Accessories to make your gardening more enjoyable and efficient

Accessories to make your gardening more enjoyable and efficient

Spring is the best time to check your garden tools. No matter what type of equipment you have, you can improve it at any time and thereby increase the efficiency of your work. Discover Stiga accessories that can help you (and for sure) accomplish all the tasks on your gardening calendar!

Get the most out of your mower and garden tractor

Satisfying mower performance depends on, among other things, the quality of the cutting blade. In a previous article, we wrote about how to prepare it to work with your mower again, but you should also be prepared for the situation where it stops being used and has to be replaced.

Choosing the right cutter blades for your mower ensures, above all, the trouble-free operation of the device. For them, this means eliminating the risk of serious lawn mower damage and unnecessary investment in accessories that can’t be fitted to their model machine. You also have to maintain your lawn mower. Almost all garden work in the spring can be done with this cultivator, for example, the Park 340 MX model is used not only for mowing the lawn, but also for scarifying the lawn or fertilizing the soil. But even such advanced devices will fail if you do not take care of the elements that are responsible for their proper functioning.

If you have a Stiga lawnmower or tractor, you don’t have to waste your precious time looking for the right cutting blades. You just have to check the list in our store and that’s it! That means you are always assured of the highest quality and the perfect accessory for your particular machine.

What else do you need to keep in mind? Seasonal oil changes are extremely important because they not only extend the life of the engine of the machine in operation, but also significantly reduce current fuel consumption. And with the specially adapted Stiga service kits, it’s easy to change the oil in a lawn mower or a more modern garden tractor yourself.

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You can also change the cutting unit of a lawnmower quickly and safely. However, in this case, you will need special parts with which you can steadily install the blade in the device. Without it, it is impossible to use the mower safely, which can lead to serious accidents during operation. This is why we have made sure that Stiga mowers are also fitted with accessories to ensure that they are comfortable to use. This protects you from dangerous situations and thereby significantly increases your safety when working with our machines.

If you have any doubts about replacing the above-mentioned mower components, you can return your mower to the nearest service center at any time. Stig service.

Safe working with mowers and trimmers

Accurately trimmed hedges and neatly trimmed bushes beautify your garden. To take care of them properly requires lightweight and very maneuverable equipment: mowers and pruning shears.

When working with these devices, you are primarily exposed to loud noise and the risk of injury from grass clippings with sharp edges quickly flying around. You should therefore carefully choose protective clothing that allows you to work safely and comfortably.

Protection from dust clouds is a priority. Dirt particles not only greatly interfere with breathing, but also ruin your eyesight, as you know very well if you’ve used a trimmer at least once and failed to properly protect your face and exposed body parts. Safe operation of this type of equipment is ensured by a specialist in wishbone and face protection. In addition, equipped with a sturdy metal grill, it will also protect you from dangerous blows from lumps of earth that can “fly” out from under the cutting blade at the most unexpected moment.

For protection against excessive noise, special headphones are provided. The high-quality insulating material perfectly drowns out the noise of the trimmer. On the other hand, the thick synthetic foam ensures maximum comfort even after hours of gardening.

Buying a lawn mower - what to pay attention to?

Push-and-forward technology, such as in the SB 420 D, is an additional safety feature that improves mower performance. This allows the device’s leash to slip out only after the head has been lightly pressed to the ground. It’s also worth investing in professional cutting blades. Adapted to each model, STIGA hedge trimmer blades do a good job not only of precisely cutting through thickets, but also shrubs and even small trees. The cutting blades can also be used to remove unwanted weeds effectively from the surface of the lawn – especially in places that are difficult to reach or completely out of reach of the lawnmower.

Thanks to the Service Kits, you can easily prepare your lawnmower for another season of intensive gardening!

With STIGA accessories, you will improve the current performance of your equipment and protect your own health and life from dangerous accidents that can endanger you during intensive garden work.

7 innovative garden tools that make work much more enjoyable

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The technological revolution doesn’t stand still. Every year inventors delight us with new interesting, useful and effective novelties that help make any job faster, easier and more enjoyable. Supershredder, robotic lawnmower, multifunctional cart and many other things from the selection of the editorial board will help you take a fresh look at the work in the house and garden.

1. Fiskars Xact weed cutter

A great tool for quick and easy weed control. /Photo:

This invention was invented to protect your back. Because with it, you won’t have to bend over for every blade of grass. Fiskars Xact weeding knife perfectly copes with all pests, including dandelions. The tool’s teeth are made of stainless steel, which gives them strength and durability. They penetrate deep into the soil to remove even the longest plant roots. The root pickup on different sides makes it easy to pull unwanted weeds out of the lawn. The unit is equipped with a practical ejection system that allows you to remove the plant immediately after grasping without effort or strain.

Greek Go d-Alte ornamental shrubs

2. Gardena Fruit Picker

An effective tool for harvesting. /Photo:

The Gardena Fruit Collector is an innovative device that can not only help with harvesting, but also with picking neatly. This means you don’t have to prop yourself up the tree for every fallen apple, pear or other fruit because a special drum does it without damaging the fruit. The flexible plastic wire is easy to push back if the fruit picker encounters fruit on the lawn, according to which it is in the flexible basket. In addition, there is a special hole on the side of the basket, through which the fruit is conveniently poured into the basket. Even very ripe fruits always remain whole and can be preserved for a long time.

3. Weed feeder

A real fight gives the weed a supertapka. /Photo:

The weed feeder is a super-tank that can be used to quickly deal with weeds that have sprouted in the gaps between the various coverings in the cottage. Those who run their own farm, more than once faced with the difficulty of removing unwanted plants found in hard-to-reach places. The Super-Tapka is equipped with special rollers for easy cracks. The sturdy hook easily pulls unwanted vegetation out of cracks between tiles, because of, stones and other coverings. The handle is easily adjustable. Two hooks are sold with the weed whacker at once: one suitable for working on concrete pavement and the other for wooden pavement.

4. Wheelasy

Multifunctional cart - an indispensable helper for cleanliness and order. /Photo:

The innovative Wheelasy Garden Board consists of a raincoat material. It can be loaded with any kind of garden debris, including construction debris, which is placed directly on the floor. This makes moving the trash much easier. The edge of the Wheelasy wheelbarrow folds over the fasteners, making it completely flat when needed. Despite having only one wheel, transporting garbage in the wheelbarrow is very comfortable and easy. The specially calculated balance of the device reduces strain on the back and other muscles and makes the vehicle more stable. The Wheelasy can be stored very compactly due to the fact that it develops.

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5. Robot Flymo.

The robot will work, and you will have time for rest and for yourself. /Photo:

Mowing the lawn is a long and tedious job. However, the Flymo robot helps in this difficult task. The principle of an automatic lawn mower is the same as that of a robot vacuum cleaner. During the mowing, it moves according to a certain program of the trajectory, which adapts to the obstacles. Robot Flymo lightly mows the grass and weeds, and then collects them in a special container. In order to control the actions of an automatic lawnmower, it has a built-in mini-computer. The charger suffices for 1, 1,5 hours of work. The maximum area of the processed lawn is 250 sq. m.

6. Gardena Telescopic Secateurs

A useful purchase for those who love their garden. /Photo:

The telescopic pruning shears are primarily intended for efficient pruning. They are extremely safe and allow branches to be removed even from high up in the tree. No need to climb up a tree or ladder as it has a comfortable handle that can be adjusted in length. The light and narrow head penetrates even dense clusters of branches and removes just the right one without disturbing the others. The cutting head is also level so you can adjust its effectiveness.

Tip: You can also use the Gardena Telescopic Cutterhead to remove fruit from overhead branches and trim tall bushes.

7. The Edyn Intelligent Gardening System

Such a device will allow you to ensure that your plants are properly cared for. /Photo:

With such a device, you will be able to give your plants the right care. /Photo:

This useful device was created to monitor the conditions under which greenery grows in the garden. Based on the data collected, Edyn Smart Garden System makes recommendations to improve garden conditions and automatically wakes up plants as needed. To perform all of these tasks, the device includes a sensor, a smart water valve, and a mobile app to control them. The sensor measures humidity, temperature, light intensity and floor electricity. In the app you can always see the acidity of the soil, its moisture and nutrient level.

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