4 ideas for using high-pressure sinks at home

8 high-pressure hoovering tips

High-pressure laundry

How to use household appliances

Now you can easily buy a high-pressure washer in specialized stores or buy on the Internet. Many people have such devices, and they are used to wash the car and other items. The main purpose of such a wash is to remove dirt, soot, dust and other contaminants.

Unusual, but useful in the home washing options with high pressure

Our masters do not want to use high pressure washers for their direct purpose and come up with other unusual tasks for them. There are several options for using such devices, which every owner of Kercher or a similar device should know.

Classic of the genre – washing carpets and rugs (video)

Leafhack for fishing – cleaning fish

If you have caught or bought a large fish, it is quite difficult to clean it from scales. To facilitate such a task, you need to install a mud mill on the sink. It is recommended to first set the minimum capacity, and then adapt it depending on the type and size of fish. To prevent the fish from being washed away, it must be securely fastened, for example, with two large nails, it is nailed to a board or with the help of footings. By directing the jet at the fish, it quickly becomes and is simply cleaned of scales. In this case, you should not overdo it, otherwise you can get a commercial fish.

Cleaning fish

Many other things can be cleaned and washed with a similar path, such as harvested horseradish roots

Video: Cleaning a ficus in minutes

Showers for animals

It’s not just humans who have a hard time carrying it, but animals as well. To make life easier for cows, pigs and other large animals, some farmers use Kercher or similar washers. To do this, you need to insert the right nozzle and turn the device on the minimum output, so as not to hurt the animals and to direct electricity not on them, but on themselves. This kind of artificial rain helps to combat overheating of animals.

Minitory Belarus MTZ 082. Review, characteristics, instructions

Preparing surfaces for painting

It is often necessary to remove old peeling paint from surfaces that need to be repainted. This can be done quickly and easily with high pressure and a mud mill. The machine should run at full power, and the electricity generated will effectively remove the peeled off packaging. In cities, flyers and advertisements are often pinned to fences and other unintended places. Fighting is also much easier and quicker with a power washer.

Preparing surfaces for painting

Spray the trees.

If you don’t have a sprayer or it’s broken, but urgently need to treat tall trees for vermin and insects, a high-pressure washer will help. You need a device that has a function to draw the liquid from the tank. If there is no such function, the canister should be placed 1 m above the Kercher with water so that the water enters it at home. Pour water and the required insecticide into the canister. Set up a suitable nozzle and spray the preparation on the trees. Remember that you can not use aggressive liquids and pesticides, as this can cause damage to the tool, and such a spray stands out as very expensive. You should try to spray water and not direct electricity directly at the leaves and branches so as not to damage them.

Spraying trees

Please note that the manufacturer expressly forbids feeding aggressive and flammable liquids, as well as solutions containing pesticides into the machine. Such experiments lead to rapid wear and tear of the high-pressure device, and it turns out that the process of spraying becomes a very expensive pleasure.

Video: garden sprayers

Controlling weeds and moss between paving stones

The pressure created by the sink allows not only to remove dirt from the rough surface of the tiles, but also to get rid of moss and weeds. And all this without the use of chemicals!

Before and after washing

make artificial snow.

When temperatures are below freezing and there is no snow, kids and adults can enjoy artificially created snow. To do this, place a fan nozzle on the sink and start spraying air. The small droplets will freeze and fall to the ground as snow. For best results, the jet should be at a 45-degree angle and the water temperature should be as low as possible.

Are you looking for the best fertilizer? You'll find it in the garden!

drain cleaning

Manufacturers of sinks offer a special hose with a nozzle for this purpose. It is connected to the sink, directed into the sewer pipe and first turn on the device at minimum power, if necessary, it can be increased. .

Nozzle on the hose

Thinking and implementing new options for the use of high pressure sinks, do not forget to comply with safety rules. In addition, when the devices break down due to improper operation, their repair becomes quite expensive.

Examples of the use of a high pressure washer in everyday life

We have described in detail the peculiarities of choosing a high-pressure miniwasher for the home. Now let’s talk about how and where you can use this tool. The scope of application of the mini-washers is so wide that the device is simply indispensable!

Car washing with your own hands

Cleaning a motorcycle with a high-pressure washer

Washing a bicycle

Of course, high-pressure miniwashers most often buy car owners to save on the services of professionals and independently clean “iron horse”. However, under a pressure of water is easy to wash and motorcycle, and bicycle young amateur to drive on muddy puddles.

In addition, the mini washer can clean garden tools after use and before storage in the workshop. This is much easier than cleaning tools by hand with rags. Remember to wipe dry or sun-dry all metal parts to prevent rust.

Carpet cleaning with a high pressure washer

Rugs, of course, become an interior decoration, they are so nice to walk on barefoot, and the child has something to play with. But carpets absorb dust very well and get dirty quickly. Vacuum cleaner is not a panacea, the carpet should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. And in this case a great helper will be a mini-washer, which literally beats out all the dust and washes away the stains with a firm push. The main thing is to thoroughly dry the carpet in the sun.

Clean minimal concrete steps

Outdoor flower pots

Garden furniture

Sidewalk tile cleaning

Cleaning of wooden patio

At the construction site with the help of a mini washer can keep clean the steps of garden stairs, paths, massive flower pots and vases, floors on the terrace, gazebo, patio area. Garden furniture can also be cleaned in this way, because initially it is not afraid of moisture and is designed for use outdoors.

MTD power tillers. Review of series, properties

Facade cleaning with pressure washer

Washing wooden facade

Facade cleaning before siding

And minimal allows you to wash the facade of the house, even its hard-to-reach places. Of course, it is better not to use water at high pressure in the plaster, but sometimes the owners handle the pressure, at which the color and plaster comes through, and then carry out repairs.

Wear and tear

Washing a stone retaining wall

The minimum can be used to wash fences of all kinds, fences, garage floors, porches, gates and gates at the entrance of the premises…

The only thing you absolutely must not do with a high-pressure mini-washer is to wash people and animals!

This is the main rule, because high-pressure water can cause injuries where it is better to take a road shower. Do not use a mini washer to irrigate systems – damage it carefully, ration the floor, use regular hose irrigation, irrigation or drip irrigation.

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