A garden without weeds

A garden without weeds

Working in the garden is usually pleasant … there is something that does not sleep every gardener – weeds. Guests not initiated compete with plants for light, space, water and nutrients. Therefore, they reduce flowering, plant development and negatively influence the appearance of the garden.

The methods of weed control are divided into mechanical I chemicals. The former includes weeds and wringing. The latter use herbicides, i.e. H. preparations that destroy weeds.

The mechanical method is the simplest but tedious. With this method, it is recommended to remove the system together with the roots after it has been dug 10-12 cm beforehand. Then cut the guides and make sure that you do not break. It is recommended to use the mechanical method in dry and sunny weather, since plenty of precipitation and high soil moisture can contribute to the growth of weeds.

If weeds filled our garden so that the mechanical methods are not sufficient, we have to fall back on chemicals, ie herbicides. This solution also works well before creating a lawn or a rocky promotion. We can submit the application of general herbicides to the destruction of all plants. In this case, wait 2-3 weeks before landing. If we use this type of herbicides, we have to take into account that there are no other plants nearby.

Another solution to the chemical method is to use selective herbicides. They enable them to combat weeds with growing plants. Selective herbicides destroy unwanted plants without ending the harvest. However, it should be remembered that the effectiveness of selective herbicides is often only limited by a kind of weed. It is important not to exceed the dose recommended in the packaging and not to distribute chemicals in light sunlight and strong wind (which can lead to the transfer of the product to other plants).

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Respiratory protection is required when using herbicides!

However, both types of herbicides are ineffective if this type of weed with inflorescence and, as in the case of a dandelion, turns into a spore bomb, which is an ordinary dandelion. In this case we have a tedious mechanical method.

On the lawn and flower beds, mult i-year weeds such as: clover, dandelion, mortgage, a wide or ordinary naval estate – it can also be eliminated with special, suitable for a certain type of medication. Before the start of the season, it is worth feeding the lawn with a complex fertilizer that is enriched with iron, destroying the moss, and only after at least two weeks to use herbicides.

Gives good results to prevent the spread of weeds of the mulch. This method effectively prevents weed growth and blocks access to the floor. In addition, mulching helps to maintain the corresponding soil temperature in the autumn winter period, and also has a very important aesthetic value.

If you want to get rid of the moss, it is best to use the mechanical method and cut the surface of the lawn with a hay fork and then pull out the moss. This method has a positive effect on the condition of the lawn while the grass roots are saturated with oxygen. However, if we want to take stronger measures, we can fall back on a lawn scolding or use calcium sulfat e-containing preparations. We will also achieve more effective results by using scarifiers who remove the felt by cutting the grass scores flat while loosening the top layer of the lawn and protecting it from fungal and bacterial infections.

Here are a few rules that help us limit weed growth to a minimum:

  • Remove weed before creating a lawn, a flower bed or a garden – weed control between growing plants is much more difficult;
  • Remove weeds regularly to prevent sowing – it is very important to avoid spilling;
  • Do not throw weeds into the composter that has already produced seeds – the seeds can survive;
  • An excellent solution is the use of agrotextiles and mulch – the first protects the soil from weeds without restricting the plants to water and light, and the mulch preserves the aesthetics of the garden and prevents the growth of weeds.
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Weed fighting is a long and difficult process. Do not give up and selectively use all the methods presented. Then your garden will definitely become healthy and beautiful.

Garden without weeds: from dream to reality

Tomatoes are covered with mulch after pinching. Photo: Gardeningknowhow.com Tomatoes are covered with mulch after pinching. Photo: Gardeningknowhow.com

An wee d-free garden is the blue dream of gardeners all over the world. Everyone dreams that large and small weeds are moving to another place far beyond the borders of the garden. After all, weed control costs too much time and effort – the lower back hurts from weed control and the arms drop.

We know that weeds not only spoil the appearance of the garden, but also robs our protégés, crop plants valuable minerals, nutrients and lifelong moisture. And these components of plant nutrition can be used well.

If there is a lot of weeds, the gardener gardener will not have the pleasure of growing plants that the owner of the garden has with a small amount of weeds. It is not funny to watch the scene, conquered your garden property in the weeds.

There is a way to completely free the garden from weeds. Yes, yes, complete, 99.9 %. This method initially brings trouble and considerable labor costs, lengthy and tedious, but then the cultivation of plants becomes a pleasure.

Deep mulch layer on the beds with green

Deep layer of mulch on green beds. Photo: Old World Garden Farms

The way to get rid of weeds in the garden is elegant and simple, does not require a lot of money and the use of pesticides. Only three main secrets that help to free the garden of weeds and give joy in gardening.

Secrets of a wee d-free garden

Secret number 1. Work with your head, not with your hands. We have all heard that “a bad head does not give your hands rest”, so the first secret includes an intelligent approach to organizing a garden room.

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Immediately set the weeds of weeds in garden areas that are not used for the cultivation of crops. The release of workers will be around 75%. In addition, we recommend that you dig and plow paths and other free areas if this does not benefit.

Cucumbers are covered with straw mulch

Cucumbers covered with straw mulch

Work only where your cultivated plants grow and cover the rest of the garden with a mulch layer: chopped leaves, straw and wood shavings. For example, in our garden there is a layer of mulch made of wooden chips

Mulching with free chips eliminated 99.9% of all weeds in these areas. Once a year we eliminate mulch gaps and repair gaps. We used to spend our whole free time with weeds for weeds, and now it is obvious to save time.

Every time you work together the mulch layer, you will break the root system of weeds and prevent you from being rooted in the soil layer.

Secret to the secret No. 2. exclude bare soil from sales. The second secret flows smoothly from the secret of the first – the floor should work or be a hidden mulch layer. For example, if the location is not to be planned in the plant rotation cycle, it is necessary to sow free space with Gidrats: a typhone, a face or a march.

The beds are even covered in winter

The beds are also covered with face in winter. Photo: old world garden farms

Advantages of the mulch

The mulch of plants brings many advantages and has no defects, except obvious complexity. The more we use mulch, the more we appreciate the advantages it brings into our garden.

The use of natural mulch and compost from chopped leaves, straw and even scrubbed grass helps to eradicate weeds in the root and preserve moisture in the soil. The thicker the mulch layer, the less often it is necessary to water and suspend – save time and effort is obvious.

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The beds with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other large bush, plants can be covered with a thickness of 5 cm thick in a diameter of 25 cm around each plant. Mulch plants grow better, give a larger harvest, there is practically no weed among them and they have to be watered much less often.

We mulch the remaining places of the garden with straw or chopped leaves to protect the floor from drying out and population with weed seeds.

Secret No. 3. Work a little every day. The third and last secret of the garden, which is free of weeds, is daily, systematic, plant care. For example, we only work 5 minutes a day and remove weeds that break through a layer of mulch. It is easier to pull out a little weed than then fight many large specimens.

Note that five minutes a week meet 35 minutes once a week. If you go to the garden once a week, you won’t get out with half an hour. So we work every day, but a little.

Protection of the beds with straw

Protection of the beds with straw. Photo: www.gardinging kiftow.com

These are all secrets! Pay attention to the garden plants every day, create a sufficient layer of mulch and enjoy the results and leisure while the neighbors turn upside down, and then complain about pain in the lower back.

We want to defeat weeds and grow a big harvest! Sincerely, Jim and Mary!

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