5 plants that are effective in repelling flies and gnats

What smells do flies not like?

Flies everywhere bring a person “to the apartment and to the cottage”. It is difficult to hide from these insects, but they can really be fought not only with chemical dichlorvos, aerosols, powders and traps, but also with simple “grandmotherly” methods. This publication will talk about odors, aggravation of the situation with flies and other folk remedies.


In nature there are many plants, the smell of which repels flies. And in most cases, these are herbs that people grow in their gardens and use for food, winged insects can not stand their scent.

When they get on the table, windowsill, other surfaces, sharp plants and pesky creatures can not get to them.

Fragrant herbs are also chopped and spread in cotton spice bags. All of this is expedited. Let’s focus in more detail on the most common plants.


Basil grows almost everywhere and is unpretentious about watering. Most people grow this fragrant plant for pesto sauce and use it in salads with fresh cheese and tomatoes. But few people know that basil is one of the most effective fly repellents.

Insects fly on this plant from one side, so it is enough to plant it near the door at the cottage or in a private house, and in the apartment to grow basil in pots on the windowsill. So in the summer you get good protection not only from flies, but also from mosquitoes. At a picnic, a pile of this plant will also serve you well.

Any kind of basil will do, but if you don’t have fresh sprigs, use dried herb: make a sachet and place it by the entrance and near the window. Basil in one form or another is effective in controlling insects. Therefore, do not neglect the fragrant oil of this spicy weed.


Flies like not so much the fruit of tomatoes, but the tops and leaves of this vegetable. Knowledgeable people even grow tomatoes in apartments, choosing varieties with miniature fruits and sprawling bush, planting seedlings in boxes on the balcony or in pots on windowsills.

Young leaves, stems of tomato bushes can be placed on the surface of the refrigerator and furniture wall.

To enhance the smell and have a better effect on flies, the tops are crushed and spread on the porch or balcony.

Not only can a bay leaf spice up chicken broth or hot food, but it can also repel flies. If you don’t want to grow it in a pot in the garden on the balcony, use a dried bay leaf. It will deter not only flies but also other insects and even mice.

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Laurel can be broken up, pour a little water and put such bowls in places occupied by flies. You will additionally get rid of flies – this smell has a negative effect on them.

Be sure to spread laurel leaves (it is better to break them at least twice) near the scoop or wash the soil, abundantly sprinkling it with laurel leaves. You can also use them to wipe down work surfaces in the kitchen, where flies tend to go first in search of food.


Flies are afraid of the smell of wormwood. The branches of this plant have the same effect as tomato branches. Some hoard wormwood to treat ulcers, burn wounds, gastritis, and bronchitis. When dried, the herb does not lose its properties and exudes the same strong aroma as fresh wormwood.

It is a good remedy for repelling flies. In addition, there are no mosquitoes and other midges near wormwood.

So feel free to make bouquets and put them in vases. From this plant you get double benefit: protection from insects and, if necessary, improve your health.

Almost everyone knows the smell of mint, different varieties of this plant grow everywhere. By the way, have you noticed that the mint grows, less mosquitoes, ants, flies, fleas? Dry it out and put it in your cabinets to keep your groceries longer.

And outdoors, the mint scent will deter pesky flies and mosquitoes. A good example: if mint grows right by the porch – in this case, you can safely open the windows, the protection from insects will work.

The only warning applies to marsh mint – this variety in large quantities can be toxic to children and pets.


Foodies are familiar with an herb like rosemary. They use it medicinally, and planting it in the house will effectively “work” against flies and mosquitoes. Keep in mind that cats don’t like rosemary essential oil. Use this moment for furniture: put dry sprigs on the sofa and provide yourself with peace of mind.

Other plants that protect against winged insects include lavender, tansy, elderberry, bird cherry, and others. Plants that exude strong scents can be planted around the perimeter of a personal area near the entrance to the house, or for those who live in a highly sooty environment, in pots on the windowsill on balconies.

Essential Oils

Mankind in its history has learned to distinguish those plants that help heal and heal the body, improve the taste of food, as well as get rid of insects. In the latter case, you can use essential oils of fragrant and spicy herbs.

There are many folk remedies with oil concentrates. Here are a few recipes.

  1. Mix 1:1 lavender and peppermint oil (preferably peppermint). Treat windows and doors in the room with this mixture.
  2. Add 10-12 drops each of clove concentrate, tea tree oil and peppermint oil to 100 ml of water. The resulting solution is sold in the house.
  3. Flies do not like lavender-cedarwood mixture either. Mix the oils in equal proportions and rub – neither flies nor mosquitoes will touch you.
  4. Aroma lamps “work” against insects. Fill a bowl with enough warm water, drop 7-10 drops of essential oils of known herbs, the smell of which discourages candles and ignites the fire. 10 minutes is enough to get rid of all the insects that have been buzzing around you and haunting you lately.
  5. You can protect your apartment from insects with a solution of sunflower oil (unrefined), peppermint oil and aloe (2 tablespoons, 30 drops and 1 tablespoon respectively).
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Flies are quickly derived from clove, citrus, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus oil, for which you need to pour a little of the listed components in an aroma lamp and light it. However, the safest are considered Laurel and Myrtle essential oils, because other essential oils can cause an allergic reaction.

Therefore, if there are allergic people in the house, it is better to refrain from this method. In this case, spray only vodka or spread swabs soaked in vodka. This method at least briefly reduces the activity of flying insects.


Flies are also afraid of the smell of vinegar. You can scare them away by wet cleaning and treating the surface with vinegar. This ingredient is used when there are too many insects. In this case, a vinegar trap is made: water and vinegar are brought to a boil.

Such a smell is not tolerated by flies in the house. Vinegar is considered poison to them.

It can be used as a single component or in combination with others, for example, with boric acid. Only in this case, it treats surfaces that do not turn with food.

Other unpleasant odors

In the apartment to get rid of flies will help such “granny”: peas of cloves on a fresh orange or lemon peel. After a while you will not hear flies flying into the kitchen.

The smell of turpentine and kerosene also repels insects. In small doses, these substances are not dangerous to humans, so kerosene is recommended to dilute water when wet cleaning floors. In large quantities, they can be used in open areas in the street.

Returning to plants, Geraniums should be noted. The smell of this flower also serves as a signal for flies to avoid the room. In addition, geraniums are famous for purifying the air and are effective in fighting viral infections.

Plants and folk remedies to repel flies

Flies not only cause irritation by their importance, but also are carriers of dangerous diseases. And when these flying insects appear in the house, it is necessary to take measures to eradicate them to prevent mass reproduction.

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Chemical preparations help to cope with the problem, but their use is not always possible because they contain toxic substances. In this case, plants and folk remedies can help get rid of uninvited guests. Their smell affects the insects, forcing them to leave the human home.

You only need to know what folk remedies and plants repel flies.

plants for wrapping

This method of controlling insects is absolutely safe for people and pets. The principle of its action is based on the fact that plants release phytoncides into the air, which have an inhibitory effect on flies. Such a constant irritant does not allow them to fully live and reproduce, trying to leave the room as soon as possible.

Knowing what smell repels flies, you can quickly get rid of uninvited guests and prevent their reappearance.


This flower can not only get rid of pesky insects, but also decorate any interior. The plant has a pungent lemon smell, which is able to repel flies. It is especially felt if you rub a piece of paper or break a twig. Place the plant on sunny windowsills, where insects usually gather.


This spicy herb also helps to get rid not only of flies, but also of mosquitoes in the house. Fragrant basil can be grown in containers on a windowsill and can also be used as a condiment for meat dishes.

Dried spicy herb helps fight insects. Fill sachet pads with it and place them near an open window, as well as the front door. The essential oil of basil helps to cope with the problem.


The fact that insects cannot tolerate lavender has been known since antiquity. This plant not only helps to get rid of mosquitoes, moths and mosquitoes in the house. To do this, you need to soak the lavender in lavender oil and put it near the window.

The scary smell for gnats can be discerned from the living bushes of the plant. Lavender can be grown in sunny windows with moderate watering. Dried flowers are also suitable. You need to fill linen bags and place them in places where insects congregate.


This annual plant also repels flying insects. Ageratum should be grown on a sunny balcony as a gun crop. The plant is characterized by a longer flowering time during the warm period of the year. In addition, care for it is not required, and it will not only get rid of flycatchers, but also inspire its appearance during the summer.

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To get rid of flycatcher helps a type of plant pepper, which is characterized by a pungent rich fragrance. You can use fresh grass and picking to control the insects. To do this, fill bags with leaves and spread them around the house.

If there is a mass reproduction of flies, 4 tablespoons. l. Peppermint, the collection boil for 10 minutes in 0.5 liters of water and exist for a quarter of an hour. After cooling, strain the solution and mix with 200 ml of vodka. Spray the resulting remedy on places of mass accumulation of insects.

Melissa medicinalis.

This plant is characterized by a high content of citronellol. Thanks to this, melissa exudes a rich lemon aroma that can scare away flying insects. To do this, you need to crush the leaves a little and spread them in all the rooms, refreshing regularly so that the smell can be felt in the air

Melissa medicinalis.


This spicy herb also has a rich aroma that scares away the flying ones. For this purpose, rosemary can be grown on windowsills in containers, but dried spice will also be suitable for this purpose.

To prepare a special solution, you need to pour 1 part rosemary 2 parts boiling water and exist for half an hour. After the time has expired, strain the liquid. Regularly spray the solution indoors.

Mistletoe fragrant.

This plant emits a pleasant, sweet odor. Therefore, you need to place discs with the leaves of the broomcloth fragrant throughout the house and renew them regularly.

Scented Pistletio


The essential oil that the leaves and inflorescences of the plant secrete helps against flying. To get rid of these pesky insects, you need to plant Tansy at the entrance of the house. Also put in vases with yellow flowers. The smell they emit helps not only to cleanse the house of flies, but also of ants, fleas and even rodents.


The pungent, rich smell of wormwood drives away flies and mosquitoes. In order to get the insects to leave the room, you need to spread the leaves of the plant throughout the apartment. In addition, wormwood was supposed to be tied into bundles and hung near the front door and on the windows.


Hare remedies against flies

Folk remedies will help make pesky flies leave the house. To do this, you must have a pungent smell, which has a depressing effect on you.


For this you will need an old frying pan, because then it will not stand firmly and use some solid Campaura. The substance should be milled and then heated for 3-5 minutes. Then walk around all the rooms with the smoking pan so that the smell of Camphara spreads throughout the house. Repeat the process after a few days.

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Laurel Leaves.

Laurel leaves can be used to deal with pesky flying insects. The rich, insect-repelling smell emitted by the fresh leaves of this plant. To do this, they should be easily disturbed and created on windowsills, shelves and tables.

An effective insect repellent can also be prepared on the basis of dried leaves of laurel. For this purpose, you need 10-15 PC. Pour 250 ml of boiling water and insist for half an hour. Wipe the window frame and the doorway of the front door with the obtained solution and treat work surfaces in the kitchen.

garlic .

To repel midges it is necessary to crush 5-6 cloves of garlic. Spread the resulting pulp on plates and place them around the house. Repeat the process in 2 days.

Dead fly

Cloves and orange

To get rid of pesky flies, you need to use the peel of an orange. It is divided into several parts and put 1-2 heads of cloves in each. Thanks to the combination of these aromas, the insects will leave the apartment.


The smell of kerosene also drives the flies out of the apartment. To do this, you need to dilute ¼ of a tablespoon. Flammable liquid in 10 liters of water. The resulting solution to take into the room. Kerosene can be replaced by ordinary 9% table vinegar.

This method gives a quick but short-term effect. The protective agent lasts for 3 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to use it as a first aid, and for a long-lasting effect, it should be combined with other means.

Black pepper

This well-known spice helps to effectively fight flies in the apartment. It causes the death of insects when ingested by the digestive tract. But in order to attract flies, you need to mix black pepper with sugar. Then pour the sweet poison on paper leaves and place them in places of mass accumulation of insects.

After a few days, there will not be a single fly in the house.


If you know what flies are afraid of, you can get rid of them without making any special efforts. But all these methods can be useless if the main cause of their appearance is not eliminated. After all, the main goal of a woman is to find favorable conditions for their spread. And this is promoted by: lack of longer cleaning, dirty dishes in the sink, a full trash can emitting a caustic smell, crumbs scattered on the table and the bottom.

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