5 reasons to buy a lawn mower

Electric, gasoline, self-propelled: Which lawn mower is better?

Everyone knows that having a beautiful green lawn on the site not only warms the soul, but also requires a certain care. In addition to fertilizing, the lawn should be mowed regularly, and the only helper that can cope with this task is a lawn mower. Don’t confuse a trimmer and a lawn mower.

Electric, gasoline, self-propelled: which mower is better?

Summer residents often don’t see a significant difference between gasoline and electric lawn mowers, as well as trimmers, lawn mowers and other lawn care devices. We decided to bridge the gap to avoid mistakes when choosing equipment.

  • A lawn mower is a wheeled garden unit for cutting lawn grass on a flat landscape.
  • A trimmer is a mechanism consisting of a cutting element on a boom that needs to be held in your hands. It is necessary if you need to cut the grass on a small uneven surface, on which it is impractical to use a lawnmower.
  • Mower (gasoline mower) – the same as the trimmer, but more powerful and structurally more reliable option.

Therefore, it should be remembered that the latter two devices are not suitable for use on flat areas of a large area. The lawn is only cut unevenly. For areas with simple geometry and flat terrain, a lawn mower is the most convenient option. However, there are so many models on the market that it’s not easy to make sense of them. We have collected the most important information about the different categories of these garden tools.

What to look for when choosing a lawn mower?


It is not necessary to choose the most powerful and productive model. High performance is only relevant for large plots and difficult terrain, and if you have a small plot, with a powerful mower you do nothing on it, you just disturb the neighbors with unnecessary noise. In order to take care of a small lawn, it makes no sense to buy expensive powerful device, with a mechanical or small electric tower you will be able to cope. But when the plot is large – gasoline lawnmower will be the best choice, but also the most expensive. The type of lawn on the construction site also matters. An electric mower with a low output will only cope with soft, short grass, for mowing hard, tall and thick grass it is better to use a gasoline mower.

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Wheel diameter

The larger the diameter of the mower’s wheels, the easier it is to move around the field. The wider the wheels, the less the grass is shredded.

Conclusion: Of course, the choice of lawn mower can be done independently, but since the purchase requires a certain financial investment, it is always better to get advice from experts before making a decision. There are many nuances that only experts can recognize.

Lawn mower types

Mechanical lawnmower

The simplest and cheapest option. It works like a scissors, it grabs and cuts the grass while moving. This lawnmower has no motor, it is simply pushed forward. Suitable for small country plots with soft, young, short grass. Absolutely environmentally friendly, makes no noise and can be used in all weathers. It cannot mow tall and dense grass and it takes much longer than a lawn mower with an engine.

Gasoline lawnmower

The main advantages are reliability, power and mobility. Having a gasoline engine on a lawn mower, you do not need to worry about the presence of the socket and the length of the wire. And if you monitor the gasoline engine and properly maintain it, such a lawn mower will serve you for a very long time. Gasoline lawn mowers are the most windy and powerful, but they tend to be heavy, as their engine consists of a large number of parts. They are also considered to be environmentally unfriendly. If your lawn is an impressive size, you should wear a respirator and headphones to protect yourself from exhaust fumes and noise. Gasoline-powered mowers are also more expensive than electric mowers.

Electric lawn mowers

The design of an electric lawn mower is simpler than that of a gasoline mower, so it is more compact and simple. Electric lawn mowers emit little electricity, but you need to make sure you have access to them. The device is completely dependent on wires and outlets, which isn’t very convenient. You need to keep an eye on the wire at all times and get it off the street in time. Otherwise, you can accidentally cut it along with the grass with a knife. Also, such a lawnmower can not be used during or after the rain.

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How to choose a lawn mower in 10 minutes?

The lawnmower is a cart on four wheels. On the bottom with a sharp knife – a long rectangular plate with pointed edges. On top there is a motor – it feeds the blades up to 1500-5000 revolutions per minute. At the back – a pin to control the device, at the bottom in some models – a bag or tank for collecting grass.

drive unit


Quiet gasoline-powered and lighter to 2.5-3 kg wins over 5-9 kg. Pros – starts at the touch of a button, the best option when you need to choose a good lawn mower for an area of up to 2 acres. Disadvantages – the power is 1.5 times lower, you can’t do without a socket.


Works from an ordinary socket in 220 V and has a low cost – from 5 000 rubles. More powerful than the battery legislator – from 1.5 to 2.5 kW against 1-1.5 kW. It weighs 5 kg, but the electric extension cord is enough for 50 m. Thinking what lawnmower to choose for a dacha with a small plot? Then here is the answer.


What lawn mower to choose for working away from home and for outlets? Take a closer look at the model with a battery. True, it is 20-30% stronger than the mains models in 1.5-2 times and weaker, but it works autonomously for 30-60 minutes. It is designed for 8 hours and costs from 15 000 rubles.


If you are thinking about how to choose a good lawn mower for a dacha with a large plot, the gasoline unit has no equal. Such a lawnmower is 2 times more powerful than electric devices. It is noisy, heavy, with harmful emissions, and it needs fuel. Without knowledge of safety you can not do without it. The disadvantage is the manual start. You have to pull the rope, try to start the crankshaft and create compression in the cylinder.

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This is a simplified gasoline engine. It is twice as powerful as a four-stroke, but consumes more fuel (1-5.5 liters per hour) and overheats faster. The maximum running time is up to 30-40 minutes, after which you need a 20-minute break to cool down. If you want to know how to choose a good lawn mower for a dacha with a plot of up to 5 hectares, pay attention to this option. The cost is from 10 000 rubles.


The gasoline engine is similar to the Odrer motorblock drive. It is 15-20% weaker than the two-stroke, but also more reliable – on average, it runs up to 1000-1500 hours before overhaul. Runs longer without a break – up to 1.5-2 hours. It consumes 10-15% less fuel (0.75-4 l / h), creates less emissions and unpretentious in service. Price – 15 000 rubles.

Type for travel

Devices weighing up to 15 kg (electric and light petrol models) need to be pushed by hand. This requires force. If you have doubts about how to choose a lawn mower for a dacha with an area of more than 10 acres, look at self-propelled gasoline models. You only need to point in the right direction. There are several versions:

  • Front-wheel drive (electricity is supplied to the front wheels) – requires less room to turn and turn;
  • Rear-wheel drive (the motor is connected to the rear wheels) – they climb the hill faster;
  • All-wheel drive (all four bikes are powered electrically, like off-road vehicles) – they get over obstacles.

Mulching function.

What kind of lawn mower do you need for your summer cottage to take care of the plot and fertilize the grass at the same time? You need a model with a mulching mode. It doesn’t discard grass clippings, but keeps them close to the blade and grinds them into mush. The green mass falling on the ground is an excellent fertilizer. The mulching function is available in lawnmowers costing from 20 000 rubles.

Height adjustment

If you have a flat surface, buy a lawn mower with central adjustment. Push the lever on the design and all the wheels are in the right position. But if you’re looking for a lawn mower for uneven terrain, you should go for a split-adjustment unit, where each wheel can be set at a different height and get the right angle.

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In the case of simple lawnmowers, which cost up to 5-7 thousand rubles, the mowed greenery is directed to the side. After mowing, it must be removed with a rake. What lawnmower for dacha to automate the process? Definitely with the help of a grass collector. The pocket of dense synthetic fabric in models from 5 000 rubles is lighter by one kilogram, but it is afraid of stones and branches. Plastic tank is more reliable, but its volume is less – up to 40 liters against 60-80 in a bag. The ideal option is a combined pocket with a plastic frame and fabric inserts – it is roomier and more durable.


Budget grass mowers cost up to 10 000 rubles. They are designed to take care of a small area of up to 2 hectares. Medium-class models mow grass on the area up to 500-800 square meters.They can be bought for 10-20 thousand rubles. Powerful semi-professional units cost more than 20-30 thousand rubles. They are bought for plots, on which the lawn occupies more than 10 acres.

The main characteristics of lawnmowers

Performance – the higher, the better the device copes with weeds and young growth of trees. 2.5 horsepower (PS) – 1.7 kW. For medium-sized areas with tough grass, up to 5 hp or 3.5 kW. For larger areas with weeds and undergrowth, only 6-8 hp gasoline models. С.

Minimum and maximum mowing height. To know how to choose a lawn mower, you need to understand what height of grass is needed. For example, sports grounds mow below 45-50 mm, near the house – 60-70 mm, well-maintained lawn surfaces – up to 80 mm. For fans of landscape design, the height can be increased to 150 mm.

Throughput – the more, the faster the operation. However, there is less room for maneuvering near plot boundaries or obstacles. Up to 40 cm – for flowerbeds and small lawns with complex shapes, up to 50 cm – for medium-sized lawns with smooth edges, from 60 cm and more – for large areas.

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body material. Plastic is lighter (from 5 kg), but cracks on impact and melts when the engine is strongly heated. Steel is stronger, but increases the mass of the device up to 15-25 kg and rusts in the scratch areas. Aluminum is lighter than steel, but much stronger than plastic. For it will have to pay from 20 000 rubles.

Weight. How to choose the right lawnmower? By weight. Light models up to 15 kg are easy to handle. The average weight is 15-25 kg. With them you get tired faster and need to take breaks. Lawn mowers weighing 25 kg and more are only self-propelled, they are difficult to push.

The folding handle reduces the height of the unit. This allows the mower to be stored on a shelf or under a rack.

An electric starter starts the gasoline engine at the touch of a button.

The side covers on the wings protect the body from scratches when working near obstacles and direct the grass onto the blade.

A cable holder prevents the cable from getting caught in the blades.

How to use the lawnmower

Do not mow wet grass immediately after a rainstorm – this is dangerous for you and the garden equipment.

Make sure you wear shoes with “hard” soles and wear tight pants – chunks of twigs and small stones often fly out from under the blade.

Use earplugs or building headphones when operating a petrol lawnmower for extended periods of time – loud noises can damage your hearing.

Connect electric models only to grounded extension cords and outlets. Be sure to check the condition of the cable before turning it on.

When cleaning the lawnmower, turn off the gasoline engine and fuel supply or disconnect the electric extension cord.

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