3 kinds of tools with which you can work in the garden in autumn

Take care of your back and joints: modern hand tools for the garden

Gardeners spend time and effort on dividing seedbeds, planting seeds and then taking care of the plants. In this case, most of the work has to be done on an incline – the spine and joints are under constant strain, which is not the best effect on their condition.

Modern hand tools for garden work

Devices to facilitate their own labor are often created by amateur gardeners, moonlighting forecourts. There are interesting industrial products.

Fokin bush hoe.

Something between a hoe, rake, shovel and scythe. It looks like a curved metal plate with three sharpened edges that are bent in a special way. Its angle varies. You can:

  • Loosen beds and savage;
  • Shape the sides of beds and use their surface;
  • Make grooves for planting plants;
  • Loosen and plant cuttings;
  • Breaking up soil crust and large clods of earth;
  • Walk through hay fields.

Fokin's ploskorzor.

  • Minimizing physical effort. By design, the aerial cutter moves parallel to the ground, and there is no need to bend over hard.
  • Preservation of the soil while working. The aerial cutter is pushed into the ground by a few centimeters. Useful microorganisms and worms are not harmed, the quality of the substrate is gradually improved.
  • The set includes two plowshares, a large and a small one. Each has a detailed instruction.

The relative disadvantage is that the ploughshare is still not versatile. Dig a large grass field, dig a deep planting hole, and wash an abandoned area overgrown with grass will not work.

Video: How the Fokin Plos works

Miracle shovel “Pieri.”

On the principle of work it is similar to the double height of the sound. To push it into the ground, you need to press the center of gravity with your foot. The person who is working is pushed forward with his back and “pulls the tool behind him.” The layers of the ground are almost lifted by the efforts of the hands, back, and hip joints.

Champion ST1170BS snow blower. Review, Specifications, Reviews

The working principle is simple – the movable part of the fork lifts the floor, it passes through the tines of its stationary part, scattering large clods. Loosening of the substrate is guaranteed to a depth of 15-20 cm, the roots of weeds rise to the surface, the floor is laid. The tool consists of a hollow tube, so it is quite light (about 4.5 kg).

Video: Review of the miracle shovel “Pigar”

Telescopic pruners

There are also telescopic high shovels, with which you can cut branches from the ground at a height of up to 4 meters. The cutting angle (up to 200-240 °) can also be adjusted from the floor.

Manual planter

A container in which to put the seeds on wheels, equipped with a nozzle with a sharp angle for making furrows and a rotary mechanism (shaft, disk or “spoon”) for their even sowing. The presence of long handles, like a wheelbarrow, allows you not to bend down when planting. The number of “hoppers” and tips can vary, sometimes an additional blunt plate for awkward furrows is provided.

hand planter

In addition, the beveler is suitable for the production of dry underlayment. The device solves the problem of uneven furrows and ridges according to the “either poet or empty” principle.

Video: Principle of operation of the hand-held planter

planting marker

To form the holes, it is enough to put the marker on the bed and step on the crossbar so that the tines fully enter into the ground. Thanks to its inclination, the device cuts the floor, so to speak, without compacting it.

Video: DIY plant markers

Handheld chainsaw.

Sometimes called a “bag”, because when folded, it weighs no more than 200-400 g, and its length is 7-9 cm. You can work with two people and alone, it is equally convenient. The saw needs to give a “bend” by making the handle cancel below the working surface, as if to “clamp” the wood. The area of contact of the working surface with the wood is larger than that of a conventional saw, the process becomes much faster, the load is reduced.

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The shortest handsaws can cut wood up to 10 cm in diameter.

hand chainsaw

Forks with a swivel mechanism

They allow you to dig and loosen the soil at the same time, minimizing strain on the spine and lower back. Force is applied only to the handle, no need to crouch or bend over. The countries of the world unfold, so to speak, around the handle.

Compared with a traditional shovel, the speed of tillage is increased by 3-4 times. Roots of weeds are pulled to the surface, then they are easily picked up with a trowel or rake.

rotary fork

A rake is a fan

Compared to a traditional rake, the height of the aluminum or plastic handle can be adjusted. Suitable for working on uneven surfaces, heavily overgrown areas, heavy soil. Sometimes manufacturers include a variety of attachments.

  • Plastic. Rake is a series of narrow metal plates. Such rakes are “feathers” that do not stick to the bumps on the base. They are very convenient, for example, to save hard-to-reach sheets.
  • Cable rakes. They are made of large-diameter wire, bent at about a 90° angle. The risk of damage to equipment during tillage is greatly reduced. Rakes are extremely effective when you need to remove debris and turf.

fan rake

Video: Working with a fan rake

weed remover

There are many different devices that facilitate the work of the gardener and allow you to perform some work better than with the “classic” tools. Of course, they are not without certain disadvantages, they need to know how to use them correctly. But the savings in time and effort are worth at least a novelty.

3 kinds of tools with which you can work in the garden in autumn

A fancy chair, butt shovel, pruner and pitchfork. I will definitely be buying more.

10 useful tools gardeners can't do without this fall

10 useful tools gardeners can't do without this fall

The silliest of the presented devices is the first “Miracle Shovel”. With its help it is good to loosen the sand in the sandbox. This kind of debris is trying to shove into the dense, wet loam.

Chitra T-9 - description and properties

You would be wrong. It only works on our original credits. Only the cutter is real. We had similar excavators about 15 years ago. Great stuff.

Just like they should be. The teeth on the forks as well as the counter bars are hardened. Everything is OK.

2. Tornado Cultivator.

3. Potato tiller “Tornado”.

10 useful tools gardeners can't do without this fall

10 useful tools gardeners can't do without this fall

10 useful tools gardeners can't do without this fall

10 useful tools gardeners can't do without this fall

Under the harmonica. Miracle planting. And it grows. ((((Remembered a post about music in the womb for baby-to-be Mozart.

10 useful tools gardeners can't do without this fall

10 useful tools gardeners can't do without this fall

99p not 500 as advertised. The gloves are very comfortable.

99p, not 500, as listed here. The gloves are very comfortable.

Bought the Fiskars nut buttercup of grass (as pictured). To me it’s not worth it. It can’t pull large dandelions, and the speed with it isn’t much. The baby also squeezed the skin on my hand. It would have been cheaper where it didn’t help. Oh, and I’m kind of shagging on the weeds in the fall.

And you don’t need it for a regular vegetable garden. You need it for a lawn where you just can’t dig up weeds (dandelions). Some people only have grass growing on their lawn. And for some, a lawn is pride and not fragile to care for.

This much coveted device cuts the dandelion root too close to the leaf rosette, making the whole procedure pointless. Martyshkin’s work.

Yes, it’s clear that it’s not in over-cultivated or plowed ground. You won’t get stuck there. I write that it’s expensive for its capabilities. But it has been there for 5 years and we use it.

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