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6 Best Batteries.

*Review of the best according to the editorial board of Expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with an expert before purchase.

Snow blowers with batteries allow you to clean the territory without pulling the mains cable behind you. This increases mobility and speeds up the process. Due to the presence of a built-in battery, you can use it in conditions where there is no outlet with a voltage of 220 V. Let’s find out which cordless snowboards are considered the best according to customer reviews and features that experts have been able to highlight.

How to choose a snowboard with a battery

If you go to the store with a battery to buy a snowboard, it is important to know the most important parameters for selecting snow relics. Among them:

  1. Record width. It varies in the electric version from 25 to 51 cm, which affects the speed of cleaning and the number of passports to remove a certain area.
  2. Recording height. It varies from 15 to 30 cm. It depends on the snowpack can be removed “under the root” or cut into several layers.
  3. The availability of the positioning of the gutters. It is measured in degrees and takes place from 120 to 260°. The ejection angle allows you to direct the removed snow in the right direction so that it does not affect the passage or exit of vehicles in the future.
  4. Weight Cordless versions of snow blowers have no travel to the wheels – it has to be transferred to the operator himself. The area of possible variants is 7-30 kg.
  5. Cladding material. Snowcat can be made of metal or plastic with rubber. The first option is more durable, but more expensive, the second is cheaper, but the auger sometimes breaks when colliding with a rock.
  6. Time of autonomous work. Depends on the battery capacity (2-6 ah) and the power consumption of the snowmobile. The time interval of active work is from 20 minutes to 2 hours. The parameter is chosen depending on the service area. If the area was not cleaned immediately, work will continue only after recharging the battery or replacing it.
  7. Exhaust area. The snow soaked into the machine flies a distance of 1 to 8 meters. This depends on how far the snow slide is collected and how large the area to be cleaned is.

Evaluation of the best accumulators

nomination place Product name Price
Evaluation of the best accumulators 1 GreenWorks GD80STK4 with battery 4 – 4 29 210 ₽
2 Denzel Est-51li 19 999 ₽
3 Greenworks GD40SB 2600607 with battery 4 a.s. 18 490 ₽
4 Stiga ST 8051 AE 13 330 ₽
5 Al-Ko Snowline ST 4048 12 990 ₽
6 Greenworks G40SS30 2600807UB with 4-year battery 14 973 ₽

Evaluation of the best accumulators

Now you know how to choose a snowboard with a battery, and you can consider the most popular models. You might find exactly what you need among them.

GreenWorks GD80STK4 with a four-four year battery

In first place is a product from the brand GreenWorks. The model is equipped with a 4 ah battery, which is installed in the upper part of the housing. The charge is enough to clean an area of 250 m² if it has a 50 mm layer. The L-shaped handle has a soft grip so it won’t slip in your hands. Thanks to the retractable lever, you can adjust the position of the ejection channel without bending over. The reach of the ejector is 6 m. The snow blower is 51 x 25 cm in width and height. It is equipped with rubberized 170 mm diameter bicycles, and the weight of 15 kg allows you to carry it to the place of cleaning in your hands. Buyers in the ratings like that the battery is universal and suitable for other devices of the same brand.

Gasoline lawnmower or electric lawnmower - which model is better for you?

Our experts gave the product first place in the test due to the increased performance. Judging by the reviews, the snow blower copes with both hard and wet snow. Considering the compact size of the device, this makes the hidden performance in it the leader in our test.

benefits of
  • Enough battery capacity to clean an area of 250 m²;
  • Handy handle;
  • Weight of 15 kg;
  • Increased maneuverability.
  • The noise level – 96 dB;
  • high price.

Denzel Est-51li

In second place is a product from Denzel. The snow blower in one pass records 510 mm in width and 210 mm in height. It has a smooth snail shape, and the shaft is set by a mechanical lever at the control panel. The electric motor is powered by a 4 ah battery with a 40 V consumption. The device weighs 20 kg and is equipped with its own rubberized bicycles. The handle can be folded for transport or for compact storage in the middle. Reviews show that the ejection takes place at a distance of 3-5 meters. If stones appear, the snail copes with them without damage. The autonomous operation time is 30-40 minutes. The assembly of the device is of high quality, carelessness in the design is not felt.

The peculiarity of this snow blower with a battery is the presence of a built-in headlight. It is attached to the handle and is adjustable by the angle of inclination. This is very convenient when cleaning is done in winter in an area with no other lighting.

benefits of
  • Battery and charger are included;
  • Battery compartment is enclosed by a rubber tire to avoid damage;
  • Folding handle;
  • Separate handle is available.
  • The 20kg weight is harder to carry in your hands over long distances;
  • Output shaft sometimes has to be cleared of accumulated snow;
  • Loses compared to the winner of the test in the height of the handle – 210 mm vs. 250 mm.

Greenworks GD40SB 2600607 with 4 Ah battery

The GreenWorks brand also makes other battery models for snow removal. The GD40SB model comes with a 4 Ah battery that lasts for 30-40 minutes of work. Reviews show that during this time you can manage to clean all the paths around the cabin or clean the parking lot near the house. The digging distance here is 6 m, so you don’t have to carry snow piles by hand. The auger is made of a mix of rubber and plastic, so it can better withstand stone impacts. In one pass the machine removes a 51 cm swath with a height of 15 cm. The lever on the main handle allows you to direct the snow beam to the right place, without stopping the process.

This snow blower hit the mark because of the softness of the operation. It doesn’t wobble like other machines. After cleaning 250 m², the hands are not afraid of vibration. The product received the third place because it loses to the previous two in relation to the height of the handle, which is only 150 mm.

benefits of
  • Surface area up to 6 m;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • Removes 51 cm in width;
  • Equipped with a battery and a magazine.
  • At the same time cuts a layer of 15 cm;
  • The loading time is 2 hours.

Stiga ST 8051 AE

The model measures 113x94x52 cm and removes a volume of 52 x 30 cm. The electric motor operates with a sound of 82 dB, which is slightly quieter than the competition. The unit is 7 inches in diameter and rides lightly on paths or snow-covered snow. The handle is covered with a rubber pad, so the metal is not cold and is comfortable to hold with gloves on. The slicing lever is on the panel. Rotation of the auger is triggered by pushing on the steel bracket. In ratings, owners agree that the snowman is easy to operate by hand. The weight of 16 kg can be increased to drag it through deep snow or get it out of the trunk. The kit already has a removable battery and charger, so you don’t have to buy anything extra.

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In our opinion, the snow blower is the best because it is able to absorb snow slurry at a height of 30 cm. This greatly simplifies the process of extinguishing after a heavy snowfall.

benefits of
  • Optimal weight of 16 kg;
  • Additional handle for transportation;
  • Folding handle;
  • Exhaust area of 1-6 m.
  • Chute angle of 180 degrees, which is less than other models;
  • Charging the battery takes 3 hours.

Al-Ko Snowline ST 4048

The snow blower is equipped with a smooth auger and absorbs a volume of 480 x 200 mm. The snow is fed to the side through a chute. The pipe can be rotated 180 degrees. The model can be carried alternately once or twice, as the gas holder is one for the entire length of the handle. The handle grips fold in two places and make it a very compact unit that is suitable for storage in the pantry.

Because of the lightest weight in the category, we best considered the snowman, given the 48 cm wide entry for the house to clear the entrance at the gate, yard and other places. Another product feature is the fully rubber auger. This design keeps the blades intact when encountering rocks or ice cream. Reviews show that the element rarely breaks, so you don’t have to look for a service center after the warranty expires or spend money on repairs.

benefits of
  • Throws the snow to a distance of about 6 m;
  • cleans a swath of 480 mm;
  • Setting the position of the channel from the control panel;
  • Light illumination.
  • The angle of rotation of the pipe is 180 degrees;
  • Thin rubber on the wheels;
  • Can sometimes bounce.

Greenworks G40SS30 2600807UB with 4-year-old battery

Snowboard included, which is an electric shovel. The model is made on a single boom without wheels, with two handles and a battery on one side and a 300mm grip box on the other. Reviews show that the device takes up to 250 mm in peak. Work is allowed in layers if the height of snowdrifts is 400-500 mm. However, the equipment has no snow direction, so it is simply thrown to the side up to 3 m. The auger is made of rubber and plastic, which makes it optimal in terms of rigidity and flexibility. Due to its low output and low autonomy, the snow blower is only suitable for cleaning the driveway to the gate or the outdoor toilet.

We recommend this electric snow blower with battery for women. Its weight is 7 kg. Reviews show that the battery lasts for 20 minutes, and during this time you can have time to clean all the necessary paths in the yard of a private house or at the cottage.

8 myths about battery technology. It’s not quite what you thought it would be

Today we will by no means touch upon the idle question, “Why do some dacha owners categorically refuse to use batteries?” And what is most offensive, many can’t even explain the reason. The answer to the question is simple to swear: most gardeners are not aware of the real possibilities of modern battery technology, and their opinion is based on pure myths. Isn’t it time to restore justice and implement a battery system! At least your choice will be justified.

Why do some dachshunds categorically refuse batteries?

Why do some gardeners categorically refuse batteries?

What doubts overcome gardeners, what prevents them from buying convenient and practical battery technology to the detriment of their own interests? To dispel myths, beautiful words are not enough – you need concrete examples with reliable data. And it is necessary to clearly understand what we are talking about: an illiterate buyer is very easy to mislead, which is used by unscrupulous sellers in the pursuit of profit. It seems to me that you can evaluate the equipment only in the working process and not in one day. Therefore, I will debunk these myths on the example of battery-powered line GreenWorks – on the basis of my own experience with it.

Viking in 340 review of electric shore mower. Description, features, video and reviews

Myth #1 – The low power when using cordless technology

Not true. High-quality batteries can provide the highest performance of the tool. In addition, many cordless models are superior to their gasoline counterparts in terms of power to weight ratio.

Quite lightweight (4.4 kg) and at the same time powerful (voltage 40 V) battery-powered ront GreenWorks.

Quite lightweight (4.4 kg) yet powerful (40 V voltage) on the Greenworks cordless front.

  • Speed and torque are higher;
  • Motor is practically not heated – temperature fluctuations are negligible – wear and tear is minimal;
  • No brushes – no friction – no power loss: the efficiency of stomper motors is about 90%, brush motors – up to 70%, gasoline motors – about 15%.

The more complex the tasks of the technique, the greater the voltage must be chosen.

The more complex the task of the technique, the greater the voltage should be chosen

I will not dare to express the opinion of all gardeners, but I will nevertheless express mine: for work in the countryside, many manufacturers recommend devices of 18 volts, but in reality this is very little. I always recommend to take devices with a power unit (battery voltage). Believe me, you will not regret it.

Myth #2 – The battery runs out quickly.

  • In one month 4-6%;
  • in a year 10-20%.

Operating time of batteries of different capacities compared to classic gasoline units

The operating time of batteries of different capacity in comparison with classic gasoline units

In my opinion, comments are unnecessary. As an additional advantage of battery technology, I can express the practice: not always a suburban area is located near the gas station. It is not always possible to store a container of fuel for gasoline engines in the country house. Discounted and suspicious thieves – their ingenuity and brazenness do not know that the border will not merge into the eye, and before you know it! But electricity in the wilderness is no longer a novelty. Unless in remote taiga bays there is no way to recharge the battery, and in all other cases there should be no problems.

Myth #3 – expensive

One of the most malignant misstatements! Let me tell you the secret to saving money (or maybe it’s not a secret to you anymore!). Companies usually make a whole line of battery packs of different types, bands, and gauges. And you can buy a battery for all of these vatago tools – it is also removable and fits all models of the line. For example, there are more than 40 devices in the GreenWorks 24V series, and more than 25 in the 40V series, from trimmers to snow blowers and minimum. That means you only have to buy the battery and charger once, and then add to your collection of power equipment at an attractive price (and that’s minus 30% for the battery and charger you already have).

Different units - battery

Different Devices – Battery

Thrifty homeowners (and I try my best to join this community), all calculate with a calculator in hand. And that’s very right!

Compare loading and reference costs

Compare the costs to boot and the reference costs

Compare maintenance costs

If you buy devices, you should specify that there are maintenance and repair costs. Sometimes the figure doesn’t come out very nice. And here you want to ask, but did you calculate everything? Take a look at this interesting estimate below. Compare maintenance costs

I believe another important argument in favor of battery operated equipment has emerged from studying this estimate.

Myth #4 – the battery can only be charged to a limited extent

Yes, it is true that the fee is stipulated by the battery manufacturer. However, this is not a disadvantage, but a guarantee of long life! Find out for yourself: Greenworks uses the most expensive cells to manufacture the batteries, so the batteries provide full performance for 1500-2000 full charge cycles. In other words, if you work in household mode (in our case out of town), the battery will last for 5-7 years.

Overview of chain power units of the manufacturer Energia

Myth #5 – you can’t leave a charged battery under load, it will deteriorate faster

This frightening myth has remained since the days of nickel-cadmium batteries. Nowadays, all self-service companies use the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries, which can be billed at any time.

  • An administrative charge that controls the simultaneity and uniformity of the charge and discharge of cells;
  • A chip that protects the device from overheating, overdischarging and deep loading.

You shouldn't leave it in the charger, but if the opportunity presents itself, don't worry

You shouldn’t leave it in the charger, but if the opportunity arises, don’t worry.

Myth #6 – You can only charge the battery after it has been fully discharged

This is where the details are needed. I won’t say anything about other companies’ devices, but this myth has nothing to do with Greenworks batteries. The main condition for preserving the battery charge is to maintain a load level of at least 25-35% during storage. It is easy to control this: there is a corresponding indicator for each of them.

In addition, you can regularly charge the battery, which, as you will agree, absolutely no time!

Greenworks batteries have their own rules for charging - and they're only in our hands

Greenworks batteries have their own rules for charging – and they are only in our hands.

Myth #7 – Batteries drain faster in the cold

Batteries from earlier generations could lose capacity very quickly and fail completely. But modern models are free of this drawback. According to laboratory tests of snow reduction devices, the loss of Greenworks batteries in freezing temperatures (up to 20 ° C) is only 15%. And perhaps this is due to the combination of the most expensive class a-a cells in this area with a proprietary controller.


When testing GreenWorks snow blowers, the battery charge was only 15%

Devices with batteries of the youngest generation are not afraid of cooling stores, they can immediately turn on and start working. In this case, there is no need to warm up the technique, change the oil, follow the trend so that the engine does not get “oil starvation” and so on. But it is recommended to save batteries at positive temperature and best of all in charged condition – do not forget about it.

Myth #8 – The heavier the battery, the more reliable and powerful the tool

    – 0.48 kg; – 1.8 kg; – 2.4 kg.
    – 0,8 kg; – 1,7 kg.

Sometimes words are not enough, but see it once and all doubts dissipate without a trace.

I hope that now your opinion about the possibilities of battery technology has changed for the better. After all, it is always better to rely not on mythical assumptions, but on the real state of the art.

I read a good article. Overall, this is my personal opinion, but it seems to me that batteries are the future.

Almir, and I thought it was more or less credible, but now I’ve dispelled a few myths for myself. I guess I was wrong out of ignorance, because I’ve never studied the issue in depth.

Of course, battery technology is not a bad thing. It seems convenient. However, far from it. I’ve used a lot of cordless screwdrivers in my day. It’s annoying when the board runs out and the job isn’t done yet. The ideal option in this case is a power tool with a hybrid drive, battery-powered and 220V on the Notbook. I haven’t seen them on sale yet. So I will wait.

However, the numbers in the article are not very convincing. For example, the lawnmower. I have a 1200 watt small power electric cable. Anyway, it buys its job and has been running regularly for 4 years. The power is only for low medium thick grass. With very dense grass, 1200 watts becomes a little low. This means that the power of the lawnmower is at the limit of what is needed. Let’s try to replace it practically with a battery. Let’s take the strongest one mentioned in the article, 82 V, 4 Ah. The result is 4*82 = 328 watt-hours. My corded lawnmower eats up this supply of energy in 15 minutes of operation. And I need at least 1.5 hours to mow an entire bouquet in the garden. Continuous work. Now the trimmer: 350 watts. Due to the presence of a lawnmower, it will be used briefly and “cleanly” where the mitch is not suitable. Perhaps such a cordless tool will be fully justified. Convenience – you don’t need a cord. The inconvenience – you have to remember not to overgrow it. Now a chainsaw: I would probably not refuse a small cordless saw. Large firewood in the village is not particularly necessary. But to cut trees, sawing dry branches sometimes necessary. But as a must-have tool, it is clearly not over. Not even a plan. Drawing: pampering. Carpentry and metalwork: too little autonomy battery. Unless, again, a screwdriver. But battleships with battery power are in demand from land robbers. You say you’re very comfortable at your job.

VIKING MV 248-T lawn mower at a glance. Model description, technical specifications, videos and reviews of work

Well, actually. I’m thinking about a trimmer for now. The old little guy has done 4 seasons and is already begging to be retired.

By the way, the power is not the batteries, but the electric motors of the presented equipment is very interesting. It is this indicator strongly determines the suitability of the device for the production of specific works.

As for the dacha cabins, I’m not sure that the bolster is loud, what predator would risk it in a brazen overpayment, and even stun, because thieves – they are like rabbits, probably, ears on the top, you never know. And so he stands, humming to the whole neighborhood and did not hear anything)), but the Marauders like me would be very suitable, I thought about buying such a tool. We have all sorts of stuff left over from Soviet times in our woods that someone brings from the household, broken poles and rebar sticks from the household. Well, I sometimes have a habit of going around with a file, and this case to feed and cancel, because rebar in the market is 20 meters, and I constantly have to do foundations for different sheds, and it’s there still a lot of different welding work. Therefore, as a marauder XD, I think that such a milling machine will be very useful. No noise bothers no one, no debris for anyone and the file spins for a long time. Otherwise, I don’t like cordless devices because it has a weak point – you can’t leave the battery running for long periods of time. And sometimes there is a lot of work and foolishness when the batteries are charged in a timely manner. But then it can become human, a windmill. It’s probably not bad with a saw, but I used the old fashioned way, with a hacksaw and a Soviet (!) still production saw to chop small things. I just regularly hollow it out and sharpen the teeth with a file.

Oh, I didn’t know that. It’s just that we have country all year round, I’m kind of used to summer huts. Although I remember my grandfather in the Soviets didn’t have summer huts to guard the house, but logarithmically a rustic type of hut, and they didn’t go anywhere. But they had rabbits, etc. and the store worked in the winter since it was in the next village (usually there was no summer village). Although they climbed everywhere, I do remember the huts that were there, nothing much could be stolen. My grandfather had a house built from the old fence of the Dynamo Stadium. Now there is a steel fence, welded, beautiful, and before (about 40 years ago) there was a deck of curved board, dark green in color. Now that fence has been changed, the boards have been written off, and the grandfather was jerked around, bought, and he reduced the house for himself with those boards. And then for 30 years he painted the same awful dark green color)))).

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