A mole in the garden – how to effectively get rid of it?

Ultrasound, daffodils and coffee: 7 humane ways to expel a mole from the site

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On the surface of dacha moles or in beds often appear loose earth bumps? Most likely, this is the work of a mole. Together with the expert they found out how to banish the animal by humane methods and whether it is worth fighting with moles.

The expert of the article – Anna Bannikova, candidate of biological sciences, senior researcher at the Department of Zoology of the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University, specialist in the biology and systematics of female insects and rodents.

The mole is a small animal 12-16 cm long with dark gray or brown fur. He is almost devoid of vision, but has a very sensitive hearing and sense of smell. In Russia, you can meet the European mole – the habitat extends from Barcelona to Yakutia.

The mole spends most of its life underground – on the surface it is defenseless. With their powerful, shovel-shaped front paws, moles dig tunnels used for transportation and hunting. An animal can dig up to 50 m of such tunnels in a day. Moles live in a nest at a depth of about 1-2 meters.

Most often moles feed on earthworms, slugs, caterpillar and beetle larvae, amphibians, and small rodents. Bugs on the surface of the ground created by the mole (mole holes) are traps. The animal leaves musk tags in mole holes – their smell attracts worms.

Moles like soft, loose and fertilized soil: it is easier to dig in and has more food. Therefore, full-sized gardens and vegetable gardens are the most convenient habitat for them. But plants are not touched by these animals – if bitten vegetables appeared in the garden, it is most likely the work of flower mice or squirrels.

Often moles appear in the winter, without the active activity of the owners, and traces of their presence are found when the snow has already melted.

Here are seven ways to save your property from moles without harming or destroying the animal.

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Noise Signals

Moles have very sensitive hearing, loud noises and irritate the animals. Therefore, the most popular and effective way to combat is hard and ultrasonic repellents. These devices look like pins to be poked into the ground in places where moles are detected, because the vibrations through the thickness of the soil spread well. Such a repellent can be effective against rodents and snakes.

As a free alternative, you can use a folk method – a battery-powered radio receiver, which is placed in a waterproof bag on the mole hillock. Unlike special repellents, this method can affect not only the moles, but also the neighbors.


Another effective way to vibro repel moles is an air dish on a metal or wooden peg. As it rotates, it also creates vibrations that spread through the ground. Such a turntable can be purchased in a store or made by yourself.

trap pipe

You can buy special mole traps in stores, but they hurt or even kill the animal. No less effective, but at the same time humane alternative is a pipe trap, which allows you to catch the mole, but not harm it.

Praps Pipe traps are placed in the mole tunnel. If the animal continues it, it gets stuck in the whistle. The trap must then be removed and the mole removed from the human living space. The best place to do this is in a field, river floodplain, edge of forest or deciduous forest. The soils of coniferous forests are too heavy for him.

It should be remembered that the mole must constantly feed, just 14 hours without food can lead to the death of the animal. Therefore, traps should not be left for more than a day. Most often they are set for the night.

Homemade traps

A simple, effective and humane mole trap can be made by yourself. To do this, you need to dig a mound and throw a container (such as a bucket or three-liter jar) under a horizontal tunnel leading to it. In addition, you need to cover it with a board or a piece of slate – otherwise the mole will suspect something wrong. Put some earth at the bottom of the container and put a couple of worms or other food for the mole there – it will work as bait and not make him starve to death until he gets it.

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Zoologists don’t recommend using steel buckets and other containers to catch moles – the critter doesn’t like metal, it can scare it off.

Scented repellent

The mole has developed not only vision, but also the sense of smell. Therefore, one of the most popular folk ways to combat the mole is to place substances with a strong odor in tunnels. We recommend: Use:

  • coffee grounds;
  • rags soaked in gasoline or fuel oil;
  • spoiled fish and rotten eggs;
  • hot pepper;
  • garlic;
  • castor oil.

Special aromatic pellets are also sold in stores, which should be scattered on the ground and filled with water or poured into mole tunnels. But all these methods are ineffective – faced with an unpleasant odor, the mole simply closes the tunnel through which he penetrates, and digs a new one. Unlike vibration, odors do not spread through the thickness of the ground.

Plants that moles don’t like

It is believed that certain plants can deter the mole. These include:

Daffodils – their roots are poisonous;

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Fence off moles.

The most reliable, but also the most intensive method of protection is the installation of an underground fence around the perimeter of the plot. It can be made in the form of a trench filled with gravel, slate or broken bricks, or throw in the ground a fine mesh or steel plate.

The minimum depth of such a wall is one meter below the ground. Theoretically, the mole can dig a tunnel under it. In practice, however, when encountering an obstacle, it most often turns in the other direction. Remember that the mole can move on the surface, so the barrier must be elevated above the ground by at least 20 cm.

Similar mini barriers of spider web with bottom and walls can be built around a single tree, shrub or flower bed to protect them from the movement of moles.

Are moles so harmful?

The main problem a mole creates is earth bumps. They can ruin the appearance of the lawn or ruin flower beds. However, if you set aside aesthetics, the harm from such tunnels is very conditional – a pile of earth on the grass can easily be smoothed with a rake and water. At the same time, the mole is beneficial:

  • It hunts for harmful insects – bears, beetle larvae and caterpillars;
  • In addition, loosens and loosens the ground;
  • Tunnels serve as additional drainage for the site, allowing to divert water from those places where it stagnates.

expert comment

Anna Bannikova, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Department of Zoology, Department of Animal Biology, Moscow State University, Insectivorous Females and Rodents

– Does the mole destroy plant roots?

– Moles come into the garden after worms and larvae – plant pests. The presence of moths means that there are pests such as beetle larvae and bears. Bears are insects, relatives of crickets. Here the roots of plants are damaged.

Like moles, bears build a system of tunnels, but unlike the former, they feed, including roots. During the expansion period, bears build complex systems of passages near the root system of plants. As a result, cavities are formed under the root system at a depth of about 10 cm from the surface, in which volumetric chambers are shaped like spherical nests. If there are many bears in a garden, the cavities laid under the roots of plants die from it, even if the bears themselves do not gnaw them.

The traces of bear activity are confused with mole traces. But moles don’t gnaw at roots – they hunt for pockets that are harmful to plants. Another thing is that moleholes are a kind of “underground U-Bahn” at all for all small animals, including water fields and rats that damage crops. So we can say that moles do harm the roots of vegetables – but indirectly.

– How to protect plants from mole holes?

– There is an effective, although annoying option to save a flower bed, garden, lawn: make a net “floor” and edge. This effectively prevents the mole from entering fenced areas. Killing moles is immoral, and stupid ones are not pests, they are beneficial, they just live where earthworms do. If you eliminate earthworms, the moles will disappear. And then the floor as well. So, too, vegetable gardens and flower beds.

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– Is it possible to chase the mole by smell?

– Moles are very sensitive, their sense of smell is well developed: with your help you will find earthworms. The smell that moles definitely do not like is the smell of iron. For this reason, it is better to use iron containers, and for catching food – glass three-liter glasses, because glass does not smell.

– How quickly do moles reproduce? How many people can live in an average summer house?

-Normally, moles breed once or twice in May-June in the summer. In July August, you can often find dead moles on paths in the woods. Some of them are young animals that settle down and make their way to the surface. Then they usually grab the predators, but don’t eat them because of the musky smell.

Mole holes will be located for several kilometers. Closed, marked, and within 700 m of the location, individuals need to be fixed very quickly. If the area of the site is 6-8 hectares, only a few moles can live in it during the reproductive season. But even the mole is almost constantly under the surface in search of food, so there may be the mistaken impression that there are many moles. Moles are very territorial animals, defending the boundaries of their place and fighting to the death with outsiders. However, as soon as the territory is vacated – for example, the mole is killed – another one appears on the property. Therefore, it is not only inhumane, but also useless to fight with moles, to kill or catch them and take them several kilometers away: Another mole on the site may appear in a week.

If you do not want moles to bother you – do not settle on chernozems and other fertile soils. In Krasnogorsk, for example, there are moles, and therefore there are almost no moles in the gardens, only in the woods and on the edges.

– Is it worth chasing moles away from the site?

– Moles are of the same nature as stubbornly sprouting grass, fallen leaves on lawns, birds starting their spring chorus at half past three in the morning and disturbing sleep. Don’t touch the leaves on the lawns-otherwise they won’t form humus. Close the window if you don’t want to listen to the birds. Don’t plant a garden where moles live – that area is already occupied by them! If you eliminate the moles, the soil will lose its valuable properties and you still won’t be able to grow carrots or roses. Moles loosen the soil, help move and mix the deepest and the most surface layers of soil and perform their cycle, without which the normal functioning of the soil biocoenosis is impossible.

Technology for the removal of moles on the site, the most effective way

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

One of the problems faced by owners of country plots is the appearance of an uninvited guest – a mole on the plot. The animal delivers a lot of trouble: it spoils the lawn, damages cultivated plants and pits root crops. To drive away the excavator, many means have been invented. By studying them, we will find the most effective way to get rid of moles on the plot and prevent their reappearance.

Description of the pest

On the territory of the post-Soviet space there are 6 species of moles:

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

The mole and its burrows

The mole is found in the taiga and forest-steppe, living in loose and fertile soils, rich in earthworms and other underground insects. The most common species is the common mole. The size of an adult animal reaches 18 cm and weighs 130 g. The mole is blind, but has excellent hearing and sense of smell. He will not be able to stroke against the hair, as it grows perpendicular to the body. This peculiarity allows the bighead to move equally well in different directions.

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He eats up to 60 grams of food per day. Without food, the mole dies after 14-17 hours, so it has to eat constantly.

In its search for food, the mole digs new tunnels of up to 50 m a day, and regularly visits passages that have already been dug. Garden and country plots serve as a favorite habitat of this animal, and there is a reason for that: the soil is regularly enriched with organic matter and loosened. Such an environment is favorable for earthworms, and moles just need it.

The animal is laying down loopholes for the future. When worms are abundant, he bites them and puts them in his storage. And although the mole is an insect-eating animal, it can stockpile potatoes, carrots and other root crops, which are very influential to vegetable gardeners.

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

Preparing supplies for the winter

Feeding passages are 2-5 cm from the surface of the ground, stocks are 0.5-1 m, and the nest is located at a depth of 1.5-2 m under the roots of a tree or stump. Moles live up to 4-5 years; by nature, they are solitary and come together to reproduce. Female gives birth to offspring once (seldom twice) a year in spring. There are four to eight cubs in a litter. They grow quickly and in 1.5 months reach the size of an adult animal. Afterwards the young leave the nest and begin their independent life, moving away from the nest to a considerable distance (up to 2 km). Armed with knowledge about the characteristics of the animal, let’s consider how to get rid of moles in the dacha or garden once and for all.

What are the benefits and harms

Attitudes toward animals are twofold. There are passionate defenders of animals, but it has just as many opponents. In nature, it is a useful animal that improves the structure of the floor. Due to the large number of movements of the animal, the soil breathes, the moisture penetrates into the deep layers. The mole mole’s peculiar smell attracts numerous worms and other underground insects. The mole eats them in huge quantities, additionally destroys harmful insects and their larvae and fertilizes the soil with its excrement.

If the mole appears in the dacha, the former merits of the ameliorator can be forgotten, as its natural need to find food leads to the destruction of part of the crop or damage to the lawn. Not everyone can withstand such a neighborhood, so many options have been invented to get rid of moles in the dacha.

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

Moles in the garden

Moles that appeared on their own accord are still dangerous, as they are carriers of tularemia, have pyroplasmosis, are affected by mites and other parasites. Therefore, do not take the animal in your hands.

Methods of control

Not all methods of pest control can be called human. In addition, some methods of destroying animals can be dangerous for people and other inhabitants of the household plot. Let’s figure out how you can cope with moles in your state house and not harm yourself and your pets.

Once the decision is made to destroy moles with pesticides, it is important to use preparations that have been made specifically for this purpose, as well as the enclosed instructions, just follow the dosage and use protective equipment. Manufacturers offer the most effective way to get rid of moths in personal possessions with the help of toxic preparations, which are on the market in a large assortment. According to dacha owners, proven pesticides will help get rid of moles on the plot for good.

“Stop-code” is available in the form of tablets. The drug is easy to use. Two or three tablets are placed in the burrow and cork the entrance hole. After contact with moist soil, a reaction begins, as a result of which the active poisonous substance fills the tunnel space. The animal dies.

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

Poison from moles “Stop-Code”

Alfos-Corot+, a tablet preparation. Two chemical elements, aluminum and phosphide in tandem, form a toxic poison. Once in a wet environment, a chemical reaction begins with the active release of a toxic substance that instantly fills the tunnel space. The poison destroys not only moles, but also shoes, mice and insects.

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“Green House Anticoth” is a scented bait that contains the toxic substance bromadilon, which affects blood clotting. After eating this poison, the mole dies in a few days.

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

Calcium carbide from moles

Some gardeners use calcium carbide. The substance is placed in freshly wormed passages and corked. When it interacts with moisture, a toxic gas is released, which destroys the pests.

It is impossible to poison moles with intestinal toxins if there are pets in the dacha, which can walk the animal.

Folk methods

If the use of chemical preparations is inadmissible, then the fight against moles is carried out by folk means. Having studied the advice of experienced fighters with dacha moles, we will find the best way to reliably get rid of moles in the garden and vegetable garden with folk means and devices, made by our own hands.

Repellent substances and plants

The simplest and most humane way – to fight the pest with the help of strongly smelling repellent substances. These include:

Since the animal has a highly developed sense of smell, it will not visit places where rags are impregnated with any of these substances, or mothballs are worn. The disadvantage of the method is that it gives a temporary effect, besides, the realization of the fact that imperial substances are buried all over the area does not bring joy.

There is one more way to effectively combat the document animal. It is necessary to plant the site with plants that are intolerant to the spirit. These are:

Mariglates are planted with the plot around the perimeter, bulbs can be used locally by planting them around the contour of the bed. Garlic remains in a permanent place, it grows for years, and no mole will pass this barrier. By the way, the described method is also the most beautiful.


A less aesthetic, but effective folk method of getting rid of the pest in the vegetable garden is the installation of windmills. They have different configurations, but the main task is to make a sound when rotating, which moles perceive as a danger. The disadvantage of the method is that the device works only in windy weather, and when there is wind on the plot, the method is not suitable at all.

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

mole diaper

Sound and electronic repellent

The most effective tool that will help get rid of moles in the dacha, you can construct with your own hands. For this, you need metal rods or pieces of rebar length of 1-1.5 m and a tin can from under the beer. The rods are set in motion as the excavator advances, the tin can is attached to the tip. The sound of the metal rod hitting the ground penetrates the ground and scares away the pest. The downside is that the site looks unattractive with such decorations.

What to do if moles are tortured in the dacha To correct the situation, you can use an industrial repellent.

“Topnado Nazb.01” – The device with a built-in sound emitter, compact, resembles a dacha flashlight. Powered by batteries, it covers an area of ten acres.

Electronic Republic “Antikot. Protects from moles, bears and soil. Vibration occurs at different frequencies, which eliminates the habituation of pests.

Frovider Krotov and Zmeev “Yohomi” works from solar panels, the device vibrates and turns off the Infrast, automatically changing the frequency of vibration. The disadvantage can be called a high price (from 3500 rubles). Enough for 7 hectares.

Repeater Ecosniper LS-997MR is effective for 1500 m², with a built-in pendulum that improves swinging.

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

Sonic mole repeller

MouSetraps and Molebear.

Fighting the mole with the help of Mole Traps and mole radiation is an economical method, but you can not call it humane. In addition, it requires constant monitoring of the installed traps and release them from the bodies of animals. Radiators are sufficient to control moles and shrews, while MouseTraps are only suitable for small rodents.

Using Reeds

Another folk remedy will help get rid of pesky animals in the dacha. For this, you will need a reed. It is cut on both sides and a couple of parts are inserted into the mole hole at least half a meter. In windy weather, it creates a howling effect that scares animals away from the area.

If you collect reeds, so as not to expand the problem, do not bring its seeds to your plot.

Devil’s herring

As some gardeners burrow into tunnels, they are buried by a garden pest, a lazy herring or its poultry, and a head in the tunnels. This method is ineffective because the animal clogs the fruit spot and deals with the passage that deals with it. Sometimes the pest presses down on the surface and causes even more problems for the dachshund.

Grinder chainsaw. Tips

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

Damn herring of moles


The things that dacha owners do not go to in order to join the fight against moles. Fighting the pest with a crossbow, which was made with their own hands, is confusing. The stolen pipe, on one side, is filled with gunpowder and shot. Thanks to a thin hole of n e-romal wire, the motion sensor connects to the gunpowder. After excursions of the sensor, the actuator is activated, the wire is heated, and the self-shot burns. The method is tedious and requires special skills and actions.

Sewer flooding

You can get rid of the earth mole by flooding the drains. As soon as a fresh mole is detected, you need to destroy the passage and pump a large amount of water into it. The fight against the pest will be effective only if the animals have appeared on the site recently and have not had time to dig many tunnels.

Sulfur smoke

If you fight moles alone, then various methods are used. Another effective means is to fill the channels with sulfur smoke. A checker is placed in a recent mole hole and set on fire. The hole is backfilled. The toxic smoke quickly spreads through the tunnels and kills the pests. The danger of this method on the site is that it can kill not only the pest, but also the plants.

Sulfur examiners are used in early spring before planting, with strict adherence to precautions.

Modern passport

Folk craftsmen have come up with another way to weed out moles in the dacha. They do it with the help of an electric current. In a measuring device, two metal pencils are dug in the location of the pest. A voltage of 80 V is then applied using a transformer, as a temporary and dangerous method.

Home protector.

The best way to get rid of the mole in the garden is with the help of pets. Dachshunds and terriers manage to catch excavators, and mole moles perceive the barking as a threat and leave the place. When a cat lives out of town, let it out for night and morning hunts. In a week or two, there won’t be a trace of moles left.

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

Pets catching moles

Prevention of moles

What to do to avoid the appearance of moles in the dacha? Given the habits of the animal, the following preventive measures can be taken:

– When fencing the plot, the fence is installed on the foundation with a depth of at least 30 cm.

– If you lay a lawn, cover the area with a special polymer network with fine mesh.

– Run a gutter around the construction site;

– Nail metal leaves or slate cutters around the perimeter.

A good remedy for moles in the country house is a robot gazono cosel. The animal is frightened by the sound and leaves the place in search of a quiet place.

Protecting the site in winter

Since moles do not have hibernation, it is necessary to protect the place in winter. Do not forget about prevention. Do not leave piles on the site, you attract worms and all sorts of larvae, and after them comes the Mole.

Technology to remove moles in location, the most effective way

After we have introduced the reader to the different methods of how to get rid of moles in the home, we are sure that the method he chooses will be human in relation to the animal, because it is not listed in the red book in some countries.

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