A flower bed in the garden – with your own hands!

Flower garden at home: design ideas for flower beds and flower beds – tips and photos

Flower garden at home: ideas for flower beds and flower beds - tips and photos

Spring is likely to be a favorite time for dacha owners. It is at this time that there is an opportunity to organize flower beds at the window of the house of any shape and configuration, including the most creative and unusual. Flowers, flowerbeds, flowerbeds are an integral part of landscape design, so it is necessary to think carefully about their location, shape and size. Consider the most successful and uncomplicated options for the design of garden and private property.

What types of flower beds at the cottage and private property are the most common

There are several ways to ennoble personal possessions with the help of a flower bed, palisade or flowerbed.

Flower bed edging.

This is an elongated flower bed of any length and width up to 50 cm. A border can accentuate any area or detail of the garden, limit an alley or lawn. It will always attract the attention of others. It is preferable to plant low plants (up to 40 cm) in such flowerbeds. Mostly perennials are planted here.

Planting area

In German, this word means a garden bed. It is somewhat similar to its predecessor, but instead of perennials planted here flowering plants. Landscape architects often use options of row or symmetric planting. The width is chosen depending on the size of the plot – if it is narrow, low plants are chosen


This is an original flower bed along the house, elongated shape, in which plants of different species are planted, the main thing is that they bloom. As in the case of the tabernacle, the mixborder is planned and created along the walls of the building. The shape can be on one or two sides. Here it is not necessary to consider geometry at all. The main advantage of the mixboard is the choice of free forms and the combination of a large variety of species, colors and not only plants.

Stone garden

This variant of landscape design looks presentable and very elegant. It is easy to organize, has many variations and forms. The main thing in this matter is the correct use of relief, so that it does not turn out to be a dissonance with the overall style.


An amazing and unusually beautiful type of flower bed. The form can be very different, including the most complex. Today it is fashionable to create an asymmetrical arabesque flower bed near the house. One of the main requirements when creating this type of flower bed is the availability of sufficient territory. The owners of small plots of land to do it very difficult, because to reproduce on a small piece of land something grand, worthy of attention, is almost impossible.

Stone garden

This is the only type of decorative flower garden, which can be built on a plot of any size. Even the smallest stony garden will look favorably against the overall picture of the landscape. Plants for it are chosen with different terms of flowering, so it can delight the eye from spring to late autumn.

Felsiger and unpretentious rock garden – decoration of a plot of any size and shape source Supersadovod.ru

Plants for a rock garden with different flowering times from early spring to late fall source Pinterest.ru

Common forms (geometry) of flower beds

The following flower bed geometries are the most popular:

Circle with an oval

They are among the most common forms. They create the most original and unusual floral arrangements, which range from too small flowers on the outline to plants that gain large growth and are planted in the central part.

In the form of a square.

This kind of flower bed usually reproduces bright and very rich floral patterns. And the simplicity of this geometry allows you to reproduce very beautiful patterns of flowering plant species.

Geometry of regular shapes is the perfect platform for creating massive, lush compositions source yandex.ru

Stars and triangles

Flowering stars with triangles look very original and unusual on the plot.

false form

This form of a flowerbed with bright different types of plants can become a real highlight. They are the best way to fit into a suburban plot, which is not very cheap.

Freshforex types of work

Stages of construction of a flower bed near a private house with photoillustrations

When decorating a flower bed, it is necessary to adhere to a certain order:

Choosing a place

The requirements for the location are as follows:

  1. On a piece of paper, you need to draw the intended shape and dimensions.
  2. Place the flower bed in a part of the plot where the plants have enough daylight, i.e. at least 5 hours.
  3. Remove all weeds, break up the flower bed according to the drawing.

If lawn grass is growing there, remove it as well.

Choosing or determining the type of soil

A flower bed can be built on any type of soil. Knowing its properties is necessary to choose the types of plants that will be able to fully grow and develop on it. The flowerbed in front of the window also grows on poorly fertile soil, if it is easy to fertilize with compost.

Preparation of the base. The contours of the base are created according to the following principle:

  1. First, using pebbles and cord, dimensions are drawn on the floor.
  2. Then the top layer is removed – the lawn.
  3. A drainage system of sand and gravel is laid.
  4. The place of the flower bed is backfilled with a fertile mixture.

Create a flowerbed, plant flowers together with children, creativity is your element source Rentonreporter.com

A side note. The best option for a flower bed is the choice in favor of low-flowering species of plants: ringlets, daisies, pansies, sage.

Filling in the flower bed – choose the right species

The scheme of planting flowers plays an important role in the creation of a flower bed. After all, a flower bed near the house should attract attention, decorate the place and complement the overall picture of the landscape.

It is best to combine plants of different flowering times, which replace each other, that constantly bloom in the flower bed. Both annuals and perennials can be used for this purpose.

Attention! The disadvantage of annuals is that you have to plant them year after year.

It’s easier with perennials. Indeed, the monotonous design over time can get boring. To solve this problem is not difficult. To do this, you need to replace one plant with another.

A side note! With a simple solution, you can make a variety in the flower bed – put flower pots with decorative or flowering plants.

Unusual forms and types of flower beds in the yard of a private house

Building a flower bed is a site that puts no limits on the imagination. Any unnecessary thing or object will come in handy for this. Such a flower bed under the window can become a real work of art, if it is properly designed and decorated.

Obsolete vehicles

For this purpose, you can use anything that can be moved before or with the help of human power: a bicycle, an unusable motorcycle, a boat or a construction carriage.

Miniature flowerbeds from old containers

These items can solve two problems at once. The first – to decorate the site, the second – to rid the house of unnecessary things.

From shoes or old furniture

Anything that has served its useful life and is ready for trash removal will come in handy here.

car tire

The most common variant of decor in landscape design. Perfectly shaped circles of different diameters and excellent rubber material make them a versatile means of decoration.

Dry wood from a tree trunk

Here is such an uncomplicated flowerbed will fit well in the decoration of a private home.

A few more options for flowerbeds from improvised materials:

Take a look, audit the house, and you’re sure to find a new idea for a thriving Sam.mirtesen.ru there

Lively and vibrant plastic bottle shapes and almost green flower and glass bottle arrangements source yandex.com

Let me go artist and he will endlessly create the cutest piglets out of 5-liter bottles and calf time in a surreal flowerbed in a pen of sunflowers and car tires source samdizajner.ru

Important nuances of planning the shape of a flower bed in front of a private home

Having decided on the location of the flower bed, you need to have a clear idea of what shape is best for this place. Paths along the plot look better if they are decorated with a curb.

Carver RSE-2400 M chainsaw: description, features and rules of use

The flowerbed under the window will please the constancy of blooming, if it is decorated in the form of a mixed border.

If there is a lawn in the yard, albeit of a smaller size, organization of a rockery is appropriate. It will play a key role in the design.

If the plot is located with elevated relief, organize an alpine hill on it.

video description

To see with your own eyes the design options, where everything is thought out in detail, watch the video about the design of the dacha, how to decorate a flower bed and make a flower bed in front of the house:

conclusion on the topic

Competently chosen design of flowerbeds and flower beds in the yard can not be called just that. Here every nuance, every detail is important. If there is no confidence in their own abilities, it is better to use the services of professional designers.

Photo hunt: flowerbeds and flower beds – 64 ideas for dacha

Our house lawn becomes a blooming oasis when you design your own flowerbeds and flowerbeds in the yard

Tatiana Rotanova

The author of Houzz, an interior journalist. I follow the design, I write about design, I live design. In a constant search for original ideas, new approaches and bold solutions. My dream is that there should be more originals in the interior than copies, and not vice versa.

If there is not enough space for a full flower garden in the country house, you can organize a small flowerbed directly under the windows, near the porch, along the paths and even … on a lamppost. For your inspiration, we have collected photos – ideas for a flower bed or small flowerbeds in the yard and on the “patch” near the house.

1. Flower bed along the path The easiest option is to arrange a flower bed along the paths. And to make the entrance area pleased with blooms all season round, evergreens (e.g. boxwood) can be alternated with seasonal fabrics.

2. A one-sided flower bed (a rectangular narrow flower bed along the paths) can be either on two sides or on one side. Try to continue such a flower bed from the entrance path to the fence or street.

3. a mono-flower along paths Plants with lush hats (such as hydrangeas and peonies) are suitable for one-sided beds. A discreet and elegant monoflower looks with plants of the same species.

4. Along the paths not only a rectangular frame looks good along the paths, but also a mixed board. It may not have clear boundaries, but its composition can include trees, shrubs, plants of different flowering periods and heights.

5. Edges of paths can be covered with groundcover plants, such as stone grass, stone grass or periwinkle. They look great in the gaps between the panels, which, when heated in the sun, provide warmth. These design ideas can easily be implemented in the garden. ALSO READ… Groundcover plants – a guide to choosing and growing

6. Shapely trimming at the entrance In shapely trimming, shrubs or plants are trimmed curly. To get these green balls, make a “U” shaped wire frame and stick it in the center of the shrub. Trim the semicircular shape of this letter by moving the template around the perimeter.

7. From the bed to the wall If there is not enough space, the flower bed can be extended vertically. For this purpose, tubs, pots, flower pots will do. And climbing plants (clematis, honeysuckle, ivy, etc.) easily crawl up the wall themselves.

8. Rolling ball When designing flower beds, geometry is important. Move away from the usual rectangular shapes: plant decorative bulbs with flowering “caps”, cut spherical topiary clippings.

9. Succulents along paths You can also frame entrance paths with succulents (plants from dry areas with succulent leaves). They are very decorative and do not require watering or soil.

10. Groundcovers along paths In the gaps between the garden paths it is easy to create a flower bed. Here you can plant flowering groundcover plants (Bracrotus, stonecrop, Iberis, etc.). And to diversify such a “carpet” is quite easy with the help of larger plants.

How to plan a garden without the help of an architect?

11. Bench in the flower bed A flower bed should be beautiful to look at. In this example, the bench is built into the wooden railing framing the flower bed. Here you can sit and admire the flowers.

12. Flower bed around the tree Use “hidden reserves” and ideas for gifts: If there is not enough space on the site, the flower bed can also be placed in the circumference of the trees, close to the trunk. The main thing is to choose shade-tolerant species.

13. Decking Ideas for a flower bed are not limited to paths and open spaces. Flowerbeds can even be incorporated into patio decking. However, frequent watering can spoil the wood: it is better to use a deck board or cover the decking with a special putty.

14. In homemade vessels Decorate the hallway with plants in flower pots, cachepots. Such vessels can be made on their own from cement (for example, in the photo): the forms and ingredients of the mortar are sold in garden and hardware stores.

15. In “box” containers Use a sense of humor when choosing containers: plant flowers in such “boxes”. Give your flower bed a rhythm by playing with the height of the plants and containers.

16. Square The problem of lack of space for a full flower bed can be solved in an original way: plant flowers (preferably ground cover plants) in “squares” between the slabs of garden paths. These flower bed ideas will amaze both you and your neighbors!

17. Along wooden paths Garden paths made of wood should not be laid directly on the ground, as they rot badly on tree trunks. And a flower bed planted along a walkway raised on supports will help hide unsightly sides.

18. Between the floorboards A flower bed can be placed between the floorboards. Flowers serve a navigational function, highlighting important areas or steps.

19. one color The front flower bed can be a single color. To do this, choose plants of similar shades. For example, for a purple flower bed – ornamental onions, hyssop, catnip and irises.

20. Bosquet near the house For framing the flower bed with a low bosquet (a wall of pruned shrubs), plants and shrubs that can easily tolerate pruning – barberry, hawthorn, honeysuckle, cotoneaster.

21. Flower bed near the house Flower bed with heat-loving plants is best placed right next to the house, ideally – on the south side. Walls heated by the sun give additional heat to the flowers.

22. Screen flower bed In this garden, the patio pergola is separated from the dining area by a living screen flower bed. The deliberately careless planting weakens the strict geometry of the building. Other flower bed ideas for the summer house: Flowerbed design – choosing plants and creating a beautiful flower bed

23. Screen flowerbed in front of the porch A living plant screen (palisade) can hide the unsightly basement of the house. However, remember that abundant watering is not good for the foundation.

24. A flower garden in a mobile container A flower garden umbrella can also be mobile. Simply bolt furniture casters to the garden container and move it anywhere in your yard.

25. A flower garden near the house Tall plants (like hydrangeas) are best planted in flower beds near the house or porch. The walls will protect them from the wind.

26. Round flower bed near the house Design a flower bed with a panoramic view and a small elevation in the center. In this way, it is selected and does not merge with the surrounding landscape.

27. Landscaping balls in the flower bed Such balls can accentuate the geometry of your plot. For example, the linear arrangement of the flower bed or the shape of the house.

28. Flower bed with fencing Metal fencing is not suitable for all flower beds. In flowerbeds located on the sunny side, they get too hot, which can damage the flowers and their roots.

29. Rows of beds In this New York garden, they decided to go beyond a single flowerbed indoors. Rows of flowerbeds not only decorate the front lot, but also form the entrance aisle.

homemade spices

30. A rutarium in a flower garden This is the kind of rutarium (landscape composition of branches, stumps, trunks) can be constructed from sawn garden trees. And the authors of this project suggest planting flower beds right in the trunks.

31. Flower bed in a decorative vase Flower bed in pots can be placed on a special shelf or in a decorative vase, as in the photo. For a small vase, choose plants with a small root system.

32. Flower garden in a decorative flower bed A decorative flower bed on wheels (cart, bicycle) is easy to move around the garden. This way the flowers will be bathed in sunlight all day long.

33. Original planters for flower beds Planters and pots can be made with your own hands, bought or used to implement the idea of lying around in the countryside garbage. For example, for this purpose, an old colander will do – extra moisture will escape through the holes, the bottom will be ventilated, and it is easy to carry with the handles.

34. Original planters to decorate flowerbeds Old barrels, tubs, tanks will be suitable for creating a flowerbed. To make the flower arrangement look more rhythmic (due to the difference in height), you can use a bookshelf or simply put the pot on a garden chair.

35. Flowerpots in flower pots of different sizes Do not overdo the originality: even an old pot can be turned into a flower bed. Finding the right size pot for such a flower bed can be a problem.

36. A container flower bed with containers is easy to decorate to decorate empty areas of the front garden. You can always put a flower pot in place of wilted plants.

37. An entry flower bed can “crawl” from the ground to the wall of the house. And to give the climbing plants something to hold on to, lean an old bicycle wheel against the wall and attach a hanging candle holder.

38. From the steps to the window sill, if there isn’t enough room for a full flower bed, use all levels, all empty areas. Let the flower carpet sprout right in your window through the steps of the house.

39. Small flower bed – lots of shapes In this Swedish garden, there’s not enough room for a flower bed, which is made up for by the many shapes of flower containers. There are “classic” stone rivers, pots, planters, and pots of various shapes.

40. Flower ladder in the absence of space for a flower bed can be placed on the steps at the entrance to the house. In this case, the “exhibition” can be temporary: Summer flowers replace “daffodils, hyacinths, tulips).

41. Vase for moody flowers The most demanding flowers can be grown in flower patches. After all, unwanted weather conditions are not afraid of them – in case of bad weather, the flower pot can easily be moved into the house.

42. Rose in a container Everyone knows that “the rose is tormented by frost”. For container gardens, this is not a problem: your front flowerpot can move into a room for the winter to stay warm.

43. Composition of flowers on an old shoot When composing a composition for a flower button/container, which are different, have colors in color, lushness, height and flowers. Closer to the wall of the house, plants in a circle.

44. Hiding flower spots when flower pots or pots in the front garden seem to be foreign elements.

45. Vase flower bed on the fence Vase flower bed can decorate a monotonous fence, if there is no time and effort to raise a hedge, covering an unsightly fence of rabbit or rabbit.

46. Polymer vine as a flower bed decoration with the right decorative framing of the flower bed even turns into the “stars of the entrance.

On the one hand, such a row of flower beds can outline a path, and on the other hand – the borders in the flower bed or other plantings. The reception is especially effective if the location is terraced.

47. Colorful flower bed in a container A gorgeous flower bed in a container is not the only option. Plants with decorative and colored leaves (Geichera, colorful hostas), muesli and spicy herbs can help create a more interesting composition.

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48. Fabric filler on the legs The containers for the front garden can be made to order: according to the size of the fence or the structure that needs to be covered. For such “camouflage”, taller plants are planted in the background.

49. Flower bed in the railing, a ceremonial flower bed can be placed in unexpected places. For example, in the brick railing of the entrance stairs. And between the steps sow a lawn, as in this example.

50. From the railing – along the wall of the house, when the veranda has a wooden railing, the flower bed can be placed on the balcony strut. In this example, the palisade “grows” on the wall of the house (in a floating pot-stool) and on the steps (in a “wheelbarrow”).

51. A flower garden with a waterfall at the entrance on a small “spot” in front of the house can even break up a stone ring with a waterfall. Or a simpler option is to create dry electricity.

52. Vertical flowerbed A vertical flowerbed can be placed even in a narrow hallway. It is visible from afar and does not require accentuation. And flowers placed at different levels do not interfere with each other. DIY vertical flowerbeds – more photos and details here: Vertical flowerbeds: Complete instructions for beginners and continuing

53. Vertical flower bed in the palette For such a flower bed it is not necessary to buy special modules for vertical landscaping: the usual rows left over from the building will do.

54. Flowerbed “bag” of such water “Bag” for a flower bed can be sewn yourself, but they need a fabric that is not suitable for water. It is easier to buy ready-made modules in rollers and cut “bags” of the right size.

55. Palisades can meet right at the front gate. Or rather, near it. Install a leaf and let it climb – clematis, curly, hooked.

56. The dull gray wall of the front of the house can be draped along the wall of the house: Leave the curly roses. And make a trellis for such a mini bush independent of plastic tubing.

57. A flower bed can also appear along the wall of the house on the wall of the house: Make the curly plants curly clippings.

58. Flower bed in a lantern “hang on the first lamppost” if we are talking about a flower bed in a floating pot.

59. A flower garden in a lantern tiered flower garden is easy to create with a step-ladder. Place the pots on the base, on steps of different heights, suspend in a pot. And place flower beds in old garden wheelbarrows on the sides.

60. Mailbox flower bed Use a vertical when the place for a flower bed is walls, fences…there’s mail from the mailbox. You can hang a pot (or insect house) on it and have a flower bed at the base.

61. Flower garden on the fountain. Look around for empty, flat, horizontal surfaces on the property. In this example, the flower box was placed on the fountain. The key is to choose flowers that can easily tolerate moisture.

62. Flower box in a fountain The incoming fountain is ideal for a multi-stage flower bed. If the fountain is small and the bowls are flat, plant groundcover systems are placed in them.

63. A flower bed in a chair made from an old chair is also a good base for a miniflower. It is enough to remove the seat and place “bags” of geotextile, burlap for planting plants.

64. Green sculpture is small, but due to the originality of the front door. Such “green sculpture” will be an easy accent of the entrance area.

Tell us … Share your experience of creating flowerbeds and flowerbeds in the country house. Show us your photos and ideas for a flower bed or flowerbed in small areas in the comments area of the article!

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