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Every dacha owner or owner of a private home wants the environment to look perfect. However, to do this, it is necessary to spend a lot of time on the care of the plot. For example, for regular cleaning and cleaning. True, not everyone has the opportunity to devote a lot of time to maintaining the site. Here a reliable assistant can be a garden vacuum cleaner. True, for our country, this technique is even more exotic than usual. Not every do-it-yourselfer knows how to choose the right model, so that then you do not have to regret an unsuccessful purchase. In this case, we are going to make a review of the best garden vacuum cleaners for collecting leaves and other debris. In it, we will list models from different categories, so that no reader will have problems choosing the right model.

  • Choosing a garden vacuum cleaner by parameters
  • Cordless garden vacuum cleaners – the best models
  • 1. Makita BUB183Z
  • 3. Greenworks 24227 40V
  • Electric garden vacuum cleaners – best models
  • 1. Bort BSS-600-R 0,6 kW
  • ELITECH PSM 2600 2,6kW 3.
  • Stihl SHE71 (SHE71)
  • Petrol based garden vacuum cleaners – best models
  • 1. Makita BHX2501
  • 2. MTD BV3000G
  • 3. STIHL SH56
  • Which vacuum cleaner to buy?

Choosing a garden vacuum cleaner by parameters

The approach to choosing the right model should be very serious and deliberate. First of all, you need to pay attention to the performance. Here it is impossible to give an unambiguous recommendation, but the power should be directly proportional to the area u200bu200bt territory on which you need to clean up. Here everything is quite simple.

Do not forget about the functionality. For example, some vacuum cleaners have only one mode of operation – suction. Others, on the other hand, have a blowing mode that allows you to clean dirty areas faster. Some heavy models have an additional function – shredding dirt. As a result, small branches, leaves, grass – all this turns into a homogeneous mass, which can become an excellent mulch or, after some time, go to the compost heap to become a quality fertilizer.

Finally, you should think about electrical power. Today you can see both electric and gasoline models on sale. Each option has certain advantages, which should be considered in order to get a technique that can satisfy even the most picky user.

After listing the main characteristics of garden vacuum cleaners, we will give some examples from different categories to make it easier to choose the right model.

Cordless garden vacuum cleaners – the best models

If you are looking for a quality garden vacuum cleaner, the cordless models can be one of the best solutions. Their main advantage is their autonomy and low weight. The user does not need to be tethered to an outlet or carry with him – the power source is always with him. The disadvantage is the relatively low performance. If you need to clean a large area several times a week, with an area of hundreds of square meters, the low power will significantly delay cleaning. However, in most cases, such difficulties do not arise.

1. Makita BUB183Z

Makita Bub183z

Not sure how to choose a garden vacuum cleaner for your country house? If your plot is not too big, pay attention to this model. Its main advantage is a small weight – only 1.9 kg. At the same time, the maximum volume of air bubbles is quite large – up to 156 cubic meters per hour. Thanks to this cleaning will take relatively little time. The maximum air speed is 52 m/s. Not too much, but quite enough to clean a normal area. Problems may arise only when cleaning the area from hazardous waste, such as B. stuck in the grass leaves and branches.

The small weight, although it limits the performance of the device, but provides maximum ease of use, allowing you to work for a long time without feeling tired.

The nice thing is that the battery capacity of this model is quite large – 2.6 ah. This is enough for several samples, so there is no need to charge the battery too often. The device can work in two modes – absorption and bubbling. No wonder some experts consider it one of the best lawn chair cleaners.

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  • Low weight.
  • A long nozzle, which increases the efficiency of the work.
  • high energy.
  • ease of operation.
  • Good autonomy.


  • Battery and charging unit must be purchased separately.
  • Low airflow rate.


Black+Decker GWC54PC-QW

This is a really powerful vacuum cleaner. The powerful motor is powerful enough to clean a large, neglected area. The power reaches 3 kW – an excellent indicator that allows you to quickly finish cleaning a spacious lawn. You don’t have to worry about small twigs that often get tangled up in the grass. Dry grass and leaves are also no problem, thanks to a maximum air speed of 55 m/s – any debris is removed in a flash. It does not weigh as little as one would like – up to 4.4 kg. It seems like a lot. However, if you often have to clean a large area, this weight will quickly lead to fatigue. Therefore, if you want to buy a garden vacuum cleaner for cleaning leaves, this may be the best option.


  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Having a power command function – increasing airflow for cleaning high planted areas.
  • high energy.
  • Effective cleaning of the area.


  • Significant weight.

3. Greenworks 24227 40V

GreenWorks 24227 40V

This is a very good storage vacuum cleaner, which will surely not disappoint even the most picky user. It has a fairly large weight of 4.8 kg. But at the same time, its power is quite high, which allows you to clean even a large area in the shortest possible time.

It is nice that the device has two modes of operation – suction and blowing. Experienced users know that in different situations it is necessary to run such devices in different modes to get a great result. Therefore, cleaning a large neglected area with tall grass does not take much time and extra effort.

In advanced areas, usually include the Leafoduv function to collect debris in one place. And then there’s the vacuum cleaner function to clean your lawn quickly and easily.

The capacity of the garbage collector is quite large – 45 liters. Therefore, of course, you do not have to waste time on stopping work and cleaning the accumulated garbage. It’s no wonder that this washable vacuum cleaner has not disappointed any owner.


  • high energy.
  • Two modes of operation.
  • Reliable non-disassembled motor.
  • Excellent transmission.
  • Capacities up to 103 m3/h.
  • Roomy garbage collection.


Electric garden vacuum cleaners – best models

Electric models occupy an intermediate position between petrol and battery models. They are lighter and cheaper than the first, but much more powerful than the latter. Therefore, many buyers give preference to them. The main disadvantage of these models is the need to use a carrying case – this significantly reduces the operating range. But you do not have to think about what to do if the battery runs out or gasoline runs out at an inopportune moment.

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1. Bort BSS-600-R 0,6 kW

Bort BSS-600-R 0,6 kW

If you need an affordable model of electric garden vacuum cleaner, this model will not disappoint you without hesitation. Despite the affordable price, the power of the model is very high – 0.6 kW, and the airflow is 240 cubic meters per hour. This is an excellent indicator, which allows you to easily and quickly clean up any area. It is nice that the device weighs only 2 kg – this makes the work really easy, convenient and simple. At the same time, there are two modes of operation – blowing and sucking. Therefore, you will be able to blow out the trash, make a pile and easily collect it in a spacious trash can.


  • high energy.
  • Ability to install electricity.
  • Lightness.
  • Low price.
  • Easy to operate.


ELITECH PSM 2600 2,6kW 3.

Elitech PSM 2600 2,6 kW

Another successful model, distinguished by high performance. If you need an electric garden vacuum cleaner for leaf collection, then you should pay attention to it. It does a great job of both suctioning and blowing. And it boasts a serious power of 2.6 kW, which allows you to achieve an airflow of up to 720 cubic meters per hour! Now the trash does not stand a chance.

The model is designed to be carried on the shoulder, allowing you to clean longer without feeling the slightest fatigue.

The vacuum cleaner weighs only 3.5 kg, which makes the work process easier and more comfortable. The dust canister is very capacious – 40 liters, which allows you to seldom take a break from work to clean it. Because of this, the model gets good reviews from most owners.


  • high-quality materials.
  • high energy.
  • Two modes of operation.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Wheel for easy transportation.
  • Air flow speed reaches 75 m/sec.


  • Very short cable – only 0.5 meters.

Stihl SHE71 (SHE71)

Steal it 71 (She71)

For users looking for a reliable and powerful electric garden vacuum cleaner with a shredder, this model will be a real gift. It has a very high power of 1.1 kW, which allows it to suck up to 580 cubic meters per hour – a very good figure for an electric vacuum cleaner. The powerful grinder turns any organic waste (grass, twigs, leaves) into a homogeneous mass, which is easily and quickly rolled into a compost heap.

The weight is very small – only 4.1 kg, which is an excellent indicator for such a powerful model with a built-in helicopter. The nice thing is that the trash can here is roomy – 40 liters, so you can fit a lot of trash in it.


  • Small crowd for its class.
  • high energy.
  • Easy operation.
  • Low noise level.
  • Convenient attachment of power cord.
  • High quality shredders.


  • Not too high plastic housing.

Petrol based garden vacuum cleaners – best models

Gasoline vacuum cleaners are also very popular among owners of large plots. Not surprisingly, because the advantages of gasoline garden vacuums include high performance and maximum autonomy. Yes, they have a high price. But the pluses in most cases compensate for the additional cost of purchase.

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1. Makita BHX2501

Makita BHX2501

When ranking the best garden vacuum cleaners for the collection of leaves and other dirt can not be overlooked model Makita BHX2501. Unlike most gasoline analogues, it weighs only 4.4 kg, which makes the work as simple and convenient as possible. At the same time the performance is quite high – 810 watts. The speed of the created flow is 65 m/s. Therefore, all debris is effectively removed from the construction site. The vacuum cleaner works not only as a vacuum cleaner, but also as a blower. The electronic ignition system makes cleaning the area even easier and more comfortable.


  • Low weight.
  • Good performance.
  • Intelligent ergonomics.
  • Operates in two modes.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Reliable 4 stroke engine.


  • High price.

2. MTD BV3000G

MTD BV 3000g

Readers who are looking for a good gasoline garden slugger with a shredder can safely recommend this model. It works perfectly in suction and wind mode, which means that for any type of work you can choose the right option. The maximum air volume reaches 660 m3/h, which is also an excellent indicator against other powerful models. At the same time, it pays to have a vacuum cleaner that weighs up to 7kg.

Some gasoline vacuum cleaners have a backpack attachment, which makes working with them more pleasant – there is almost no feeling on your back, which is less tired when cleaning the construction site.

The collected debris is not only qualitatively shredded, but also folded into a roomy bag – up to 40 liters, which allows you to clean the area in a short time.


  • High performance, engine speed 8000 rpm.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Built-in burr.
  • Quick start system.
  • Safe stopping.
  • Presence of bicycles reduces the load on the operator.
  • Two modes of operation.


  • Significant weight.



Finally, the leader of the review in the section of gasoline vacuum cleaners-blowers. Very successful German model, which has a good productivity – up to 720 cubic meters per hour. And at the same time it weighs relatively little – only 5,3 kg. It has a powerful mill, which turns all branches, leaves and grass into green mush, which can be used as a fertilizer (after rotting on the compost heap) or mulch. A good anti-vibration system allows you to work long hours without signs of fatigue.


  • Good performance.
  • Professional anti-vibration system.
  • Built-in burr.
  • Well-developed controls.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • The volume of the garbage bag is only 28 liters.

Which vacuum cleaner to buy?

This concludes our test of the best garden vacuum cleaners with a blower. From it you have learned the properties of the most successful models from different categories. Thus, you are sure to find exactly the option that will suit you.

Best Garden Vacuum Cleaners 2022

Have you been planning to clean up your garden for a long time? Then this article is for you. Komsomolskaya Pravda analyzed in detail the proposals of different manufacturers and made a rating of the best garden vacuum cleaners 2022

The best garden vacuum cleaners of 2022

The country house and dacha is not only a place for a pleasant pastime, but also a constant challenge. Fallen leaves, debris and dust picked up by the wind create big problems for the owners of the plot. This problem can easily be solved with a garden vacuum cleaner. However, even the most demanding gardener can get confused by the variety of manufacturers and offerings.

In addition to trash removal, modern models can be used for mulching (composting), cleaning snowy spaces, drying paths by the house or other areas after rain. True, the price of such devices will be much higher. Komsomolskaya Pravda” looked at the proposals on the market and made the top 10 best devices in 2022.

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Editor’s choice

Krüger VBK-3000.

Kruger VBK-3000

This model is suitable not only for work in the suburban area, but also for use in urban conditions. The manufacturers have provided two modes of operation – bubbling and suction with mulch. In the first version, the device works on the principle of a fan, which sweeps dirt to the right place. In the second, it draws the debris into a tube, shreds it and discharges it into a fabric waste container. This light and compact device is very easy to use. Thanks to the powerful electric motor, the cleaning time is minimal.

In addition, the extended package is a nice addition. Included with the blower are two cloth waste bags. They are very quick and easy to replace. Thanks to the wide telescopic tube, the blower enables the collection of large leaves and dirt. Transporting the blower is easy thanks to the wheel at the lowest point and the shoulder strap.

main features

Gardena Ergojet 3000

This device of the German manufacturer is equipped with three modes of operation: brass, suction and trash function. The unit has a 45-liter trash container. The damper made of reliable metal has a long service life, and there is also a smooth adjustment of the air volume when using the device as a blower. The capacity of the garbage can is designed for continuous operation without emptying the bin. The weight of the device is only 4.8 kg, which makes it very convenient for transportation.

main features

Champion EB4510

Lightness and ease of operation distinguish this model. The weight of the device is only 3.2 kg, the tube is equipped with supporting wheels for easy movement of the device on a flat surface. This technique is not very productive, but it can be used to clean leaves from the lawn. The device is equipped with a reliable motor of 1000 watts, which operates from a network with a voltage of 230 V. At the same time, the air volume is 810 m 3 / hour. The long cable allows free mobility and the ergonomically formed handle guarantees a pleasant hold.

main features

Zad's ZPSE-3000

The model of the Russian manufacturer has proven itself exclusively from a positive side. Universal power tool “Zubr ZPShE-3000” works from the mains in suction and blowing modes. Powerful air flow copes with the suction of dirt in the vacuum cleaner mode, but the bag partially misses fine dust. This disadvantage is compensated by the fact that in the blowing mode it blows away even wet leaves with small stones, thereby clearing the road. Training wheels make it easier to move on a level surface, but do not always perform their function on uneven terrain. The telescopic tube makes it easy to customize the design. Switching from suction to blowout is done with a simple lever.

main features

Bosch as z0

A quality and powerful device from the German manufacturer. The tool will be indispensable when working in the garden, cleaning the territory and other situations. The speed of the air flow of the tool is adjustable in the range of 280-300 km/h. The tool is equipped with nozzles, grass collector with a capacity of 45 liters and a shoulder strap to reduce the load on the hands. Additional handle can be tilted for a more comfortable grip. The optimal ratio of features and price makes this model very attractive. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.

Lawn of Al Co. mowed 34. Comfort. Review, features, owner reviews
main features

Ruobi obv18

Technical novelty from the manufacturer Ryobi combines a garden vacuum cleaner, shredder and blower. The dust canister of the device has a capacity of 36 liters. For transportation to the vacuum cleaner attached practical support wheels. The nozzle and the base of the device are not removable and are parallel to each other. According to the manufacturer, this model is ideal for removing dust and dirt from garden paths. As for the adjustment of the flow rate, it is very smooth. Comfortable operation of the operator is provided by an ergonomic handle with soft pads and a shoulder strap. The low vibration level of the device allows it to work continuously for a long time.

main features

Black & Decker GWC3600L20

The comfortable design and ergonomics of this model attract attention at first sight. It is perfectly suited for cleaning small areas. With its help, you can, in particular, remove cobwebs, sawdust, garbage, clean garden paths and hard-to-reach places. The device has six adjustable speeds and a built-in dirt scraper. Black & Decker vacuums are also quiet and lightweight. The backpack-shaped trash can makes it easy to store collected debris, and the 72-liter capacity means you don’t have to interrupt your work to empty the can. Handle is rubberized for a secure grip.

main features

Gardena PowerJet Li-40/60

The powerful and easy-to-use GARDENA Accu Blower PowerJet Li-40 easily and effortlessly removes dirt, leaves and grass clippings from garden areas with an air speed of up to 320 km/h or a suction power of 160 l/s during operation. The intuitive control panel on the handle provides maximum comfort during operation. The air flow can be infinitely adjusted as needed. The kit includes a battery and charger. However, the high performance of the device has a downside. So, the noise level of this model at the peak load is 102 dB.

main features

Hammer VZD 2000p

Universal and powerful tool 2- 1-I n-1 is ideal for carrying out various works, both in the garden plot and in the city. In particular, fallen leaves and small debris, growing garbage in a bag and shredding it. The owner of this device can change the modes of operation with the flick of a switch. In addition, the operator has the ability to adjust the strength of the air flow depending on the task at hand. Also noteworthy is the function of rotating the collected debris, which will reduce its volume. The 35-liter bag, made of durable synthetic fabric, does not get clogged with moisture and dust during operation. But the most important advantage of this model is its weight. It weighs only 2.8 kg. Such lightness allows you to clean practically with one hand.

main features

Electric VU-300 600W

Electric motors are positively different from gasoline motors in terms of weight, absence of exhaust, relatively low noise level, and simplicity and low cost. This device is very versatile. Therefore, it is suitable for cleaning computers, cleaning telecommunication cabinets, barbecues, etc. You can choose the optimal airflow with the speed controller. Elektroit can also be used as a vacuum cleaner, a bag is included. This model is the most budget-friendly in our list. However, this practically does not affect the quality of their work. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on the device.

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