A review of the Husqvarna 240 chainsaw. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety regulations

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw – domestic model of the popular brand

Professional and household appliances of Husqvarna can claim to be standard by their design and operating characteristics. It fully applies to home-use chain saw equipment, which is represented by Husqvarna 240 chain saw in its domestic version.

The tool differs from the developments of other brands by its versatility, productivity, quality of materials and application of modern methods of their processing. Making critical parts and assemblies of forged steel has a positive impact on the tool’s wear resistance and durability.

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw - a domestic model of a popular brand

Photo: Husqvarna 240 chain saw

Precision assembly in the factory ensures first-class reliability and durability.

modernization implications

This model utilizes a classic layout combined with modern industrial design, innovation and original engineering by the company’s design bureau.

In particular, the reliability and efficiency of starting and air cleaning systems, operator comfort, and the amount of maintenance work were reduced compared to similar models.

Despite the fact that Husqvarna chainsaw 240 belongs to the domestic class, its functionality and performance is close to the semi-professional chainsaw equipment. It is confirmed by the ability of the tool to process wood with a cross section of up to 300-350 mm.

scope of application

Husqvarna 240

The possibilities of the tool extend to felling old trees, clearing areas of tall bushes and cutting firewood. The chainsaw can be successfully used in the construction of wooden structures of any complexity.

The chainsaw provides the necessary performance and safety for cross and rip cuts in all wood densities, making it suitable for sophisticated architectural and landscaping applications.

design features

Model with a dry weight of 4.7 kg is characterized by a dense layout of internal equipment combined with easy access to the carburetor adjustment screws and fuel tank necks, power unit air intake.

Operator comfort is increased due to the use of simple starting systems, effective vibration damping, good balancing and ergonomic body shape, providing a firm grip when performing high complexity operations.

Husqvarna 240


The owner’s manual included in the kit provides detailed information on engine startup, routine maintenance, and troubleshooting functions for troubleshooting possible problems and malfunctions.

The detailed design of the saw will help clarify the sequence of disassembly and reassembly of components and systems. A wide range of replacement parts and consumables is available to help you do simple hands-on repairs.

Technical features

The saw is equipped with a standard internal combustion engine with a carburetor running on a mixture of high-octane automotive gasoline and engine oil designed for high-speed, air-cooled two-stroke engines.

The small and economical unit with a displacement of 38.2 cm3 delivers 1.5 kW at a maximum speed of 9000 rpm. Engine life is increased by special machining techniques of connecting rod set parts and wear-resistant coating of the cylinder mirror and the surface of loaded parts.

Power supply advantages:

  • X-Torq fuel economy and exhaust cleaning technology;
  • Two-stage Air Injection air purification circuit;
  • Lowvib anti-vibration suspension;
  • Combi lever control.
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Reliable starting, regardless of external temperature factors, is guaranteed by a manual starter with a simple starter mechanism, pressure booster pump and fail-safe electronic ignition. Low fuel consumption and a 400 ml gas tank ensure long periods of autonomy.

model Husqvarna 240
Manufactured by Husqvarna
Manufacture (assembly) China
Brand homeland Sweden
The considered class household
Power, PS (kW) 2.0 (1.5)
Engine displacement, cm3 38.2
Chain division, customs 3/8
Chain strength, mm 1,3
Fuel tank capacity, l 0,3
Oil tank capacity, l 0,2
Tire length, cm (in.) 40 (16)
Noise level, dB (a) 100.7
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg) 4,7
Instruction manual Download from
Detail Download from

Tuning the carburetor

Correct adjustment of the fuel system contributes to stable traction properties of the engine and economical consumption of fuel and lubricants.

The need to adjust the carburetor occurs most often when transferring the tool for seasonal operation, in which gasoline with a different octane number is used.

The work is performed in the order prescribed in the manual, after cleaning the air intake filter and bringing the cylinder to operating temperature.

The most important signs of a properly tuned carburetor:

  • Engine acceleration and rpm stability in all modes;
  • Absence of smoke and foreign bodies, including detonation noises.

If the engine just does not jump or starts and stalls, you should check the presence and quality of fuel poured, the serviceability of the spark plugs.

The machine stops when you press the gas – the main cause of the malfunction may be a depleted mixture due to a clogged main injector.


Husqvarna 240

The performance of the sawmill depends largely on the quality of the replacement cutting equipment. The proprietary kit contains a standard 16-inch guide bar, a wear-resistant chain with a standard 3/8-inch division, a drive gear, and an easy-to-use side chain tensioner.

  • The taximeter is lubricated and cooled by a special 8 ml/min. of chain oil in the working area.
  • The lack of automatic dosage is partly compensated for by the simple design and trouble-free operation of a standard oil pump.
  • Universal pole bracket allows you to work with the tool with smaller offerings, which is more convenient when working in hard-to-reach places.
  • The clutch design provides a smooth running chain, eliminates the possibility of saw breakage when blocked or stopped in an emergency situation.

To increase the safety of sawing the tool is equipped with a system of inertia switch-off. In traumatic and abnormal situations, the chain movement is blocked in a fraction of a second by lightly pushing the top guard forward.

With the chainsaw’s lightweight brake cover, you can monitor the chain saw’s technical condition without having to dismantle adjacent devices. Risks of injury to the operator while cutting the chain are eliminated with a special capstan.


The successful Husqvarna a-240 chain saw served as the basis for the development of several versions of the brand.

  • The Husqvarna 240e features lower noise levels and the ability to adjust the chain without special tools.
  • Husqvarna 240 X-Torq chain saws feature a new method of installing the legs and salt spray seals.
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Husqvarna 240

benefits of

Excellent technical and functional characteristics of the tool are confirmed by positive feedback from owners and Service Repair specialists. The price of the tool is fully compensated by its performance and reliable business qualities.

The advantages of the Husqvarna 240 model:

  • combination of low weight and overall parameters;
  • economical fuel and oil consumption;
  • No problems with cold starts;
  • Successful dual-cycle air-cleaning scheme;
  • Compensation of the body and shape of the handles, which contribute to the ease of recording;
  • Ability to operate the saw with the multi-function lever.

Disadvantages and malfunctions

During the entire period of use of the basic model and its versions, no significant design flaws were found. In this regard, there are wishes for improvement:

  • Automation of the chain lubrication and cooling system;
  • Visual inspection of fuel and chain oil;
  • Installing a decompressor and reducing the amount, difficult to clean the hardness of the plastic housing.

At official dealers, the cost of a HUSKWARNA 240 chainsaw in basic factory configuration is 12,500 rubles. Injector models, given the moderate cost, are not in demand. Users are more interested in branded parts and layered equipment.


Compete with the chainsaw of this brand can products of leading Asian and European manufacturers, identical in power and business qualities. On the market of home appliances there are offers of models-Stihl MS 180-16, Alpina A 4500, Oleo-Mac GS-16 and EFCO MT 350/16.

In the home appliance market, Husqvarna chainsaw products are popular and sell on par with the best examples of leading brands.

Owners reviews

Bought a used Husqvarna from an acquaintance with about half the life remaining. The machine was in good hands, so it was operated without problems for the second year. Because of the imperfection of the lubrication system to increase the life of the Stillev headset, I use a simple and economical way at low speeds by regularly dipping the tip of the tire in a bucket at low speed. George Valentinovich.

The new Husqvarna has significantly disrupted the high oil consumption. Had to switch to a top up lube system, especially since these oils are identical in density and viscosity. As for a domestic model, the machine is quite heavy, but this disadvantage is more than compensated for with a good buttstock. I found all the necessary information on the Internet from the instruction manual. Kirill

Assembly is not at the Swedish level, especially most of the parts are of Chinese origin. Too rough and brittle plastic for such a price range, spare parts and consumables are expensive. It is the kind of device which is difficult to use, but you would feel sorry to throw it away. For this money it would be better to pick up two similar budget chainsaws from 60 000 rubles, and they would be fully justified. Anton Nikolaevich

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Husqvarna 240 chainsaw, review, features, reviews

Half-professional chainsaw Husqvarna 240 has Swedish origin. Since 1970 the famous Swedish company Husqvarna has changed the vector of its movement, turning from military direction to peaceful.

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw

From its founding (1689) until 1970 Husqvarna was engaged in the production of weapons for the Swedish army. Transition to civilian products allowed the company to conquer the world market in a short time, expand into a concern and become the owner of many popular brands of equipment.

Husqvarna specializes in the production of:
  • Chainsaws;
  • Chainsaws;
  • Power tillers and attachments;
  • Lawn mowers and trimmers;
  • construction equipment;
  • power tools.

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw is part of the semi-professional saw line that is used both at home for sawing logs and trimming branches, as well as in utilities and construction organizations, where tool endurance is required.

Husqvarna 240 chain saw has two modifications:
  • S – suitable for private use, used for short-term sawing work.
  • SG – an improved engine, the tool withstands longer work with load.

It is important to note that in both cases, the power remained the same (2.04 hp), changed the resource of the engine and its endurance.

Husqvarna 240:

Key universal case for chain saws


The manufacturer has equipped the Husqvarna 240 chainsaw with an excellent power unit made with unique X-Torq technology, which not only reduces fuel consumption but also cleans the exhaust, making the chainsaw more environmentally friendly. Its power is 2.04 hp (1.5 kW).

The chainsaw also features an innovative dual system (“air irjn”) to clean the air that enters the carburetor through the filter, which not only extends the life of the air filter, but also affects the performance of the power tool for the better.

The carburetor adjustment is automated. The chainsaw starting system is facilitated by an additional spring mounted on the starting cable. The throttle has both automatic and mechanical adjustment. The ignition system is contactless.

Husqvarna at work

What else is a chainsaw Husqvarna 240? This chainsaw has different sizes of bars: 13, 15, 16 and 18 inches, respectively, and the chains are installed with the appropriate number of links (from 56 to 72). Chain tensioning is carried out by a universal hard wrench, the lubrication system is automatic, using an oil pump included in the moving chain.

The chain saw Husqvarna 240 has a system:
  • A chain brake that activates on rebound;
  • A protective shroud panel covers the brake when the operator’s hand touches it.
  • Vibration suppression system “Low Vib”.
Husqvarna 240 chain saw advantages:
  • Low weight;
  • 2.04 hp power;
  • semi-automatic choke control;
  • dual air cleaner;
  • “Cose Vib” vibration damping system;
  • 2 stroke engine with x-torq system;
  • braking system;
  • easy starting;
  • Automatic chain oil feed;
  • Maintenance;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • Build quality.
Disadvantages of the Husqvarna 240 chainsaw:
  • The high price of the tool;
  • The sound of the chainsaw.
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performance 1.5 kW, 2 hp
Speed 1
Chain speed 16,3 m/s
Engine displacement, L 38,2 cc. Cube
Busbar length 40 cm
Fuel tank capacity 0.3 l
Oil Tank Capacity 0.2 l
Weight 4,7 kg

Owner’s Manual

This owner’s manual contains basic information on the Husqvarna 240 chain saw to help you become familiar with the product and use it safely and correctly for its intended purpose in the shortest possible time.

Husqvarna chainsaw equipment

You can read the original Husqvarna 240 chain saw instruction manual here: Your browser does not support frames to load the Husqvarna 240 chain saw instruction manual.

The following are the main points of the instruction manual:
  • An introduction to the construction of the Husqvarna 240 chainsaw.
  • Parts of chain saw assembly in drawings and descriptions.
  • Introduction to the technical features of the Husqvarna 240 chain.
  • Safety requirements when working with a chainsaw.
  • Acquaintance with the correct methods of work, methods of sawing.
  • The order of preparation of the chainsaw “Husqvarna 240” for work.
  • Information about current and time.
  • Description of preparation of a high-quality mixture for the engine CHAUSCENT with two frequencies.
  • How to start the saw.
  • Maintenance and adaptation to the work.
  • Malfunctions, their causes and methods of detection.
  • The completeness of the chainsaw “Husqvarna” 240.
Safety when working with the Husqvarna 240 chain saw:
  • Work only according to the instructions you have studied;
  • Use protective clothing, eye protection, gloves and other equipment;
  • Do not disassemble the saw or perform other repairs on the working engine and connected high-voltage wire.
  • Do not start or operate a power tool indoors.
  • Keep a distance of at least 5 m from the sawmill;
  • Do not smoke in the work area;
  • Saw with the entire bar, not the end of it – this can cause injury due to kickbacks;
  • Keep unauthorized persons out of the work area.

First start-up and running-in

  • Assembling the tool, installing sawdust that stretches the chain.
  • Making a mixture of engine oil (2T) and ether gasoline (AI-92) in the necessary proportions (50/1).
  • Filling the fuel mixture and oil to lubricate the chain.
  • Checking the fasteners and tightening the fasteners.
  • Starting up the chainsaw.
  • Checking, adjusting, adapting: idle speed; chain brakes; oil pump.
  • Engine wear and tear.

Mileage cannot be ignored – it is affected by such outbreaks as the failure of the piston group – piston wedge, seizes the valves, the engine is irrevocably ruined.

It takes at least 10 hours to make (run-in) the Husqvarna 240 chain saw. This time is enough to break all the moving parts of the tool in economic conditions with low loads.

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Maintenance of the Husqvarna 240 chainsaw depends on the following actions:

  • Clean sawdust, oil and gasoline stains and other contaminants from the chainsaw.
  • Clean or replace spark plugs and lead stars.
  • Replace or sharpen chain.
  • Adjusting the grade.
  • Repair the brake system.
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The main problems and possibilities of their elimination

Chainsaw won’t start at all, possible causes:

  • fuel tank is empty;
  • water in the fuel;
  • Fuel quality is poor;
  • Wrong starting procedure;
  • carburetor is out of tune or dirty;
  • Air filter not cleaned;
  • Fuel lines are clogged;
  • Piston group is worn, rings are worn, no compression;
  • piston is jammed;
  • no spark;
  • ignition does not work;
  • high-voltage wire breakage;
  • problems with spark plugs.

Power plant is running, circuit is not turning:

  • The circuit is stretched;
  • chain is loose.

Saw unit is hot; no oil supply:

  • clogged channels through which lubricant is supplied;
  • Empty oil tank.

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw stops when load is increased, causes:

  • carburetor is defective;
  • ignition system is not working properly;
  • filter needs to be cleaned or replaced;
  • Spark plug is unresponsive (wet, sooty or burned out).

video rating

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw in action



Owners reviews

Denis, 24 years old:

“My dad has a Husqvarna 240, has been sawing for almost 4 years. It starts easily, works in any weather and even in frost. In 4 years I had to replace the starter twice and deal with the carburetor. The chain is native. Expensive consumables and stuff – great tool and worth its money! Plusses: quality saw, quality chain, excellent build, starts up even in sub-zero temperatures, durable. Cons: expensive saw, expensive consumables. Starter was waiting for 1.5 months in the mail.

Ruslan, 43 years old:

“I bought this saw at a discount, took two bars for it: 13 and 18 inches – now I can safely work with logs and trees of any thickness. I use the 13″ to cut and trim branches, and the 18” to cut logs and cut trees. The engine is excellent, no complaints to the manufacturer. Pros: lightweight, versatile. cuts everything, quality is top-notch. Cons: Not detected.

Sergey, 48 years old:

“Bought Husqvarna, got excited, started sawing – realized that I bought a fake. My neighbor had the original. We compared them and found a lot of differences. Return it is impossible, the company ceased to exist and disappeared in an unknown direction. The chain saw saw cuts every second time and at will. Fasteners unreliable, backlash on the bar, sprocket. Paid for the original! A shame! Pros: questionable. Cons: The chainsaw is an absolute disadvantage.

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