6 gadgets that make gardening easier

Eight tools that make gardening easier

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For the modern man the most important tools are a smart head and skilled hands, and for the gardener – the same plus a shovel. But no matter how versatile the dacha gardener’s bayonet friend is, some tasks are beyond her power.

The countryside is a place where a person can get away from work duties and relax after a busy day. A change of scenery and activities is the best way to “reboot”. We offer you 8 tools that will save you from physical work and keep all the joy and pleasure of the process.

1. Cultivator “Tornado”

Tornado cultivator

“Tornado” is a tool with spirally curved tines and a slightly curved T-shaped handle. When the rod rolls, the tines easily penetrate the soil and loosen it at the same time.

This cultivator has become a godsend and a real salvation for many gardeners. Its main task is to gently remove the roots of weeds from the soil without damaging the crops. However, many people use the “tornado” to loosen the soil, collect trash and grass, as well as to prepare planting pits and develop neglected areas.

For weed control, you should have the sharpest, most reliable and durable tools in your arsenal. Preferably all from our list.

2. Rotary cultivator

rotary cultivator

The rotary cultivator (disc, star) is ideal for cultivating small areas with soft soil. Its mechanism is a shaft with toothed pulleys attached to it. When moving, sharpened “stars” cut into the ground, then lift it and turn it over. The number of discs depends on the width of the shaft: the longer it is, the more gears fit on it.

3. Fokin’s Ploughshare

Fokin's pruner

Fokin’s ploughshare blade, curved in several places, allows you to perform a variety of works. Shaping and leveling the surface of beds, loosening, weeding – this is not a complete list of things that you can trust this tool.

Universal flatlander can develop virgin land, dig a hole for sowing or planting, break up lumps of soil left after plowing. Do not forget that this tool has not one but several cutting edges, each of which has its purpose, which, however, is not regulated and depends solely on the ingenuity of the gardener.

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The original Fokin Plotter comes with two nozzles. A large one is designed for tillage, a small one for more “fine” work. Often the tool comes with a brochure, written by Fokin himself. In it, the famous inventor shares his scientific developments

Fokin’s tool was originally conceived as an amateur, but over time he managed to win the sympathy of many gardeners and gardeners.

4. Onion planter

planter for flower bulbs

An onion planter looks like a narrowed cylinder with a handle and a pointed, straight or serrated edge. The tool is dipped into the soil to the desired depth, rotated around the axis, and then taken out with the lump of soil remaining in it.

The most popular among flower growers is the spring pin device. It works on the same principle as the “classic” sooter, with the only difference being that it opens a full cylinder in a tapered handle. This greatly simplifies the process of extracting the earth from the hole.

Such a sooter often has notches, by which you can easily determine the depth of planting.

If you do not imagine your life without bulbs, then it’s time to acquire a special tool for planting them.

5. Ratchet secateurs

pruning shears

Using ratchet pruning shears, you can leave a neat cut with not one, but a couple of pushes on the handle of the tool. This effect is achieved thanks to a mechanical knot in steps that resets the handle each time you press it while the blade remains stationary.

On the one hand, having to squeeze the handle several times increases the time it takes to work; on the other hand, it reduces the stress on both the gardener’s hand and the tool blade, prolonging its life.

6. Trimmers


A trimmer is a versatile tool that is sometimes much more useful than a full-fledged lawnmower. For example, for relatively small areas or areas with uneven terrain. He is simply indispensable when you need to trim the grass near the beds or trees, to order the lawn or the space under the fence.

Komatsu WB97S - description and characteristics

The choice of trimmer type depends on several factors: the size of the plot, the availability of uninterrupted power supply, the terrain, and often, most importantly, the physical abilities of the gardener. Owners of small plots, for which the weight of the tool plays a big role, the electric trimmer is more suitable. If, however, the mobility of the tool is a priority, it is better to opt for a “scythe” with a gasoline engine.

The grass in the countryside grows so fast that nothing can be treated? You just need the right tool “Kosba”.

7. Grass shears

battery shears

Grass shears are a great gardening craft. You can easily cut grass for which you can’t get a lawnmower or trimmer. These grass shears are indispensable when you need to put your lawn in order, garden paths and borders in order, they will come in handy and for the care of flower beds.

What is so special about this tool? In conventional scissors the blade and handle are in one plane, but in grass shears these planes are perpendicular. Such a design allows you to bring the cutting element closer to the ground or curb.

Owners of large plots will benefit from the battery in useful scissors. Despite the name, this tool is more like a shearing machine. So that the gardener does not have to bend over while working, the shears are often equipped with a telescopic handle with support wheels. In addition, the design of many cordless shears allows the use of attachments for cutting bushes.

8. Wheelbarrow with two wheels


Garden wheelbarrows are the real equipment of the site. For them, work is done at any time of the year, from transporting planting material to the field in the spring to harvesting in the fall. It is not surprising that this “vehicle” is one of the first acquisitions of a newcomer to the Order of the Shovel and the Bank of the Foundation. The main thing to pay attention to, besides carrying capacity and construction materials, is the number of wheels.

Bosch Rotak-1000 lawn mowers. Review, characteristics, owner reviews

On the one hand, the single-seater is very light and maneuverable, so you can easily drag it along the nearest track, but on the other hand, two rooms are more stable and easier to push. Either way, the choice is yours.

A garden wagon is a handy “Transport” cargo house that can be used to organize a number of intricate jobs on the property.

Our list is just a sample list of tools that can make life easier for dacha-enthusiasts who are used to a minimal set of tools. It is not necessary to have in its arsenal of all kinds of cultivators or ploskrezy. Sometimes it happens that the tool that wholeheartedly praises your neighbor, you personally would seem completely useless and terribly inconvenient. So be sure to test it before buying.

8 modern tools for working in the garden

Growing and feeding yourself and your loved ones with organic and tasty produce is reviewable. But the work of a gardener is difficult. Therefore, everyone tries to buy tools with which you can save labor costs and maintain health.

Devices to monitor the soil

In order to facilitate the work of the gardener, several designs of so-called miracle shovels have been invented. By acquiring one of them, you can significantly reduce the time for digging a dacha plot, improve the quality of work without harming your health. Here are some models.

Super Earth River 7.

It consists of two steel forks. One is attached to the handles, which are equipped with a crossbar. The second is attached to the first with hinges. Police from the lower forks by foot and with the upper arms.

The grip width is twice that of a Soviet shovel. Simultaneous loosening takes place.


Another modern helper in the garden and vegetable garden. It is a long steel rod with a handle. The working part with four screws, sharp teeth, which are welded to the central rod in a clockwise direction.

Review of power tillers and trimmers from the brand Makita. Features, reviews

The device with the working teeth is placed in the ground to the desired depth, and the handle rotates clockwise. The process is repeated the required number of times. Thanks to the rational distribution of the load, the work can easily be done by women.

Schaufel – the plaster cutter “genius”

Made of forged sheet steel. Working part is made of three sharply sharpened elongated teeth. Works like a shovel for digging up the floor. Loosens some of the ground by passing through two oval holes. The weed root cutting function is activated at the same time. Can work as a stratum on a horizontal level.

Devices for loosening and weeding

Fokin loosener.

A versatile device that can perform various types of work:

  • Loosening;
  • Trimming and hunting weeds;
  • Shaping beds;
  • Loosening.

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The airplane cutter works in a gentle way. The soil during processing does not rotate and does not change structurally. The tool blade moves at a depth of 3 to 5 cm parallel to the topsoil. The set includes 2 knives of different sizes.

Role “Mole”.

Represents a steel frame with a grid, to which the field is hinged. The entire structure is attached to a wooden handle. The Mole works on soft, prepared soils. Loosening is carried out to a depth of 20-25 cm.

Devices for plant irrigation

One of the most labor-intensive processes in plant growing is watering vegetable crops. And here modern devices that facilitate the work in the garden, are indispensable in the progressive home garden. The main component of these devices is the water supply system.


They are widespread in the market of garden tools. Preference is given to compact, lightweight, resistant to temperature fluctuations and mechanical effects. These include:

  • wavy, stretchy;
  • spiral;
  • reinforced with polyvinylchloride.

All of them have small disadvantages, knowing which you can work successfully:

  1. When working with a stretch hose, make sure the water pressure in the mains is constant.
  2. Spiral hose is better used in limited areas: greenhouses and greenhouses.
  3. Reinforced has a little more weight than the first two. Therefore, it is better to use it on a spool with an auto winding.
Wireless devices - useful in every garden

water sprinklers

Recently, spraying devices made in the form of a gun, watering can or mounted on a pole have become very popular. With their help, a significant saving of water is achieved. The quality of watering plants and the aesthetics of the process improves.

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Devices for destroying insects

Without the timely destruction of pests of garden crops can not count on a good, healthy crop. The modern market is filled with sprayers for every taste, volume and pressure. But perhaps the most perfect are the KERHER sprayers. They provide uniform, continuous spraying of all areas. At the same time, they meet all safety standards.

Harvesting accessories

Since potatoes are one of the most labor-intensive crops in the garden, you might consider the Harvest model universal potato harvester. With its help, the picking of tubers is fast and lossless.

The purchase of quality modern equipment for gardening increases labor productivity and improves the quality of land use. Working with them, you can get real pleasure from dealing with the land without harming your health.

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