every 100, 200, 500, 1000 or more hours. With the change of season, if the cultivator is used all year round, you should change the oil in the engine, check the oil level in the gearbox, clean or replace the oil and fuel filters.

Complex work, such as engine disassembly and assembly, is best left to professionals without personal skills.

The belt change on Neva cultivators is done manually. To do this, remove the protective cover by unscrewing the screws, then remove the old belt and put on a new one. After installing the replacement, it is extremely important to check the alignment of the pulleys, that is, the coherence of their rotation, due to which the belts are tensioned and move in forward or reverse gears. If the alignment is broken, the straps will break quickly.

Comparison Neva with Husqvarna

Motor Grubber NEVA MK-70B

There is now a huge selection of accessories on the motorcycle market. Do not get lost in this huge selection of motor cultivators, because each of them has its own characteristics, features, minuses and pluses. Further down in the review we will try to decide which is better – the Neva or the Swedish-made Husqvarna cultivator.

Overview of the model range of MTZ motor blocks. Description, properties

It is well known that foreign manufacturers are known for their good technology. Equipment for the garden, vegetable garden, tillage is no exception. Reviews about Husqvarna motor cultivators are very different. Someone is very happy, and someone prefers household appliances because of the availability of service and spare parts.

Benefits of Husqvarna cultivators
  • the presence of shields on the tailors (only some models);
  • there is no need to add oil to the gearbox – according to the manufacturer, the lubricant in the gearbox lasts for the entire service life of the device;
  • the handle of the cultivator is foldable, which saves storage space;
  • there is a carrying handle (only on compact models).
Disadvantages of Husqvarna cultivators:
  • large weight in heavy machines;
  • devices with chain transmission – they “react” poorly to the penetration of stones into the cutters, the chain often breaks;
  • Worm gear machines are not equipped with a reverse gear.
  • As you can see from the review, the Neva is in no way inferior to the Husqvarna in terms of its properties. Like foreign “colleagues”, Russian-made cultivators have engines from well-known companies, there is a reverse gear and oil-filled gearboxes.

A tangible advantage of the Neva is, of course, an order of magnitude lower price, even for heavy cultivator models.

Video review

Overview of the motor cultivator Neva MK-200

Overview of the motor cultivator Neva MK-70

Overview of the motor cultivator Neva MK-80

Overview of the motor cultivator Neva MK-100

owner reviews

In order to form an objective opinion about the Neva motor cultivators, we recommend reading the reviews of the owners of these devices in various modifications.

Ilya, Novosibirsk:

“For a long time I have decided on devices for my location. I chose the MK-200 and here’s why. First: there is enough power for the most necessary work, a powerful engine, and in general this cultivator is praised by many. Of course, it also bribed the fact that service centers are always ready to help with maintenance. For three years of operation, my cultivator has never let me down. The model is good, I recommend “

Anton, Krasnodar

“My first choice was to find a small, compact garden cultivator. My wife and I are tired of tilling the beds by hand, and picking potatoes by hand isn’t much fun either. We chose the MK70 from Piterskaya Neva. What can I say, the machine copes well with its functions, the weight is a bit small, it slides easily on wet soil, but in general it does an excellent job of loosening the earth and digging potatoes. Plus: low price, after all, foreign cultivators are more expensive. Buy it, you won’t regret it!”

Overview of the model range of motorized cultivators Neva. Features of the device, types of attachments, user reviews

Motoblocks and motor-cultivators Neva are manufactured by the leading engineering company ZAO Krasny Oktyabr-Neva. The modern company is characterized by high-tech production, innovative developments and the use of components from well-known manufacturers.

Overview of the model range from Motoblocks Foreman. Description, video, work reports

These components make it possible to create reliable and high-quality devices that are in no way inferior to the best world models in terms of technical characteristics and functionality.

Motor Grubber NEVA MK-100

Model range of motor cultivators Neva MK

Cultivators are designed specifically for mechanization of agrotechnical work in summer cottages and garden plots on small farms. With additional attachments, motor cultivators from Neva perform plowing, cultivating, weeding, cutting beds, digging up vegetables, transporting goods and clearing snow or foliage.

Despite the fact that the cultivators were originally intended for processing small plots of up to 10-15 hectares, in the reviews the owners of the equipment report on the effective use of the Neva motor cultivators on large plots.

Motor cultivator Neva MK-70 Motor cultivator Neva MK-80 Motor cultivator Neva MK-200 V5.0RS

device features

Light cultivators Neva MKM-45, MKM-75 are highly specialized machines with a low power of 1.6 hp. and 3.5 hp respectively. These cultivators are equipped with RobinSubaru engines and 1-speed forward transmission. Designed for tilling light and medium-cultivated soils on small plots.

Grubber Neva Mkm-45

The Neva MK-70, MK-80, MK-100, MK-200 family of motor cultivators compares well with similar devices from other manufacturers, equipping the units with modernized Japanese and American engines with high engine resources, exceptional technical properties and advanced functionality, comparable in level to motoblocks.

The main difference between the various modifications is the model of the installed engine – Robin Subaru, Briggs & Stratton, Honda. The power of the agricultural machine, assembly characteristics and functionality depend on the characteristics of the engine.

Robin Subaru EX17 engine Briggs&Stratton RS750 engine Honda GP160 engine

The advantages of the Neva motor cultivator at a glance:
  • Sufficient traction and high productivity, the ability to process new land, difficult soils.
  • Excellent maneuverability and controllability.
  • Structurally low center of gravity.
  • Extended functionality in aggregation with additional tools.
  • Highest productivity, ease of use and durability compared to similar devices from other brands.
  • Equipped with an advanced gearbox that allows you to choose the gear you need, all models except the MK-70 have reverse gear.
  • Lightweight construction through the use of aluminum alloys.
  • The presence of a folding front wheel, which allows you to conveniently transport the cultivator to the place of use, provides the necessary stability when working with headers.
  • Economical fuel consumption thanks to four-stroke engines.
  • Adjustable steering wheel depending on the height of the operator.
  • Due to their small dimensions and low weight, Neva motor cultivators can easily be transported in the trunk of a car.

Read more: Neva MK-70 motor cultivator. Description of the model. Technical characteristics. operational characteristics

Overview of attachments, their properties

Some modifications of the motor cultivator Neva in the basic configuration have original additional attachments, for other models attachments must be purchased separately. Thanks to the universal coupling mechanism, similar to the Neva two-wheel tractor, attachments from other manufacturers can also be connected to the cultivator.

Motoblock Pogar MZR-800. Review, features, reviews

Mole plow Blade Adjustable rotary coupling Engine block water pump Engine block tiller RM-1 (okuchnik) Engine block excavator VM-1 Adapter AD-1 Trolley TM-500

In the manufacturer of motor cultivators, Neva are made in a wide assortment: flat cutters , ministers, transport wheels in a set with hubs, stoppers and fasteners, protective disks for cutters.

trailer hitch

Depending on the type of fastening devices and the cultivation model, different couplings are used – universal and special for a certain type of additional tools.

Installation and assembly milling

On different models of cultivators, a different amount of floor grinders is provided – from one to three on each side. The maximum amount provided by the design is 6 ground phrases. Additional cutters are quickly installed on all Multivator models manually using a standard set of tools. According to users, the support wheel greatly facilitates manipulations with the device.



Depending on the modification, different Ficker models can be installed on the motorcycle. For light breeders, MK-70 and MK-80 are usually used OB-2 cakes with a detection width when processing 30 cm, which is fixed by means of a special adhesion and is also suitable for plow and other hinged guns.

Motolivative MK-200 and MK-100 as more productive are also perfectly combined with single-row and two-row disk varieties. Accordingly, the coupling device of the required change is selected.

Read more: Motoblocks dobrynya. Review of establishment, characteristics, appendices, use and operation

plow mole

For soil plowing, a plow with a collection width of 15.5 cm is used.

Potato trailer KV-2

This version of a hinged potato grab tacker with a picking width of 30.5 cm is connected to motorized growers of the 80th and 70th models without a clutch mechanism.

operational characteristics

Neva Motor Cultorators consume pure unhealthy gasoline AI-92 and AI-95. The SAE 10W-30 class is recommended as engine oil. The branded oil SAE 85W-90 is used for the gearbox. In order to avoid breakdowns and malfunctions of technology, the manufacturer emphasizes the importance of using recommended oils and fuel.

SAE 10W30 machine oil SAE 85W-90

Preventive maintenance of NEVA engine grades and replacement of consumables are carried out according to the maintenance schedule. For the first time after 5-20 hours, the regulatory work will be done after 100/200/500/1000 mothers the regulatory work.

Daily inspection consists in checking the amount of gasoline, oil, reliability of fasteners and mandatory thorough cleaning of the unit after each operation.

Proper storage of the NEVA motor cultivator in winter or for a shorter period of time also requires the preparatory procedures prescribed by the instructions.

Replacement of engine oil

Depending on the engine model, various conditions of changing the engine oil are determined.

  • For Lifan, Honda engines is provided after the completion of the run after the first 20 hours of operation after the completion of the run of the operational engines. In the future, the level check will be carried out before each launch, which is a very important condition for operation. The interval of complete replacement of engine oil is every six months.
  • In the case of cultivating with Robin Subaru engines, the first exchange takes place analogously after 20 hours, then every 100 hours. Before working, you can also control the oil level in the engine.
  • American Briggs & Stratton engines are more demanding in maintenance-motor oil in cultivators should be changed after 5 hours of operation and then after 50 hours. The level control is carried out before each start + after eight operating hours.
Motoblocks Patriot - reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

Motor cultivator NEVA MK-200

Strap change

Before exchanging the belts, remove the protective cover. When carrying out the procedure, the direction of the belt slices must be retained, otherwise the belt is worried much faster than on the due date.

You can study in detail the recommendations of the manufacturer with regard to operation, maintenance plan, setting settings, safety regulations when working with a agricultural machine:

Read more: Potato rolls and planting machines for the hand-led MTZ tractor. Homemade options, video reviews and reviews

Review and comparison with competitors: Neva or Husqvarna?

This question can often be seen in forums, in discussions about technology. Some owners expressly defend the Russian brand, others no less categorical describe the advantages of Swedish technology. But what is it really?

We call all the advantages and disadvantages without prejudice.

A brief overview of the advantages of the Newa:
  • Available service, consumables and spare parts
  • Reliable engines
  • Savings price
  • Extended functionality.

Brief description of the advantages of Husqvarna:

  • Eternal gear that does not require refilling oil
  • Folding handles and handles with light versions
  • Schildes on pinnacles.

Motor Grubber NEVA MK-200 H5.0 Husqvarna TF 224 Grubber

The disadvantages of the Newa at a glance:

Low depth of soil processing – the problem can be easily solved by installing additional weights.

Characteristics of the disadvantages of Husqvarna:
  • great mass
  • The chain drive often flies or breaks through the penetration of stones, foreign bodies
  • Models with screw gears have no reverse gear
  • Expensive original parts and service.

Of course, everyone is free to choose the technology that they like and to take their own preferences and needs into account. But as the facts mentioned above testify, the Husqvarna-Grubber do not differ in essential advantages from the Newa.

Video review

Overview of the operation of the NEVA engine pitcher

Grubber NEVA MK-80

Motor Grubber Neva with plow

owner reviews

According to the user ratings of these motor cultivators, these are powerful and functional units that are easy to wait and manage.


“I think that a cultivator is well suited for a small area or even a medium-sized-up to 20-25 hectares. If you buy a device that can only plow the country, this is of course the wrong choice. But NEVA moto r-grubber with the skills of a han d-led tractor are the best solution. Firstly, good performance, much easier than a han d-held tractor. The second is cheaper, thirdly the functionality, like a han d-led tractor. And of course spare parts, service – all of this is nearby. So I’m satisfied with my Neva MK-200 Grubber and can recommend it. “

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