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Cordless grass tool evaluation of the ten most popular models

Good owners will always try not only to maintain general order on the plot near the house, but also to do everything as best and best as possible. The phrase “landscape design” not so long ago entered the lexicon of only specialists, but now many owners of cabins or land apartments are thinking about it. And the good thing is that manufacturers immediately respond to consumer interest – lovers of care for their gardens are given a very wide range of different tools and devices.

With lawn mowers or road blowers, everything is relatively clear: there are both laws and trimmers, powered by an electric motor or internal combustion engine. But these tools are good for large areas, and when cutting grass near obstacles (trees, bushes, fences, benches, curbs, etc.) there are still blurred areas. These areas are not large enough to be handled by hand, of course. But it’s more convenient, faster and better if you use a special tool, lightweight, self-contained and very easy to use. Have you guessed what we’re talking about?

So: Cordless weed cups – top 10 ranking and review of the best models.

To begin with – the table of our rating. Then – a small section of text reminding the reader about the criteria for selecting garden batteries. And finally, each model from the top list is given separate attention, indicating both its merits and the claims made.

Top 10 best cordless grass and shrub bowls

Photo by Name Rating Price
#1 Stiga sgm 104 ae ⭐ 4.9 / 5

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What do I need to know to choose a battery-powered grass shear?

What does the tool represent?

And what kinds of cordless grass bowls are available? And that’s just of the varieties of a larger group of tools that go by the name of “garden shears.” In addition to these, this large group includes buttons, bashers, also powered by a gasoline engine or by electricity.

Grass shears in this line are the most compact, lightweight and low-performance. This does not at all indicate their “inferiority” – no, only the purpose of such serious efforts, when cutting edges are not needed – the quality of blades, their “geometry” and sharpness of sharpening play a much more important role.

And since high performance is not required here, it makes sense to focus on the autonomy of operation to put the scissors with their own power source. And in (or on) such a compact case, it is quite possible to place a modern battery that provides a long enough cycle of work without recharging.

Why did I say all that? So that potential buyers immediately outline some kind of boundaries and decide which device you are going to start with. The problem is that many people are misled by the “universality” of the battery.

Let’s try to explain this. In the set of the vast majority of grass mowers manufacturers in addition to the actual lawn nozzle include a nozzle for cutting thin shrubs. And often the presentation of such models in online stores is on the verge of confusion – the free cutter also comes with a common “bundle”, although it is a bit different.

Unfortunately, don’t be fooled by this versatility. Yes, if you install a free cutter attachment, you can correct young shoots. But against a sprawling hedge or thickets of raspberries to “rush into battle” and correct the shape of stiff bushes – all this will quickly end in a fiasco.

This is confirmed by the many testimonials from users who partly complain that things don’t go well with their shrubs. What to do: If you have predominantly bushes, you need a slightly different tool, a larger and more powerful one. By the way, full-size stabs can also be loaded.

And we’re only going to talk about grass shears. If you cope with your direct tasks, that’s all that matters. They can handle the young shoots of the bush – honor and praise to them. And not quite cope – well, let’s forgive them this shortcoming.

What to look for when choosing battery-powered grass shears

What do we pay special attention to when choosing a hedge trimmer?

  • The convenience of the model. If you choose a “hand-held” tool, which you hold in your hand while working, you need to try how it “lies in the hand”. The scissors should not cause rapid fatigue, because the work of the electric drive is always accompanied by a kind of vibration. The shape of the handle, the weight and the “sting” of the device are very important, so that when cutting the lawn there is no unnecessary force to keep the balance. The elastic pads on the handle do a good job against vibrations and attempts of the scissors to “slip” out of hands.

You must immediately assess the convenience of the control buttons, because it also seriously affects the ability to work.

  • Power sources. No matter how much the author of these lines searched, he found no one he was looking for among the top models, which are powered by the old lead-cadmium batteries. Yes, this is “yesterday’s day” with many drawbacks, and if such a model appears, it is better to give it up immediately in favor of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

The grass shears battery can be built-in or removable. Built-in is good because it is a priori already there, it will not be forgotten or lost. However, you will have to charge the device with an adapter at the socket, that is necessarily interrupt the work. Removable in this regard is better (if there is a second, of course). One can work, the second can charge. However, these models are more expensive and are often sold without a battery and charger – that is also an additional expense. They have higher voltage ratings, which somewhat extends the functionality of the scissors.

The tool’s data sheets usually indicate both the time it takes to fully charge the battery and the running time under load. This means that you can assess how convenient this or that option is.

By the way, selling a tool without batteries makes a lot of sense. The fact is that many brands set up the production of entire lines of different power tools, for which separate batteries are suitable. For example, a cordless trimmer or a screwdriver – why not buy a grass shear without a battery and charger? The savings are obvious.

As for specific battery leaders (voltage and capacity), the better the tool, the higher its efficiency, and the higher its capabilities, the higher, but also the higher the cost of the kit. This means that it is difficult to give any specific recommendations in this regard.

  • Working equipment. The grass shear is most often frontal, i.e. it is cut forward by the forward motion of the shears. The width of the shears determines the width of the strip to be left. It can be 80 mm and higher (occasionally up to 140 mm).

The cutter bar is characterized by its length (from 100 m and above). The kit may not include a knife for each of the functions. Own devices can be used in models of different brands – sometimes it is the “pride” of the manufacturer.

An important criterion is the sharpening of the blades. Modern technology allows to bring it to perfection. Characteristics of their sharpening technology usually try to convey in the most beautiful terms. But if there is an opportunity to test the scissors on the grass section before purchase, it is the best. Poor sharpness is immediately evident in the jamming of grasses instead of cutting them straight.

Some models are equipped (or this option can also be bought) with a special bar with a cart for jamming, and you can work with you without bending over. In this respect, the quality of additional “devises” causes censure.

  • The frequency of blade movements is also one of the important characteristics, but it is not usually focused on. You don’t have to worry about it anymore – the frequency in the range of 900 to 1,500 movements per minute is considered normal. And the non-specialist is unlikely to notice a difference. Will there be more? – Good! Less? – Honestly, I haven’t encountered …

A knife can get blunt over time if you don’t own it while experimenting on your own. Contact with soil is especially dangerous for knives.

The parameters often specify the diameter of the branches of the bush, which the tool should be finished with. Unfortunately, users are often disappointed here – there are many complaints about this in the reviews. Firstly, the bush is not the same as the bush, including the strength of the wood. Secondly, we go back to the question of buying a knife for grass after all. It will be ready along with the shrub – an extra reason to feel good about it. I can’t finish – so no one particularly expected that from him…

  • The brand and cost of the model are also important parameters for the choice. Nowadays, hopefully, there are no more people who want to buy a “full noun”. In addition, there are many suitable products on sale at a quite adequate price.

It is clear that it is desirable to buy power tools only in reliable stores – there everything and with warranty, and you can “get” on discounts and advantageous promotions.

That is only in the matter of “quotes” brands of garden batteries, and our assessment can help the reader.

Top 10 cordless grass cup reviews of the best models

10 Patriot CSH 360 garden batteries

Patriot is an American brand that produces garden equipment, construction and garage equipment. Very popular products, which does not belong to the elite, but shows good results in the amateur and semi-professional environment. It is mainly assembled in China.

Cordless hedge trimmer Patriot CSH 360 is a great helper for anyone who maintains a small garden near the house. With their help it is impossible to solve large tasks, but, on the other hand, the daily cutting of vegetation in beds and lawns or trimming of growing shrubs is among them.

The device is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery, which ensures independence from the connection point and the necessary mobility when moving around the construction site and during work. It comes with two of the traditional scissor tips that can be used to extend the capabilities of the scissors and make them more versatile.

Stiga Cordless Multitool

20V rechargeable technology 100 series stiga

Cordless rechargeable Multitool stiga in the store Garden Mechanisms at the best prices from 2690.00 rubles for the product in the category. Our catalog contains rechargeable Stiga Multitools from the most famous and sought-after manufacturers.

Cordless multifunction tool Stihl

Cordless multifunction tool from GreenWorks

Cordless multitool system Worx Powershare

Cordless multitool system Power for Alliance (Bosch, Gardena, Al-Ko)

Cordless multitool system Al-Ko

Cordless Gardener Daewoo

Cordless Gardena Cordless Gardener

Cordless Gardening Tool Makita LXT

Cordless multifunction tool Husqvarna

Cordless Honda cordless multifunction tool

Cordless Gardening Equipment Champion

Cordless gardener Oleo-Mac

Professional cordless machinery AS-Motor Electric

A total of 140 products meet the conditions of selection

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  • After price

Cordless stiga SAB 500 AE without battery and charger 3D

Cordless hedge trimmer Stiga SHT 500 AE without battery and charger 3D

Cordless stiga SMT 500 AE cordless rotary hoe + Freibneider without battery and charger 3D

Stiga SGT 500 AE cordless trimmer without battery and charger 3D

Stiga SAB 700 AE cordless trimmer without battery and charger 3D 3D

Stiga SBC 500 AE brushcutter without battery and charger 3D 3D

Stiga SLM 536 AE cordless mower without battery and charger 3D 3D



Stiga ST 300E cordless snow blower / shovel set with 2 Ah battery and charger 3D

Stiga SBC 700 D AE brushcutter/shovel without battery and charger 3D

Stiga SLM 540 AE KIT cordless lawnmower with 4 Ah battery and charger 3D



Stiga collector 548 s ae kIT Accu Rechargeable Lawnmower with 2 4 Ah Batteries and Charger 3D

Stiga SLM 3448 AE cordless mower with 2 Ah battery and charger 3D

Stiga SMT 100 ae cordless rotary lawnmower + hedge trimmer with 4 Ah battery and charger 3D

Stiga SLM 540 AE cordless lawnmower without battery and charger 3D

Stiga SLM 544 AE cordless rotary lawnmower without battery 3D

Stiga collector 543 ae cordless mower with 4 ah battery pack and battery charger 3D 3D

Stiga collector 548 AE battery pack with 4 ah battery and too 3D

Battery - Stiga Combi 743 q ae cordless lawnmower kit with 4 ahp battery and too

Cordless lawnmower Stiga a-Combi 753 q ae with 4 ah battery, without battery 3D

Lawnmower Stig a Combi 955 m² without battery 3D

Stiga Twinclip 950 SQ AE cordless self-propelled lawnmower without battery 3D

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About the brand

Stiga is a company from Sweden, and while its products lose out to the famous black-and-orange Swedish competitor and a number of other European brands, they are inferior and sometimes superior in their range. For example, the last category of the catalog, Stiga cordless multitool, is presented wider – not one, but 4 series, including not only household, but also professional tools.


At the heart of the cordless tool from Stig are powerful modern lithium-ion batteries, which can be removed from one type of device and installed on another in seconds. They are charged with an external charger – “regular” or, optionally, “fast”.

There are several advantages to using lithium-ion batteries:

  • The battery doesn’t lose performance uniformly, which means the tool gradually slows down, but still shows maximum performance until almost completely unloaded.
  • They are devoid of most of the disadvantages of the nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries used up to now: self-discharge at rest, “memory effect” and loss of capacity as the number of charge/discharge cycles increases.
  • The charging process is fully automatic, which greatly prolongs battery life and makes control over the process superfluous.

The most important battery parameters that have the most impact on Stiga cordless gardening device performance and convenience:

  • Capacity – the higher it is, the longer the multi-tool lasts with a single load, but the heavier the battery and the longer it lasts.
  • Voltage – the higher it is, the more powerful the device itself and the more complex tasks it can handle. Most manufacturers use 18-volt or, much more rarely, 36-volt batteries. But in the case of stiga products, it’s worth delving into this point.

Multi-Tool Series.

Stiga’s cordless tools come in four series:

  • 24V – a range of household tools for yard and garden work.
  • 48V – household tools for more demanding tasks.
  • The 500 synchronized is a semi-professional piece of equipment. It also uses 48-volt batteries, but their size is different from the others. Thanks to the presence of the handle and the seat, replacement is much faster. In addition, most garden tools are initially equipped with 2 (and sometimes 4) batteries for longer operation.
  • The 80V is the most powerful professional tool. By the way, the Stiga cordless garden tool may be the only representative on the market that uses batteries with such a high voltage that it almost equates to the performance of the devices in which they are installed.

Important note: all batteries and chargers are universal only within the same series.


Series divisions aside, the total list of battery equipment produced by the company includes:

  • Mower,
  • Trimmer (mower),
  • Snow Mower,
  • Hedge trimmers (free mowing),
  • Hochschneider,
  • Fan,
  • Garden vacuum cleaner,
  • Chainsaws,
  • 2-in-1 devices: blower/vacuum cleaner, Frimneider/Hochschneider.

Each device is represented by several models and kits: with or without batteries and chargers – for those who are used to buying the appropriate equipment.

Where to buy?

Cordless Stiga tools are always available from the official dealer “Garden Mechanisms”. The most current and popular models you can buy in our store in Moscow, and the most complete catalog with the possibility of ordering devices with delivery throughout Russia you will find on the website GardenGear.ru.

Rolled turf, i.e. lawns for the more impatient
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